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Ackroyd, Peter
Chatterton. 2006. Read by James Wilby, 10 hours 11 minutes. TB 15035.
In this novel Peter Ackroyd investigates the death of Thomas Chatterton, the
eighteenth-century poet-forger and genius, who died at the tender age of eighteen
under extremely strange circumstances. Fusing themes of illusion and imagination,
delusion and dreams, the author weaves strands from three centuries. The cast is a
motley crew of Dickensian eccentrics and rogues, from the outrageous, gin-sipping
Harriet Scrope to the tragic Charles Wychwood, on a personal quest for
Chatterton's deepest secrets. TB 15035.

Aird, Catherine
Stiff news. 1998. Read by Bruce Montegue, 5 hours 38 minutes. TB 11650.
Inspector C D Sloan series; book 17. Sequel to: After effects. On the morning of
Gertrude Powell's funeral, her son Lionel receives a letter - from his mother. In it,
Gertrude states that someone is trying to kill her. For every fact Detective Inspector
Sloan learns about Gertrude, there seems to be a mystery too. TB 11650.

Aird, Catherine
Little knell. 2000. Read by Bruce Montague, 5 hours 32 minutes. TB 12309.
Inspector Sloan series; book 18. After the death of Colonel Caversham the Curator
of the Greatorex Museum, Mr Granville Fixby-Smith inherits an Egyptian mummy.
However, the Coroner, Mr Granville Locombe-Stableford, is not happy - for a body,
however ancient, has been moved without his consent, so Detective Inspector
Sloan is sent to the museum to sort out the red tape. But what none of the three
men expect is the sight that befalls them when the coffin lid is raised. For inside lies
not the remains of the ancient Rodoheptah - but the body of a young woman. A
young woman who has been dead only a matter of days. TB 12309.

Akunin, Boris
Murder on the Leviathan: a novel. 2004. Read by Steve Hodson, 10 hours 29
minutes. TB 13884.
Erast Fandorin series; book 2. Sequel to: The winter queen, TB 13773. An English
eccentric and collector is found murdered in his Paris house together with nine
members of his staff. A gold whale in the victim's hand leads Erast Fandorin to
board the Leviathan, the world's largest steamship, as the murderer is one of the
142 first class passengers. Commissioner Gauche of the French police has
narrowed down the suspects to ten, and they are forced to eat together at every
meal time in the ship's Windsor Suite until 'the Crime of the Century' is solved. But
is the murderer really at the table, and can Erast Fandorin discover his or her
identity before Gauche? As more passengers are murdered and the Leviathan
heads towards Calcutta, Fandorin needs all his investigative skills to find the truth.
TB 13884.

Akunin, Boris
Turkish gambit. 2004. Read by Steve Hodson, 9 hours 5 minutes. TB 14069.
Erast Fandorin series; book 3. The Russo-Turkish war is at a critical juncture, and
Erast Fandorin, broken-hearted and disillusioned has gone to the front in an
attempt to forget his sorrows. Captured by the Turks, he wins his freedom in a
game of backgammon, before finding himself the unlikely rescuer of Varvara
Suvorova - a 'progressive' Russian woman trying to make her way to the Russian
headquarters to join her fiance. Fandorin's efforts to steer clear of affairs of state
are thwarted when a traitor is discovered within the Russian camp. Within days,
Varvara's fiance has been accused of treason, a Turkish victory looms on the
horizon, and there are rumours that one of Lady Astair's Azazel orphans may be
making his own bid for power. Fandorin will need to resurrect all of his dormant
powers of detection if he is to unmask the traitor, help the Russians to victory and
smooth the path of young love. TB 14069.

Akunin, Boris
Pelagia and the white bulldog. 2006. Read by Jilly Bond, 10 hours 56 minutes.
TB 14855.
Sister Pelagia series; book 1. Sister Pelagia: bespectacled, freckled, red-haired,
woefully clumsy and constantly and knitting, teaches gymnastics and literature -
and in her spare time solves crimes. A prized white bulldog has been poisoned, and
the Bishop of Zavolzhsk sends Pelagia to investigate the bulldog's death as a
favour for his aunt. TB 14855.

Archer, Jeffrey
False impression. 2005. Read by Lorelei King, 10 hours 30 minutes. TB 14520.
When an aristocratic old lady is brutally murdered in her country home the night
before 9/11, it takes all the resources of the FBI and Interpol to work out the
connection between her and the possible motive for her death - a priceless Van
Gogh painting. But in the end, it's a young woman in the North Tower when the first
plane crashed into the building that has the courage and determination to take on
both sides of the law and avenge the old lady's death. Unsuitable for family reading.
TB 14520.

Atkinson, Kate
Case histories. 2004. Read by Ruth Holyman, 9 hours. TB 14091.
Jackson Brodie series; book 1. Jackson Brodie is making ends meet in a sweaty
Cambridge summer and trying to deal with his own failed marriage. But if his life is
adrift, perhaps Brodie can justify his existence via his belief that he can do some
good for the people he encounters in his job. But he is to find that he will be
irrevocably changed by those he is trying to help. Contains strong language. TB

Atkinson, Kate
One good turn: a jolly murder mystery. 2007. Read by Peter Kenny, 12 hours
55 minutes. TB 15771.
Jackson Brodie series; book 2. It is summer, it is the Edinburgh festival. People
queuing for a lunchtime show witness a road-rage incident - a near-homicidal attack
which changes the lives of everyone involved: the wife of an unscrupulous property
developer, a crime writer, a washed-up comedian. Jackson Brodie, ex-army, ex-
police, ex-detective, is also an innocent bystander - until he becomes a murder
suspect. Contains strong language. TB 15771.

Babson, Marian
Not quite a geisha. 2003. Read by Diana Bishop, 6 hours 44 minutes. TB
Trixie Dolan series; book 6. Sequel to: Break a leg, Darling. When an unusual
taxidermy shop explodes in an arson attack, two long-term stars of stage and
screen and their friend are thrown into an intrigue of murder and larceny, with
family, culinary and theatrical complications. TB 15461.

Babson, Marian
Deadly deceit. 2001. Read by Diana Bishop, 5 hours 56 minutes. TB 12428.
'Who says we're a dysfunctional family.' Having just arrived home to England from
New York, Margot knows that her choice of phrase is too near the mark. Margot's
cousin Chloe is in Holloway prison for murdering her twin sister Claudia, their
mother has withdrawn into a world of romance novels and Claudia's 14 year old
daughter refuses to leave her bed. Only Tikki the cat seems to have the measure of
them all. It's not until a second body is found and the murderer is revealed that he
finally agrees to come home. TB 12428.

Barnard, Robert
Bad samaritan. 1996. Read by Nigel Graham, 7 hours 6 minutes. TB 11068.
Rosemary Sheffield, vicar's wife, has lost her faith. A relationship with a young
refugee has brought trouble for her in her husband's parish. Mrs Harridance, aided
by Selena Meadows, is after Rosemary's positions in the parish. And then there is
the dark Stephen Mills. When a body is found after a church fete, Charlie Peace
and his boss Mike Oddie must discover whether Rosemary's spiritual crisis has led
to murder. TB 11068.

Beaton, M C
Agatha Raisin and the quiche of death. 2007. Read by Penelope Keith, 6
hours 29 minutes. TB 15528.
Agatha Raisin series; book 1. After years of bullying and cajoling others as a high-
flying public relations boss, Agatha Raisin's early retirement to the picture-postcard

village of Carsley is a dream come true. And how to begin but by entering the local
quiche making competition? Unburdened by old-fashioned ideas of fair play, the
ruthless Agatha decides to ensure she wins by buying her entry from a London
delicatessen. Alas, Agatha's perfect product is soon exposed - as not only store-
brought but poisoned. The contest judge succumbs after eating it, and with him go
Agatha's reputation and her chance of rural bliss, unless she can expose the
poisoner. TB 15528.

Beaton, M C
Agatha Raisin and the potted gardener. 2004. Read by Penelope Keith, 4
hours 48 minutes. TB 15595.
Agatha Raisin series; book 3. Sequel to: Agatha Raisin and the vicious vet.
Beautiful newcomer Mary Fortune is superior in every way, especially when it
comes to gardening. But when Mary is discovered murdered, buried upside down in
a pot, Agatha Raisin seizes the moment and immediately starts yanking up village
secrets by their roots and digging the dirt on the hapless victim. TB 15595.

Billingham, Mark
Sleepyhead. 2002. Read by Tim Bruce and Penelope Freeman, 10 hours 17
minutes. TB 15562.
Tom Thorne series; book 1. It's rare for a young woman to die from a stroke and
when three such deaths occur in short order it starts to look like an epidemic. Then
a sharp pathologist notices traces of benzodiazepine in one of the victim's blood
samples and just traceable damage to the ligaments in her neck, and their cause of
death is changed from natural to murder. The police aren't making much progress
in their hunt for the killer until he appears to make a mistake: Alison Willetts is found
alive. Contains strong language. TB 15562.

Billingham, Mark
Scaredy cat. 2006. Read by Tim Bruce, 12 hours 38 minutes. TB 15821.
Tom Thorne series; book 2. Two women are dead. It was a vicious calculated
murder. The killer selected his victim at Euston station, followed her home on the
tube and strangled her to death in front of her child. At the same time, killed in the
same way, a second body is discovered at the back of King's Cross station. It is a
grisly coincidence that eerily echoes the murder of two other women, stabbed to
death months before on the same day. DI Tom Thorne sees the connection
between the two and starts to investigate. Contains strong language. TB 15821.

Block, Lawrence
The burglar who painted like Mondrian. 1984. Read by Simon Coady, 6 hours
3 minutes. TB 5429.
Bernie Rhodenbarr series; book 5. Sequel to: The burglar who studied Spinoza.
Bernie Rhodenbarr is a professional burglar. He is also an antiquarian bookseller, a

front which provides an entree into many promising homes for burglary. When a
good friend, a happy lesbian called Carolyn, tells him that one of her cats has been
kidnapped and the kidnapper is demanding as ransom a Mondrian currently on
display in the Hewlett Gallery, Bernie decides to act. TB 5429.

Bonner, Hilary
A kind of wild justice. Read by Julia Franklin, 13 hours 20 minutes. TB 12905.
He's a barbaric killer, guilty of the most terrible crime. He abducted and tortured an
innocent seventeen-year-old girl, brutally raped her, then left her to die. Yet when
James Martin O'Donnell stood trial at Exeter Crown Court he was acquitted. Twenty
years later a chance DNA test makes it tragically clear that there has been a
shocking miscarriage of justice. But the law of double jeopardy means that
O'Donnell cannot be tried again. Contains violence. TB 12905.

Bonner, Hilary
When the dead cry out. 2006. Read by Annie Aldington, 10 hours 55 minutes.
TB 14861.
John Kelly series; book 1. One summer day, Clara Marshall vanished without a
trace. A few days later, her two young daughters also disappeared. Clara's
husband claimed he had discovered his wife was having an affair with an Australian
backpacker and that she had run away taking the children with her. Police
investigations find no trace of a backpacker and no trace of them. It is 27 years
later that the case and the real truth is found. Contains violence. TB 14861.

Bonner, Hilary
A moment of madness. Read by Gordon Griffin, 13 hours 27 minutes. TB
When rock idol Scott Silver is found murdered, the prime suspect lies dead next to
him. For Silver's killer broke into his mansion home on the South Devon coast and
it appears that the rock star's mesmerising widow Angel killed the intruder in self-
defence. Gradually, however, an intense and complex tale of intrigue and deception
is revealed. Local paper journalist John Kelly, a man with a past that still haunts
him, begins to investigate. Unsuitable for family reading. TB 13841.

Bourne, Sam
The righteous men. 2006. Read by Glynne Steele, 12 hours 51 minutes. TB
Two murders at opposite ends of America. Then a series of killings in every corner
of the globe. Will Monroe, a young, British-born reporter on The New York Times,
feels there can't possibly be a connection between the events. Until the morning his
beautiful wife Beth is kidnapped. Desperate, Will follows a trail that leads to a
mysterious sect right on his own doorstep. TB 14786.

Bradby, Tom
The master of rain. 2007. Read by Steven Pacey, 15 hours 40 minutes. TB
The brutal murder of a Russian woman drags English policeman Richard Field
deep into tumultuous, corruption-ridden Shanghai in 1926 as he investigates the
expatriate community. Contains violence. TB 16281.

Brett, Simon
A nice class of corpse. 1986. Read by Elizabeth Proud, 5 hours 44 minutes.
TB 7416.
Mrs Pargeter series; book 1. Few brochures were sent out by the hotel in
Littlehampton. The clientele tended to arrive by personal recommendation: "nice"
people. Miss Naismith, the unnervingly refined proprietress, had no need to
advertise in "The Lady", now: there was always a waiting list of elderly people when
an occupant "moved on". The trouble was that, in rapid succession, two residents
moved on permanently very soon after the arrival of Mrs Pargeter. TB 7416.

