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                                            What is a Domain Name?

                                            A domain name is essentially your web address. Anyone
                                            that types in your domain name in a web browser will be
                                            taken to your website.

                                      Domain Registrars or Web Hosting companies can help you
                                      register your domain name from a variety of domain types.
                                      We also register country-level domain names such as .us,
         .ca, .ng and .uk which represent websites from their respective countries.

         The length of the domain name registration term can vary from 1 year to 5 years
         depending on its type. Locking a domain name in for a 5 year term will generally give
         you the best pricing.


         In the past three years alone, the number of dotcom names has soared more than 130
         percent to 66 million. Yet every two minutes, another joins the list.

          Registering and selling domain names is one of the best ways of making money on the
         Internet. It is easy, exciting, requires very low investment and has a very huge profit


         A domain name refer to the names assigned to a websites on the worldwide web-Also known as Business
         names or trademarks. Businesses, companies or individuals seeking to promote their web presence
         usually register domain names. An example of a domain name is
, which is a registered trademark of Gold Link Insurance plc on the
         Internet. Thus, if you type on the URL page of your computer it will take
         you directly to the Gold Link Insurance Plc website.


          There are principles that you must pay attention to when creating your domain name.


         The name you are creating must be something that is familiar i.e. Most people can easily identify with it.

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         For example a name like would certainly be more popular and command a
         lot of attention than a name such as . Also, the suffix you attach to the popularity
         level and likelihood of purchase. Suffixes like .COM .NET, .BIZ and .ORG are the most popular.


         The domain name you are creating must not be too long. They should be two worded or preferably, one
         worded domain names like, or


         The domain name should be completely viable, i.e. it should cater for a business or sector of industry
         which is in high demand. E.g creating a domain name for a business in the stocks industry which is
         rapidly growing, you might create a name like The more generic the name is the


         The price you are offering your domain name matters a lot. You may want to carryout an appraisal of
         your domain name before putting a price tag on it. This may cost you up to and $60, however, there are
         some free domain appraisal sites such as and My advice is, don’t waste
         your time giving your domain names to any appraised site, just determine the price at which you would
         like to sell it, preferably between $100-$5000. This way you’ll have a higher turn around rate. More so as
         your domain names can be as low as $2-$8, and if you sell one for just $200, that is still a very huge
         2500% profit.

         Aside these, creating domain names are very easy. A look at our environment will reveal that people are
         into various types of businesses ranging from clothing to jewelries, automobile electronics accessories
         etc. Many businesses exist on Internet that you will not and cannot find in the physical environment.
         Here is a small list of online businesses: search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, Banking, Mobile
         technologies and communication gadgets, real estate etc. What you simply should do as a dominer is to
         create domain names using certain keywords that are particular or related to a chosen business area or
         sector. These words must be words that are commonly used in that particular sector. For example, for a
         business sector like Real Estate, you can create domain names such as or You can see that the domain names not only fall in line with the principle described
         above, but also consist of Keywords, which are relevant and related to the Real Estate businesses. Any
         body that needs information on real estate will most likely type anyone of these keywords.

         -Real estate, Estate, Properties etc on the search engine. Consequently, anyone that wants to start a real
         estate business on the Internet and needs a domain name that will represent his real estate business and
         a tract more visitors to his site will go for any one of the domain names you have created. All you need to
         do is turn on your thinking cap.


         This business does not in anyway interfere with your other activities and you can do it anywhere there is
         Internet connection. All you need is to set up your own credit card or get a payment solution in form of
         visa card. Now don’t worry your head about how to get visa card because I am going to explain the
         simple process to you.

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         There are three ways you can get a credit card.

         - The first is through

 All you need to do is log on to the website above, sign up as a premium or classic
         account user. Once your sign up is complete, proceed to fund your account with a minimum of six
         thousand Naira which you will use to purchase a $25 virtual visa card available on the

         To purchase up to $50-$100 virtual visa card, you will need more than six thousand Naira in your
         account. The procedure for finding your account is provided for you on the website.

         Once your account has been funded, you can now use the following procedure for purchasing your virtual
         visa card.

         (1) Login into your account and click on “Purchase Visa card” menu link of your

         (2) Select the card denomination you want and click “Proceed” button.

         (3) You will see the review of the card you want to buy, please endeavour to read the “Terms and
         conditions to use”.

         (4) Click the “I Agree” box and click “purchase visa card” button

         (5) Your fastecash account will be charged with the “Total charges” amount and you will receive your
         fastecash visa card detail INSTANTLY in your email box.

         (6) Then go on and start registering your domain names.

