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Bank of Baroda Kolkata, Current Account Form by jme20167


Bank of Baroda Kolkata, Current Account Form document sample

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									             ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount)

                  New Investor friendly way to apply for IPOs

Bank of Baroda is committed to continuously enhance its offerings with
innovative services leveraging advanced technology to provide maximum
banking convenience to its customers.

As a “Self Certified Syndicate Bank” (SCSB) by SEBI, an additional mode for
applying in IPO / FPO / Right Issues have been made available by our Bank in
the form of Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA) to „All category of
Investors other than QIBs‟ who are the customers of our Bank.

What is ASBA:

    ASBA means “Application Supported by Blocked Amount”, enables
     investors to apply for IPOs / FPOs and rights issues without making a
     payment. Instead, the amount is blocked in investors‟ own account and
     only an amount proportionate to the shares allotted goes out when
     allotment is finalized.
    It is a supplementary process of applying in initial public offers (IPO), right
     issues and follow on public offers (FPO) made through book building route
     and co-exists with the current process of using cheque as a mode of
     payment and submitting applications.
    Bank is providing this value added service free of costs for issues with
     book building at BSE.

Eligibility of Investors:-

From 01st January, 2010

    All category of investors other than QIBs are eligible to apply for
     public/rights issues using ASBA facility with certain terms and conditions

   1. An application can have up to three bid options & it can be revised also.
      The lien will be marked on the highest value of the three bids.
   2. Bids at cut-off price allowed only if total application Amt is less than or
      equal to Rs. 1,00,000 for investor category of Individual, Employee, Share
   3. One account can be blocked for maximum five applications in an IPO.
   4. Revision and cancellation of bids for retail individual investors are
      permitted till the issue closure date and time. However for investors other
      than Retail, the revision is not permitted on the last day beyond 4 P.M.
     Such investors are referred as “ASBA investors”, at the time of submitting
      ASBA application the investors should take utmost care to provide the

                PAN
                DP ID
                Client ID
                Bid Quantity
                14 digits bank Account number

Benefits of ASBA to Investors:

     The investor need not pay the application money by cheque rather block
      his/her bank account to the extent of the application money, thus continue
      to earn interest on application money.
     The investor does not have to bother about refunds, as in ASBA only an
      amount proportionate to the securities allotted is taken from the bank
      account when his/her application is selected for allotment after the basis of
      allotment is finalized.
     The application form is simpler.
     The investor deals with the known intermediary i.e. his/her own bank.

 ASBA process operates in accordance with the SEBI‟s guidelines in force
  from time to time.

 Bank‟s 70 branches located at the strategic centres are currently identified in
  the first phase to accept the ASBA Applications.

 Some more branches are being identified and shall be operational soon in the
  second phase and later to be extended to all CBS branches.


Bank does not own any responsibility for error attributable to failure of Technology, Computer Systems and
consequences there of to the customer. Bank‟s liability as a consequence of human error attributable to
Bank‟s employees is limited to an amount equivalent to interest at rates applicable to savings Bank accounts
on the blocked amount. Bank is not liable for any thing more with respect to the transaction other than that
as expressly stated above.
                                  BANK OF BARODA
                      IMPLEMENTATION OF ASBA PHASE- II
               NODAL OFFICER:

               NAME:-             Sonu A. Arekar
               Designation:-      Senior Manager
               Branch:-           Mumbai Main Office
               Address:-          10/12 Mumbai Samachar Marg, Fort, Mumbai- 23
               Contact Number:-   022-40468314, 40468307, Fax- 022-22835236
               E-mail Id:-

