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									                                                                                       WICKER PARK
                                                                                       & BUCKTOWN

Sponsored by
                         The Wicker Park & Bucktown
                         Chamber of Commerce
                                                        to Wicker Park and Bucktown

                         1601 N. Milwaukee Ave.
                         Chicago, IL 60647
                                                            A Get Around Guide

                         Tel 773-384-2672
                         Fax 773-384-7525


For more information on getting listed in the

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WPBCC cannot be held responsible for any errors or
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                                                                     to Wicker Park & Bucktown
                                                                               The modern industrial city might not be a
                                                                                work of art to all, but taking a walk

                                                                                    through it could be. The lighting of the

                                                                                     streets, cafes, window shopping, neon

                                                                                      signs, the movement of the elevated
                                                                                      trains, the accelerating pace of urban
                                                                                      change—all this adds up to more than
                                                                                      idle spectacle. It is the fabric of Wicker
                                                                                     Park and Bucktown. The neighborhood
                                                                                     is ever moving forward like someone on
                                                                                     a stroll, experiencing one block to the

                                                                                     This Get-Around-Guide encourages
                                                                                     you to explore the streets of Wicker
                                                                                      Park & Bucktown. Experience the
This is an overview map of the Wicker Park & Bucktown area.
                                                                                      sights, sound, and diversity in the old
   1  virtu                     23    Wicker Pet                       and new that has attracted such a wide variety of
   2  saffron                   24   North Clybourn Group
   3  Robin Richman             25   Café Absinthe
                                                                       shop owners, art galleries, theatres, restaurants,
   4  vive la femme             26   Borderline                        clubs and bars. Wander one block after another,
   5  g boutique                27   Asrai Garden
   6  Green Dolphin Street      28   Taste                             and discover an elaborate blending of people
   7  Half & Half               30   Nick's
   8  Flash Taco / Under Dogg   31   The Note
                                                                       and personalities—culture and charisma—that
   9  Feast                     32   State Farm Insurance              defines what’s new and hip.
   10 Psychobaby                33   Wicker Park Inn
   11 Embelezar                      Bed and Breakfast
   12 The Goddess and Grocer    34   Chi Healing Center             See the following color-coded maps for detailed listings.
   13 daffodil hill             35   Chicago Public Library
   14 Club Lucky                36   Unibody Auto Collision, Ltd.
   15 Pagoda Red                37   House of Two Urns
   16 Stitch                    38   Paper Doll
   17 Clothes Minded            39   Gold Star Bar
   18 Asha Colorspa             40   Porte Rouge
   19 Howard Orloff             41   Alliance Bakery
      Jaguar Volvo Land Rover   42   Caffé Gelato
   20 Raizy                     43   Settimana Café
   21 City Soles/ Niche         44   American Family Insurance
   22 Subterranean

    Armitage to Webster                                      1-6

                                                                                         I-9                                         WEBSTER
                        SHAKESPEARE                                                                    I-9


                                                                                                                 g boutique 5                   Green Dolphin
       MCCLEAN                                                                                                   2131 North Damen Ave.          Street 6
                                                                                                                 773-235-1234                   2200 North Ashland Ave.