Brett, Simon
The stabbing in the stables. 2006. Read by Simon Brett, 7 hours 48 minutes.
TB 14783.
Fethering Mysteries series; book 7. Sequel to: The witness at the wedding.
When Jude pays a visit to Long Bamber Stables "to meet an unusual new client
and his owner, Sonia Dalrymple " she does not expect to stumble across a man
laying in the darkness. Co-owner of the stables, Walter Fleet, has been viciously
stabbed to death. Unable to resist a mystery, friends Jude and Carole begin to
make discreet enquiries. It soon becomes clear that Long Bamber Stables is a
hotbed of dangerous passions, murderous rivalries and sinister secrets. TB 14783.

Brookmyre, Christopher
A tale etched in blood and hard black pencil. 2006. Read by Kenny Blyth, 11
hours 23 minutes. TB 14479.
They first met at primary school where they were taught the alphabet and their
tables, some of them fought each other and they all learned how to recognise the
laws of the pack - the strong, the weak, the bampots. Through secondary school,
puberty and adolescence they progressed through the system, their relationships
shifting, sometimes coalescing, often fracturing. Then twenty years later one of
them is dead, one is in intensive care and another is in custody charged with
murder. Contains strong language. TB 14479.

Brookmyre, Christopher
All fun and games until somebody loses an eye. 2005. Read by Cathleen
McCarron, 14 hours 32 minutes. TB 14785.
Jane Flemming is 46, three years a grandmother and realising that her youthful
dreams are as dry as the dust her Dyson sucks up. Jane has always played by the
rules, done her duty as a wife and mum, never lied, never broken the law. However,
she's about to put all of that right in a very big way when her son goes missing.
Contains strong language. TB 14785.

Burley, W J
Wycliffe and the dead flautist. 1994. Read by Raymond Sawyer, 6 hours 44
minutes. TB 10467.
Wycliffe series; book 17. Sequel to: Wycliffe and the cycle of life. The body of
amateur flautist Tony Mills was found on Lord Bottrel's secluded estate, an
apparent suicide but, when sinister inconsistencies emerged, Chief Superintendent
Wycliffe was called in. As he checked Mill's last days, another mystery was
revealed, the disappearance of Lizzie Biddick, pretty young maid at the Bottrel
ancestral home. As bitter family feuds and secret illicit relationships were
uncovered another body was found, shattering for ever the pastoral peace of the
Cornish estate. TB 10467.

Butler, Gwendoline
A double coffin. 1996. Read by Nigel Graham, 8 hours 43 minutes. TB 11026.
Coffin series; book 24. Sequel to: A dark coffin. John Coffin, Commander of the
Second City of London is called upon by Dr John Bradshaw, a scholar who is
writing a life of a Grand Old Man - Richard Lavender, a former prime minister, long
retired and almost forgotten, who lives in Spinnergate. All too soon the sins of the
past and present are coming together in a terrifying denouement. TB 11026.

Caimbeul, Tormod
Shrapnel. 2007. Read by Tormod Caimbeul, 4 hours 32 minutes. TB 15092.
Set in Edinburgh's underbelly, this story is awash with drunks and criminals, where
only a thin membrane separates peace and violence. Contains strong language. TB

Camilleri, Andrea
The terracotta dog. 2004. Read by Daniel Phillpott, 8 hours 40 minutes. TB
Inspector Montalbano series; book 2. Sequel to: The shape of water, TB 14639.
The story opens with a mysterious tete-a-tete with a mafioso, some inexplicably
abandoned loot from a supermarket heist, and some dying words that lead
Inspector Montalbano to a secret grotto in a mountain cave where two young
lovers, dead fifty years and still embracing are watched over by a life-size terracotta

dog. Montalbano's passion to solve this old crime takes him, heedless of personal
danger, on a journey through the island's past and into a family's dark heart amid
the horrors of World War II. TB 14676.

Carrell, J L
The Shakespeare secret. 2008. Read by Regina Reagan and David Thorpe, 13
hours 49 minutes. TB 15749.
A woman is left to die in a burning theatre. Another woman is drowned like Ophelia,
skirts swirling in the water. A doctor has his throat slashed open on the steps of
Washington's Capitol building. A deadly serial killer is on the loose, modelling his
sickening murders on Shakespeare's plays. But why is he killing and how can he be
stopped? Contains strong language. TB 15749.

Caudwell, Sarah
The shortest way to Hades: a Professor Tamar narrative. 1984. Read by Anne
White, 7 hours 48 minutes. TB 5515.
Professor Hilary Tamer trilogy; book 2. Sequel to: Thus was Adonis murdered, TB
4266. Professor Hilary Tamar sets out to solve the mystery of a murder on Boat
Race day. TB 5515.

Cave, Peter
Forbidden fruit. 1994. Read by Jonathan Hackett, 6 hours 26 minutes. TB
Taggart series; book 5. Sequel to: Fatal inheritance. When Cathy and Martin
Adams decide to have a baby by donor insemination, bitter recriminations follow
from Cathy's mother, and Joan's subsequent murder would appear to be a clear-cut
case. But Taggart discovers that Dr Miller of the fertility clinic has been donating his
own sperm. More creepy discoveries lead the Taggart team on a terrifying hunt for
the killer before he strikes again. TB 11197.

Challis, Sarah
That summer affair. 2007. Read by Phyllida Nash, 11 hours 13 minutes. TB
When Jodie Roberts goes missing from a sleepy Dorset village, the repercussions
that reverberate through the small community are as far-reaching as they are
devastating. Rachel begins to question her marriage for the first time after routine
police enquiries reveal that her husband, Dave, lied about his whereabouts that
evening. It seems that her loving family is about to be torn apart. For Henry,
Rachel's neighbour, Jodie's disappearance is also deeply traumatic. Feelings of
guilt, loneliness and grief are brought to the surface, and he struggles to cope with
painful memories. TB 15963.

Clark, Mary Higgins
My gal Sunday. 2000. Read by Laurel Lefkow, 5 hours 57 minutes. TB 15081.
Henry Parker Britland and his wife, Sunday, make a formidable team of sleuths - so
when the Secretary for State is indicted for the murder of his mistress, Henry and
Sunday suspect he is taking the fall for a crime of passion he did not commit. TB

Cleeves, Ann
Raven black. 2006. Read by Caroline Guthrie, 9 hours 58 minutes. TB 16074.
Shetland Island quartet; book 1. It is a cold January morning and Shetland lies
buried beneath a deep layer of snow. Trudging home, Fran Hunter's eye is drawn
to a vivid splash of colour on the white ground, ravens circling above. It is the
strangled body of her teenage neighbour Catherine Ross. The locals on the quiet
island stubbornly focus their gaze on one man - loner and simpleton Magnus Tait.
But when police insist on opening out the investigation a veil of suspicion and fear
is thrown over the entire community. For the first time in years, Catherine's
neighbours nervously lock their doors, whilst a killer lives on in their midst. Contains
strong language. TB 16074.

Coben, Harlan
Gone for good. 2002. Read by Bill Squire, 10 hours 53 minutes. TB 15201.
Eleven years ago Will lost his brother and the love of his life in the same moment.
His girlfriend had been found brutally strangled and on the same day, his brother
disappeared, wanted in connection with the crime. Just when Will thought he could
banish the past, history begins to repeat itself. Contains strong language. TB

Coben, Harlan
Deal breaker. 2002. Read by Peter Marinker, 9 hours 52 minutes. TB
Myron Bolitar series; book 1. When a woman who everyone, including the police,
believes is dead makes a phone call to a young sportsman about to hit the big time,
it seems that more than just his career is on the line. Myron Bolitar investigates,
and is plunged into a baffling mystery of sex and blackmail. Trying to unravel the
truth about a family's tragedy, a woman's secret and a man's lies, Myron soon
realises that image and talent might make you rich, but the truth can get you killed.
Contains strong language. TB 13993.

Cole, Martina
The ladykiller. 2004. Read by Annie Aldington, 20 hours 37 minutes. TB
D I Kate Burrows series; book 1. Patrick Kelly is a hard man - the most feared in
London. His one soft spot is his daughter, Mandy. And when she falls victim to the

sadistic rapist nicknamed the Grantley Ripper, Kelly wants revenge - with or without
police help. The DI in charge of this tough case is Kate Burrows. She feels for Kelly
- she's a parent herself - but her growing involvement with a known villain is putting
her career at risk. As the forces of law and order and London's underworld
converge in a mammoth manhunt, Kate fears she'll lose everything she's ever
cared about, to the ladykiller. Contains violence. TB 13978.

Cole, Martina
Broken. 2001. Read by Annie Aldington, 17 hours 4 minutes. TB 14150.
D I Kate Burrows series; book 2. Leading an investigation into the neglect and
abandonment of a number of young Grantley children throws DI Kate Burrows into
contact with the most vile and repugnant of criminals. As a mother herself, Kate
finds their crimes almost incomprehensible. And with the case becoming ever more
sinister, she knows she needs to find answers quickly. Contains strong language.
TB 14150.

Connelly, Michael
Blood work. 1999. Read by Dick Hill, 12 hours 53 minutes. TB 12829.
Thanks to a heart transplant, former FBI agent Terry McCaleb is enjoying a quiet
retirement, renovating the fishing boat he lives on in Los Angeles Harbour. Until he
has a visit from Graciela Rivers. She tells him that the heart beating in his chest
belonged to her sister, who was not killed in an accident, as he had been told, but
was murdered. And she wants him to take up the investigation. TB 12829.

Connelly, Michael
The black echo. 2002. Read by Dick Hill, 13 hours 21 minutes. TB 13844.
Harry Bosch series; book 1. One Sunday Harry Bosch gets a call out on his pager.
A body has been found in a drainage tunnel off Mulholland Drive, Hollywood. And
Harry knows him. Billy Meadows was a fellow tunnel-rat out in Vietnam, running
against the VC and against the fear that they called the black echo. At first
Meadows looks like just another overdose victim but them comes news that he may
have been involved in a huge bank heist eight months earlier, a case which the FBI
are investigating. When Harry goes to the Feds to reveal what he has learned, they
dismiss both him and his evidence out of hand. Contains passages of a sexual
nature. TB 13844.

Corley, Elizabeth
Requiem mass. 2008. Read by Jonathan Oliver, 16 hours 9 minutes. TB 15841.
DCI Andrew Fenwick series; book 1. Twenty years ago a young woman fell
tragically to her death. The only people with her were four school friends. One - or
maybe all of them - was responsible. And there's someone intent on letting them
have their just desserts. DCI Andrew Fenwick is soon caught up in a desperate
race against time to find the murderer before he completes his bloody vendetta. As

the death toll mounts, Fenwick stares failure in the face - unless he can draw the
predator out of the shadows and into an unconventional and highly dangerous trap
with the ultimate bait. Contains strong language. TB 15841.

Cornwell, Patricia D
Predator. 2007. Read by Lorelei King, 10 hours 13 minutes. TB 15343.
Dr Kay Scarpetta series; book 14. Sequel to: Trace. In the icy chill of Boston,
Benton Wesley is working on a secret project involving convicted killers, one of
whom appears to confess to an even higher number of murders than the authorities
had known about. It is a project that gives Scarpetta deep disquiet, as does the
behaviour of her niece Lucy, who is spending too much time drinking and indulging
in casual pick-ups in cheap bars. Contains strong language. TB 15343.

Cornwell, Patricia D
Book of the dead. 2008. Read by Lorelei King, 11 hours 59 minutes. TB 16031.
Dr Kay Scarpetta series; book 15. The 'book of the dead' is the morgue log in which
all cases are entered. For Kay Scarpetta, however, it is about to have a new
meaning. She moves to Southern California in the hope of a quieter life, but then a
series of violent murders begins. Contains violence. TB 16031.

Cotterill, Colin
The coroner's lunch. 2008. Read by Gareth Armstrong, 8 hours 1 minute. TB
Dr Siri Paiboun series; book 1. Laos 1972. The monarchy has been deposed, and
the Communist Pathet Lao have taken over. Most of the educated class has fled,
but Dr Siri Paiboun, a Paris-trained doctor remains and is appointed state coroner.
When three bodies are recovered from a reservoir, Dr Siri establishes that the
cause of death was not drowning - they seem to have been electrocuted. And then
there is the inexplicable death of a Party bigwig's wife at a banquet. Dr Siri doesn't
think her death was from natural causes. In the course of his investigations, he
travels to his birthplace, where he makes a discovery. TB 15751.

Crais, Robert
The monkey's raincoat. 2007. Read by William Roberts, 7 hours 16 minutes.
TB 15781.
Elvis Cole series; book 1. Ellen Lang has lost everything very valuable indeed - her
husband and young son. The case seems simple enough, but PI Elvis Cole and his
sociopath sidekick aren't thrilled by the prospect of another straightforward
domestic. But all is not what it seems. The search down the seamy side of
Hollywood's studio lots and sculptured lawns soon lands Elvis and Joe deep in a
world of sex, drugs and murder. Contains violence. TB 15781.

