How to Rent Luxury Villas in Spain

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					How to Rent Luxury Villas in Spain

Vacations should be relaxing, atleast after you leave the airport. Isn’t that why you chose to take a
vacation? And what better location for your next relaxing vacation than Spain. Imagine this; you in your
very own Luxury Villa in Spain, lounging in a deck chair, hearing the waves lapping against the shore,
sipping a cocktail. Ah! Bliss.

So whether it’s a luxurious lavish setting with breathtaking views and manicured estates or a smaller more
private setting, the choices available for luxury villas in Spain will be your answer. Luxury living is
available wherever you choose to stay in Spain. Some popular locations for luxury rentals include Costa
del Sol, Barcelona, Ibiza, Costa Blanca and Menorca.
The different choices of townhouses and estates available in Spain feature a wide variety of options. A
single villa in Mijas Costa offers three levels of living space. And that is not all, it also offers a private
heated pool with a large barbecue area and if that’s not all it also offers extensive private gardens. This
luxury villa in Spain also has full heating and air conditioning.

Most of the luxury villas in Spain offer satellite television with a diverse choice of global channels, with
surround sound. One villa can more often than not easily accommodate large groups, with full wardrobes,
well equipped kitchens and appliances and fully furnished dining areas.

If you are not interested in cooking, there are multiple options available. You can hire catering services
with staff. For these services your luxury villa broker will be able to provide you with further details. Many
of the larger luxury villas come fully equipped with a service staff to cater to your every need.

Next on the list for your relaxing luxurious vacation is probably some golf and shopping for the missus.
Not a problem. While you hit your next birdie at a choice of over 100 golf courses in Del Sol, your better
half can enjoy shopping at Marbella which offers countless wares from popular stores all over Europe.
And this is all possible as this area offers 326 sunny days in the whole year.

Several luxury villas in Spain offer full cinemas and golf courses. Besides this some other features
commonly available are personal tennis courts, indoor swimming pools, gyms and saunas. You can also
find luxury villas in Spain that offer amenities such as coffeemakers, espresso/cappuccino machines or

Your price for a Spain luxury villa will be largely based on two factors.

1) The time of the year you are choosing to travel
2) And the number of people in your party.

Prices do surely plummet during the off season, as is the case anywhere else in the world. You may want
to consider making your travel arrangements during the off season to avoid the crowds and price

Make sure to read your rental agreement and fully understand how the security deposit and payment will
be accepted. Also check to make yourself familiar with what types of staffing options are available, for
instance whether the chosen facility offer a concierge service, or is this service a full-time benefit or are
there specific daily hours?

It is best to fully understand all details including minute details about your choice of rental, including
options for small children that may be travelling with you and whether linens and towels would be

No doubt it takes a bit of planning to choose a luxury villa in Spain, but the time and effort invested is
definitely worth the while. You can ensure all details are thoroughly covered by planning ahead, and then
enjoying your well earned holiday.