                                                               DAMEN AVE.
                                                                                                                 773-235-5799 Fax               773-395-0066
                                  ARMITAGE AVE.                                                            
                                                                                                                 Chicago’s best selection of    Green Dolphin Street is
                                  HOMER                                                                          lingerie from all over the     Chicago’s number one
                                                                                                                 world. This cozy Bucktown      destination for a complete
                                                                                                                 boutique inspires romance in   night out, offering 3 star
    virtu 1                               Robin Richman 3                                                        so many ways. Lotions,         fine dining, great live jazz
    2034 North Damen Ave.                 2108 North Damen Ave.                                                  potions and erotic toys all    and R & B. Valet parking.
    773-235-3790                          773-278-6150                                                           served with a cup of tea.
    773-235-9070 Fax                      773-278-6172 Fax                                                                                      Every day 5:30pm to 1am
                                                                             Mon.-Sat. 11am to 7pm,
                                                                                                                 Sun. 12pm to 5pm
    Offering a well edited selec-         This peculiar, friendly little
    tion of contemporary arti-            store features clothing,
    sanal wares for you and for           shoes and accessories by
    your home. The perfect                designers from all over the
    place to find a gift for the          globe, such as Mare le
    friend who has everything.            Bihan/Paris, Gary
                                          Graham/New York,
    Located on the west side of
                                          Antipast/Japan, Just in
    Damen between McLean
                                          Case/Antwerp and Chie
    and Dickens Streets.
    Tues.-Fri. 11am to 7pm,
                                          Tues.-Sat. 11am to 6pm,
    Sat. & Sun. 10am to 6pm,
                                          Sun. 12pm to 5pm, closed
    closed Monday

    Saffron 2
    2064 North Damen Ave.                 vive la femme 4
    773-486-7753                          2115 North Damen Ave.                773-772-7429
    Saffron is a sensory feast  
    where women are able to     
    celebrate their own individu-         vive la femme celebrates the
    ality. Find here a finely tai-        foxy, full-figured fashionista!
    lored selection of playfully          Find the latest looks and
    elegant ready-to-wear, acces-         trends exclusively in sizes 12
    sories, bath & beauty indul-          -24 for young women of size
    gences, gourmet delights,             and style.
    home furnishings, stationary,         Mon.-Fri. 12pm to 8pm,
    books, etc. How will you              Sat.-Sun. 12pm to 5pm
    celebrate yourself today?
    Tues.-Sat. 11am to 6pm,
    Sun. 12pm to 5pm