Cutler, Judith
The Chinese takeout. 2006. Read by Diana Bishop, 10 hours 18 minutes. TB
Josie Welford series; book 2. Sequel to: The food detective, TB 14857. Morning
service in the quiet village church, Josie Welford, licensee of the White Hart, is
daydreaming during Father Tim Martin's sermon. The peace is shattered when a
filthy Chinese youth flings himself into the church demanding sanctuary. The church
must decide whether to accede to a request that no longer has legal standing or to
hand Tang over to the authorities. TB 14856.

Cutler, Judith
Life sentence. 2006. Read by Diana Bishop, 9 hours 6 minutes. TB 14697.
Chief Superintendent Frances Harman has been assigned to investigate the case
of a woman beaten into a coma. Elise has been in a coma for two years, and if the
hospital switch off her life support now, her attacker will be guilty of murder. Fran
faces overload as she takes on more responsibilities - her elderly parents, Elise, a
child abduction, the disappearance of her only witness, and the growing affection
that she and her long-time colleague Mark Turner seem to share for one another.
But is this all too much for one woman to handle? Contains violence. TB 14697.

Davidson, Lionel
The Chelsea murders. 1978. Read by David Strong, 8 hours 30 minutes. TB
A maniac killer evades the police with taunting playfulness, and a young reporter
investigates his identity with the help of the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. TB

Davis, Lindsey
Shadows in bronze. 1990. Read by Christopher Scott, 14 hours 4 minutes. TB
Marcus Didius Falco series; book 2. Sequel to: The silver pigs, TB 10320. Marcus
Didius Falco, imperial gumshoe, takes to the streets of ancient Rome on a mission
for his new employer, Emperor Vespasian. Falso's sleazy sleuthing soon puts him
on the trail of the villain, Barnabus. TB 9333.

Deaver, Jeffery
A maiden's grave. 2006. Read by Jeff Harding, 15 hours 18 minutes. TB 14673.
A school bus carrying eight deaf school girls and their teachers brakes suddenly on
a flat Kansas highway. They should never have stopped to investigate the car
crash. Waiting for them are three heartless men just escaped from prison - each
with nothing to lose. And now, with the girls as their hostages, they have everything
to gain. Stark against the prairie stands an ancient slaughterhouse that still reeks of
decades of spilled blood. It is here that they make their stand. It is here that cold

killer Lou Handy, the ringleader, announces his terms; here that he will kill one
innocent girl an hour unless his demands are met. What follows is a twelve-hour
siege of noose-tight tension - and a war of nerves between Handy and the FBI's
senior hostage negotiator, Arthur Potter. Contains violence. TB 14673.

Dibdin, Michael
Vendetta. 1990. Read by Michael Tudor Barnes, 10 hours 17 minutes. TB
Aurelio Zen series; book 2. Sequel to: Ratking, TB 9449. Oscar Burolo was the kind
of big-shot who thought he could control everything. Inside his Sardinian mansion,
everything was recorded on close-circuit TV - even his own violent death. Contains
strong language. TB 12178.

Dibdin, Michael
A rich full death. 1986. Read by Tom Crowe, 7 hours 33 minutes. TB 6691.
Young Bostonian wastrel Robert Both, in search of true greatness, contrived to
make the acquaintance of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. But soon they
were all drawn into a series of gory crimes and the men decided to begin their own
investigation into the murders of English citizens in Florence. An ingenious pastiche
full of literary connotations. TB 6691.

Doherty, P C
The Waxman murders. 2007. Read by Richard Burnip, 9 hours 36 minutes. TB
Hugh Corbett series; book 15. In 1300, an English privateer named The Waxman
was overrun by two powerful war cogs flying the streamers of the powerful
Hanseatic League of North Germany. The ship was carrying a casket containing
the 'Carta Myste riosa', a collection of valuable and detailed maps and sea charts.
Three years later Wilhelm Von Paulents, a representative of the Hanseatic League,
comes to England. Rumours have it that he owns the sea charts and Sir Hugh
Corbett is sent to negotiate with Von Paulents. Then, on the morning of the fourth
Sunday in Advent, Corbett is summoned to a scene of bloody mayhem and murder:
Von Paulents, his wife, son and clerk have been barbarously assassinated. TB

Durbridge, Francis
East of Algiers. 2006. Read by Michael Tudor Barnes, 6 hours 13 minutes. TB
Paul Temple series; book 9. Sequel to: The Tyler mystery. When Judy Wincott asks
Paul Temple to take a pair of spectacles with him to Tunis, he could never have
guessed that such an innocent request could lead to so much trouble. He certainly
could not have predicted it as a prelude to a body in a Paris rubbish bin and a
trigger for police enquiries. Soon the novelist-detective and his wife Steve are

crossing Europe and North Africa, trailing a series of murders somehow connected
to a Mr David Foster and the tortoiseshell spectacles. TB 14600.

Eco, Umberto
The name of the rose. 1983. Read by John Livesey, 16 hours 36 minutes. TB
In 1327, an English friar, William of Baskerville, and a young German monk, Adso
of Melk, visit an Italian abbey. On arrival, William is called upon to investigate some
bizarre murders. The abbey also holds other secrets. The story is told by Adso, in
old age, and conveys the atmosphere of fourteenth century Italy: the pungent
foods, the sexual mores, the heresies, the earthly humour and the harsh quality of
life. TB 5212.

Eco, Umberto
Foucault's pendulum. 1989. Read by David Banks, 26 hours 16 minutes. TB
Three editors in a Milan publishing house produce a computer file of medieval
occultism, after receiving a manuscript on Templar mysticism. "Foucault's
Pendulum" is a modern thriller wrapped around a maze of ancient mysteries, as
people begin to disappear without explanation. TB 8335.

Ellory, R J
A quiet belief in angels. 2007. Read by William Roberts, 16 hours 25 minutes.
TB 15664.
1939. In the small, rural community of Augusta Falls, twelve-year-old Joseph
Vaughan hears of the brutal assault and murder of a young girl, the first in a series
of killings that will blight the community over the next decade. Joseph and his
friends are determined to protect Augusta Falls against the evil in their midst and
form The Guardians. But the murderer evades them and they watch helplessly as
one child after another is taken. Fifty years later, Joseph must confront the
nightmare that has overshadowed his entire life. Contains strong language. TB

Emerson, C J
Objects of desire. 2008. Read by Charlotte Strevens, 9 hours 46 minutes. TB
A new life in Wales has not turned out to be the rural fantasy that social worker
Jess imagined when she left London. Having put the memories of her previous
harrowing cases behind her, she had hoped to embark on a simpler, more fulfilling
future, but it seems there's no escape from evil, even in such a beautiful landscape.
Just as Jess takes on a new case, she learns that the body of a young boy has
been found in the woods close to her home. Her worst nightmare becomes reality
as she realises he was a child she was supposed to protect. As her professional life

gets harder to deal with, Jess is forced to come to terms with her own past when
someone unexpectedly reappears. TB 15853.

Evanovich, Janet
One for the money. 2004. Read by Lorelei King, 6 hours 44 minutes. TB 15351.
Stephanie Plum series; book 1. Stephanie Plum is a failed lingerie buyer, newly
turned Bond agent. Her first job is to find Morrelli, a policeman/murder suspect on
the run and her childhood sweetheart. Real menace enters the story when
Stephanie attracts the psychopathic attentions of Ramirez. Contains strong
language. TB 15351.

Evanovich, Janet
Full house. Read by Lorelei King, 9 hours 26 minutes. TB 13817.
Swift and Holt series; book 1. Nick Kaharchek senses danger the minute he sees
Billie Pearce. Happy in her stable home life as a divorced mother of two, she
represents everything the footloose Kaharchek's always avoided. But she is also
irresistibly fascinating - in a car-crash sort of way. Billie finds her instinctive
response to Nick's attention almost as frightening as the mysterious break-ins in
her neighbourhood, and the spider invasions her pest-control man seems unable to
beat. As fate brings Billie and Nick even closer, they are suddenly thrown into a
world of mayhem, seduction and terror - but will it lead to everlasting love?
Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB 13817.

Ferrars, Elizabeth
The March hare murders. 1999. Read by Eleanor Bron, 5 hours 11 minutes. TB
David Oberney had just returned to his sister Stella's house from a mental rest
home. But was he really responsible for the murder and violence that shocked the
small English village of Wellford? Certainly he had shown himself to be openly
hostile to Professor Verinder, who with his wife Ingrid, rented Bell Cottage, the
small white building with green shutters which put David in mind of the March
Hare's cottage in "Alice in Wonderland". But was his deep-rooted hatred motive
enough for cold-blooded murder? Even David himself wasn't sure any more. TB

Ferrars, Elizabeth
Hunt the tortoise. 2001. Read by Julia Franklin, 6 hours 55 minutes. TB 14414.
A temperamental tortoise. An ingenious trap to catch a killer. Lovely Celia Kent, a
journalist from London, had looked forward to a quiet vacation at Madame Oliver's
gracious hotel on the French Riviera. It was disappointing to arrive and find
Madame no longer in charge and the hotel itself inhabited by a group of very
strange guests. Most disturbing of all was a stockbroker named Barre, whose
strange entourage included a very temperamental tortoise. The sudden

disappearance of this odd pet on a deserted quay provided a perfect portent of
sinister things to come - including violent and cold-blooded murder. TB 14414.

Fesperman, Dan
The warlord's son. 2004. Read by Jeff Harding, 13 hours 46 minutes. TB
Skelly, a burned-out American foreign correspondent, has been dropped into the
smoky chaos of Post 9/11 Peshawar. To survive, he needs a "fixer" – a nimble,
well-connected jack-of-all-trades who can save his skin yet take him where the
action is. And for every journalist in Peshawar, the real action is across the border
in Afghanistan, where Al Qaeda lurk and armed Taliban fighters cling to power in
mountain strongholds. Soon Skelly and Najeeb, the banished son of a tribal
warlord, are driving dusty roads west in the wake of a man who hopes to stake his
claim as the leader of the next regime. Contains violence. TB 14718.

Finnis, Jane
Get out or die. 2003. Read by Jacqueline King, 11 hours 57 minutes. TB
Aurelia Marcella mysteries; book 1. Set in 91AD in Roman Britain, Aurelia Marcella
is a young innkeeper from Italy and runs the Oak Tree Mansion on the road to York.
A string of savage murders disrupts her peaceful life, and she and her Roman
friends find themselves under attack from a secret native war-band, the Shadow-
men, whose aim is to drive all Romans out. A traveller, Quintus, is nearly killed
close to the inn, and her and Aurelia must track down the rebel warriors and identify
their mysterious masked leader, the Shadow of Death. Can they find and destroy
the Shadow of Death before his campaign of terror turns into open rebellion, so that
all Romans must get out or die? TB 13482.

Forbes, Elena
Die with me. 2008. Read by Ric Jerrom, 11 hours 50 minutes. TB 15668.
For fifteen year old Gemma it is already too late. Her body is found in the nave of a
Church in Ealing, West London. At first all the signs were that is was a suicide. But
then the autopsy suggests it is not and Detective Inspector Mark Tartaglia and the
Barnes murder squad are called in. For Tartaglia and his team it is just a matter of
time before the tragedy repeats itself. Contains strong language. TB 15668.

Francis, Dick
Second wind. 1999. Read by Tony Britton, 9 hours 5 minutes. TB 12515.
Meteorologist Perry Stuart's weather knowledge and accuracy has given him high
status among forecasters. When he is offered a Caribbean hurricane-chasing ride
in a small plane he learns more secrets from the flight than windspeeds, and back
home in England he faces new threats and dangers. TB 12515.

Fraser, Antonia
A splash of red. 1981. Read by Tom Crowe, 8 hours 3 minutes. TB 4098.
Jemima Shore series; book 3. Sequel to: The wild island. Jemima Shore, television
investigator, is using her friend Chloe's flat, when Chloe disappears. Everyone
loved Chloe, whose fragile looks hid a considerable talent as a novelist. But her
private life had been a little disorderly. TB 4098.

Gash, Jonathan
The Judas pair. 1977. Read by Peter Gray, 8 hours 45 minutes. TB 3297.
Lovejoy series; book 1. Durs Egg is known to have made twelve pairs of duelling
pistols. Does the thirteenth pair exist, and will it lead to the murderer who is said to
possess it? TB 3297.

George, Elizabeth
A suitable vengeance. 1991. Read by Michael McStay, 13 hours 35 minutes.
TB 9054.
Inspector Lynley series; book 1. Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley, the Eighth
Earl of Asherton, has brought to Howenstow, his ancestral home, the young woman
he has asked to be his bride. But the savage murder of a local journalist soon
becomes the catalyst for a lethal series of events which shatters the calm of the
picturesque Cornish village, tearing apart powerful ties of love and friendship and
exposing a long-buried family secret. The resulting tragedy will forever alter the
course of Thomas Lynley's life. TB 9054.

Gilbert, Michael
Roller-coaster. 1993. Read by Nigel Graham, 8 hours 37 minutes. TB
Patrick Petrella is installed behind a new desk, as Superintendent of an East
London dockland area. Though this marks a well merited step up the career ladder,
the paperwork of modern policing makes Petrella itch to be out on the streets again.
There is also the nasty taste left by the manner of his predecessor's departure.
Petrella detects patterns of rival gangs at work and uncovers a paedo-porn ring
which stretches across the North Sea to Amsterdam's sleazier side. Soon he finds
himself up against one of the most unscrupulous outfits in London and he is in no
doubt about which course of action to take. TB 10429.

