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Bankable Feasibility Study Waste document sample

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									                Guidance Note No. 1 - Outline for a PPP feasibility study
In response to some queries seeking clarification of the general structure of a PPP
feasibility study, this guidance note sets out the general outline of the various elements
that should normally be included in any PPP assessment. Local authorities should also
have regard to Circular IPPP 04/04 and the Framework for Public Private Partnerships,
both of which are available for downloading from the PPP section of the Department of
the Environment, Heritage and Local Government website. A Policy Framework for PPP
Projects in the Water Sector should also be of interest to Local Authorities embarking
on a PPP project. This framework outlines the procedures to be followed at each stage
of a PPP project and is also available on the PPP website.

These guidelines are not intended to constrain local authorities, in terms of the proper
evaluation of a project, but should assist in focussing the study to address the core PPP

The feasibility study should assist local authorities in determining if a particular
project is suitable to be advanced as a PPP, the form that this might take and the
appropriate level of risk allocation to the private sector.       Upon completion of the
feasibility study, the local authority should be in a position to determine:
         whether or not to proceed with the project by means of a PPP or alternative
          more conventional routes,
         the form of PPP, i.e. DB/DBO/DBOF,
         the allocation of risk proposed between the public and private sectors and who
          should have responsibility for securing the necessary statutory approvals, and
         the procurement procedure to be used.

The feasibility study should include, inter alia, the following sections:

   Executive Summary and Main Conclusions [1-2 pages] - It is proposed to upload the
    executive summary for each feasibility study on the PPP website, therefore, this
    element of the report should be written as a document that can be made public and
    therefore should not include any confidential or commercially sensitive information;

   Introduction and Scope of the Feasibility Study – a short outline of the nature of
    the project, the scope of the feasibility study and the key issues to be addressed;

   Initial Output Specification - to define the output requirements for the project in
    the context of a PPP project implementation, compared with a conventional scheme;
   Demand Assessment - To determine the need for the project concerned

   Preliminary Risk Assessment – this should identify the significant risks in the
    project (including statutory process risks) and considers their optimum allocation
    between the public and private sectors in the context of PPP contract alternatives.
    It should also develop the likely cost impact of each major risk to both public and
    private parties;

   Legal Viability Assessment, which investigates and reports on specific legal aspects
    of the project, where relevant;

   Stakeholder Consultation, which should consider the issues likely to affect all
    interested parties (known as “stakeholders”), with particular reference to impacts
    on staff, and the scope to engage them in the PPP process;

   Value for Money (VFM) Assessment, which should provide an initial quantitative
    and qualitative review of the cost effectiveness of each of the procurement options
    (i.e. DB/DBO/DBOF/Joint Venture/conventional route, etc.), having regard to
    potential advantages and disadvantages in each case. The VFM assessment should
    also include a Precedent Review, i.e. a review of experience with similar types of

   Market soundings on the three major elements of the project (i.e. construction
    & development; facilities management; private sector finance), to establish the
    a) previous experience with the type of project involved
    b) familiarity with PPP procedures and concepts
    c) determine general market interest in the development
    d) discuss different payment mechanisms that could be used
    e) identify appropriate risk allocations

   Bankability Assessment which considers whether the project is “bankable”, i.e.
    whether it will attract private finance. This element will only be needed where it is
    likely that the project will require substantial private finance e.g. from investment
    bankers, to carry it out; and

   Procurement Options Selection - Main Findings which will summarise the main
    finding from the different sections of the report and draws these together to make
    clear recommendations on the way to proceed with the project including the
    selection of the appropriate procurement procedure.
Local Authorities should consider setting up a Steering Group to whom any consultants
engaged to carry out the feasibility study should report on a regular basis. This is to
help ensure
1. that the study remains focussed on the issues to be addressed
2. that the study is completed within a reasonable timeframe

In preparing a feasibility study, full account should be taken of existing reports carried
out by other local authorities for similar projects.      Use of material in an existing
report should reduce the costs involved in carrying out a feasibility study. A full list of
the approved projects is attached herewith.

If further information is required on any aspect of structuring the PPP study, you
should   contact    Ms.    Joan    Ryan,    PPP   Unit    at   01-8882037      or   e-mail
APPROVED PROJECTS 2000                                     Contact Name
                                                           Mr. Sean Quirke
Start-up funding for the development at Greystones Harbour Wicklow County Council

Feasibility study regarding a crematorium at Shanganagh         Ms. Carol McLoughlin
Cemetery                                                        Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown County
Start-up funding for CHP plant at Leisureworld, Cork            Mr. Michael O’Brien
                                                                Cork City Council

Feasibility Study for a CHP for Council offices and leisure     Mr. Brendan Fennessy
facilities                                                      South Tipperary County Council
Feasibility Study for developing and managing a business        Mr. Pat Ledwidge
park in North Cork                                              Cork City Council

Feasibility Study for the development of industrial sites for Mr. Jack Keyes
small industries at Edenderry                                 Offaly County Council

Feasibility study for carparking and ancillary facilities at    Mr. Francie Coyle
Letterkenny & Donegal town                                      Donegal County Council
Feasibility study regarding the development of a wind           Mr. Roger Adair
energy generation project                                       Donegal County Council
Feasibility study for civic and commercial centres at           Mr. Fitz Howard
Donegal town and Letterkenny                                    Donegal County Council

                                                             Ms. Bernadette Kinsella
Feasibility study for the conversion of a former reformatory
                                                             Offaly County Council
into an integrated tourism and leisure amenity

Feasibility study for 2 hydro electric schemes                  Mr. Willie Moynihan
                                                                Kerry County Council