4                                                                                                                                                                              5
    Armitage to North Ave.                                     7-16   Embelezar          11            Club Lucky 14
                                                                      1639 North Damen Ave.            1824 West Wabansia
    Half & Half 7                    5:30pm to 11pm, Sun. 5pm-        773-645-9705                     773-227-2300
    1560 North Damen Ave.            9pm, Brunch Sat. & Sun.          773-645-9707 Fax       
    773-489-6220                     9am-3pm                          Wicker Park & Bucktown’s
    773-489-6230 Fax                                                  Embelezar offers an exotic       most popular restaurant and
    The cutest little coffee shop                                     array of luxurious home fur-     cocktail lounge. Featuring
    located next to the Blue Line,
                                     Psychobaby         10            nishings, gifts and acces-       generous portions of tradi-
                                     1630 North Damen Ave.            sories from the far reaches      tional Italian food. Private
    serving the best coffee,         773-772-2815
    freshly baked pastries, home-                                     of the world.                    parties available. Famous
                                      773-772-2816 Fax                                                 “Killer Martinis” . Good
    made soups, sandwiches,                                           Mon.-Fri. 11am-7pm, Sat.
                                                                           food and fun! Valet and
    breakfast , lunch and dinner.                                     11am-6pm, Sun. 12-5pm
    Neighborhood owned.
                                     The funkiest neighborhood
    Mon.-Fri. 6am-7pm,                                                                                 Kitchen open Mon.-Thurs.
                                     in Chicago hosts the funkiest
    Sat.-Sun. 7am to 7pm                                                                               11:30am to 11pm, Fri.
                                     kids’ store. Clothing, shoes,
                                                                                                       11:30am to 12am, Sat. 5pm
                                     books and toys all in one
                                                                                                       to 12am, Sun. 4pm to
    Flash Taco / Under               place, and all with a cool
    Dogg 8                           colorful twist. Sizes Baby-
    1570 North Damen Ave.            6X.                                                               (Cocktail lounge open later
    773-772-1997 Flash Taco                                                                            Friday until 2am and
                                     Mon.-Sat. 10am to 6pm,
    773-384-4030 Under Dogg                                                                            Saturday until 3am)
                                     Sun. 11am to 5pm                 The Goddess and
    On street level, Flash Taco
    offers late night Nuevo
                                                                      Grocer 12                        Pagoda Red 15
                                                                      1646 North Damen Ave.            1714 North Damen Ave.
    Latino dishes with a taste of
                                                                      773-342-3200                     773-235-1188
    Mexican spices. Downstairs,
                                                                      A unique delicatessen experi-
    Under Dogg offers a one of
                                                                      ence offering fresh gourmet      Pass through our courtyard
    a kind experience with late
                                                                      sandwiches, salads, specially    to an 8000 square foot, two
    night dogs, burgers, and
                                                                      prepared dishes and cater-       story showroom of Chinese
                                                                      ing. The Goddess and             treasures from the 18th and
    Flash Taco: Mon.-Thurs.                                           Grocer also features a selec-    19th Century as well as
    8am-5am, Fri. & Sat. 10am-                                        tion of complementary            Chinese deco pieces from
    5am, Sun. 10am-3am                                                wines, condiments, cheeses       Shanghai and Canton.
    Under Dogg: Mon.-Thurs.                                           and crackers to round out
                                                                      the dining experience. Carry     Mon.-Sat. 10am to 6pm
    10am-4am, Fri.-Sat. 10am-
    5am, Sun. 10am-3am                                                out and delivery
                                                                      Mon.-Fri. 11am to 9pm, Sat.      Stitch    16
                                                                                                       1723 North Damen Ave.
    Feast      9                                                      10am to 8pm, Sun. 10am to
    1616 North Damen Ave.                                             7pm
                                                                                                       773-782-1571 Fax
    773-772-8101 Fax                                                  daffodil hill       13           Gorgeous minimal boutique                                           1659 North Damen Ave.
                                                                                                       with sumptuous accessories
    The neighborhood’s favorite                                       773-489-0101
                                                                                                       for men, women and their
    hangout with its global                                 
                                                                                                       homes. The mix, from beds
    menu and moderate prices.                                         Fresh and flirty for the fash-   to handbags, continually
                                                                      ion savvy woman looking for      changes. Parking available
    Half price wine Monday
                                                                      darling clothing, jewelry,       behind the store.
    through Tuesday. Fabulous
                                                                      gifts and not so shabby but
    garden in summer. Cozy                                                                             Mon., Wed.-Sat. 12pm to
                                                                      chic home accessories.
    fireplace in winter. Carry out                                                                     7pm
                                                                      Great selection of Michael
    and delivery
                                                                      Stars and jeans.                 Sun. 12pm to 5pm, Closed
    Lunch Mon.-Fri. 11:30am to                                                                         Tuesdays.
                                                                      Mon.-Sat. 11am to 7pm,
    3pm, Dinner Mon.-Fri.
                                                                      Sun. 11am to 5pm
6                                                                                                                                     7
    Armitage to North Ave.                                   17-20

    Clothes Minded 17                Raizy 20
    1735 North Damen Ave.            1944 North Damen Ave.
    773-227-3402                     773-227-2221
    773-227-3403 Fax       
    Offering a great selection of    Our ultra posh boutique
    contemporary clothing,           offers the finest in exclusive
    accessories and gifts for the    cosmetics, bath and beauty
    home and more, all in a          products as well as a unique
    warm, friendly and upbeat        selection of luxurious
    shopping environment.            loungewear. Visit us and
    Mon.- Fri. 11:00am-7pm,
    Sat. 11am –6:30pm,               Mon.-Sat. 11am to 7pm,
    Sun. 12pm-5pm                    Sun. 12pm to 5pm

    Asha Colorspa 18
    1808 North Damen Ave.
    Asha colorspa is an Aveda
    SalonSpa that caters to your
    individual needs, whether it’s
    the pure Aveda products,
    lively haircuts and colour,
    soothing face and body
    treatments, or enlightening
    lifestyle workshops. We
    thoroughly NURTURE YOUR
    Mon. 9am to 5pm, Tues.-Fri.
    9am to 9pm, Sat. 9am to
    7pm, Sun. 10am to 5pm