Grafton, Sue
A is for alibi. 1986. Read by Liza Ross, 7 hours 44 minutes. TB 10415.
Kinsey Millhone mysteries; book 1. When Laurence Fife was murdered plenty of
people had a reason to want him dead. His young and beautiful wife Nikki was the
number one suspect and the jury thought so too. Eight years later, out on parole,
Nikki hires Kinsey Millhone to find out who really killed her husband. The trial

reaches out to include several suspects, until Millhone finds herself face to face
with a killer cunning enough to get away with murder. TB 10415.

Graham, Caroline
The killings at Badger's Drift. 1989. Read by Hugh Ross, 8 hours 26 minutes.
TB 10550.
A Chief Inspector Barnaby mystery; book 1. Badger's Drift, a tranquil English
village, is home to Miss Emily Simpson, a kindly well liked spinster, but a gentle
stroll in the woods near her home one day brings an abrupt end to her peaceful
existence, for Miss Simpson sees something among the trees that she was never
meant to see and someone makes sure she will never reveal what it was. TB

Hammett, Dashiell
The Maltese Falcon. 1930. Read by Marvin Kane, 6 hours 50 minutes. TB 2467.
Sam Spade, tough private-eye, investigates the theft of a jewel-encrusted falcon,
an heirloom of the Knights Templars. TB 2467.

Hart, John
Down river. 2008. Read by Peter Brooke, 11 hours 12 minutes. TB 15978.
Adam Chase has spent the last five years in New York trying to forget. When he left
North Carolina, Adam left for good. Now he has no choice but to return - and being
remembered as a murderer doesn't help. Within hours of arriving, Adam is beaten
up, accosted and has to face the hostility of those closest to him, including Grace,
the young woman he cannot forget. And then people start turning up dead. Adam
becomes the prime suspect for the new murders and he alone can clear his name.
Contains strong language. TB 15978.

Harvey, John
Wasted years. 1994. Read by Jonathan Oliver, 10 hours 12 minutes. TB 10854.
A series of brutal robberies takes Detective Inspector Charlie Resnick back ten
years, to a time when similar incidents left him facing a frenzied sociopath, putting
paid to his marriage and leaving him with a psychic wound that hasn't healed.
Resnick fights to track down the men before they kill, just as he fights to stem the
poignant memories that threaten to overwhelm him. TB 10854.

Hayder, Mo
Tokyo. 2004. Read by Gareth Armstrong, Read by Amy Enticknap, 12 hours
35 minutes. TB 14078.
Grey Hutchins comes to Tokyo seeking answers to what happened during the
Nanking Massacre in which, in one city, the Japanese Army killed to 300,000
civilians. But she finds herself increasingly desperate and alone in a nightclub
catering for Japanese businessmen. One gangster dominates - an old man

rumoured to rely on a powerful elixir that others want for themselves - at any price.
Contains strong language. TB 14078.

Haymon, S T
Death of a hero. 1997. Read by Elizabeth Proud, 8 hours 21 minutes. TB
When a crowd of ten thousand - all men, not a female in sight - assembled on the
common land known as Monkenheath in memory of Loy Tanner's raggle-taggle
"army" of 1549, Detective Inspector Ben Jurnet and the aldermen of Angleby were
apprehensive. Would the vigil of a sober crowd - no hash, no alcohol - end in the
same rape and carnage as that of the bellicose throng of four and a half centuries
ago? Was this contemporary phenomenon a disaster waiting to happen? TB 11851.

Heyer, Georgette
Envious Casca. 1993. Read by Raymond Sawyer, 10 hours 48 minutes. TB
It was a real Christmas jollification: a large, rambling house, eight Ill assorted
guests and a host who hated both the festivity and his visitors. These were the
bizarre ingredients of a Yuletide dish sure to lead to indigestion. When a corpse
was added to the litter of paper hats and Christmas crackers, the season of
goodwill became the setting for the most unseasonable crime of murder! TB 10033.

Hiaasen, Carl
Nature girl. 2007. Read by William Roberts, 10 hours 50 minutes. TB 15901.
Honey Santana - self-proclaimed queen of lost causes - has a Plan. She's working
on a scheme to help rid the world of irresponsibility, indifference and dinner-time
telemarketers. She's also taking part-time telephonist Boyd Shreve and his less-
than-enthusiastic mistress to Dismal Key - one of the Everglades' Ten Thousand
Islands - for a gentle lesson in civility. What Honey doesn't know is that lurking in
the island's undergrowth is Sammy Tigertail, half-blood Seminole Indian and wholly
failed alligator wrestler, with death on his mind; and Honey's deranged co-worker,
Louis Piejack, now with most of his fingers surgically mis-attached to the wrong
knuckles, and intent on revenge. Contains strong language. TB 15901.

Highsmith, Patricia
The talented Mr Ripley. 1957. Read by Anthony Parker, 11 hours 25 minutes.
TB 1509.
Ripley series; book 1. Tom Ripley is a wastrel and a villain intent upon every sort of
crime, and uses all his undesirable talents in the course of carrying out an unusual
assignment in Italy. TB 1509.

Highsmith, Patricia
Strangers on a train. 1999. Read by William Roberts, 10 hours 10 minutes. TB
Two men, a tennis star and a psychopath, meet by chance on a train and 'swap'
murders. 'Some people are better off dead - like your wife and my father, for
instance' as Bruno, the rich psychopath puts it, before proceeding to carry out his
part of the bargain. A chance meeting and a rash conversation can lead to all sorts
of trouble... TB 13255.

Hill, Reginald
Dialogues of the dead or Paronomania! a word game for two players. 2002.
Read by Colin Buchanan, 15 hours 26 minutes. TB 12520.
Dalziel and Pascoe series; book 19. Sequel to: Death's jest book. A man drowns,
another dies in a motorbike crash. The mid-Yorkshire gazette received
correspondence from someone claiming responsibility for the deaths. When a third
murder takes place, Dalziel and Pascoe find themselves playing games. Contains
strong language. TB 12520.

Hoag, Tami
Dust to dust. Read by Jeff Harding, 12 hours 43 minutes. TB 14798.
Sam Kovac series; book 1. The death of internal affairs investigator Andy Fallon is
a potential political bomb for the Minneapolis Police Department. Andy Fallon was
gay, and he was investigating a possible cop connection in the brutal murder of
another gay officer. But Andy's death looks like suicide - or an unfortunate and
embarrassing accident: death by auto-erotic misadventure - and the pressure is on
from the top brass to close the case as soon as possible. Contains violence. TB

Hoag, Tami
Ashes to ashes. 1999. Read by Lorelei King, 17 hours 13 minutes. TB 12637.
Kate Conlan, ex-FBI agent turned advocate, finds herself protecting a teenage
runaway who has witnessed the latest murder by the "Cremator", a serial killer who
burns women alive. However, the witness isn't talking and Kate can't tell if the
witness is just reluctant, or something more sinister. Contains strong language. TB

Hoag, Tami
A thin dark line. 1999. Read by Stuart Milligan, 17 hours 52 minutes. TB
Terror stalks the streets of Bayou Breaux, Louisiana. A suspected murderer is free
on technicality, and the cop accused of planting evidence against him is ordered off
the case. But Detective Nick Fourcade refuses to walk away. He's stepped over the
line before. This case threatens to push him over the edge. He's not the only one.

Deputy Annie Broussard found the woman's mutilated body and wants justice. But
pursuing the investigation will mean forming an alliance with a man she doesn't
trust and making enemies of the men she works with. It will mean being drawn into
the confidence of a killer. TB 13203.

Hornung, E W
Raffles: a thief in the night. 1905. Read by Robin Browne, 6 hours 54 minutes.
TB 5488.
Raffles series; book 2. Sequel to: Raffles: the amateur cracksman. The narrator
returns to the early days of his friendship with Raffles, the high society villain. He
paints the "first frank portrait" of his friend which reveals "the greatest wrong" that
Raffles ever did to him. TB 5488.

Innes, Michael
Appleby's End. 1972. Read by Vincent Brimble, 8 hours 11 minutes. TB 9240.
Sir John Appleby series; book 10. Sequel to: The weight of the evidence. Detective
Inspector John Appleby arrives at Long Dream Manor to find that the Raven family,
distinguished by their noses and their shabby plumage, had an uncle who wrote
Gothic horrors - which now seem to be coming true. TB 9240.

James, P D
A mind to murder. 2002. Read by Stephen Hogan, 7 hours 39 minutes. TB
Adam Dalgliesh series; book 2. Sequel to: Cover her face, TB 14053. A hideous
scream pierces the calm of the evening psychotherapy session. The body of a
woman lies sprawled in the basement of the Steen Clinic, a chisel thrust through
her heart. Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh, relaxing at a literary party close by,
hurries over to investigate the murder. Unsuitable for family reading. TB 14054.

James, P D
An unsuitable job for a woman. 1972. Read by Anthony Parker, 9 hours 25
minutes. TB 2206.
Cordelia Gray series; book 1. Bernie Pryde's death was certainly suicide and it left
Cordelia Gray as sole proprietress of Bernie's private detective agency. It left her
too, with an assignment originally intended for Bernie - to investigate the death of
Cambridge student Mark Callender, found hanged in his room. TB 2206.

Jardine, Quintin
Skinner's festival. 1994. Read by Robbie MacNab, 10 hours 13 minutes. TB
Bob Skinner series; book 2. Sequel to: Skinner's rules, TB 13304. An explosion
rocks Princes Street in the midst of the Edinburgh Festival. Responsibility is
claimed by a group supposedly demanding political separation from Britain, but as

atrocities escalate, Head of CID Bob Skinner realizes this is no gang of fanatics, but
a highly professional team. Contains strong language. TB 14972.

Jardine, Quintin
Skinner's ghosts. 1998. Read by Robbie MacNab, 10 hours 52 minutes.
TB 14407.
Bob Skinner series; book 7. Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner could be forgiven
for thinking that someone is out to get him. With his marriage already on the rocks,
he suddenly finds his private life plastered across the pages of a sleazy tabloid.
Then a woman already linked to Skinner by tragedy is found battered, raped and
strangled, with her young son a kidnap victim. As a second brutal crime, and new
allegations about the detective himself, make simultaneous headlines, Skinner finds
himself at the centre of a deadly maze of conspiracy. Unless he can clear his name,
and uncover the secret behind the series of events, he stands to lose his family, his
career, and even his life. Contains strong language. TB 14407.

Jones, Susanna
The missing person's guide to love. 2008. Read by Kim Hicks, 8 hours 31
minutes. TB 15743.
Isabel, Owen and Julia were childhood friends. But when they were fifteen, Julia
disappeared without a trace - an event that had a devastating impact on the others.
Years later, Isabel returns to her home town in the north of England for Owen's
funeral. She hadn't seen him since they recklessly burned down the local
supermarket together; he was sent to prison and she, just shy of her 18th birthday,
to a young offenders' centre. Isabel suspects that Owen was responsible for Julia's
murder, and she's hoping finally to find some kind of resolution. Feeling cut off from
her husband and child in Turkey, and awash with unexpected memories, Isabel
ventures further into the murky depths of her past. Contains strong language. TB

Joss, Morag
Puccini's ghosts. 2006. Read by Jonathan Hackett, Read by Joan Walker, 14
hours 10 minutes. TB 14661.
It is the summer of 1960 and fifteen-year-old Lila's life is about to change forever.
Set free from the confines of school, her prison is the small unremarkable town of
Burnhead, on the west coast of Scotland. She dreams of escape: from Burnhead,
from the damp, from her mother's hysterics, her father's stolidity, and her parents'
loveless marriage. Salvation arrives in the form of her beloved Uncle George, a
music teacher from London who decides to stage an amateur production of
Puccini's Turandot. Lila, in love for the first time, maps out a future for herself in
which reality and fantasy fuse to form a dangerous mixture, threatening to destroy
herself and all those around her. Contains strong language. TB 14661.

Keating, H R F
The hard detective. 2000. Read by Sheila Mitchell, 6 hours 29 minutes. TB
Harriet Martens series; book 1. Detective Chief Inspector Harriet Martens has
earned the nickname the 'hard detective' - but she's had to be unyielding to make it
in a man's world. After all, it was this toughness that inspired her successful Stop
the Rot campaign, that has so provoked local criminals. But now two of her officers
have died within hours of each other. TB 15882.

Keating, H R F
The perfect murder. 1964. Read by Garard Green, 8 hours 9 minutes. TB 7209.
Inspector Ghote series; book 1. It is the beginning of Inspector Ghote's career with
the Bombay Police and he has the bad luck to be saddled with solving the "Perfect
Murder" - and there isn't even a corpse! He has to contend with the cunning tycoon,
Lala Varde, and the mysterious theft of one rupee from the desk of the Minister of
Police Affairs and the Arts. No wonder the sweating Inspector feels as if every one
of India's 400 million people is looking at him and challenging him to solve the
mystery. TB 7209.

