Applying to American Colleges and Universities by xiuliliaofz


A Guide to Scholarships, Awards &
            Information On
•   Who should apply?
•   How do I apply?
•   When should I apply?
•   Why should you apply?
•   Where do I find the information?
                   Why apply?
• Expensive
• College - $11 000-12 000
• University - $14 000-20 000
  (if leaving home)
• Summer jobs unlikely to cover costs
• Parents helping?
• Many awards go unclaimed as students don’t apply
  – grades not the only criteria
          Who should apply?

• Just about everyone can apply
• Over 60,000 individual awards by over 300
• Automatic consideration & Need to apply types
• University, College & Community
• Not just highest marks!!!!
• Many are for target groups eg.:
  cultural background, physical disability, orphans,
  Deca, involved in environmental issues, volunteer
  work, pursuing studies in ………….

Know your strengths:
-Academics important but … are:
-Leadership – school or community
-Volunteer efforts
-Community Involvement/service
-Broad based activities (arts, music, athletics)
-Entrepreneurship-have you filled an unmet need at
  the school or community level?
-Special programs (ie. Exchange, gifted, or
       Stats on Scholarships
• Of 7363 listed on Scholarships Entrance
      Awards Canada site
• 17- agricultural involvement
• 262 - athletic involvement
• 631 - extra curricular
• 615 - leadership role
• 1115 - school or community service
• 80 - students with a disability
        Where to find scholarships?
•   Scholarship board in         •   Private & public
    Guidance                         organizations or
•   O.S.AP. Forms fill out           companies
    Queen Elizabeth II –         •   Employers – of yours
    Aiming for the Top               or your parents, or
    Check it off on your             relatives
    OUAC application             •   Unions, employee
•   Post secondary                   associations
    institution of your choice   •   Veteran organizations
    - website                    •   Search sites
•   Charities
         Search sites
• under guidance
• Other high schools’ websites
• Individual post sec. websites
                 Search sites
Financial planning for college: – click on “plan”, then
  “Money matters”
Planning for university :
For both:
                    How to apply
•   Do research!!!
•   On-line application
•   Mail in application
•   Resumes – keep track from grades 9-12
•   Essays
•   Interviews
•   Some nominated by school
•   Reference letters
•   Follow the specifics of criteria and deadlines, etc.
•   Check spelling, grammar, and sentence structure
•   Be concise
•   What makes you more deserving than someone else?
          When do I apply?
• Automatic consideration or deadlines?
• Sept. – July deadlines
• References – give plenty of time to teachers
  or mentors to complete
• Some are specific on how you send the
• Remember start early so you don’t miss out!
        Letters of Reference
• One or more may be required
• Show how you approach studies
• Evidence of qualities, commitments
• Teachers, counsellors or adults who know you
  well – it may specify
• Give them an outline
• Plenty of notice
• Watch deadlines!
•   Do's and Don’ts with Scholarships
•   • Do give yourself and others helping you lots of time to complete the application.
    • Do a rough draft on a photocopy not on the original application.
    • Do get parents and teachers to proofread your rough draft.
    • Do read the instructions carefully.
    • Do try to be creative unless it states otherwise.
    • Do apply for as many as possible.
    • Do type the final copy
    • Do copy your application and file it away for future reference.
    • Do track all your applications - when can you expect a reply?
    • Do ask for help.
    • Do give your references at least two weeks to write a letter for you and supply them with a
    copy of criteria needed and a list of your activities and accomplishments.
    • Do put a lot of effort into the application. You are competing with the cream of the crop and
    your application must be perfect.
    • Do make a photocopy of what you submit.
•   • Don’t let the original copies get dirty.
    • Don’t lie on your applications.
    • Don’t leave an unanswered question on the application form.
    • Don’t do your good copy the first time.
    • Don’t forget to check to make sure you have everything that they asked for.
    • Don’t miss a deadline.
    *Ask yourself *

     Is it realistic?

    Is it worthwhile?

Do I fit this scholarship?

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