    Howard Orloff
    Jaguar Volvo
    Land Rover 19
    1924 North Paulina
    773-227-1916 Fax
    The Orloff family has owned
    and operated this full service
    and sales automobile dealer-
    ship, featuring new and used
    Jaguar, Volvo and Land Rover
    automobiles for over 35 years.
    Sales: Mon.-Thur. 9am to
    8pm, Fri. 9am to 7pm, Sat.
    9am to 6pm
    Service: Mon.-Fri. 7am to 7pm

8                                                                     9
     at Milwaukee                                              21-24

     City Soles/ Niche 21                    Subterranean 22                       Wicker Pet 23                     North Clybourn
     2001 West North Ave.                    2011 West North Ave.                  2029 West North Ave.              Group 24
     773-489-2001                            773-278-6600                          773-489-2050                      2324 West North Ave.
     773-489-2117 Fax                                        773-489-9627 Fax                  773-252-0600                                            773-252-1126 Fax                      “1900’s Speakeasy meets               Unique neighborhood bou-
     City Soles / Niche designer             21st Century hot spot” 1st            tique offering daily dog          Wicker Park’s coolest real
     footwear. High fashion men’s            floor lounge featuring local          walking, all-play day care        estate company. Awesome
     and women’s footwear,                   DJs, visual artists, poetry and       and exquisite overnight care.     apartments, spectacular
     direct imports from Italy,              acoustic open mics. 2nd               Individual suites, large indoor   sales, superior attention to
     Spain…Chicago’s #1 fashion              floor and 3rd floor “Cabaret          playroom and secured out-         detail. Low-key attitude,
     footwear source.                        Room” features live music             side courtyard. Cat               high-end service. Wicker
                                             and great atmosphere.                 overnight care available.         Park and Bucktown special-
     Every day 11am-8pm
                                             Mon. 7pm to 2am, Tue.-Fri.            Mon.-Fri. 8am to 12pm/ 2pm        ists since 1989.
                                             6pm to 2am, Sat. 7pm to               to 7pm, Sat. 8am to 12pm,         Mon.-Fri. 10am to 6pm
                                             3am, Sun. 8pm to 2am                  Sun. 6pm to 7pm (appt.            Sat. 10am to 5pm
                                                                                   only)                             Always by appt.

                                            E  .



                             NORTH AVE.



                                                                      DAMEN AVE.

10                                                                                                                                                  11
 Damen to Ashland                            25-28

 Café Absinthe                    Asrai Garden                 27                          Taste (Juicy wine,
 25                               1935 West North Avenue                                   stinky cheese) 28
 1954 West North Avenue           773-782-0680                                             1922 West North Ave.
 (alley entrance)                 773-782-0687 Fax                                         773-276-8000
 773-278-4488                     Fresh cut flowers, plants,                               Boutique wines, Artisan
 Wicker Park’s original culi-     bath and body and specialty                              cheeses and microbrews.
 nary destination. Chef Jim       items from around the                                    Most wines under 15 bucks.
 Hoban’s critically acclaimed     world. Our mini oasis offers                             Awesome tasting events.
 kitchen serves contemporary      delivery of the freshest and                             Buy 3 bottles, get the fourth
 American cuisine accented        most beautiful floral arrange-                           50% off; buy 6 bottles and
 with global spices and tech-     ments beautiful available for                            get the 7th for one cent.
 niques.                          your personal needs, weekly                              Private parties and corporate
                                  account, gorgeous wedding                                tastings.
 Every day 5:30pm to 10pm
                                  or special event.
 (dinner)                                                                                  Mon.-Thurs. 12am to 10pm,
                                  Mon.-Sat. 10am to 7pm,                                   Fri.-Sat. 12pm to 11pm, Sun.
 Bar ‘til 11:30pm
                                  Sun. 12pm to 4pm                                         12pm to 8pm

 Borderline         26
 1954 West North Avenue
 Fine dining offering an eclec-
 tic menu in a relaxed envi-
 ronment and excellent serv-
 Mon.-Thurs. 5:30pm to
 10pm, Fri.-Sat. 5:30pm to
                                                  DAMEN AVE.


