Excellent Tips to an Elegant Bridal by hshm


									Excellent Tips to an Elegant Bridal Makeup

Wedding day is the most awaited and the most special day in every girl’s life. It’s one such day that a girl
dreams of since childhood and cherishes her own expectations of her groom and also about her wedding
attire, wedding place, wedding hairstyle, and the wedding make-up.

Every girl dreams to look the most beautiful like the only queen on the planet on this special day. The
attire and the hairstyle can always be selected as per the taste but when it comes to bridal make-up there
are many things that have to be considered. This is because make-up directly affects the photography
done during the wedding. Therefore, make-up should be done in a way that when photographs are
clicked in bright lights of the wedding ambiance it should look natural yet elegant.

Here are some excellent tips to an elegant bridal make-up that will help you look more beautiful and
gorgeous on your wedding day.

Before you start your make-up, make sure that you don’t use any new product for trial as it may cause a
negative reaction. If in case there is something new to try, do that atleast one or two months in advance
so that any reaction if occur can be resolved.

First apply a good moisturizer and lip balm twenty minutes before you start with your make-up. Use
concelaer to cover the under eye dark circles or any small scars on your face. Apply foundation on a wet
piece of cotton and then apply it evenly on your face. Over it use a face powder and then apply blush to
add an extra glow to your skin. Use a powder-based blush instead of a cream blush as the former stays
for a longer time. If you have any type of reddish skin on your face, correct that using a sheer color
corrector or by applying yellowish green tinted moisturizer. This will help you neutralize the skin tone.

Coming to your eyes, do remember that your groom as well all the other guests at the wedding party will
read you through your eyes. It’s truly been said that eyes are the window to the soul. To make them look
beautiful apply eye shadows on your eyelids and a waterproof mascara. If your eyelashes are long you
can try an eyelash perm. Don’t apply any kind of mascara or any related item on your lower eyelashes. It
is important because when you’ll cry during your wedding the make-up on the lashes will smudge and
look truly unimpressive.

Then apply a little foundation on your lips to give a base. After wards using a fine lip liner draw the outline
of your lips and then fill the internal with the desired lip color. Use a lip color that go well with your attire
and also your skin tone. Most of the women use bright lip colors on their wedding day.

Don’t overdo the make-up on your wedding day. The natural glow that shines on every woman’s face on
their wedding day is enough to accentuate the beauty of a bride with simple and elegant make up.

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