How to Stop the Bleeding

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					                        How to Stop the Bleeding

EMT’s start by asking important questions:
“Can this bleeding lead to severe complication?”.
This could be false. This could be true.
Either way there are things one must do.
If it’s not life threatening, then start assessing.
However if it is life threatening, there are steps to be followed, without
The body has it’s own way to control the flow.
Blood clots sometimes help make it stop or slow
And, when this process is not enough,
Apply direct pressure to the wound, but don’t be rough.
Let’s say bleeding continues, now you should elevate above the heart.
If bleeding does not continue, then elevation should not even start.
After elevation, if bleeding resumes, you need a dressing,
Using this absorbent cloth by pressing.
Press the dressing on the wound and then press on the artery pressure
If you need help finding it, sometimes it is near the joint.
The pressure point can really be where ever a pulse can be found.
After you have stopped the bleeding, the patient should be safe and
‘Just depends on how bad the wound and what kind
Abrasions lacerations, and incisions or even all three combined.

So this is my poem to help you
So, when you need to stop the bleeding, you know what to do.

Poetry by Brittany M.
December 2009

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