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									      THE MASON - DIXON
           The Blue Knights MDC
                                Spring 2007     Volume #2

                         Conference Officers
Chairman: Dan Moeser          bikerman@chartertn.net                   423-232-8825
Vice-Chairman: T.C. Hicks TCZones@aol.com                              865-673-9943
Secretary: Ed Martin         bkwv2@aol.com                             304-622-2116
Treasurer: John R. Bull Jr. jbullbkmd3@cablespeed.com                  410-255-8062
Int’l Rep: Eric Mines         motor1@ispwest.com                       301-809-4380

                         State Representatives
DE    Mike Pollinger    mpbkde1@comcast.com                            302-838-7278
KY    Ruben Gardner     rubenbk2@comcast.net                           270-268-6644
MD    Steve “Snowman” Smith    Smitty440@aol.com                       202-575-3954
NC    J.J. Lightner     jjl500@bellsouth.net                           202-575-3954
TN    Rick Courtney     BlueKnightsTnRep@yahoo.com                     865-755-5020
VA    Tony Payne        paynefully@aol.com                             804-400-6966
WV    Bobby Ryan        rryan14@hotmail.com                            304-366-5101

Quarter Master         Alan Blankenship       bktniii@aol.com          865-925-1405
Safety Officer         D.W. Connors           blueknightsva5@msn.com   304-227-3669

                            Chairman’s Message
                                Spring Conference

Greetings to all. Pat and I just returned from the Spring Mason Dixon Conference held in
LaPlata, MD and we hope everyone made it home safely. MDIV did such a wonderful
job hosting the Conference. I hope everyone had as good of a time as we did. For those of
you that experienced Rolling Thunder for the first time, you now know how the name
came about. Thank you George, Jessie and all of the MDIV members who made this
Conference a very enjoyable weekend.

Once again, our Conference was supported by many from the Tri-State Conference.
Thank you Scooter & International Rep Jimmy Schneider & Pam for attending. Of
course, a mention of VIP’s would not be complete without recognizing our own Past
International President, Ronnie Young.

It was a pleasure to return to southern MD, so near to where Pat and I lived during my
time working in Washington, D.C. Riding up US 301 and over the Harry Nice Bridge
brought back great memories. Even more enjoyable was our guided tour of Washington
D.C and surrounding area by Eric Mines. Thank you MDIV for arranging the tour, and
Thank You Eric for making Saturday night a most enjoyable night.

Once again, we have grown. Vice Chairman TC Hicks noted that we have 2,583
members and we are ever so close to being the second largest Conference, just behind the
Great Lakes Conference. As I keep repeating every Conference, most of this growth is
due to the work of our STATE REPRESENTATIVES. I just can’t say enough about the
work they perform. If you have not met your State Rep, please drop them a line and
introduce yourself. If you have met them, keep in touch and let them know what your
Chapter is doing. Communication is the key to a successful Conference.

Our website is now operational!!!! Eric has done a yeoman’s job on getting the site up
and running with all the important information. If you have not had the chance to see it,
please do so. The address is BKMDC.org. If you have ideas on what to put on the site, let
Eric know. However, please note, we are not into looking fancy. The software Eric is
using cost nothing and allows basically text information (no flashing lights, sirens, etc).
The site is intended to be a resource for all MDC members to get information on MDC
news and events, as well as contact information. Thank you Eric, for all your hard work.

Last Conference I noted that there was one area that we as a Conference could get better.
We needed to report our charitable donations to International. I am very pleased to say
that I received word from the International Secretary Pat Fox, that many of our Chapters
sent in their reports and were included in the latest Blue Knights Charity report. Please
keep sending this information via email to Vice Chairman Hicks TCZones@aol.com who
will send it on to International Secretary Pat Fox at pfox1@nycap.rr.com. We want to
insure the Chapter & Conference to get credit. Thanks.
Ronnie Young awarded the 2nd annual (2) $500 Scholarship Awards. The next open
season for submitting an application will be at the 2008 Winter Conference. A copy of
the application along with the guidelines will be posting on the web site. Ronnie is
always looking for volunteers to help review the applications and vote on who wins.
Please contact Ronnie if you are willing to help.

Our Conference Safety Program is moving right along. DW Conners is the Conference
Safety Officer and can be reached at blueknightva5@frontiernet.net. Whether you are
looking for a course for your Chapter or want to become a RiderCoach (Instructor),
contact DW and he will assist you. He is there to help all MDC members – take
advantage of his training…it could save your life. Another monetary award for the
reimbursement of an Experienced Rider Course was awarded.

