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									Test outsourcing en offshoring
•   Introduction
•   Example 1: the credit card company
•   Example 2: the telecom provider
•   The best practice approach

                 Test outsourcing =

               A third party providing
           the test services for a company
             optional - staff take over
                         - infrastructure

  Taking care of testing    Adding business value
  Committing to service     Shared risks and
  levels                    responsibilities
Case 1: The Credit Card Company

           Issuing & Aquiring
           >2,5 mil cards
           Top 10 in Europe
           300 FTE
           Part of large finance group
Case 1: The Credit Card Company

  The landscape                 Test organisation           The dream:
 Card management system                                      Grow with lean
                               Test department
 Work flow systems                                            organisation
 Acquiring system
 Protest system                Test coordinators    4
 Mailing applications                                      One test partner:
 Web-portal                       Contracted
 Datawarehouse                                      17         Continuity
                                Test engineers
                                                            Testing separated

                                                           Knowledge retention
                                   Test issues                 Cultural fit
                          Testing is not core business
                          Many contractors and contracts     Remote testing
   7 system providers     Test Contract management            Business case
                          Knowledge retention
                          No test responsibility
                                      - planning, cost
Case 1: the roadmap

              Management         Test                         Test
Contract      Presentations      contract                     Service     Steering
              (business case)    (T&M)                        levels      committee

                         Install      Replace            Off site                 Off shore
                         Test line    on site test       Test                     Test
Test line organisation   manager      contractors        team                     team

                         Analysis           Create          Test           Offshore
 Infrastructure          remote              remote         Automation     connection
                         connection         connection

                         Agreed             Test                            Improvem
Processes                test               service                         ent
                         procedures         Monitoring                      plan

                     2003                                       2004     2005    2006         2007
Case 1: Achievements & lessons

        75% increase of              Management level
         nr of projects           reporting on test services

      Knowledge retained in
     dedicated core test team        Organize demand
           (6 12 FTE)             Management processes

          Quick reaction to          Provide improved
    project changes established        and translated
      (up to 15 FTE flex team)    Requirements and designs

   25% reduction of own staff              Install
                                    Innovation processes

       15% cost reduction                Co-operate
          by offshoring                  as partners
Case 2: the telecom company

         A leading mobile telco provider
         >250 mil customers
         Local opco: 2nd in her country
         - Mobile telephony
         - Integrated mobile-fixed services
         - Wireless (SG, HSDPA)
         - Broadband (DSL)
Case 2: The situation

  (Part of) the landscape      E2E Test organisation       Their dream:
 Network IT                                                  Be innovative &
                                  Test department
 - Web portal                                                 cost efficient
 -Mobile services variations
   Video calling                   Test managers       5
   Video messaging                                         One test partner:
    Picture messaging            Contracted + own
    Mobile TV                                               Test cost reduction
                                  Test engineers
    E-mail                                                 Shorter test duration
    MMS, SMS services
    Games services                                          Flexible resourcing
    Music & Ringtones
                                      Test issues          Knowledge retention
                               High volatile test demand    Improve IT service

                               Telco knowledge retention

                               Test cost reduction
IT development outsourced
Case 2: the roadmap

               Workshops       Benchmark       Business    Contract          Test       Fixed
 Contract      &               Due             case        + 3 monthly       KPI’s      Price
               Proposal        diligence                   SOW                          pp

                          Install       Core        Offshore             Test
                          Test line     Test        trials               Environment
 Test line organisation   manager       team                             Coordination

                           Invoke          Analyse        Enhance        Performance
  Infrastructure           Testmgt          remote         test          Test
                           tool            connection     automation     tools

                           Agreed         Test service     Dynamic          Customized
 Processes                 test           Management       Improvement      transparent
                           procedures                      process          estimation model

SLA’s (targets and achieved)
 Objectives        KPI             Target         Score

                                                 6,7% (Q1)
    Cost       Reduction of
                                 15% (year 1)   14,7% (Q2)
  reduction     test costs
                                                15,8% (Q3)

                                 4 wk: 100%       100%
                  Scale up
                                 2-4 wk: 80%      100%
 Flexibility     capability
                                 < 2 wk: 60%      96%

               Test lead time      TARGET         Not yet
  Time to           ratio            tbd         measured
                                    >95%          >97%
  servation                        TARGET
               Training effort                  0 manhours

  Impro-                            >95%          >99%
Achievements & succesfactors

      26% cost reduction            Co-operate
         In two years               As partners

      Knowledge retained in
     dedicated core test team   Vision on the future
           (8 12 FTE)               workshops