Kellerman, Faye
Stone kiss. Read by Jeff Harding, 13 hours 10 minutes. TB 13725.
Decker series; book 14. Sequel to: The forgotten. The call is brief, but to the point.
There has been a murder in the family of Lt. Decker's half brother, Rabbi Jonathan
Levine. Ephraim Lieber, a Hassidic Jew and former drug addict, was found naked in
a seedy Manhattan hotel, a single gunshot wound to his head, and Jonathan's
niece, Shaynda is missing. The Rabbi pleads with Decker to come to New York and
help the family. He reluctantly agrees, only to find on arrival that Shaynda's parents
have changed their minds about involving him in the case. Contains violence. TB

Knox, Bill
Death department. Read by James Bryce, 6 hours 42 minutes. TB 13215.
Thane and Moss series; book 2. Sequel to: Deadline for a dream, TB 13214. In a
big Glasgow department store, shoplifting is an inevitable cause of loss. But when
the losses skyrocket, the managing director senses that a highly organized swindle
is in progress and demands action from the police. The mystery deepens when the
head woman buyer disappears. The two savage murders follow in quick succession
and the hunt is on - a hunt that leads full circle back to the store itself, as the
cornered killer tries to fight free. TB 13215.

La Plante, Lynda
Above suspicion. 2006. Read by Kim Hicks, 13 hours 3 minutes. TB 15503.
Anna Travis series; book 1. Young Anna Travis has been assigned to her first
murder case- a series of killings that has shocked even the most hardened of
detectives. They started eight years ago - now the body count is up to six. The
method of killing is identical, the backgrounds of the girls identical - all drug users
and prostitutes. Then a seventh body is found but this one does not fall into the
usual remit. Contains strong language. TB 15503.

La Plante, Lynda
Cold heart. 1998. Read by Lyndal Howley, 13 hours 45 minutes. TB 15220.
Lorraine Page series; book 3. Sequel to Cold Blood. Harry Nathan is shot in
Beverly Hills; a trail of video evidence implicates leading Hollywood figures. When
Harry's wife asks private investigator Lorraine Page to find out what happened
Lorraine finds her investigations hampered by police chief Jake Burton. Contains
violence. TB 15220.

La Plante, Lynda
Civvies. 1992. Read by Richard Derrington, 10 hours 43 minutes. TB 10204.
The story of six long term soldiers of the Parachute Regiment and their difficult and
painful readjustment to civilian life. They are bonded together by the deaths of six
recruits, for whose murders they hold themselves personally responsible. The
search for work and successful relationships with wives, girlfriends and children are
little reward for years of active service. The thrill of crime is a strong temptation, and
each succumbs in different ways, becoming involved in robbery, rape, murder,
suicide, until for those who remain there is only the final devastating conclusion.
Contains strong language. TB 10204.

Lathen, Emma
A shark out of water: a John Putnam Thatcher mystery. 1997. Read by Garrick
Hagon, 8 hours 17 minutes. TB 12299.
John Putnam Thatcher mystery; book 24. Sequel to: Brewing up a storm. Banker
John Putnam Thatcher proves he is just as able a financier and detective on the
international scene as in his native USA. Dispatched to the western Baltic on the
rumour that an excellent investment opportunity might arise - the possibility of
rebuilding the Kiel Canal – Thatcher finds himself in the midst of two quite
extraordinary events. The first is the complete chaos that ensues when the canal
becomes completely ensnarled in fog, with hundreds of boats blindly stumbling
every which way. The other is the murder of an official of the Baltic Area
Development Association during a champagne party. TB 12299.

Leon, Donna
Death at La Fenice. 1995. Read by Nigel Graham, 9 hours 22 minutes. TB
Commissario Guido Brunetti series; book 1. The twisted maze of Venice's canals
has always been shrouded in mystery. The opera house, La Fenice, has had its
share of death, but nothing as horrific, as the poisoning of conductor Maestro
Helmut Wellauer during a performance of La Traviata. Even the Commissario of
Police Guido Brunetti is shocked at how many enemies Wellauer has made, but
how many have enough motive for murder? TB 11806.

Leon, Donna
Acqua Alta. 1996. Read by Michael Tudor Barnes, 9 hours 2 minutes. TB
Flavia Petrelli, reigning diva of La Scala, had attacked the men with a speed born
out of anger and surprise. She had routed the strangers from her beautiful home on
the top floor of a fourteenth-century Venetian palazzo. But she had been unable to
save her lover, Brett Lynch, from a terrible beating at their hands. TB 11096.

Leonard, Elmore
Rum punch. 1993. Read by Garrick Hagon, 7 hours 50 minutes. TB 10420.
Jackie Burke is stopped at the airport with 50,000 dollars in her bag. The Feds
know she works for a gun runner, but they don't know his name. She can tell what
she knows, and get off; or she can keep her mouth shut and do five years. Then
she meets Max Cherry and finds that she has more options than she originally
thought. Contains strong language. TB 10420.

Lippman, Laura
The sugar house. 2000. Read by Laurence Bouvard, 9 hours 17 minutes. TB
Tess Monaghan series; book 5. Sequel to: In big trouble. PI Tess Monaghan has
good reason to be pleased with life until her father asks a favour: to investigate the
prison death of a man jailed for killing a girl known only as "Jane Doe". A trail
emerges to the Sugar House, a brutal institution where Tess discovers "Jane's" real
identity. Contains strong language. TB 12692.

Lippman, Laura
Every secret thing. 2003. Read by Laurence Bouvard, 11 hours 9 minutes. TB
For eleven year old Ronnie and Alice, the summer holidays come to an abrupt end
when they are convicted of murdering a baby they found unattended on someone's
doorstep. Seven years on, the girls are released from their respective penal
institutions. As they're trying to pick up the pieces of their young lives, a spate of
missing children cases throws suspicion on them once again, with tragic

consequences. This is a gripping story with a heart-wrenching subject, handled with
great sensitivity. Unsuitable for family reading. TB 14486.

Lippman, Laura
The power of three. 2005. Read by Laurence Bouvard, 12 hours 16 minutes.
TB 14531.
Baltimore police receive an urgent call out to Glendale High after gunshots are
heard coming from a locked toilet. The police cautiously enter the bathroom and
find three victims - Josie, whose leg wound seems relatively superficial; Perri, who
is unconscious from a bullet wound that has ripped through her jaw; and Katrina,
who is dead, shot in the chest. Years before this fatal shooting, three girls met and
took a vow of eternal friendship. How did that passionate friendship change, evolve
and finally fall apart? TB 14531.

Lovesey, Peter
Rough cider. 1986. Read by David March, 2 hours 42 minutes. TB 13530.
In the autumn of 1943 a nine-year-old evacuee witnessed the assault of Barbara
Lockwood, a farmer's daughter, by a local youth. Two days later Barbara cut her
throat and the youth's head was found in a barrel full of cider. It transpired that he
had been killed by a bullet from a Colt '45 and an American soldier was convicted
and hung for the crime in 1945. Forty years later the daughter of that soldier arrives
in Britain to prove her father's innocence. TB 13530.

McBain, Ed
Gladly the cross eyed bear. 1996. Read by Hayward Morse, 9 hours 4 minutes.
TB 10759.
Matthew Hope series; book 12. Sequel to: There was a little girl. Gladly is a bear. A
charming little bear with crossed eyes and spectacles that really work. She's
destined for huge sales in the highly competitive Christmas toy market, if only a
court will decide who owns her. Matthew Hope is representing designer Elaine
Commins who named her bear Gladly after the well-known hymn. Brett Toland,
Elaine's former boss, has named his bear Gladys after the same hymn, and he's
eager to make sure Elaine drops her copyright case - eager enough to invite her to
his yacht the night he dies. Contains strong language. TB 10759.

McBain, Ed
Another part of the city. 1986. Read by John Chancer, 7 hours 56 minutes. TB
Reardon, Hoffman and their team curse their luck when a homicide takes place just
before Christmas on the unusually quiet 5th Precinct. By the time they have worked
their way through ethnic rivalries, international intrigue and financial wrangling on a
massive scale, they don't care if it's Christmas or the Fourth of July. TB 7324.

MacBride, Stuart
Dying light. 2006. Read by Jonathan Hackett, 14 hours 27 minutes. TB 14914.
DS Logan McRae series; book 2. Sequel to: Cold granite, TB 14656. It's
summertime in the Granite city: the sun is shining, the sky is blue and people are
dying. For DS Logan McRae it's a bad start to another bad day. Contains strong
language. TB 14914.

McCall Smith, Alexander
Tears of the giraffe. 2003. Read by Hilary Neville, 6 hours 22 minutes. TB
Precious Ramotswe series; book 2. Sequel to: The no.1 ladies' detective agency,
TB 13252. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency introduced the world to the one and
only Precious Ramsotswe - the engaging and sassy owner of Botswana's only
detective agency. Mma Ramotswe now faces a new challenge: resolving a
mother's pain for her son who is long lost on the African plains. Mma Ramotswe's
own impending marriage to the most gentlemanly of men, Mr J L B Matekoni, the
promotion of Mma's secretary to the dizzy heights of Assistant Detective, and the
arrival of new members to the Matekoni family, all brew up the most humorous and
charmingly entertaining of tales. TB 13551.

McCall Smith, Alexander
The Sunday Philosophy Club. 2005. Read by Hilary Neville, 7 hours 36
minutes. TB 14124.
Sunday Philosophy Club series; book 1. Amateur sleuth Isabel Dalhousie is a
philosopher who uses her training to solve unusual mysteries. She edits the Review
of Applied Ethics and hosts The Sunday Philosophy Club at her house in
Edinburgh. Behind the city's Georgian facades its moral compasses are spinning
with greed, dishonesty and murderous intent. Instinct tells Isabel that the young
man who tumbled to his death in front of her eyes at a concert didn't fall. He was
pushed. TB 14124.

McCrery, Nigel
Strange screams of death. 2000. Read by Paddy Glynn, 9 hours 33 minutes.
TB 13912.
Silent Witness series; book 2. Sequel to Silent Witness, TB 13202. The body of a
young woman is discovered in a disused shed at an American airbase near
Cambridge. She has been raped before being viciously murdered. Home Office
pathologist Sam Ryan arrives on the scene and soon finds herself dealing with a
serial killer who has the hunger to slaughter again. Unsuitable for family reading.
TB 13912.

McDermid, Val
Common murder. 2000. Read by Vari Sylvester, 7 hours 36 minutes. TB
Lindsay Gordon series; book 2. Sequel to: Report for murder, TB 13895. A protest-
group hits the headlines when unrest explodes into murder. Already on the scene,
journalist Lindsay Gordon desperately tries to strike a balance between personal
and professional responsibilities. As she peels back the layers of deception
surrounding the protest and its opponents, she finds that no-one seems wholly
above suspicion. Then Lindsay uncovers a truth that even she can hardly believe...
Contains violence. TB 13936.

McDermid, Val
The mermaids singing. 2003. Read by Stephen Thorne, 12 hours 9 minutes.
TB 14341.
Tony Hill series; book 1. A serial killer is on the loose in the northern city of
Bradfield. Four men have been brutally killed by savage knife wounds. In each
case, the men have been mutilated and tortured, though the mutilations are not
identical and nothing obvious appears to connect the victims. Fear grips the city; no
man feels safe. Clinical psychologist Tony Hill is brought in to profile the killer, to
work alongside Detective Inspector Carol Jordan. Contains strong language. TB

Mankell, Henning
The dogs of Riga. 2003. Read by Sean Barrett, 10 hours 4 minutes. TB 14258.
Kurt Wallander series; book 2. Sequel to: Faceless killers. Inspector Kurt Wallander
and his team at the Ystad police station in Skane, southern Sweden, receive an
anonymous tip-off that comes to pass a few days later: a life raft is washed up on a
beach. In it are two men, dressed in expensive suits, shot dead. The dead men
were Eastern European criminals, victims of what seems to have been a gangland
hit. But as the case soon takes on a sinister turn, Wallander finds himself in Riga,
Latvia. There he is plunged into a frozen, alien world of police surveillance, scarcely
veiled threats and lies. Contains strong language. TB 14258.

Mankell, Henning
The white lioness. 2004. Read by Sean Barrett, 15 hours 34 minutes. TB
Kurt Wallander series; book 3. In peaceful southern Sweden, Louise Akerblom, an
estate agent, pillar of the Methodist church, wife and mother, disappears. There is
no explanation. Inspector Kurt Wallander and his team are called in to investigate.
Immediately, Wallander has a gut feeling that the victim will never be found alive,
but he has no conception of how far he will have to go in search of the killer and the
origin of the crime. Contains strong language. TB 14278.