                                                                                                                                                     ASHLAND AVE.







                                                                                                                                                                      / I-9
                                                                                                      NORTH AVE.

12                                                                                                                                                                    13
 Damen-Division                                    30-36
 Nick’s     30                                                     Chi Healing Center               Chicago Public
 1516 North Milwaukee Ave.                                         34                               Library 35
 773-252-1155                                                      1733 North Milwaukee Ave.        Damen Avenue Branch                                              773-278-8494                     North Milwaukee and Wabansia
 Moved to Wicker Park after                                        773-278-8495 Fax       
 17 years in Lincoln Park. The                                   (Opening 2005)
 quintessential neighborhood                                       A beautiful and nurturing
 bar and 25 successful years                                       environment filled with great
 in the business to prove it.                                      people to help you with all      Unibody Auto
 Casual, comfortable and                                           your healing needs: mas-         Collision, Ltd.           36
 diverse.                                                          sage, chiropractic, acupunc-     1891 North Milwaukee Ave.
 Everyday 4pm to 4am                                               ture, natural medicine, reiki,   773-235-1334
 (Saturday ‘til 5am)                                               yoga and gifts.        
                                                                                                    A full service collision repair
                                                                   Mon.-Fri. 12pm to 9pm, Sat.
                                                                                                    facility utilizing the most
 The Note        31                                                10am to 6pm, closed
                                                                                                    advanced state-of-the-art
 1565 North Milwaukee Ave.                                         Sunday
                                                                                                    technology to accurately
                                                                                                    restore your damaged
                                                                                                    vehicle to pre-accident
 A swank yet casual night-                                                                          condition.
 club, specializing in live
 music, rock, funk, Latin, hip-                                                                     Mon.-Fri. 8am to 6pm, Sat.
 hop, indie-rock and local and                                                                      8am to 12pm
 national acts. Poetry on
 Monday. DJs late night.
 Everyday 8pm to 4am
 (Saturday ‘til 5am)

 State Farm
 Insurance 32
 Ann Nolan
 1629 North Milwaukee
 773-342-3415 Fax                 Wicker Park Inn Bed
                                  and Breakfast 33
 We are a local insurance         1329 North Wicker Park Ave.
 agency providing life, home,     773-486-2743
 auto, health and business
 insurance as well as a full
                                  High quality accommoda-
 line of financial services.
                                  tions in a relaxing, historic
 Mon. 9am to 7pm, Tues.-          home. Each room has a pri-
 Thurs. 9am to 6pm, Sat.          vate bathroom, satellite tele-
 9am to noon                      vision, wireless internet and
                                  personal phone. Continental
                                  breakfast and free parking.