Controlling Branch
Sl.   City              Branch Address    Contact        Contact Number   Email id of the branch
No                                        Person
 1    MUMBAI            Mumbai Main       Mr. Sonu A.    40468314,        asba.fortap@bankofbaroda.
                        Office            Arekar         40468307, Fax-   com
                                      Designated Branches
Sl.                                        Contact
      City              Branch Address                  Contact Number    Email id of the branch
No                                         Person
                        SANJAY PLACE,      Branch       0562-2854219,
1     AGRA                                                      
                        AGRA               Head         2856685
                        AHMEDABAD,LAW      Branch       079-26473111/
2     AHMEDABAD                                                 
                        GARDEN             Head         26473110;
                        BHADRA,            Branch       079-25506043/
3     AHMEDABAD                                                 
                        AHMEDABAD          Head         25507252
                        ELLISBRIDGE,       Branch
4     AHMEDABAD                                         079-26579839
                        AHMEDABAD          Head
                        FATEHPURA,         Branch       079-26602902/
5     AHMEDABAD                                                 
                        AHMEDABAD          Head         26603598
                        JAYANAGAR,         Branch
6     BANGALORE                                         080-26630533
                        BANGALORE          Head
                        K G ROAD,          Branch       080-22268106/
7     BANGALORE                                                 
                        BANGALORE          Head         107
                        SIDDAIH ROAD,      Branch
8     BANGALORE                                         080-22224325
                        BANGALORE          Head
                        ALKAPURI,          Branch
9     BARODA                                            0265-2344026
                        BARODA             Head
                        MAIN BRANCH,       Branch
10    BARODA                                            0265-2434001
                        BARODA             Head
                        MAIN BRANCH,       Branch
11    BHAVNAGAR                                         0278-2516615
                        BHAVNAGAR          Head
                        SSI BRANCH,        Branch
12    BHAVNAGAR                                         0278-2439541
                        BHAVNAGAR          Head
                        HABIBGANJ,         Branch
13    BHOPAL                                            0755-2550672
                        BHOPAL             Head
                   MAIN BRANCH,       Branch
14   BHUBANESWAR                               0674-2597214
                   BHUBANESWAR        Head
                   17-B,              Branch
15   CHANDIGARH                                0172-704583
                   CHANDIGARH         Head
                   22-B,              Branch
16   CHANDIGARH                                0172-704583
                   CHANDIGARH         Head
                   EC STREET,         Branch
17   CHENNAI                                   044-25230355
                   CHENNAI            Head
                   MYLAPORE,          Branch
18   CHENNAI                                   044-24994946
                   CHENNAI            Head
                   SIET COLLEGE,      Branch   044- 23454304/
19   CHENNAI                                           
                   CHENNAI            Head     23454305
                   MAIN BRANCH,       Branch
20   COIMBATORE                                0422-2301201
                   COIMBATORE         Head
                   MAIN BRANCH,       Branch
21   DEHRADUN                                  0135-2742083
                   DEHRADUN           Head
                   MAIN BRANCH,       Branch   0484-2373974/
22   ERNAKULAM                                         
                   ERNAKULAM          Head     2351205
23   FARIDABAD     SEC 5, FARIDABAD            0129-25415527
                   MAIN BRANCH,       Branch
24   GURGAON                                   0124-26320325
                   GURGAON            Head
                   GEN-NET,           Branch
25   HYDERABAD                                 040-23421647/48
                   HYDERABAD          Head
                   JUBILEE HILLS,     Branch
26   HYDERABAD                                 040- 23552938
                   HYDERABAD          Head
                   KHAIRATABAD,       Branch   040-23421614/
27   HYDERABAD                                         
                   HYDERABAD          Head     15/ 17
28   INDORE        AB ROAD, INDORE             0731-2542023
                   SIYAGANJ,          Branch
29   INDORE                                    0731-2369247
                   INDORE             Head
                   JOHARI BAZAR,      Branch
30   JAIPUR                                    0141-2564047
                   JAIPUR             Head
31   JAIPUR        M I ROAD, JAIPUR            0141-2377807
                   NEHRU PLACE,       Branch
32   JAIPUR                                    0141-2742883
                   JAIPUR             Head