Mankell, Henning
The return of the dancing master. 2004. Read by Sean Barrett, 14 hours 11
minutes. TB 14442.
Herbert Molin, a retired police officer, is living alone in a remote cottage in the vast
forests of Harjedalen in northern Sweden. He has two obsessions: the tango and a
conviction that someone is after him. He has no close friends, no close neighbours,
and by the time his body is found, Molin is almost unrecognisable. Stefan Lindman,
a police officer on extended sick leave, hears of the death of his former colleague
and, to take his mind off his own problems, decides to involve himself in the case.
What he discovers, to his horror and disbelief, is a network of evil almost
unimaginable in this remote district, and one which seems impossible to link to
Molin's death. Contains strong language. TB 14442.

Marric, J J
Gideon's march. 1994. Read by Robert Gladwell, 7 hours 47 minutes. TB
George Gideon, Commander of Scotland Yard's Criminal Investigation
Department, has his heavy workload doubled when he is put in temporary charge of
the Uniformed Branch to prepare for the visit of three foreign heads of State. The
throbbing life of the crowd, the pageantry, the thoroughness of the police in trying to
ensure that nothing goes wrong, while at the same time an assassin plans to strike,
hits home with tremendous impact. TB 10406.

Marsh, Ngaio
Dead water. 1982. Read by George Hagan, 8 hours 29 minutes. TB 10392.
Inspector Alleyn series; book 23. Sequel to: Hand in glove. Times are good in the
Cornish village of Portcarrow, as hundreds of unfortunates flock to taste the
miraculous waters of Pixie Falls. Then Miss Emily Pride inherits Portcarrow, and
wants to put an end to the villagers' thriving trade in miracle cures, especially Miss
Elspeth Cost's gift shop, but soon someone puts an end to Miss Cost herself. TB

Martin, Andrew
The Blackpool highflyer. 2004. Read by Hugh Walters, 11 hours 24 minutes.
TB 13860.
Jim Stringer series; book 2. Sequel to: The Necropolis railway, TB 12757. When
railwayman Jim Stringer is assigned to drive holidaymakers to the seaside resort of
Blackpool in the hot summer of 1905, he thinks he's struck lucky. But his dreams of
beer and pretty women soon fall away - when his highspeed train meets a huge
millstone on the line. In the months that follow as he hunts for the saboteur, Jim is
drawn into the beguiling but dangerous world of eccentrics, conmen and cowards.
From ventriloquists to funfair salesmen, ticket clerks to dandies, everyone is a
suspect in this captivating adventure. Contains strong language. TB 13860

Masters, John
The Himalayan concerto: a novel of adventure. 1976. Read by Garard Green,
13 hours. TB 3021.
While staying on a houseboat in Kashmir, a composer is asked to help in
investigating some mysterious happenings on the Tibetan border. The task proves
far more mysterious and deadly than he imagined. TB 3021.

May, Peter
The fourth sacrifice. 2000. Read by Regina Reagan, 13 hours 7 minutes. TB
Li Yan series; book 2. Sequel to: The firemaker, TB 14208. The first three victims
were drugged, tied, labelled with a single word and a single number - then expertly
beheaded. The fourth victim was dispatched the same way but unlike the others he
was an American diplomat. No one knows why Yuan Tao returned to Beijing after a
lifetime in America, why he took a lowly job at the American Embassy, nor why he
died in the same bizarre way as three very different Chinese men. Compelled to
work together, Margaret Campbell and Li Yan tease out the killer's secrets. The
closer they come to the truth, the closer they come to a killer who is prepared to
sacrifice anyone to conceal it. Contains strong language. TB 14912.

May, Peter
Snakehead. Read by Laurence Bouvard, 11 hours 15 minutes. TB 12859.
Li Yan series; book 4. The discovery of a truck full of dead Chinese in southern
Texas brings American psychologist Margaret Campbell together with Li Yan, the
Beijing detective with who she once shared a turbulent relationship. They set out to
identify the Snakehead behind the 100-million dollar trade in illegal immigrants. TB

Mills, Mark
The savage garden. 2007. Read by Daniel Philpott, 9 hours 42 minutes. TB
Behind a villa in the heart of Tuscany lies a Renaissance garden of enchanting
beauty. Its grottoes, pagan statues and classical inscriptions seem to have a secret
life of their own and a secret message, too, for those with eyes to read it. Young
scholar Adam Strickland is just such a person. Arriving in 1958, he finds the Docci
family, their house and the unique garden as seductive as each other. But post-War
Italy is still a strange, even dangerous place, and the Doccis have some dark
skeletons hidden away which Adam finds himself compelled to investigate.
Contains strong language. TB 15658.

Mina, Denise
The field of blood. 2005. Read by Katy Anderson, 13 hours 54 minutes. TB
Paddy Meehan series; book 1. Paddy Meehan has just started work on the Scottish
Daily News when a toddler is abducted. Two eleven-year-old boys are arrested for
his murder and Paddy is shocked to discover that one of them is her fiance's
cousin, Callum. When the boy's name is reported in the media, Paddy's family
believe that she is to blame. Shunned by those closest to her, she finds herself
dangerously alone. Contains strong language. TB 14381.

Mina, Denise
Sanctum. 2002. Read by Jonathan Hackett, 12 hours. TB 12891.
Lachlan Harriot is in shock. His wife, a forensic psychiatrist, has been convicted of
murdering a serial killer in her care. Unless Harriot can find grounds for an appeal,
Susie will be given a life sentence. Convinced she is innocent, his search for the
truth raises more questions than answers. Contains strong language. TB 12891.

Mortimer, John
Rumpole rests his case. 2002. Read by Tony Britton, 6 hours 50 minutes. TB
Rumpole series; book 12. Sequel to Rumpole and the angel of death. Horace
Rumpole, one of the finest barristers ever to defend a client, weaves his way
elegantly among the intricacies of the courtroom and the human heart, only to find
that the advancing years catch up with even the most indomitable spirit. TB 15089.

Mortimore, Jim
The mad woman in the attic. 1999. Read by Stephen Thorne, 8 hours 48
minutes. TB 12872.
Cracker series; book 1. When one of his students is murdered, Fitz can't resist
becoming involved. The police have a suspect; they are sure he's a serial killer, but
he's claiming complete amnesia. As Fitz investigates, he finds the police theory
doesn't fit the facts. TB 12872.

Nadel, Barbara
Last rights. 2006. Read by Martyn Read, 10 hours 30 minutes. TB 16057.
Francis H series; book 1. Francis H is an undertaker in the London Borough of
West Ham in the 1940s. The Second World War is in full swing and the Borough is
being pounded on a nightly basis by the German Luftwaffe. Francis H is a World
War 1 veteran so he also has to deal with the continuing fears and delusions that
still haunt him from the trenches of Flanders. One night, in the middle of a raid,
Francis meets what appears to be a madman running across the rubble screaming
about being stabbed. But Francis can see no sign of blood on the man, so he

passes him by. However, two days later the man's body turns up at Francis'
parlour. Contains violence. TB 16057.

Neel, Janet
O gentle death. 2000. Read by David Thorpe, 9 hours 47 minutes. TB 13224.
DCI John McLeish & Francesca Wilson mystery; book 7. Sequel to: To die for. The
likelihood of Catriona Roberts' suicide is questioned when it is revealed that she
was pregnant. Was it murder? Was the suspect a gifted and arrogant pupil from the
same fashionable boarding school, or possibly his father or maybe a teacher she
had accused of sexual harassment? TB 13224.

Nugent, Andrew
Second burial. 2007. Read by Sean Barrett, 6 hours 45 minutes. TB 15597.
Molly Power series; book 2. Sequel to The four courts murder, TB 14754. Sergeant
Molly Power of the Irish Police Force Murder Squad is on duty when the call comes
in. A young African man, Shad, has been attacked and left for dead on the Dublin
Mountains. He crawls to the nearest house and raises the alarm, but he dies later in
hospital. Shad's injuries are strange and deeply disturbing. Was he the victim of a
racist attack, sadism, a punishment, or some mysterious sacrificial ritual? Inspector
Quilligan and Molly Power launch a murder investigation - it is like none they have
ever experienced before. Contains strong language. TB 15597.

O'Brien, Martin
Jacquot and the angel. 2006. Read by Stephen Thorne, 13 hours 20 minutes.
TB 14584.
Jacquot series; book 3. Sequel to: Jaquot and the master. In the Second World
War, four Resistance fighters are executed by the Gestapo in France's Occupied
Southern Zone. More than fifty years later a wealthy German family, resident in
Provence, is brutally murdered. When a local gardener is arrested and charged,
Daniel Jacquot of the Cavaillon Regional Crime Squad is convinced they have the
wrong man. Four hundred miles away, in Alsace, Marie-Ange Buhl knows it for
certain. Marie-Ange is a psychic and has 'helped' the police before. She comes to
Provence and begins to investigate with Jacquot. TB 14584.

O'Neill, Gilda
The sins of their fathers. 2002. Read by Marie McCarthy, 8 hours 46 minutes.
TB 12895.
A bond of fate trilogy; book 1. The East End in the sixties belongs to the
O'Donnells. Tough, violent and proud, Gabriel O'Donnell has fought his way up
from poor Irish roots to run his gambling, prostitution and protection empire.
Gabriel's wife, Eileen, has invested everything in her children: Brendan, who is as
icy cool as his father; Luke, who struggles to come to terms with the horror of gang
warfare; irrepressible Catherine; and Patricia, who breaks Eileen's heart because

she's married to a man whose brainless viciousness is close to madness. Then
Kessler turns up. An enemy from the old days, he's got plans to move in on
Gabriel's turf. But Gabriel will see him burn in hell before that happens... no matter
how much blood gets spilt. Contains violence. TB 12895.

O'Shaughnessy, Perri
Case of lies. 2005. Read by Regina Reagan, 10 hours 48 minutes. TB 14642.
Nina Reilly series; book 11. Sequel to: Unlucky in law. Back from a stint in
Monterey, where her love life took a tumble, Nina Reilly has returned to her South
Lake Tahoe law office. Two years earlier, the wife of a new client had been killed
during a casino-district robbery. The police still have no suspects. Three students
witnesses, the robbery victims, lied about their identities and are hiding outside
California and the reach of the court. Nina tracks down two of the witnesses in
Europe, in a village near where her ex-lover and father of her teenage son lives.
Threatened with exposure by Nina's activities, someone sets in motion a string of
violence to silence her for good. Contains strong language. TB 14642.

Paretsky, Sara
Killing orders: a novel. 1986. Read by Patricia Brown, 9 hours 18 minutes. TB
Vic Warshawski is a karate expert and a keen marksman, a tough private eye in a
tough city - Chicago. In this case, forced on her by Aunt Rosa whom she loathes,
she has to fight off an attempt to blind her with acid and to burn her in her own
house as she becomes ever more deeply involved in the investigation into the Calvi
scandal, a takeover bid for Ajax, a big insurance company and a billion dollars
missing from the Vatican Bank. TB 6607.

Paretsky, Sara
Toxic shock. 1988. Read by Pat Starr, 10 hours 46 minutes. TB 8642.
A paternity case leads PI Vic Warshawski into investigating something more
sinister: her simple enquiries at the Xerxes chemical plant meet with closed doors
and unexpected interest in high places. Ignoring warnings, Vic digs deeper and
finds a story of corruption and cruelty on a horrific scale, where profit has more
value than human life. TB 8642.

Patterson, James
1st to die. 2004. Read by Liza Ross, 9 hours 12 minutes. TB 13870.
The Women's Murder Club series; book 1. A brutal maniac begins a killing spree -
slaughtering newlywed couples - and Lindsay takes the case. She is sickened by
the deaths, but her determination to bring the murderer to justice is threatened by a
personal tragedy. So she turns to Claire, a coroner, Cindy, a journalist, and Jill, an
attorney, for help with both crises - and the Women's Murder Club is born. Contains
violence. TB 13870.

Pearce, Michael
The Mingrelian conspiracy. 2007. Read by Bill Wallis, 6 hours 40 minutes. TB
A Mamur Zapt Mystery; book 9. Cairo's cafe culture is threatened by gangs in the
protection business. When one cafe owner is attacked for non-compliance,
everyone is worried. Heading off any incident is the task of Gareth Owen, head of
the Secret Police. But will the Mamur Zapt find the answers in time? TB 15634.

Pears, Iain
The Bernini bust. 2001. Read by Daniel Philpott, 7 hours 37 minutes. TB
A Jonathan Argyll mystery; book 3. Sequel to: The Titian committee, TB 12456.
Jonathan Argyll has finally done something right - he's sold an overpriced Titian to
a well-endowed museum in LA. Not bad for an art dealer who thinks selling
paintings is the most unpleasant part of his job. And never mind that the Moresby
Museum is known more for tackiness than for taste. Argyll's just anxious for the
deal to be done - and he's come to LA to drop off the painting and pick up the
cheque. But it turns out there are a few devils loose in the City of Angels. Like the
sneaky art dealer who Argyll suspects of smuggling a Bernini bust out of Italy. TB

Perry, Anne
Death of a stranger. 2003. Read by Terrence Hardiman, 12 hours 45 minutes.
TB 15185.
William Monk series; book 13. Sequel to: A funeral in blue. Hester Monk works with
the women of the streets in Victorian London. The prostitutes are often seriously
injured but when wealthy and respectable Nolan Baltimore, head of Baltimore and
Sons is found dead in one of the area's brothels, Hester and her husband are
forced to investigate. With calls for the police to clean up the streets, Hester
decides she must intervene to protect these women. Meanwhile her husband,
William Monk, has been approached by Katrina Harcus, who suspects that the
company her fiancee works for, Baltimore and Sons may be guilty of fraud. As
Monk endeavours to prevent a serious crime taking place, the link between the two
cases becoming ever clearer. The time has come for Monk to confront his own
demons even if it means losing all that he now holds dear. TB 15185

Peters, Elizabeth
The murders of Richard III. 1989. Read by Carmen Lynne, 7 hours 46 minutes.
TB 8660.
When Jacqueline Kirby is invited to an English country mansion for a weekend she
expects only one mystery. Since the hosts and guests are all fanatical devotees of
King Richard III, they hope to clear his name. A practical joker recreates fifteenth-

century murder methods, and as the jokes become more macabre one proves fatal.
TB 8660.