14                                                                                                                                    15
 at Damen                                        37-44
                                                                                              Alliance Bakery                   41            Settimana Café              43
                                                                                              1736 West Division                              2056 West Division
                                                                                              773-278-0366                                    773-394-1629
 House of Two Urns                 Gold Star Bar                  39                                         773-394-9789 Fax
                                   1755 West Division                                         
 1239 North Greenview Ave.         773-227-8700                                               Delicious bakery offering             
 773-235-1408                      Huge, old space with tin ceil-                             decadent desserts, custom                       Seasonal Northern Italian
 773-235-1410 Fax                  ing and long mahogany bar.                                 designed cakes, cookies,                        specialties and attentive serv-                   Atmosphere is relaxed, infor-                              breads, and a full espresso                     ice make this a favorite spot
 Wicker Park’s premier B & B       mal, unpredictable, cool.                                  bar. Step back in time when                     with locals. Enjoy alfresco
 celebrates 14 years in the        Pool table and juke box.                                   you enter this old-world                        dining on the flower filled
 neighborhood! Offering all        Have fun, hang out.                                        Wicker Park institution serv-                   back patio.
 the amenities of a modern                                                                    ing fresh baked items for                       Sun. – Thur. 5pm to 10pm,
                                   Mon.-Fri. 4pm to 2am, Sat.
 home including free internet                                                                 over 80 years.                                  Fri.- Sat. 5pm to 11pm
                                   3pm to 3am, Sun. 3pm to
 access, with all the charm of     2am                                                        Mon.- Wed. 6am to 7pm,
 the past.                                                                                    Thur.-Fri. 6am to 8pm, Sat.                     American Family
 Mon.-Sun. 10am to 2pm                                                                        6am to 7pm, Sun. 7am to
                                   Porte Rouge              40                                6pm                                             Insurance 44
                                   1911 West Division                                                                                         2124 West Division
 Paper Doll              38        773-269-2800                                                                                               773-227-7001
 1747 West Division                773-269-2828 Fax                                           Caffé Gelato                 42                 773-227-7009 Fax
 773-227-6950                                                     2034 West Division                    
 773-227-6955 Fax                                                  773-227-7333                                    Come see us for a free                                                                     Why go to Italy for gelato?                     quote.
                                   A charming Euro-flavored
 A playful calvacade of hand-                                                                 You can get the best,
                                   boutique steeped in hand-                                                                                  Mon.-Fri. 9am to 5pm
 picked gifts and paper                                                                       fresh gelato made on our
                                   painted tablewares, kitchen-
 goods, including custom sta-                                                                 premises daily in Wicker
                                   wares, antiques and gifts for
 tionery for wedding, baby                                                                    Park, Chicago.
                                   the home & host. Join us for
 and more. Staffed by the          a cooking demo and inquire                                 Mon.-Sun. 9am to 11pm
 charming Swett sisters and        about wedding registry serv-
 their venerable house pug         ices. Visit our web site at
 Tues.- Fri. 11am to 7pm, Sat.     Mon.-Sat. 11am to 7pm,
 11am to 6pm, Sun. 11am to         Sun. 11am to 5pm
 5pm, closed Monday
                                                     DAMEN AVE.



              DIVISION ST.








16                                                                                                                                                                         17
More                                                                Getting Around
to Explore                                                          the Neighborhood
We encourage you to
support the local businesses serving the                             The CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) is a great way
Wicker Park and Bucktown communities.                                to get around town without the hassle of parking
                                                                     and traffic jams. The “El” is the nickname for
                                                                     Chicago’s elevated and subway train system. Of the
                                                                     CTA’s seven train routes, each differentiated by a
  JoAnn C. Gross &                         North Community           color, the Blue Line “El” goes from O’Hare Airport
  Associates, Inc.                         Bank                      all the way downtown. There are three stops on the
  Real Estate                              1555 North Damen Ave.     Blue Line within the Wicker Park & Bucktown business
  1628 North Wood                          773-244-7892              districts: Armitage & Western, Damen & North,
  773-384-0252                                                       Division & Milwaukee. One way fare: $1.75.                       The Red Balloon           The CTA’s bus system has several routes traversing
                                           Company                   the Wicker Park & Bucktown business districts.
  Mid-America Bank                         2060 North Damen Ave.     Damen Ave. (#50); North Ave. (#72); Milwaukee
  1955 North Damen Ave.                    773-489-9800              Ave. (#56); Division St. (#70); Ashland Ave. (#9);
  773-665-5000                                                       Western Ave. (#49); Armitage Ave. (#73). One-way
                                           Wenger Properties         fare: $1.75.
  Around the Coyote                        Jane Wenger               For more detailed information on Chicago’s public
  19351/2 West North Ave.                  1509 North Wicker Park    transit systems or to plan your trip call
  773-342-6777                             773-252-8818              1-888-YOUR-CTA.
                                                                     Bicycle riding in Wicker Park and Bucktown is
  Bucktown Wicker                          Ruby Room                 another excellent alternative. There are numerous
  Park Dental                              1743 West Division St.    street-side bike racks and designated bike routes. For
  Associates, PC                           773-635-5000              more information on biking in Chicago call
  2303 West North Ave.                     312-427-3325.
                                                                     Of course, catching a taxi cab is another option. From
                                                                     the heart of Wicker Park & Bucktown to downtown
  Staying Around                                                     Chicago, it is approximately a 10-minute cab ride.
                                                                     Average cost: $10.
  the Neighborhood                                                                                ARMITAGE AVE.