                   DIGVIJAY PLOT,     Branch   0288-2676676/
33   JAMNAGAR                                          
                   JAMNAGAR           Head     M) 9724497808
                   PATEL COLONY,      Branch
34   JAMNAGAR                                  0288-2676750
                   JAMNAGAR           Head
                   SARDARPURA,        Branch
35   JODHPUR                                   0291-2635642
                   JODHPUR            Head
                   SOJATI GATE,       Branch   0291-2636539/
36   JODHPUR                                           
                   JODHPUR            Head     2622245
                   CIVIL LINES,       Branch   0512-2304803/
37   KANPUR                                            
                   KANPUR             Head     2330256
                   BALLYGUNJ,         Branch
38   KOLKATA                                   033-24400126
                   KOLKATA            Head
                   BRABOURNE          Branch
39   KOLKATA                                   033-2218695
                   ROAD, KOLKATA      Head
                   C R AVENUE,        Branch
40   KOLKATA                                   033-22110265
                   KOLKATA            Head
                 GIRISH PARK,        Branch
41   KOLKATA                                  033-25309405
                 KOLKATA             Head
                 HAZRATGANJ,         Branch
42   LUCKNOW                                  0522-2616113
                 LUCKNOW             Head
                 NISHATGANJ,         Branch
43   LUCKNOW                                  0522-2384897
                 LUCKNOW             Head
                 CLOCK TOWER,        Branch
44   LUDHIANA                                 0161-2745630
                 LUDHIANA            Head
                 BANDRA (WEST),      Branch
45   MUMBAI                                   022-26426863
                 MUMBAI              Head
                                     Branch   022-22672372/
46   MUMBAI      UNIVERSITY,                        
                                     Head     22670620
                 GHATKOPAR           Branch
47   MUMBAI                                   022-25006200
                 (WEST), MUMBAI      Head
                 NARIMAN POINT,      Branch   022-22843986/
48   MUMBAI                                         
                 MUMBAI              Head     22823968
49   MUMBAI      PBB MUMBAI                   22041745 (M)
                 PFS, KANDIVALI      Branch   022-28050600/
50   MUMBAI                                         
                 (W), MUMBAI         Head     28077784
                 VASHI, NAVI         Branch   022-27891233/
51   MUMBAI                                         
                 MUMBAI              Head     1202
                 DHARAMPETH,         Branch   0712-2521767/
52   NAGPUR                                         
                 NAGPUR              Head     2532191
53   NASIK       NASIK CITY, NASIK            0253-2598638
                 ASHOK VIHAR,        Branch
54   NEW DELHI                                011-27442000
                 NEW DELHI           Head
                 NEHRU PLACE,        Branch
55   NEW DELHI                                011-26419290
                 NEW DELHI           Head
                                     Branch   23752846
56   NEW DELHI   STREET, NEW                        
                                     Head     23325557 M-
                 MAIN BRANCH,        Branch   0612-2222105/
57   PATNA                                          
                 PATNA               Head     2225284
                 KARVE ROAD,         Branch   020-25435326,
58   PUNE                                           
                 PUNE                Head     25436948
                 PUNE CAMP,          Branch   020-26130147/
59   PUNE                                           
                 PUNE                Head     2613041
                 KALAWAD ROAD,       Branch
60   RAJKOT                                   0281-2433650
                 RAJKOT              Head
                 MG ROAD,            Branch
61   RAJKOT                                   0281-2227816
                 RAJKOT              Head
                 MAIN BRANCH,        Branch
62   RANCHI                                   0651-2311021
                 RANCHI              Head
                 ATHWALINES,         Branch
63   SURAT                                    2660138, (M)
                 SURAT               Head
                 CITY LIGHT,         Branch
64   SURAT                                    0261-2257522
                 SURAT               Head
                 NAVYUG              Branch
65   SURAT                                    0261-2787306
                 COLLEGE, SURAT      Head
                     MAIN BRANCH,    Branch
66   SURENDRANAGAR                            02752-231454
                     SURENDRANAGAR   Head
                     MAIN BRANCH,    Branch
67   UADIPUR                                  0294-2420671
                     UDAIPUR         Head
                     SAYAJIGANJ,     Branch   0265-2363227/
68   VADODARA                                         
                     VADODARA        Head     2362536
69   VARANASI        COLONY,                  0542-2313780
70   VIJAYAWADA      VIJAYAWADA               0866-2574296/95

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