One of our highlights of the Conference was a proposal by VAII to have the Secretary of
Transportation, Mary E Peters be nominated for membership as an Honorary member.
After a brief discussion a vote was taken and passed to have Eric Mines submit the
proposal at the next International Board meeting. Thank you VAII for the time and effort
you put into this endeavor. Let’s hope the International Board adopts your proposal

There were no less than 5 Chapters that put in for the next years Spring Conference.
WOW!! We have not seen that kind of interest for 10 years or more. The lucky winner
was Tennessee III who will be our hosts while they celebrate their 30th year as a Chapter.
If you have never been to a “Pigs in the Smokies” you need to make this one. No expense
is spared to ensure all have a great time. Thank you TC.

It’s time to get ready for our next Conference!!! It is being hosted by VAII in Culpeper,
VA, 31 Aug – 3 Sep 2007 and will be in called the 31st Annual Blue Ridge Rally. The
theme is Git-R’-Done. Info is on the VAII’s website at http://www.bkva-ii.org. Email
address is BlueKnights.VA-II@cox.net .

Be Safe &

Ride with Pride,

Dan Moeser (TNVI)
Chairman, MDC

                         Vice Chairman’s Report
                        Spring Conference 2007/ La Plata, MD.

Dear Brother and Sister Blue Knights,
        I hope this letter finds you safe and sound. Here in East Tennessee we are in a
severe drought, so the grass doesn’t have to be mowed, and riding plans can be made for
future rides and outings without having to worry about rain. I guess we need to take the
good with the bad.

        I have just returned from La Plata, MD from another great Spring Conference.
Our trips to the northern part of the Conference sometimes push the reason we ride to so
many different areas. We have battled hurricanes, blizzards, leaking Harley oil, doing
speed limits through Virginia, and motel disasters. This trip proved to be no different.
Since Tasha and I were the sole attendees from TN III this trip, we chose to leave late in
the afternoon and travel to Roanoke to stay for the night. A near miss with a late night
deer almost cut the trip short. We missed it or it missed us, but it made road watching a
whole new aspect until we made it to the motel.

        The next morning we got ready after a great nights sleep. We continued our route
now eastbound across Virginia to Highway 301, which would take us northbound to La
Plata. As we crossed the bridge between Virginia and Maryland, I tried to dodge a
wooden pallet that was on the bridge. The bike didn’t seem to be interrupted at all by my
evasive move, but apparently the Bushtec trailer I pull didn’t fair as well. It seems, being
the ever helpful, considerate, and thoughtful rider as I can be…. My little itty bitty trailer
tire picked up a nail and punctured the inner tube. A courteous motorist pointed out the
now going flat tire on the trailer. I pulled in to the first station I came to. A man there
asked if we were in Law Enforcement since he had seen our Blue Knight Colors and
emblems on the bike. Tasha replied affirmatively. He introduced himself as an officer
and said if we needed any help he had everything we might need to fix the flat. We
followed him 3 miles to his house. He found a 15/16 wrench while I removed the hub
cap. The spare was put on, the trailer reloaded and a few thankful words to our new
friends. Our thanks go out to Sgt. P. Scott Willis. Although he is not yet a Blue Knight, I
feel he will be one day when he gets a “street bike”, as he had several trail bikes in his

       Now, getting back to the helpful part. Anyone traveling northbound on 301 that
afternoon, I really know how grateful you are for me removing the road hazard out of the
way for you. Oh, the sacrifices we sometimes make.

        Once arriving at the host motel we were greeted by many of our old friends. That
is what makes our travels worthwhile is seeing our old friends while meeting new ones.
We got our room, cleared registration, and headed for the hospitality area. A great
welcome feast was prepared with sausages, hot dogs, hamburgers and all. We spent the
evening catching up and filling in what we have been doing since our Winter Conference

        Our Spring Meeting was moved to Saturday, due to the “Run to the Wall”/
“Rolling Thunder” event planned for Sunday. An afternoon picnic was planned a short
ride away and what a picnic it was. More sausages, hamburgers, hot dogs, smoked
brisket, fresh fried French fries, hot boiled corn and all the fixings were enjoyed by all.
We finished there and went back to the motel to prepare for an evening bus ride to
Washington, DC and to Old Alexandria. Our bus driver/tour advisor happened to be no
other than our very own International Rep, Eric Mines. Eric did an excellent job. I have
traveled to many areas of the world and often take guided tours. This tour had to be one
of the most informative that I have ever taken. Thanks Eric. Once we returned to the
motel we talked a little while before turning in for the night.