Peters, Ellis
A morbid taste for bones: a mediaeval whodunnit. 1977. Read by Stephen
Jack, 8 hours. TB 3210.
Cadfael series; book 1. Brother Cadfael is sent to a remote Welsh village to recover
the bones of a saint for his Monastery. He encounters murder and poisoning before
he can fulfil his mission. TB 3210.

Peters, Ellis
City of gold and shadows. 1973. Read by George Hagan, 9 hours 32 minutes.
TB 8512.
An Inspector Felse mystery. When her uncle disappears, Charlotte visits the
archaeological dig where he worked, and finds a mystery whose roots go back to
Ancient Rome. TB 8512.

Rankin, Ian
Dead souls: an Inspector Rebus novel. 1999. Read by Jonathan Hackett, 17
hours 5 minutes. TB 12143.
Inspector Rebus series; book 10. Sequel to: The hanging garden, TB 13552. A call
from an old friend brings back memories and more than a little guilt for DI John
Rebus. An old schoolfriend's son has gone missing and Brian Mee would like
'Johnny' to do a little digging on the side to put his wife's mind at rest. The ghost of
Jack Morton, friend and colleague, is riding Rebus's dreams, not always helping
with his caseload. Contains strong language. TB 12143.

Rankin, Ian
Set in darkness. 2000. Read by Jonathan Hackett, 17 hours 24 minutes. TB
Inspector Rebus series; book 11. Two unusual incidents in one day seem
unconnected, until a third body - that of a prospective member of the Scottish
Parliament - is found at Queensbury House. Inspector Rebus investigates, and
uncovers old secrets that suggest Scotland's second attempt at devolution will be
just as dirty. Contains strong language. TB 13153.

Rayner, Claire
Second opinion. 1994. Read by Anne White, 14 hours 58 minutes. TB
Dr George Barnabas series; book 2. Sequel to: First blood, TB 10166. There
seemed nothing unusual about the first baby's death, nor the second. They were
tragic, but not suspicious. A third in the same maternity unit only five months later is
not usual however and, forensic pathologist Dr George Barnabas, alerted by the

anonymous note she finds appended to the post mortem request, is worried. Then
a fourth child is found dead. Amid the traumas, medical and maternal, George has
alongside her Detective Chief Inspector Gus Hathaway, who proves himself a tower
of strength. TB 10740.

Reah, Danuta
Only darkness. 1999. Read by Patricia Jones, 10 hours 14 minutes. TB 12391.
One stormy night, waiting for the late train home, Debbie Sykes sees that the
woman who usually shares her vigil is not there, only a sinister figure looming
between her and the safety of the street. The next day, she hears that the missing
woman has been found murdered. Contains strong language. TB 12391.

Reichs, Kathy
Grave secrets. 2004. Read by Katherine Borowitz, 9 hours 52 minutes. TB
Temperance Brennan series; book 5. Sequel to: Fatal voyage. It was a summer
morning in 1982 when soldiers entered the village of Chupan Ya. Twenty years
later, Dr Temperance Brennan, forensic anthropologist, travels to Guatemala to
work on one of the most heartbreaking cases of her career. Twenty-three women
and children are said to lie where Tempe and a team from the Guatemalan
Forensic Anthropology Foundation must search for remains. It's one of five mass
graves. No records were kept. Families and neighbours refer to their lost members
as 'the disappeared'. Contains strong language. TB 15104.

Rendell, Ruth
From Doon with death. 1982. Read by Stephen Thorne, 4 hours 40 minutes.
TB 10458.
Chief Inspector Wexford series; book 1. "Love and death" said Chief Inspector
Wexford. "Those were the only two sensational things that ever happened to
Margaret Parsons." By the look of it, she had had a very dull life. She had been a
"good woman": religious, old-fashioned and respectable. It was not her life that
interested Wexford though, but her death. She had been a predictable, ordinary
woman but now she had met with a death of passion and violence for which there
seemed neither motive nor clue. TB 10458.

Rendell, Ruth
A new lease of death. 1995. Read by Jon Cartwright, 6 hours 40 minutes. TB
Chief Inspector Wexford series; book 2. Of course Chief Inspector Wexford
remembered the Painter case; it was the first murder case he had handled on his
own. More than fifteen years later, the case is to be dug up again; there is someone
who wants it retraced and re-examined and who wants Wexford proved wrong. TB

Rendell, Ruth
The rottweiler. 2003. Read by Nigel Anthony, 12 hours 35 minutes. TB 15020.
Rendell returns to a darkly atmospheric London to explore how the lives of a small
group of people from very mixed backgrounds are affected dramatically by a series
of apparently motiveless murders. The first girl had a bite mark on her neck, but the
police traced the DNA to her boyfriend. Nevertheless, when the tabloids got hold of
the story, they immediately called the killer 'The Rottweiler', and the name stuck. TB

Roberts, Nora
Remember when. 2004. Read by Susan Ericksen, 16 hours 20 minutes. TB
Laine Tawish is the owner of "Remember When", an antiques and gift shop in
Angel's Gap, Maryland - an ordinary woman with an ordinary life. At least, that's
what everyone in Angel's Gap thinks. They have no idea that Laine used to be
Elain O'Hara, daughter of a notorious con man, always on the move, always one
step ahead of the law. But Laine's past is catching her up. Her long-lost uncle
appears, leaving only a cryptic warning before dying in the street, run down by a
car. Soon after, her home is ransacked. It's up to Laine, and a sexy stranger named
Max Gannon, to find out why she has become the target of so much interest. The
answer lies in a hoard of missing diamonds that will change Laine's life and also the
lives of future generations. Unit New York City Detective Lieutenant Eve Dallas gets
on the case. TB 14388.

Robinson, Peter
Gallows view. 2002. Read by Owain Shaw, 9 hours 9 minutes. TB 15073.
Inspector Banks series; book 1. Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks has recently
moved to the Yorkshire Dales from London to escape the stress of the metropolis.
He soon finds that life in the country is not quite as idyllic as he had imagined. A
peeping Tom is frightening the women of Eastvale. Two glue-sniffing thugs are
breaking into homes. An old woman may or may not have been murdered. TB

Robinson, Peter
A dedicated man. 2002. Read by Owain Shaw, 9 hours 35 minutes. TB 15357.
Inspector Banks series; book 2. Near the village of Helmthorpe, Swainsdale, the
body of a well-liked local historian is found half-buried under a drystone wall. Harry
Steadman has been brutally murdered. But who want to kill such a thoughtful,
dedicated man? Chief Inspector Banks is called in to investigate and soon
discovers that disturbing secrets lie behind the apparently bucolic facade. Contains
strong language. TB 15357.

Ross, Jonathan
This too, too sullied flesh. 1997. Read by Richard Derrington, 7 hours 47
minutes. TB 11511.
When the body of an unknown man is found in the grounds of the exclusive
Farquharson Country Club, his throat ravaged by a feathered arrow, D.I. Rogers is
called to investigate. With the help of the bewitchingly attractive personal assistant
to the club's manager, he promptly becomes involved not only in that murder, but
another when a woman resident is strangled in one of the oases under the club's
sub-tropical glass dome. TB 11511.

Rowland, Peter
The disappearance of Edwin Drood. 1991. Read by Robert Ashby, 4 hours 53
minutes. TB 8514.
Sherlock Holmes and Watson investigate the disappearance of Edwin Drood,
whose story was begun by Charles Dickens but remained incomplete on his death.
TB 8514.

Rubenfeld, Jed
The interpretation of murder. 2006. Read by Jeff Harding, 14 hours 33
minutes. TB 14977.
This novel is inspired by Sigmund Freud's 1909 visit to America, accompanied by
protege and rival Carl Jung. When a wealthy young debutante is discovered bound,
whipped and strangled in a luxurious apartment overlooking the city, the mayor of
New York calls upon Freud to use his revolutionary new ideas to solve the crime.
Contains strong language. TB 14977.

Sansom, C J
Dissolution. 2008. Read by Christian Rodska, 13 hours 42 minutes. TB 16284.
Shardlake series; book 1. It is 1537 and Thomas Cromwell has ordered that all
monasteries should be dissolved. Cromwell's Comissioner is found dead, his head
severed from his body. Dr Shardlake is sent to uncover the truth behind what has
happened. His investigation forces him to question everything that he himself
believes. Contains violence. TB 16284.

Sayers, Dorothy L
Whose body? 2002. Read by various narrators, 2 hours 20 minutes. TB
Lord Peter Wimsey series; book 1. Lord Peter Wimsey is invited to view a corpse
which has been deposited in the bathtub of an architect. The corpse is quickly
identified as that of Sir Reuben Levy, the City financier; and just as quickly it is
proved to be someone else. Where is Sir Reuben? And whose body was in the
bath? TB 15082.

Saylor, Steven
Arms of Nemesis. 2003. Read by Peter Wickham, 11 hours 19 minutes. TB
Roma Sub Rosa series; book 2. Sequel to: Roman blood, TB 14252. South of
Rome on the Gulf of Puteoli stands the splendid villa of Marcus Crassus, Rome's
wealthiest citizen. When the estate overseer is murdered, Crassus concludes that
the deed was done by two missing slaves, who have probably run off to join the
Spartacus Slave Revolt. Unless they are found within five days, Crassus vows to
massacre his remaining ninety-nine slaves. Gordianus the Finder must unravel the
mystery. Contains violence. TB 14272.

Shaw, Simon
Selling grace. 2003. Read by Martyn Read, 16 hours 53 minutes. TB 14175.
Grace Cornish series; book 2. Sequel to: Killing grace, TB 13110. PI Grace Cornish
is in trouble. Usually she doesn't baulk at a spot of breaking and entering but this
time she's been caught on camera and is about to have the book thrown at her. Ex-
flame Bob offers help, but there's a catch. He's been tailing an elusive money-
launderer and now knows when his target will be in London. He doesn't know
where, but he knows he is meeting a playboy and gambler. The gambler always
calls the same escort agency when he's in town and Bob's boys have arranged that
the next girl who goes out will be working undercover. Which is where Grace comes
in - all she has to do is sell her body for one night and her court case disappears . .
TB 14175.

Simenon, Georges
Maigret's failure. 1962. Read by Richard Baker, 4 hours 2 minutes. TB 12997.
An old school companion of Maigret's having asked for police protection, is shot
right under their eyes. TB 12997.

Simms, Chris
Killing the beasts. 2006. Read by Toby Longworth, 9 hours 38 minutes. TB
DI Jon Spicer series; book 1. Manchester 2002. The Commonwealth Games are
coming to town and the city is alive with possibilities. But the pressure is getting to
Tom Benwell, account manager at an advertising firm. There are too many deals to
make and lies to tell. Meanwhile, his highly-committed friend, DI Jon Spicer, is on
the fast-track. However, in the aftermath of the Games, a serious of brutal killings
shatters the city's new found spirit. Jon Spicer gets the case. Each victim has been
murdered in the same grotesque manner and the lack of motive has left the police
baffled. Contains strong language. TB 15516.

Simms, Chris
Shifting skin. 2007. Read by Toby Longworth, 9 hours 15 minutes. TB 15529.
DI Jon Spicer series; book 2. 'The Butcher of Belle Vue' has struck again. Like the
first two victims, the third has been partially skinned and dumped on waste ground.
Only this time her face has been removed. Jon Spicer and his new partner Rick
Saville, are on the investigating team. The case is waiting for its first breakthrough
when a woman approaches Jon insisting she heard 'The Butcher' claiming his third
victim in the next-door room of a run down hotel in Belle Vue. Contains strong
language. TB 15529.

Sjowall, Maj
The locked room. 1973. Read by Andrew Timothy, 10 hours 3 minutes. TB
Top detective Martin Beck, investigating a mysterious and apparently motiveless
murder, runs into 'Bulldozer' Olssen and the Stockholm Police Force as they pursue
a gang of bank robbers with the riotous enthusiasm of the Keystone Cops. TB

Smith, Martin Cruz
Gorky Park. 1981. Read by John Westbrook, 17 hours 40 minutes. TB 4082.
Arkady Renko series; book 1. Chief Investigator Arkady Renko of the Moscow
militia is called to Gorky Park late one spring night to investigate three bodies under
the snow... Unsuitable for family reading. TB 4082.