         --The Second way is through

          All you need to do is log on to Graph card is an online payment system that
         enables anyone, anywhere in the world to pay online without having a credit card. All you have to do is
         log on to the Graph card website and register a personal account, which is free. You must make sure you
         store your password and your email address which you would always need to log on to the Graph card
         website. After registering, you can now proceed to fund your account, which you can use to purchase
         goods and services online. This can be done by purchasing an Internet prepaid card from a reseller,
         which costs N3000 and loading it with any amount of money (a minimum of N6000 for the Visa card). A
         list of all graph card resellers and their address is available on the graphcard website and you can locate
         the nearest reseller to you.

         -The third way is to use independent visa/master card resellers in Nigeria. Below is the phone number
         and address of one of them: 01-7946747, 08023611150. Lagos Host ltd, 28 Ondo street off Ajayi Rd,
         Ogba, Lagos.


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                 To register your domain names, you can go to www, and register for just
         $2.99/year.register it immediately, if your don’t, your domain name could be registered someone else
         and he becomes the legitimate own (Domain name ownership is based on first come first served). You
         can also register your domain names at, and register .com.


         After registering your domain names, you should sign up for a free account with a domain broker. A
         domain broker, just like a stock broker, is a company that acts on behalf of both the buyer and seller of a
         domain to complete the transfer/sale of domain names from one register to another.

         You can sign up with or

         They both provide you with a domain parking service that enables you to earn money on your domain
         names without the need to develop your own website. They also help you brand your domain names and
         offer other features to maximize the purchase of your domain names by buyers. Parking your domain
         names implies that you are handing over the management of your domain names to someone else. So
         when you park your domain names with and, it means that you‘ve handed over
         the management of your domain names to them. This makes it easier for you since you don’t have to
         worry about somebody poaching on your domain names. Also, you are able to benefit from their wealth
         of experience on the Internet.

          What and now do, apart from helping you get buyers for the domain names, is to
         carryout some Internet marketing business with your domain names. Actually, they create and develop
         websites for your domain names and fill if with relevant SEO (Search Engine Optimized) contents which
         attract online advertisers. They then pay a percentage from the adverts. Goldkey pays every 15th day of
         the month, once your account balance for the month exceeds the $100 minimum payment requirement.


         Once someone gets interested in buying your domain names, your domain broker ( or contacts you via e-mail. You will then need to allow your domain broker to transfer the
         domain name to the buyer. On complete negotiation, the buyer pays the money into an escrow account
         with your domain broker while the broker pays to your own domiciliary account (here in Nigeria). and both allow you to receive your payment via wire transfer. You can also
         receive your payment by opening a US bank account with E*trade.

         Please do not register a domain name that is not yours. This practise is called “Cybersquating”, and tough
         laws are now in place to punish those guilty of such.

         CASE STUDY

         The man at the top of this little-known hierarchy is Kevin Ham—one of a handful of major-league
         “domainer” in the world and arguably the shrewdest and most ambitious of the lot. Even in a field filled
         with unusual career paths, Ham’s stands out. Trained as a family doctor, he put off medicine after
         discovering the riches of the web. Since 2000 he ahs quietly cobbled together a portfolio of some
         300,000 domains that, combined with several other ventures, generate an estimated $70 million a year in
         revenue. (Like all his financial details, Ham would neither confirm nor deny this figure).

         Working mostly as a solo operator, Ham has looked for every opening and exploited every angle—even
         inventing a few of his own—to expand his enterprise. Early on, he wrote software to sang expiring names

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         on the cheap. He was one of the first to take advantage of a loophole that allows people to register a
         name and return it without cost after a free trial, on occasion grabbing hundreds of thousands of names
         in one swoop.

         And what few people know is that he’s also the man behind the domain world’s latest scheme: profiting
         from traffic generated by the millions of people who mistakenly type “cm” instead of “com” at the end of
         a domain name. Try it with almost any name you can think of - -,, even – and you’ll land on a page called, a site filled with ads served up by
         Yahoo(Charts, Fortune 500).

         Ham makes money every time someone clicks on an ad- -as does his partner in this venture, the West
         African Country of Cameroon. Why Cameroon? It has the unforeseen good fortune of owning. cm as its
         country code - - just as Germany runs all names that end with de.

         The difference is that hardly any. cm names are registered, and the letters are just on keyboard slip away, the mother lord of all domains. Ham landed connections to the Cameroon government and
         flew in his people to reroute the traffic. And if he gets his way, Colombia (.co), Oman (.om), Niger (.ne),
         and Ethiopia (.et) will be his as well.

         “It’s in the works,” Ham says over lunch in his hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. “That’s why I
         can’t talk about it”. He’s nearly as reluctant to share details about his newest company called Reinvent
         Technology, into which he’s investing tens of millions of dollars to build a powerhouse of Internet
         businesses around his most valuable properties.


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