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					Fastest Growing Careers

Since the last several decades engineering, medical, law and banking fields have been sources of
lucrative career options. However, the advent of the Internet in the late 60s and 70s marked the era of IT
jobs and since then it has turned out to be one of the most sought after careers. As economy has grown,
scopes of various career opportunities have increased. Some of the fastest growing careers in America
are known to be among the highest paying careers. A few of the fastest growing careers in the US form
the subject matter of this article.

Fastest Growing Health Careers

Careers in the medical field have always been known to provide various types of hospital jobs. With
increase in complexity of handling large number of patients, surgeons and physicians require medical
assistants to help them in daily cases. Some of the fastest growing careers in America are among those
of health services. Among various medical jobs, the following are the fastest growing medical careers:
Fitness Trainers
Physical Therapists
Pharmacy Technicians
Medical Assistants
Dental Assistants
Biomedical Engineers
Fastest Growing IT Careers

Information technology is a field that is highly affected by the strength of economy and how well the
software companies are doing in their respective fields. Known among the top career choices, the field of
IT involves software development and computer programming. The demand of computer software
engineers and computer hardware engineers is growing rapidly. Some of the fastest growing occupations
among IT jobs are:
Web Applications Developers
Computer System Analysts
Service Desk Executives
Computer Software Engineers, Applications
Computer Support Specialists
Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts
Desktop Publishers
Computer Software Engineers, Systems Software
Network/Computer Systems Administrators
Personal and Home Care Works
Database Administrators
Computer and Information Systems Managers
Computer and Information Scientists Research
Fastest Growing Creative Jobs

Being creative in today's world presents before you bundle of opportunities to make money and derive
loads of job satisfaction from the creative work. Here is a list of fastest growing creative jobs.
Career in Game Design
Multimedia Artist
Creative Writing Jobs
Film and Video Editor
Funeral Director
Marriage Counselor
Adventure Sport Trainer
Biomedical Engineer
Commercial Pilot
Fastest Growing Careers in America

What are the fastest growing career fields? According to the latest reports of 2010, careers that are
regarded as lucrative are those in which there are better employment opportunities and at the same time
an opportunity to earn higher pay packages. According to the US Department of Labor, the fastest
growing careers are in the health care industry or computers and many of these jobs are among top 10
fastest growing careers in America. This is due the fact that both the industries keep evolving and with
every passing day, new employment opportunities are created.

Besides that, the pay scales are very decent as compared to other industries. Fitness experts and
trainers, occupational therapists, veterinarians, medical assistants are some of the professions in which
the career growth is on the rise. In the computers field, computer programming careers are growing very
fast as latest technological advancements and innovation have made the jobs of programmers more
challenging and creative. Through 2014, software engineers, with bachelor's or master's degree in
computer programming have tremendous growth opportunities however, this field is very competitive and
often, very hectic.

Since computers have become an integral part of our lives, jobs like those of network systems
administrator and software developer are always in demand and students interested in computers can
always consider these professions to be among the best options to choose. Students in high school must
choose a career that not only interests them but also matches with their aptitudes and skills. Since career
decision is an important step in the professional success of a student, school counselors and parents
must ensure that the student is free to choose a career that he loves to study.