Feasibility study to assess the potential for lands and         Mr. Michael Fitzpatrick
buildings to meet the needs of the public sector bodies in      Monaghan County Council
the Monaghan area
Feasibility study for the development of an existing            Mr. Derek Jago
industrial/commercial area in Sallynoggin                       Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County

Feasibility study for the development of Cabinteely House,      Mr. Garret Murphy
buildings and lands as a cultural, recreation and tourist       Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown County
venue                                                           Council
                                                                Ms. Sinead McNulty
Feasibility study to examine the future leisure and
                                                                Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown County
recreational needs of the area covered by the Stepaside
Area Plan                                                       Council

Feasibility study for the provision of sea water for the fish   Mr. Paul Kilcoyne
processors in Killybegs to clean their fish                     Donegal County Council

Feasibility study for a managed store for the files of Kerry    Mr. Michael McMahon
County Council and associated UDCs                              Kerry County Council
                                                                Mr. Paddy Power
                                                                Waterford City Council
Start-up funding for the construction of a clubhouse, driving
range and machinery store for the municipal 18 hole golf
course at Williamstown in Waterford city

A consultant to advise Clonmel Borough Council on the           Mr. Willie Corby
best options available to the Council in relation to the        Clonmel Borough Council
design, construction, management/operation and
maintenance of a multi-storey car park in Mary Street,

Feasibility study and a business plan to examine the            Mr. Tom Tarpey
commercial viability of a crematorium in Limerick city          Limerick City Council

Project Manager for the development of Tralee town centre Mr. James Clifford
                                                          Tralee Town Council

Feasibility study re Dundalk Harbour - expand commercial
                                                              Mr. Willie Walsh
activities of harbour; reclaim marsh lands on the north side;
                                                              Louth County Council
provide sluice gates; riverside walks; develop Castletown
river into an attractive fishery

Feasibility study re carpark in Loughrea                        Mr. Jim Cullen
                                                                Galway County Council
Feasibility study regarding provision of civic offices, public Mr. Jim Cullen
library and carparking, together with commercial offices       Galway County Council
and retail development
Feasibility study re development of new residential and        Ms. Catherine Halligan
amenity quarter in & around the harbour area in Bray           Bray Town Council

Feasibility study regarding the provision of a                  Mr. Tony Pluck
telecommunications (broadband) network                          Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown County
Feasibility study regarding the development of open             Mr. Bryan Doyle
space/amenity in Wicklow, Arklow and Greystones                 Wicklow County Council

Re-submit Donegal project for Killybegs Enterprise Park         Ms. Patricia McIntyre
                                                                Donegal County Council
Feasibility study for developing cultural, recreational,        Mr. Bob Hannen
housing & business park activities in the central area of       Dun Laoghaire/ Rathdown Co Co
Dun Laoghaire
                                                                Mr. Gerry Maher
Feasibility study for developing a multi-purpose cultural       Galway County Council
centre in the old town hall building, Loughrea

                                                             Mr. Willie Moynihan
Feasibility study to examine the economic and technical
feasibility of the Hags Glen hydro-electric and water supply Kerry County Council
Feasibility study regarding the County Museum                Mr. Louis Brennan
                                                             Laois County Council
Study on the economic & technical feasibility of extracting
                                                               Mr. Willie Moynihan
gas from the landfill site at Muingnaminnane, to generate
                                                               Kerry County Council

Feasibility study regarding management and maintenance         Mr. John MacEvilly
of Oliver Bond local authority flats, using a PPP approach     Dublin City Council
Feasibility study regarding the development of housing in      Mr. John Egan
Cromcastle Environs , Coolock                                  Dublin City Council
Provision of a mobile phone based parking payment system Mr. Paul McCarthy
for Dublin                                               Dublin City Council
Feasibility study regarding the development of a public  Mr. Peter Minnock
service support centre in County Kildare                 Kildare County Council

Feasibility study regarding the re-development of St. Mels     Mr. Billy Coughlan
Terrace, Athlone.                                              Athlone Town Council

Feasibility study regarding the development of                 Mr. Brian White
"Splashworld" in Tramore.                                      Waterford County Council -

Start-up funding for amenity/recreational facilities for       Mr. Daniel McLoughlin
Carrick-on-Shannon                                             Leitrim County Council -

Feasibility study to examine viability of procuring 2 park &
ride facilities in Waterford city                              Mr. Lar Power/Ms. Mary Quigley
                                                               Waterford City Council

Feasibility study into the potential usage of gas developed    Mr. Tom Tarpey
from Gortadroma landfill in Limerick                           Limerick County Council

Feasibility study into the potential uses of gas developed     Ms. Teresa Tully
from Poolboy Landfill, Ballinasloe, Galway                     Ballinasloe Town Council

                                                               Mr. Paul Smyth
Appointment of Client Representative for development of
Kilbeggan Courthouse and Market House, using a PPP             Westmeath County Council

Start-up funding for planning and procurement fees for the Mr. Sean Quirke
development of Greystones harbour                          Wicklow County Council

Client Rep to carry out market consultation exercise;          Ms. Catherine Halligan
planning and procurement process for the development of        Bray Town Council
Bray Harbour

Contract staff to act as Procurement Team for 2 PPP            Mr. Bartley Gavin
projects in Sligo                                              Sligo County & Borough Councils
Start-up funding for 2 level underground carpark; park area;   Mr. Michael English
public square; commercial and residential units in             Meath County Council
Fairgreen, Navan. Design, commercial and financial
viability, market research, Part 8, project manage
construction of project
PPP Assessment for an Integrated Waste Management             Mr. John Brannigan
facility - develop a range of technologies on a single site   Cavan County Council

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