Spring, Michelle
Running for shelter. 1996. Read by Lucy Scott, 8 hours 3 minutes. TB 15018.
Laura Principal series; book 2. Sequel to: Every breath you take, TB 12365. Out of
the blue, Laura Principal hears from the girl with whom she shared her adolescence
in Bristol. She hasn't heard from Claire for many years and Laura's pursuit of a lost
photograph of her, leads her to another lost girl. Delivering a contract to the home
of a client, Laura leaves it with a Filipino girl. 24 hours later the girl has disappeared
without trace. Laura's enquiries take her from the House of Commons to a middle
Eastern Embassy, from Kensington to Earl's Court, from a lovely garden in Kent to
a crisis centre in Notting Hill Gate and then back to Cambridge for yet another
investigation. Contains strong language. TB 15018.

Spring, Michelle
Standing in the shadows. 1998. Read by Rachel Atkins, 9 hours 5 minutes. TB
Laura Principal series: book 3. Laura Principal is asked to investigate the case of
an eleven-year-old boy who has murdered his foster mother. But as Laura becomes
increasingly involved in the child's background, she is forced to confront some

disturbing questions. And that's not all. Someone with an interest in the foster
mother's murder is standing in the shadows, watching her every move. TB 11217.

Stallwood, Veronica
Oxford mourning. 1995. Read by Sue Trenchard, 8 hours 32 minutes. TB
Kate Ivory series; book 3. Sequel to: Oxford exit, TB 11184. Kate Ivory's
acquaintance with Olivia Blackett, a young and attractive English don at Leicester
College, Oxford, was brief and decidedly less than amicable. The two clashed over
the sensational material that Olivia had found on a respected literary figure -
material Kate hopes to use in her novel. But now Olivia has been found dead and
Kate's friend Liam Ross is high on the list of murder suspects. Contains strong
language. TB 13954.

Stallwood, Veronica
Deathspell. Read by Veronica Stallwood, 7 hours 32 minutes. TB 14689.
Hanna lives in a large house with a rich and successful second husband, Malcolm,
and their five children. But Malcolm is becoming too demanding - and daughter
Tess wants her own family back together again, even if she has to kill to get it. TB

Symons, Julian
The players and the game. 2001. Read by Jeff Bellamy, 7 hours 49 minutes.
TB 14338.
'Count Dracula meets Bonnie Parker. What will they do together? The vampire
you'd hate to love, sinister and debonair, sinks those teeth into Bonnie's succulent
throat.' It's the beginning of a dangerous game that is destined to end in chilling
terror and bloody murder. TB 14338.

Tallis, Frank
Mortal mischief. 2006. Read by Richard Burnip, 13 hours 15 minutes. TB
Liebermann Papers series; book 1. In the world of 1900s Vienna, Dr Max
Liebermann is a young psychoanalyst - and disciple of Freud. Liebermann's good
friend Oskar Rheinhardt is a Detective Inspector - hard working, but lacking
Liebermann's insights and forensic eye and so it is through Rheinhardt that
Liebermann is called upon to help with police investigations surrounding the death
of a beautiful young medium, in what seems at first to be supernatural
circumstances. TB 14679.

Tallis, Frank
Vienna blood. 2007. Read by Richard Burnip, 14 hours 36 minutes. TB
Liebermann Papers series; book 2. In the grip of a Siberian winter in 1902, a serial
killer in Vienna embarks upon a bizarre campaign of murder. Vicious mutilation, a
penchant for arcane symbols, and a seemingly random choice of victim are his
most distinctive peculiarities. Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt summons a
young disciple of Freud - his friend Dr. Max Liebermann - to assist him with the
case. The investigation draws them into the sphere of Vienna's secret societies - a
murky underworld of German literary scholars, race theorists, and scientists
inspired by the new evolutionary theories coming out of England. Unsuitable for
family reading. TB 16320.

Taylor, Andrew
The raven on the water. 2008. Read by Cornelius Garrett, 12 hours 22
minutes. TB 15584.
Back in 1964, Peter Redburn and his best friend Richard had spent a golden
summer holiday playing out their special game - a private world of secret rituals and
oaths of loyalty sworn for eternity. It was all very innocent - until James and Kate
joined in. And then, one night, their childish game turned to tragedy. Now an adult,
Peter has never been able to escape his own feelings of guilt about the events that
summer. So when he stumbles across a hoard of childhood memories, he knows
he must search out the truth. With a funeral bringing all participants together again,
bitter rivalries and sordid secrets are about to be unearthed. TB 15584.

Temple, Peter
The broken shore. 2007. Read by John Eastman, 9 hours 54 minutes. TB
The broken shore series; book 1. Haunted by his last case, big city homicide
detective Joe Cashin has fled Melbourne and returned to his hometown, running its
one-man police station while his wounds heal and his nightmares fade. But when a
local man is brutally attacked and left for dead, Cashin's recovery is put on hold. In
a small town where everyone knows everyone he finds himself standing alone
fighting a battle against corruption and prejudice. Contains strong language. TB

Templeton, Aline
Shades of death. 2008. Read by David Thorpe, 12 hours 30 minutes. TB
Seventeen years after her death, the skeletal remains of an eleven-year-old girl are
discovered buried deep in the caves of Derbyshire's Peak District. Close by the
body lies a crudely-carved clay artefact of a sinister jackal-headed creature. In the
ensuing police investigation, the secrets surrounding a group of now grown-up

children and their sinister 'Egyptian game' are gradually revealed. Secrets which
have lain buried for almost twenty years. Secrets which will emerge with
unexpected and devastating consequences. TB 15880.

Tracy, P J
Dead run. 2005. Read by Laurence Bouvard, 9 hours 59 minutes. TB 14423.
Magozzi and Grace MacBride series; book 3. Monkeewrench founders Grace
MacBride and Annie Belinsky, along with Deputy Sharon Mueller, are driving from
Minneapolis to Green Bay, Wisconsin, where they believe a new serial killer is just
warming up, when their car breaks down, deep in the northern woods, far away
from civilization and cell towers. A walk through the forest leads them to the
crossroads town of Four Corners, where they had hoped to find a landline and a
mechanic, but instead find absolutely nothing. TB 14423.

Underwood, Michael
Rosa's dilemma. 1990. Read by Brigit Forsyth, 5 hours 35 minutes. TB 10107.
Solicitor Rosa Epton has vowed never to work with Malcolm Palfrey again, yet here
she was, helping him defend a young couple charged with malicious damage. He
was elusive as she prepared the case, culminating in his non-appearance on the
day of the trial. Then Palfrey was discovered on a park bench with a bullet in his
brain and a revolver beside him. Was it suicide or murder? TB 10107.

Vine, Barbara
No night is too long. 1994. Read by Mark Elstob, Patricia Jones and Hugh
Tremayne, 12 hours 12 minutes. TB 10659.
In a silent house by the North Sea, a young man sits down nightly to a confession
he can never complete. For Tim Cornish, graduate of England's most prestigious
creative writing course, even imagination is no escape; he waits to be found out,
knowing he is beyond redemption. Within a month of meeting palaeontologist Ivo
Steadman he had moved into his flat. Was it here that love turned to disgust, or
later, on an empty sea at the edge of the world, where he found someone who
loved him and whom he could love. Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB

Vine, Barbara
Asta's book. 1993. Read by Norma West, 14 hours 47 minutes. TB 10042.
Asta and Rasmus come to Hackney in 1905 from Denmark. Asta keeps loneliness
at bay by keeping a diary, and these, published seventy years later uncover the
truth of an unsolved crime, and much else besides. As Asta's grand-daughter
reads, they refer to a Mrs Roper, and connect with a documentary film on the
disappearance of Lizzie Roper's daughter. Will this throw some light on the
mystery, and who was Asta's mysterious daughter, Swanny? TB 10042.

Vine, Barbara
A fatal inversion. 1987. Read by Pauline Munro, 11 hours 36 minutes. TB
In the long hot summer of 1976 a group of young people are camping in Wyvis Hall;
Adam, Rufus, Shiva, Vivian and Zosie scavenge, steal and sell the family heirlooms
to live. Ten years later the bodies of a woman and child are discovered in the Hall's
animal cemetery. Who were they? The horrifying truth slowly unfolds. TB 7073.

Walters, Minette
Fox evil. 2003. Read by Maureen O'Brien, 13 hours 8 minutes. TB 15090.
When elderly Ailsa Lockyer-Fox is found dead in her garden, dressed only in night
clothes and with blood stains on the ground near her body, the finger of suspicion
points at her wealthy, landowning husband, Colonel James Lockyer-Fox. A
coroner's inquest gives a verdict of 'natural causes' but the gossip surrounding him
refuses to go away. Contains violence. TB 15090.

Walters, Minette
The scold's bridle. 1994. Read by Elizabeth Proud, 12 hours 56 minutes. TB
Mathilda Gillespie's body, her face obscured by a rusted scold's bridle, was found
nearly two days after she had taken an overdose and slashed her wrists. The police
are inclined to record a verdict of suicide. Then comes the reading of the will. Dr
Sarah Blakeney - Mathilda's GP for barely a year - has inherited everything. Only
Mathilda's diaries can fully explain the life she led before her terrible death, but they
have disappeared. Contains strong language. TB 11505.

Walters, Minette
The shape of snakes. 2001. Read by Frances Barber, 10 hours 2 minutes. TB
November 1978. Somewhere in West London a black woman dies in a rain-soaked
gutter. Her passing would have gone unmourned but for the young woman who
finds her and believes that Annie was murdered, for the police record the death as
a simple RTA. Contains strong language. TB 15188.

Wambaugh, Joseph
Hollywood Station: a novel. 2007. Read by Pat Courtenay, 11 hours 7 minutes.
TB 16102.
The underbelly of Hollywood is dirty, drugged up and criminal. So if Marilyn
Monroe, a six foot three transvestite, calls in to report that Batman is assaulting
Spiderman you know you can only be in Los Angeles. The police at the Hollywood
Station are the front line against the flotsam and jetsam of the streets. Contains
strong language. TB 16102.

Welsh, Louise
The bullet trick. 2006. Read by Steward Ennis, 9 hours 25 minutes. TB 14933.
William Wilson is a conjuror fallen on hard times. So when he gets booked for a
string of gigs in Berlin, he is hoping his luck is on the turn. Amongst the showgirls,
the tricksters and the femme fatales of Berlin's cabaret scene, William can abandon
his heart, his head and, more importantly, his past. But somehow secrets have a
habit of catching up with him. Contains strong language. TB 14933

Wentworth, Patricia
The case of William Smith. 2005. Read by Diana Bishop, 7 hours 23 minutes.
TB 14493.
Miss Silver mystery; book 14. Sequel to: The eternity ring. Who was William Smith?
And why was Mavis Jones so horrified to see him? For seven years William had
worked as a woodcarver for the local toyshop, ignorant of his true identity. The war
had robbed him of his memory, and no one expected him to ever find the answer.
So when he took his work to Evesleys Ltd, why was his life instantly in danger?
When William makes the frightening discovery that there are people determined not
to let his memory return whatever the cost, Miss Silver is called in to investigate. TB

Wilson, Laura
Hello Bunny Alice. 2003. Read by Anna Bentinck, 10 hours 4 minutes. TB
Seven years after the suicide of her lover, the brilliant comic Lenny Maxted, former
Bunny Girl Alice Jones is leading a quiet, almost reclusive life in an Oxfordshire
farmhouse. In the long hot summer of 1976, Lenny's comic partner, Jack Flowers,
turns up on her doorstep out of the blue and in distress. At the same time a car
containing human remains is fished out of a Wiltshire lake. Contains strong
language. TB 14487.

Wilson, Laura
A thousand lies. 2006. Read by Anna Bentinck, 11 hours 14 minutes. TB
Whilst clearing out her late mother's flat, investigative journalist Amy Vaughan
discovers letters and a newspaper cutting about the disturbing Shand case. Having
never heard of the Shands and curious about the link between their two families,
Amy decides to visit Sheila Shand's elderly mother, Iris. Contains strong language.
TB 14874.

Wingfield, R D
Frost at Christmas. 1996. Read by Stephen Thorne, 8 hours 54 minutes. TB
Jack Frost series; book 1. Ten days to Christmas and Tracey Uphill, aged eight,
hasn't come home from Sunday school. Her mother, a pretty young prostitute, is
desperate. To help Frost investigate this case, he has been assigned a new
sidekick, the Chief Constable's nephew. Frost proceeds with this investigation in
typically unorthodox style, including consulting the local witch. He finds himself
drawn into an unsolved crime from the past and risks, not only his career, but also
his life. TB 10688.

Yorke, Margaret
A small deceit. 1997. Read by Garard Green, 8 hours 7 minutes. TB 11435.
William Adams is a killer who has never been convicted. He's served time for rape
and assault but has not been sentenced for murder. When he takes on a new
identity, his dream world becomes a nightmare when, in a rural guesthouse, he
meets someone from his past. TB 11435.

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