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									                        Asiabizservices Provides Singapore Accounting Services

January 5, 2011 - The outsourcing of non-strategic business functions has already in existence hundreds
of years ago. However, it was only in the recent years when the world has given it its due attention.
Accounting is just among the functions many businesses benefit from outsourcing.

Companies can gain access to expertise in several fields. They are not required to purchase expensive
state-of-the-art software to process several accounting functions. Nor do the companies have to hire for
trainors to acquire the necessary knowledge on how to operate the newly bought software. Additional
headcount is not a necessity as well as there is no need to employ a skilled accountant to perform the
accounting tasks.

Hence, businesses can save resources such as manpower, financial, energy, and time. Instead of
apportioning resources to accounting department, a company may find it beneficial to concentrate its
resources on increasing its productivity level, and thereby, to expansion.

Asiabiz Services is among the business process outsourcing providers, particularly in accounting matters.
Among the accounting functions it specializes are bookkeeping, payroll management, and annual tax
return service.

“Our bookkeeping service covers financial analysis, management reporting, bank reconciliation,
maintenance of accounts payable and receivable and fixed assets ledger; cash flow, and books cleanup,”
says Chi Han, one of the business consultants working for Asiabiz Services.

Asiabiz Services even provides assistance in preparing the Financial Statements as required by the
Companies Act of Singapore and which are submitted to ACRA before the Annual General Meeting.

“Contained in the Financial Statements are Comprehensive Income Statement, Cash Flow, Balance
Sheets, and Director’s Report,” states Han describing how extensive Asiabiz Services’ accounting service

Chi elaborates further that the Annual Returns are among the annual requirements each company must
comply with ACRA and IRAS. Accountants of Asiabiz Services carry out the tasks such as corporate tax
computation, and preparation of tax forms for corporate submission, among others.

Singapore does not impose minimum wages for her employees. However, it implemented guidelines in
the Employment Act, which stipulates that only authorized salary deductions are permitted. These
include salary advances and loan, absence from work, and payment for damages or losses of company

Asiabiz Services is in possession of sophisticated payroll software to process with accuracy even the
most complex payroll account. Its team of accountants are dynamic and competitive, ensuring that they
keep abreast of the latest technology and skill available.

Asiabiz Services’ goals, driven with passion, knowledge, and skills are consistent with Singapore’s.
About the Publisher:

Asiabizservices offers one-stop business solutions to companies, particularly, those that are managed
and owned by foreign investors. Since its inception, Asiabizservices has successfully helped foreign
entrepreneurs form a Singapore company. Among its specializations are Singapore company setup,
corporate services, accounting services, nominee services, company registration, whether as a sole
proprietorship, private limited, limited liability partnership; offshore company formation, incorporation
of foreign companies either as a branch or subsidiary office, accounting services including payroll
preparation and more.

Asiabizservices is the leading provider of Singapore Company Incorporation services and has successfully
helped thousands of both local and foreign entrepreneurs incorporate a Singapore Company. It also
provides chartered secretarial services.

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AsiaBizServices PTE LTD
Address: 120 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068589
Phone: +6563034614

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