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       High Yield Bond
       Driven by fundamental credit research

       Attractive risk-adjusted returns from high yield bonds — The High Yield Bond strategy seeks
       to outperform its high-yield benchmark by 100–125 basis points over a full market cycle, with
       modest tracking error. The team conducts fundamental credit analysis across the high yield
       universe to identify opportunities for excess returns.

       Focus on fundamental credit analysis — We believe rigorous fundamental credit analysis
       is key to identifying market inefficiencies and generating attractive risk-adjusted returns
       consistently. By considering a wide range of credits and analyzing each issuer’s entire capital
       structure — including the bond, loan and equity components — we believe we can find
       additional return opportunities and manage risk effectively.

       Distinguishing features                                    — Macroeconomic view: Defines portfolio strategy.
                                                                    As a first step, we form a macroeconomic view that
       Experienced global team                                      defines the portfolio strategy. We assess high yield
                                                                    market fundamentals, including default and recovery
       — Dedicated specialists have managed through                 rates, detect any sectoral shifts, and develop an
         multiple credit cycles                                     outlook for relevant asset classes.
       — Extensive network of relationships                       — Sourcing opportunities:
                                                                    Leverage our extensive resources
                                                                    We leverage DB Advisors’ extensive resources
       Deep resources, nimble process
                                                                    to identify attractive high yield investment
                                                                    opportunities. We continually review opportunities,
       — Coverage of over 500 global credits in the
                                                                    evaluating the new issue pipeline on a daily basis.
         sub-investment grade universe
                                                                    Our vast network of relationships with broker-dealers
       — Real time access to a global network of analysts           and other market participants also assists us in
                                                                    identifying a broad range of potential investments.
       — Small teams within the larger global group facilitate
         nimble decision making                                   — Fundamental analysis
                                                                    Fundamental credit research is our core strength and
                                                                    most critical step of our process. Credits are analyzed
       A culture of risk management                                 in respect to their industries, issuer and structure.
                                                                    We assess industries in terms of barriers to entry,
       — At the strategy level: Risk management is embedded         competitive landscape, regulatory risks, and other
         throughout the process                                     non-financial factors. At the issuer level, we focus
                                                                    on the stability of operating cash flow generation.
       — At the firm level: Systemic controls, internal audit,      Our research spans the entire capital structure: We
         compliance and legal                                       analyze all of an issuer’s debt and equity to fully
                                                                    understand the company’s risk profile.

       Process:                                                     We stress-test each issue to assess downside risk
       Risk management embedded throughout                          and recovery values. Our analysts use probability-
                                                                    weighted scenario analysis for each issue to evaluate
       The High Yield strategy’s investment process is              intrinsic value and risk. In addition, we gauge
       designed to achieve consistent excess returns, with risk     downside risk of a specific issue relative to the
       management and accountability at every step.                 benchmark through “Capital at Risk” analysis. This
                                                                    process incorporates the outcome of our downside

       Strategy profile                                                                                 www.dbadvisors.com
High Yield Bond

  scenario analysis and the relative over/underweight           considered is attractively valued in relative
  of an issue versus the benchmark, which results               market terms.
  in the determination of exposure for an issue and
  downside risk management (chart).                          — Risk management and monitoring

— Portfolio construction                                        Risk management is embedded throughout
                                                                our process and supported by the active use of
  Determining portfolio fit                                     technology and internal guidelines that limit industry
                                                                exposure to 15% (or twice the index weight,
  The portfolio manager is responsible for assessing            whichever is greater) and issuer exposure to 5%. We
  the analysts’ recommendation, or view, on a credit in         seek to manage credit risk, event risk, refinancing
  relation to the overall portfolio fit. The determination      risk, capital markets risk, regulatory risk and
  of portfolio fit is driven by investment guidelines           systemic risk.
  such as industry and issuer concentrations along
  with whether an issue offers relative value versus            In our view, default risk is the primary risk
  issues in other industries and credit qualities.              when investing in the credit markets, due to the
                                                                asymmetrical risk distribution of credit investments.
  Assessing the market environment                              Our fundamental research thus emphasizes credit
                                                                risk to minimize defaults and manage downside risk.
  The market environment and its effect on relative             Our ongoing credit review includes scenario analysis,
  value is also considered when constructing a                  ongoing contact with issuers, daily monitoring and
  portfolio. Input from the trader on market liquidity          formal monthly review of new activity and watch-
  and secondary market levels, as well as the new               list names.
  issue calendar, factor into whether an issue being

Example of Capital at Risk

        Current      Downside                                Weight           Weight
        price of      price of                                  in              in                              Capital
         bond      —   bond                  X               portfolio   —    index
                                                                                                  —               at
          $75              $30                               = 2.5%           = 2.0%

          Possible loss = $45                                 Overweight of 50 bps                              22.5 bps

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High Yield Bond

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