       Monthly Management
       Reports and meetings           On site
                                 Test management

   33% reduction of own staff    Agreed, practical
                                 Entry-exit criteria

           Risk sharing         Dynamics of Contract
       by the test partner        SLA & Processes
•   Introduction
•   Example 1: the credit card company
•   Example 2: the telecom provider
•   The best practice approach
 A proven model for test outsourcing
Business                                                                                                                                   Solution
drivers                    Test Demand                                                      Capability supply                       Business
                 Test                                                                                                                aligned
               Capacity                                                                                                             test KPI’s
                                                        Established test methods (TMap, TPI)
                                                                                                                                         Cost reduction
                                                                                                                                          (25% and

                                                                                                         As-needed infrastructure
    efficiency               As-needed test resources   Customer dedicated test service center                                               More)

              Innovation                                      On site test mgt & test team

                                                                          Testing gateway
                                                                                                                                             Service level
Quality                                                                                                                                      commitments
               Time to                                         Onshore       Y              test team
Flexibility                                                                                                                                    Transfer
                                                            Nearshore                         Offshore                                       with control
                                                            Test team                        Test team
        Knowledge                                                                                                                           Dedicated
       preservation                                                                                                                         core team
                                                                                                                                             and flex
              Continuity                                     Continuous process improvement

                           Service demand                                                     Service levels
Demand – supply organisation
Demand (Customer)                                  Supply (Test partner)

                                                      Account manager
  Contract manager        Contract & SLA             Delivery manager

      Manager           Standard Procedures          Test line manager
     Processes            Test assignments
                            KPI reports                                           on site

     Project                Test plans
                                                      Test manager
     manager               Test reports
                                                                         on site/ onshore

  Development             Operational
                                           Test coordinator    Test coordinator
     teams                information
  Internal / external                       Test engineer       Test engineer

                                           on site/ onshore          Near shore/ offshore
Roadmap to test outsourcing

   Phase 1             Phase 2                   Phase 3               Phase 4             Phase 5

Business case          Detailed                Transition           Operation &         Exit strategy
                       analysis                                     Innovation

HL Analysis:         Base line:              Supply process:        Processes:          Processes:
- Business/IT        - Test process          - Proof of concept     - Business driven   - Exit planning
  objectives         - Test environment      - Core team set up       Testing           - Exit team
- Current issues     - Test ware             - Knowledge transfer   - Industrialized    - Knowledge
- Scope              - Test capabilities     - Operational            Processes           re-transfer
- Responsibilities   - Organisation            procedures           - Work package
 Readiness scan      - Responsibilities      - Test environment       distribution
HL Solutions         - Transition priority     preparation          - Continuous
Cost/Benefits                                - Project calendar       improvement
                     Workshops:                                     - KPI based
                     - KPI’s/SLA                                      management
                     - Demand-supply         Customer process:      - Performance
                     - Growth model          - Demand                 reporting
                                             - Acceptance           - SLA evaluation
                                                                    - BC monitoring

Business case        Adjust BC               Adjust BC              Test deliverables   Exit plan
High level plan      Transition plan         Service Contract       SLA Reports         Operations trans-
                     KPI/SLA                 GMTP                   Dynamic             ferred
                                             Test Organisation      improvement plan
Success factors

       Demand processes                    Supply processes

                                       Agreed operational procedures
        Responsibilities               Entry- and exit criteria
        Organisation                   Test management on site
        Rolling forecast               Test environment coordination
        Project management             Core team continuity
        Accepting changes

            Governance                        Quality of input

  Partnership                             Requirements
  Process meeting on multiple levels      Design documents
  Open communication                      Software development quality
  Management commitment                   Test environment
  Steering on KPI’s
 Offshore testing
Advantages    Issues     Showstoppers         Enablers
                                                                  Customer dedicated test service center

   Costs     Language    Regulations
                                             Local test                On site test mgt & test team

                                                                                     Testing gateway

                                                                         Onshore        Y              test team
                                          Test management
 Capacity     Culture     Own staff

                                                                      Nearshore                          Offshore
                          Security      Process standardisation
             processes    demands                                     Test team                         Test team

               Time        Remote           Work packages
               zone        access

                                        KPI on cost reduction            Management commitment
             Continu-                                                         Process maturity
               ity                                                      Test infrastructure and data
                                                                            Risk profile projects
                Infra                        Begin with                        Documentation
             structure                      new projects               Interaction with organisation
                                                                            Knowledge and skills
Test outsourcing en offshoring

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