President's Cup 2010-2011 Volleyball Competition

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					      President’s Cup 2010-2011 Volleyball Competition

                         Group A                                   Group B
                              Hall A                                Hall B

              Hall F                       Hall D         Hall C             Hall E

      Match            Date               Time       Teams         Results      Winner
         1                             4:30-6:00pm   C vs E         0-2               E
         2                             6:00-7:30pm   F vs D         2-0               F
         3                             4:30-6:00pm   B vs E         2-0               B
         4                             6:00-7:30pm   A vs D         2-0               A
         5                             4:30-6:00pm   B vs C         2-0               B
         6                             6:00-7:30pm   A vs F         2-0               A

      Match            Date               Time       Teams         Results      Winner
         7                             4:30-6:00pm   A vs E         2-0               A
         8                             6:00-7:30pm   B vs F         2-0               B

      Match            Date               Time       Teams         Results      Winner
         9                             4:30-6:00pm   E vs F         2-0               E
         10                            6:00-7:30pm   A vs B         2-1               A

Champion:                          A
1st Runner-up:                     B
2nd Runner-up:                     E
Organised by Six Student Hostel Associations and Student Services Centre

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Description: Volleyball comes from the United States. In 1895, the U.S. state of Massa chu plug (formerly Mt Province) Holyoke city, a sport invented by the staff. At that time, tennis, basketball is very popular. Mr. Morgan, that basketball was too intense, and tennis is too small amount of exercise, he wanted to seek a moderate amount of exercise, and full of fun, young and old can participate in indoor entertainment projects, to want was already widely popular tennis moved indoors, hands on the basketball court to play. This game starts, he will hang on the basketball court tennis net, with basketball nets, like playing tennis every call the same play to the game. However, smaller indoor basketball court, tennis easily out of bounds, and he made some improvements: First, the floor and then hit back tennis balls to allow the rules to not allow floor; the second is to expand the size of tennis; III, basketball great , too, can not play the game the way intended, it will try to change basketball bile. The basketball bile and too light, erratic in the air. Play it inconvenient, difficult to control. Good effect but after the trial, decided to use this ball.