Careers in Fashion Designing

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					Careers in Fashion Designing

Gone are the days when people bought clothes just to cover their bodies. Nowadays, people wear clothes
to flaunt their attitude and personality. Be it with guys or gals, every person is more concerned about the
latest trends and brand of their attire, rather than the price tag. But have you ever wondered how much
effort goes into creating one single piece of garment? Everyone believes that clothes are created by
fashion designers, but the reality is that every garment is the result of efforts put in by lots of other people.
This knowledge opens the door to the different career opportunities that one can opt for in the world of

Careers in fashion designing cover three aspects: the creative field, the technical field and the business
field. It is in the combined effort of all the three departments that the success of a fashion company lies. It
is important for people who want to be part of the fashion industry to have formal training. Most courses of
fashion designing train the students in all the aspects, by which they can choose which area they want to
pursue as their career. Every fashion house needs people who are specialists in certain areas to achieve
success. Let us look at some of the careers in the field of fashion designing that a person can choose
from based on his / her interest and aptitude.

Every piece of clothing is made keeping in mind a particular group of people. This includes gender, age,
social status, etc. It is the job of the fashion researcher to find out the social and economic status of the
target consumers and also the attitudes of that particular group. This research is important for the project
to proceed, as only after knowing the requirements of the public, can a designer create new collections.

Trend Forecaster
Fashion is an ever changing entity. For any fashion house to survive, it is necessary to discover new and
innovative styles and trends. This job is done by the fashion trend forecaster. Research is needed in this
field as well but more than that, the trend forecaster needs to be creative and imaginative and should be
able to come up with new themes, designs, patterns, etc.

Fashion Designer
The fashion designer is the person everyone knows. This is the person who gets the credit for the
creation of a garment. The fashion designer gathers all the information given by the researcher and
forecaster and designs garments according to it. He / she decides on the fabric, texture, colors, etc of the
garment and oversees the production process till the outfit is fully ready.

Fashion Merchandiser
To be a fashion merchandiser, it is necessary for a person to have good business skills. The fashion
merchandiser is responsible for calculating the budget and pricing of the clothes. He / she has to deal
with suppliers as well as customers and also has the responsibility of marketing the product.
Merchandisers also work as store managers and they decide which garment should be showcased at the
entrance to attract customers into the store.

Fashion Marketing
Any garment, however good it may be, cannot be sold without effective marketing. The role of a fashion
marketer is to attract the consumers to the clothes manufactured by their company. This is done by
writing reviews about a particular collection or publishing photographs in fashion magazines. He / she
also organizes exhibitions and fashion shows to advertise the collection of the company to fashion buyers
who come from different parts of the world.

Costume Designers
Costume designers are those who design and create clothes for the entertainment industry, i.e. for
television, films, drama, etc. While designing an attire for a character, the costume designer has to keep
in mind the role, the period in which the story is based on, etc.

Fashion designing is a vast field filled with lucrative careers. All you have to do is pick the one that
interests and excites you.