        Sunday morning was a time for saying our goodbyes to everyone since we had a
long ride ahead of us. Many members headed out early to the Pentagon to line up for the
Rolling Thunder Ride. We packed up the bike and met up with Pat and Dan, as we were
going to follow them back to Tennessee. A great ride with great friends always makes for
a better day.

                          The Vice Chairman’s report included;
The MDC finished 2006 with 2,583 members. As of this meeting we have 2,459 in 67
chapters. There is almost always a normal drop at this time of year since renewals are
sometimes slow to get in and we do lose members yearly. I researched the past few years’
minutes and found the following……
In April 2001 we reported 1,601 members in 44 chapters.
In May 2002 we reported 1,811 members in 49 chapters.
In April 2003 we reported 1,840 members in 50 chapters.
In April 2004 we reported 1,932 members in 53 chapters.
In April 2005 we reported 2,257 members in 61 chapters.
In May 2006 we reported 2, 261 members in 61 chapters.
And now in May 2007 we report 2,459 members in 67 chapters.

Our State Reps continue to do an outstanding job for the Conference. Some problems
have arisen but handled quickly by the reps. We have lost two chapters from 2006,
Kentucky X and Virginia XV. We have gained four new chapters, Maryland VI, North
Carolina XX, North Carolina XXI, and West Virginia IV.

I ask all of our chapters to use the newest membership application which can be
downloaded from the International website.

The International Board has also increased the amount available for the Conference
retention and membership from $200.00 to $500.00.

The International recognizes the Roadside Assistance Program. Encourage your members
to sign up for the list.

Please, before submitting a complaint with the International office, contact your State
Rep or myself. Most of our complaints can be handled on the chapter level with a little

It was a very positive feeling to see five chapters bid for the 2008 Spring Conference.
Keep up the good work, and we’ll see you in Milwaukee.
In closing, always Ride With Pride, and wear your colors the same way. My chance
meeting with an off duty officer saved me lots of time when I had my flat tire.
T.C. Hicks
MDC Vice Chairman
June 15, 2007

                         Secretary’s Message
We held our 2007 Spring Conference, May 25-27, 2007, hosted by MD IV at the Best
Western, La Plata Inn, La Plata, MD. Maryland IV hosted the event and did an
outstanding job organizing the event, the food was excellent. Good picnic and a lot of
members went to ride “The Run to the Wall”. Others went down into DC and watched. I
think everyone had a wonderful time. If you didn’t get enough to eat or drink it was your
own fault.
We had several chapters put in a bid for the 2008 Spring Conference. They were VA V,
WV V, TN III, MD IV, and VA I. All had good bids but the winner was TN III. The
event will be just south of Knoxville, TN in the town of Townsend, TN. So for anyone
that has wanted to ride the Smoky Mountains this is your chance. Several good roads.
Also I know that the food will be great.
I would like to thank the President of Maryland IV and his members for a great time. The
weather was great the whole weekend. The meeting on Saturday went good and fast.
The membership was brought up to date on a lot of information.
Chapters that were represented at the Conference were as follows: DE I, KY 2, MD I,
VA V, VA XIII, WV V and WV II. We had only 18 chapters attend. That means 39
chapters did not send a representative. I also want to thank Tri-State International Rep
Jimmy Schneider for attending. Also we thank all the members from Tri-State conference
for their participation.
I’d like to thank everyone for coming and supporting our conference. I believe it was a
true success.

The 2007 Fall MDC Conference Meeting will be 10:00 am, Sunday, September 2,
2007, Culpeper INN/Best Western Inn, Culpeper, VA, hosted by VA II.
This event is in conjunction with the 31st Annual Blue Ridge Rally.
The Rally Theme will be “Git-R’-Done”.

Please make every effort possible to make it to the conference meeting.

If I forget something or you would like for me to add something to the newsletter please
let me know.

Ed Martin
              International Representative’s Report
The International Board of Directors has met on two occasions since our winter
conference meeting. A synopsis of the business having a direct impact on this conference
is as follows:

   -   At our March 14, 2007 meeting the annual conference reimbursement for
       recruiting and retention was increased to $500 per conference. Conferences are
       required to submit receipts for these expenses to the International Vice President
       by November 30 of the year in which the expenses were made. The goal of this
       increase was to increase the level of recruiting and retention activity at the
       conference level.

