Grapes of Wrath reading assignments for AP 2008 - In Cold Blood by pptfiles


									      AP Literature & Composition
                                         Mr. Strauss, room 5 etc.,

The Grapes of Wrath Reading Assignments
Chapters 1-7: Due Tuesday March 18, 2008
Chapters 8-16: Due Tuesday April 1, 2008
Chapters 17-20: Due Thursday April 3, 2008
Chapters 21-23: Due Tuesday April 8, 2008
End of the book: Due Thursday April 10, 2008

For each reading assignment. do AT LEAST 4 pages of
annotations. You may do them in sections, like diary entries or in
an essay format.

Elements to consider while annotating:
1. The social and political perspective of the narrative – including
revolutionary v fatalism v reformer
2. Econonic, sociological, and psychological factors and influences
3. Issues of religion and spirituality
4. Themes of the novel
5. Stylistic contrasts between dialogue/dialect and narrative
6. Style, purpose and effect of short chapters
7. Issues of class – how do they impact the characters and the story?
8. Issues of race -- how do they impact the characters and the story?
9. The American dream and its impact on characters and story
10. You may also annotate personal reactions

As you annotate, be specific and refer to
the text.

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