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									   Purchasing a Heavy Duty Alternator?

Do you need to purchase a heavy duty alternator for your
industrial vehicle? Your alternator is an important
component because it works with the battery to generate
power for the electrical parts of your vehicle.

Heavy-duty industrial vehicles like ambulances, buses and
fire trucks need to always be running in tip top shape. You
can’t afford to have an emergency vehicle break down when
it is urgently needed. When your fire truck or ambulance is
on the way to an emergency and people’s lives are on the
line there is no room for error. To ensure your vehicles are
running smoothly and safely at all times you must equip
them with the best parts.

Your alternator consists of a number of components,
   • Regulator

   • Rectifier

   • Rotor

   • Stator

There are a number of reasons alternators can fail, including
over heating and wrong voltage in addition to failure of one
of the components mentioned above. You can use a voltage
meter to check to see if your alternator is working. The best
way to protect yourself against alternator failure, however,
is to equip your vehicle with reliable brand name parts.

So how do you choose an alternator for your industrial or
marine vessel? Start off by looking for a manufacturer who
has a strong reputation and is known for providing quality
parts. In addition, ensure the manufacturer you choose
builds quality parts designed specifically for industrial
applications and heavy-duty use. Quality parts will help
your vehicle perform better and extend its life.

The best way to find quality, brand name parts at affordable
prices is to purchase through a local distributor.
Distributors have access to quality brand name parts at
affordable prices because they work with manufacturers in
the automotive after market. Distributors are also extremely
knowledgeable about various brands, manufacturers and
product specifications and can offer you valuable advice and
information and help you find the right part to suit your
If you run fleets of industrial vehicles such as:
   • EMS, fire trucks and ambulances

   • Transit bus and highway coaches

   • School and shuttle buses

   • Commercial trucking and refrigeration vehicles

   • Aerial lift vehicles

   • Heavy duty industrial vehicles

   • Marine vessels

   • Automotive and light trucks
Then you know the value of purchasing only the highest
quality parts for your vehicle. When you run industrial
vehicles you need to ensure they will run smoothly and
safely when they are needed in order to complete the job at
hand. Your distributor can work with you to find affordable
solutions to keep your fleet running smoothly and safely.

About The Elreg Distributors:

Elreg has been providing heavy-duty industrial equipment
for over thirty years. Elreg can offer you cost-effective, brand
name products that are
reliable and top-of-the line. To contact Elreg Distributors
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