   -   At our May 23, 2007 meeting there were five agenda items. All either failed or
       were withdrawn. We still have until June 1, to submit a nomination for the
       Website of the Year Award. I have not received any nominations for this award
       since assuming this position. So far only three conferences have submitted
       nominations. If the response is not adequate, this award will not be issued.

   -   I was asked to look into two issues at our last meeting. On the issue of the by-law
       amendment passed by the International Board restricting former Blue Knights
       whose membership was revoked from attending Blue Knight activities, my
       research revealed that I could not make a motion to reconsider. This motion can
       only be made by a board member present at the meeting in which the motion was
       considered and the member must have voted in favor of the motion. This item
       will be voted on at the BOG meeting at the convention in Milwaukee.

   -   On the subject Doreen Lindsay’s honorary membership status, I found that the
       International Honorary Committee did not submit her name to the Board of
       Directors for consideration. It is unclear whether or not her name was submitted
       to the International Honorary Committee by the International President. Since our
       last BOD meeting, a request has been sent to the International President to submit
       Ms. Lindsay’s name to the International Honorary Committee.

   -   As of 31 March 2007 Blue Knights have donated charitable time in the amount of
       158,403 man hours (@ $20 per hour), goods with an estimated value of
       $527,951.37 and $4,941,248.12 in cash for a total of $ 8,637,259.49 (USD)

   -   Please remember that this information is a very brief synopsis of the board’s
       business. I urge you to keep up with the business of your organization on a
       regular basis by reading the full minutes of the International Board meetings.
       Copies are mailed to all chapter presidents and they are posted in the members
       only section of the International Web Site.
                                   Web Update
With the exception of those that I received this week, I have made all updates requested
on the conference web site. Next week I will place the link for our fall conference on the
splash page. I will also make all other updates that I have received at that time. I have
placed several runs on the events page, but I have not gotten the complete run list on
there. The list sent to me needs to be reformatted which means I have to retype most of
it. My goal is to have this completed with the other updates that I will make next week.

             International Safety Committee Report
I would like to recognize the efforts of several Conference Safety Officers. Paul French
of the MWRC has been very active in promoting safety in his conference. He is currently
preparing a safety flyer/handout for the upcoming MWRC meeting in June.

Pascal Liagre of the EC holds an annual motorcycle training course and a road captains
course on a regular basis.

Roger Byars of the RGC has devised forms for capturing education and training
information and accident data. Roger also assisted the RGC in making a very
informative safety presentation at the recent RGC meeting.

Thurlow Hashell of the GLRC has secured a room for a safety meeting at the upcoming
International Convention. Further information will be disseminated as the details are
completed. At this meeting, I will meet with all conference safety officers in attendance.
The goal is to ensure that all are up to speed on the goals and objectives of the program
and to share ideas on the best ways to accomplish these goals.

Our very own D W Connors of the MDC instituted a program whereby a member is
awarded tuition for a MSF Experienced Rider Course at each conference meeting.

I wish to thank all of the Conference Safety Officers for their efforts toward a meaningful
International Safety Program.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company has published a flyer as part of their marketing
efforts aimed at the Blue Knights. This flyer includes safety tips and a list of motorcycle
hand signals taken from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Liberty Mutual provides a
discount to our membership and the information is listed on the benefits page of the
International Web Site.

The Safety Committee will determine if this flyer can be used in conjunction with our
safety efforts.

Eric J. Mines
International Representative
Mason Dixon Conference

              State Representative’s Message
                                         DE REP
Delaware, the second smallest state, maintains one chapter which currently has 50
members. Through recruitment efforts in southern Delaware, membership is growing
more there. As such, our monthly meetings alternate between a northern and southern
location each month. This truly helps in keeping the members involved and active.
Delaware 1’s first annual ride to benefit Special Olympics Delaware, named this year
“Blue Ride to the Tide” was held on Sunday April 22nd, 2007. There were 212
motorcycles in attendance for the 86 fully police escorted ride from the University of
Delaware stadium in Newark to the Cape May Lewis Ferry Terminal in Lewes,
Delaware. For the first event, Special Olympics was very pleased with the donation of
just over $5000.00.

Delaware 1 is looking forward to their 24th Annual Toys for Tots Run to benefit the
Emergency Housing Center of the Salvation Army on Sunday, November 11, 2007.
While making plans for that event, Delaware 1 is also excited about once again hosting
the Winter Conference Meeting of the Mason Dixon Conference over Presidents’ Day
weekend in February 2008. This will be the third time that Delaware has hosted the
conference, with the only difference being the fact that it will be held at the Sheraton Inn
located in Dover, Delaware. More info will be found on the website.

