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									                             Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

       Have you ever been to Borobudur in Indonesia?It is about sixty kilometers to the
north of Yogyakarta, and only a few kilometers to the south of Magelang. It is very huge
temple. Historians say that a Syailendra King built it early in the ninth century. This
monuments shows the greatness of Buddha Gautama and Buddhism.

        The Temple is made of river stones. Visitors can see the beautifull carvings of
stone along the walls of the temple. The carvings tell us about the life and the teaching of
Buddha Gautama, the Indian founder of Buddhism. The temple has several floors. On
each floor we can always see the statues of Buddha. There are also a lot of stupas around
the temple. A stupa is a stone structure which look like a bell. On the floors, visitors
usually rest along the terraces and take photographs of the ancient temple.
         At preset the government alwaysthinksabout the repair and restoration of the
temple. It builds institutions to save the temple from further damage. It also gives more
facilities to tourists around the temple such as parks, restaurants, small hotel, and
souvenir shops. It Tries hard to attract mre tourist to see one of the seven wonders of the

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