  These local lodging options keep you close to the shopping,
                                                                                   WESTERN AVE.


  wining and dining action of Wicker Park and Bucktown.

  Chicago’s downtown hotels are also very convenient, with

  the ease of a 10-minute cab ride to get you back and forth.

  Bed & Breakfasts                                                                                                            NORTH AVE.
  ACME Artist Bed & Breakfast

                                                                                                                                            ASHLAND AVE.
  2418 West Bloomingdale, 773-278-7677
                                                                                                                DAMEN AVE.

  Bucktown Respite Bed & Breakfast
  2239 West Armitage Ave., 773-394-2000
  House of Two Urns
  1239 N. Greenview Ave., 773-235-1408
                                                                                                                             DIVISION ST.
  Wicker Park Inn Bed & Breakfast
  1329 N. Wicker Park Ave., 773-486-2743
                                                                                                    BLUE LINE "EL"                          BUS ROUTE

18                                                                                                                                                         19
     Resources                                                         Community Organizations
                                                                       Bucktown Community Organization                  773-489-4662
                                                                       Bucktown Garden Club
 Check out a good book, take a nap under a tree or catch               Easter Seals                                     773-276-4000
 a show—here’s your handy guide to public services.                    Old Wicker Park Committee                        773-342-1966
                                                                       Wicker Park & Bucktown Chamber of Commerce       773-384-2672
 Parks / Field Houses                                                  Wicker Park Garden Club          
 Walsh Park 1722 N. Ashland Ave.
 Holstein Park / Field House 2200 N. Oakley Ave.      312-742-7554     Arts Organizations
 Wicker Park / Field House 1425 N. Damen Ave.         312-742-7553     ARCC Ballet 1259 N. Wood St.                            773-348-2722
 Churchill Park 1825 N. Damen Ave.                                     Around The Coyote 19351/2 West North Ave.               773-342-6777
 Pulaski Park / Field House 1419 W. Blackhawk St.     312-742-7941     Near Northwest Arts Council-NNWAC
                                                                            2418 W. Bloomingdale Ave.                          773-278-7677
 Libraries                                                             Zephyr Dance 1627 N. Oakley Ave.                        773-989-8225
 Damen Branch Library 2056 N. Damen Ave.             312-744-6022
 West Town Library 1310 N. Milwaukee Ave.            312-744-1473
 Damen Avenue Branch N. Milwaukee and Wabansia      Open Sept. 2005   Calendar
 Post Office                                                          of Events
 Wicker Park Post Office 1635 W. Division St.         773-278-2069
                                                                       Free Outdoor Movies in Churchill Park
 Churches                                                              All summer on the third Thursday of the month,
 First Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church                           Beginning at 7:30pm at 1825 N. Damen Ave.
        1649 W. LeMoyne St.                           773-276-2338     June 16               July 21
 Holy Trinity Cathedral 1121 N. Leavitt St.           773-486-6064     Aug 18                Rain Date September 15
 St. Mary of the Angels 1850 N. Hermitage Ave.        773-278-2644     Call 773-384-2672 for more information.
 St. Paul’s Community Church 2215 W. North Ave.       773-486-6244
 Wicker Park Lutheran Church 2112 W. LeMoyne St.      773-276-0263     Farmer’s Market
                                                                       Every summer Sunday (mid-June through mid-October); 7am-1pm
                                                                       In Wicker Park (north-west corner) 1425 N. Damen Ave.
 Aldermanic Offices                                                    Support your local farmers and vendors bringing fresh fruit and
 1st Ward Alderman, Manny Flores 2058 N. Western Ave. 773-278-0101     vegetables, pastries, coffee, meats, flowers and more to our
 26th Ward Alderman, Billy Ocasio 3236 W. Division St. 773-276-4269    neighborhood. Call 773-384-2672 for more information.
 32nd Ward Alderman, Ted Matlak 1824 W. Webster St. 773-227-1100
                                                                       Summerfest 2005
 Banks                                                                 Featuring local art, craft, live music, poetry, great food and more...
                                                                       July 30th-31st, North Damen Avenue (North Avenue to Schiller)
 Bank One 1849 W. North Ave.                          312-336-4063
                                                                       Visit for more information or
 Cole Taylor Bank 1965 N. Milwaukee Ave.              773-278-6800
                                                                       call 773-384-2672
 MidAmerica Bank 1955 N Damen Ave.                    773-665-5000
 MidWest Bank 1601 N. Milwaukee Ave.                  773-489-4800
                                                                       Around The Coyote Arts Festival
 National City Bank 1520 N. Damen Ave.                773-883-5600     The 2005 Fall Festival is September 10th
 New Century Bank 1414 N. Ashland Ave.                773-292-7093     Start at the intersection of Damen, North and Milwaukee Avenues
 North Community Bank 1555 N. Damen Ave.              773-248-9500     The Midwest’s largest multimedia arts festival of fine art,
 Washington Mutual Bank 1811 W. North Ave.            773-489-3287     dance, theatre, music, video, art tours, workshops and more.
                                                                       Call 773-342-6777 for more information

