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Spring Fling Class Basket Themes - Indian Prairie School District


									             Fry Class Raffle Basket Themes
            KA    Laura
                        Help   Theme
                               Outdoor Fun
                                           Anything for outside fun – soccerball, bean
                                                           bag toss, Frisbee, sprinkler, sidewalk chalk,
Johnson     KJ      Julie Jessup        Spongebob          Anything Spongebob!
                    Chris Korneta
Krishnan    KK      Grechen             Sweet Tooth        Boxes or bags of Candy, gum, Rocky Mtn.
                    Pawlowski                              Chocolate gift card, Oberwiess or Cold
                    Jennifer Samuels                       Stone Cremery gift card, Toothbrush, floss,
                                                           Candyland game, etc.
Mack        KM      Michelle Johnson    Disney             Anything Disney!
                    Michelle Frost
Theis       KT      Margie Walker       Arts & Crafts      Crayons, washable markers, craft kits,
                    Dawn Summers                           paper, paints, any art materials.
Biehl       1B      Kathy Wilson        My Favorite Toys   What is your favorite toy? Webkinz, Calico
                    Jenae Hyland                           Critters, Action figures, games, etc….the sky
                                                           is the limit!

Chen        IC      Kelly Zimmerman     Reading            Books, gift card to book store, bookmarks,
                    Erin Millington                        reading light, reading timer, etc.

Dyschkant   1D      Janet Post          Games & Puzzles    Any games – board games, outdoor games,
                    Preseeda                               laser tag certificate, Brunswick zone
                    Govindadas                             certificate, puzzles, etc.
McMillian   IM      Krista Bengtson     My Favorite        What is your first grade favorite thing?
                    Shelia Rigenbach    Things             Erasers, games, smencils, books, ty girlzs,
                                                           beanie babies, gift cards to favorite store or
                                                           restaurant, movies, etc.

Schroeder   IS      Diane Buckles       Legos              Anything Lego brand!
                    Angee Glorioso
Dangler     2D      Elke Wirtz          Arts & Crafts      Art kits for ages 8 and up – paints,
                    Melanie Robinson                       sketchbook, any art materials, Color Me
                                                           Mine gift card, etc.

Freeston    2F      Nancy Hunt          Movies             Movies, Blockbuster or Movie Theatre gift
                    Christine Udziela                      card, movie candy, popcorn, soundtracks,

Goodin      2G      Jennifer Tomas      Music              CD’s, itune gift cards, music dvd’s, books on
                    Margee Schneller                       music, instruments (recorder, harmonica),

Kuhlman     2K      Joyce Tockman       Family Fun Night   Games, Movies, Gift cards for Brunswick
                    Julie Owens                            Zone, movie theatre ,any restaurant gift
                                                           card, etc.

Ware        2W      Libby Makris        Sports             Balls, water bottle, equipment, baseball
                    Tracey Parks                           cards, bobble heads, Sports Authority or
                                                           Dick’s gift card, tshirts with team logos, etc.
Chen       3C    Kathy Lohman       Shopping at the     Gift card for any popular store or even
                 Emerald Beston     Mall                restaurants in the mall, purse, shpping bag,
                                                        credit card holder, etc.

Gonella    3G    Julie Michalski    Summer Fun          Swim stuff, beach towel, goggles, water
                 Mary Spragg                            balloons, sprinkler, slip and slide, Oberwiess
                                                        or DQ gift card, etc.

Kulak      3K    Jill York          Nintendo DS         $ Donation to Nintendo DS , games and/or
                 Sabina Elam                            accessories.
Mongelli   3M    Lisa Todd          Chicago Sports      Anything Bears, Sox, Cubs, Hawks, Fire,
                 Jennifer Bauer                         Wolves, rush. Clothes or memorabilis, etc.
Schapen    3S    Courtney Bruner    Ipod                $ Donation toward ipod and accessories
                 Michelle Rullo

Schmitt    3SK   Amy Ditzel         Music               CD’s, Music DVD’s, books on music, itunes
                 Debbie Curtis                          gift card, instruments (recorder), etc.
Tripp      3T    Catherine          School Supplies     Any school supplies, Eraasers, Fun Pens or
                 Diefiender                             Pencils, cool notebooks/folders, gift card to
                 Kristy Davis                           Staples or Office Depot, etc.
Difusco    4D    Amy Miller         It’s A Sleep-over   Anything for a sleep-over ; sleeping bag,
                 Gina Lamosa                            pillow, duffle bag, slippers, pjs, eyemask,
                                                        silly string, games, cds, snacks, magazines,
Horton     4H    Mary Howicz        Kitchen Fun         Baking mixes, recipe holder, cook books,
                 Kirsten Mullinax                       recipe cards, recipes, cooking utensil,
                                                        apron, gift cards for any food place, William
                                                        Sonoma, Sur La Tab, etc.

McClure    4M    Michelle Roe       My Favorite         What is your 4 graders favorite thing? Gift
                 Deb Stirling       Things              card for favorite store or restaurant, books,
                                                        flip-flops, movie, art & craft project, etc.
Rosa       4R    Alba Lane          After School        Movies, books, laster tag gift certificate,
                 Nicole Stola       Activities          balls, games for inside or outside, etc.

Zion       4Z    Joan Vitro         Downtown            Downtown Naperville gift card, certificates
                 Lisa Korte         Naperville          from any store or restaurant in downtown
                                                        Naperville, Naperville books or magazines,
                                                        DuPage Children’s museum certificate, etc.
Hume       5H    Jen Hickey         Technology          Club Penguin Membership, Stardoll
                 Jean Sykes                             Membershp, Webkinz, Ty girz, Ty Beanie
                                                        Babies, musical toothvrush, computer
                                                        games, Best Buy or Target gift card, I tunes
                                                        card, anything battery operated or that has
                                                        an on/off switch or is for play on the
                                                        computer, etc.
Gerdisch   5G    Amy Bade           Reading             Books, bookmarks, giftcards to book store,
                 Kate Fitzpatrick                       reading light, reading timer, etc.h
Liesch     5L    Beth Cotter        Favorite Gift       Gifts card to your favorite place to shop, eat
                 Mona Lawrence      Cards               or play !
Matthews   5M    Yvette Williams    “Let’s Eat Out”     Gift cards to your favorite place to “Eat
                 Sharon Butler                          Out”….McDonald’s, Chili’s, Panera,, etc.

Przybyla   5P    Sheryl Johnson     WII Fit & Games     $ Donation towards WII Fit and Games.
                 Julie Beckett
Rule       5R    Myunglee Seo       Rainy Day Fun       Anything to keep you entertained on a rainy
                 Mary Ben Vau                           day – art activities, popular movies, puzzles,
                                                        books, cd’s, Gift card to theatre,
                                                        blockbuster, color me mine, Brunswick
                                                        zone, etc.

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