                                        KY REP

    Not much to report from Kentucky, as the old saying goes "no news is good news".
Ky II VP Larry Meyer and I made it back home from the conference without incident,
nice long ride.
    Maryland IV did and excellent job of hosting the Spring Conference. If one didn't
have a good time it was ones own fault because the host chapter had everything together
for the event, good food, good rides, good entertainment and a short business meeting,
doesn't get any better than that.
    Several of the Kentucky Chapters have hosted fund raiser events and at least a couple
more are planned. Kentucky VII is hosting a poker run for Kentucky COPS July the 21st,
it begins at Bluegrass Harley Davidson in Louisville, Ky. Kentucky XI is hosting a
benefit ride for the Kentucky Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation the second
Saturday in September, it begins at the Department of Criminal Justice Training Center in
Richmond, Ky. More information can be found on the web or just ask me if you are
interested in attending. Your are always welcome in Kentucky!
RWP. Kentucky State Rep. Ruben Gardner
                                       WV REP
I have received an email from BK West Virginia I and they are trying to get the Ride and
Recruit set up for the Charleston area sometime in August maybe around the 11th, if I
hear more I will keep you informed. Also I received an email from a deputy in Mineral
County, in Keyser and they have 3 or 4 that is interested in becoming Knights and they
may have to join another Chapter unless they get enough members to start their own
Chapter. BK West Virginia IV in Wellsburg is off and running and I want to commend
Matt “BULL” Rogerson, he has done a fantastic job in getting things started. There is
nothing else new to report at this time. I also learned from Ed Martin that BK West
Virginia III out of the Oak Hill/Beckley area may be interested in re-chartering. I will
keep you informed.

I would also again like to share with the Chapter members that it seems like the same
members are always the ones showing up for everything and getting involved in
everything. We have lost 11 members in the Chapter, which is bad and we need people
to get out and work the events and attend meetings. I feel personally that if people
complain that do not show up to meetings or help with events that the person has no right
to complain at all. I would again like to encourage ALL the members to get out and give
the Chapter a hand by helping at events. I understand people have to work and things
going on, but honestly if you have nothing going on we can really use help in getting
things accomplished. Any help is greatly appreciated, whether it's getting door prizes,
helping work an area at an event or helping with food or whatever. Please if you get a
chance give the Chapter a hand.

Well, on a great note it is now official I now have a new bride, Dee we had a great
wedding and day on May 12th. We live in Hodgesville, Upshur County so if you are in
the area stop and visit us.

Take care and God Bless and as always Ride with Pride.
Bobby and Dee Ryan

An article for the Newsletter:
On 19 May 2007, we had some of our members participate in the Seal160 Ride
to memorialize the members of Seal Team 10 and 160th Aviator Group that were killed in
Afghanistan in June 2005. This was an Iron Butt Association sanctioned event for the
saddle-sore ride (1000 miles in 24 hours). The BK VA-II team consisted of Bob Hohn,
Garrett Morford, Keith Chase, Tom Talleur, Woody Hall, Bill Jones and Jaime Sams
(Passenger). We were joined by three members from BK VA-XVII and two additional
friends of our chapter members. We managed to complete the ride in a total of 18 ½
hours. Click here for the group pictures. Click here for the individual pictures.
I have attached a picture of our group at the finish…
Keith A. Chase


Blue Knights Virginia-II



                            2007 Event Schedule
15-17             Blue Knight International Convention   WI V

27-29             Maryland I Crab Fest                   Maryland I

28                Chicken Bar-B-Que and History Tour     Maryland II


18               Fall Pancake Breakfast & Dam Ride       Maryland III

18                Blue Knights Bike Nite, Martinsburg    West Virginia V

31-Sep 3          Blue Ridge Rally (MDC Meeting)         Virginia II


22                North Carolina VIII

28-30             Pigs On The Beach, Ocean City          Maryland V

5-8        Tri-State Conference Meeting     New Jersey V


3          Toy Run                          Virginia III

11         Toy Run                          Delaware I

17         North Carolina VIII

18         Teddy Bear Run                   Maryland V

18         Toy Run                          Virginia V

The 2007 Fall MDC Conference Meeting will be 10:00 am, Sunday,
September 2, 2007, Culpeper INN/Best Western Inn, Culpeper, VA,
hosted by VA II.
This event is in conjunction with the 31st Annual Blue Ridge Rally.
The Rally Theme will be “Git-R’-Done”.

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