 Theatres                                                                For more information on upcoming events, joining the Chamber of
 Chicago Actors Studio 1567 N. Milwaukee Ave.         773-645-0222     Commerce or getting listed in the next Get-Around Guide contact the
                                                                                          Wicker Park & Bucktown Chamber of Commerce.
 Chopin Theatre 1543 W. Division St.                  773-278-1500
 Vittum Theatre 1012 N. Noble St.                     773-278-7471                                   1601 N. Milwaukee Avemue • Chicago, IL 60647
                                                                                                              Tel 773-384-2672 • Fax 773-384-7525
20                                                                                                                                              21
     Index                                                                   Notes
     of Map-listed Businesses                     (map number in red)

      Shopping &                       Dining &
      Services                         Entertainment
      American Family Insurance
      Asha Colorspa
      Asrai Garden
      Chi Healing Center
      Chicago Public Library
      City Soles / Niche
      Clothes Minded, Inc.
                                       Alliance Bakery
                                       Café Absinthe
                                       Caffé Gelato
                                       Club Lucky
                                       Flash Taco / Under Dog
      daffodil hill               13   The Goddess and Grocer           12
      Embelezar                   11   Gold Star Bar                    39
      g boutique                   5   Green Dolphin Street              6
      House of Two Urns           37   Half & Half                       7
      Howard Orloff                    Nick’s                           30
      Jaguar/Volvo/Land Rover     19   The Note                         31
      vive la femme                4   Settimana Café                   43
      North Clybourn Group        24   Subterranean                     22
      Pagoda Red                  15
      Paper Doll                  38
      Porte Rouge                 40
      Psychobaby                  10
      Raizy                       20
      Robin Richman                3
      saffron                      2
      State Farm Insurance        32
      Stitch                      16
      Taste                       28
      Unibody Auto Collision      36
      virtu                        1
      Wicker Park Inn
      Bed & Breakfast             33
      Wicker Pet                  23

22                                                                                   23

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