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					wall decor, rugs, chair type, chair comfort, modern, furniture color, furniture style, books, windows, chair
comfort, desk, books, diplomas, chair location, well-decorated, bare walls, chair size, color, neatness,
number of diplomas/degrees, books, plants, toys, lighting, natural light; chair comfort, books, paintings,
cramped, cluttered, home, decorating, neatness, diplomas, books, special chair, neatness, décor, chair
location, room size, wall hangings, decoration, furniture arrangement, chair, background setting,
formality, chair color, chair size, puffy, dainty, books, darker wood, artwork, couches, artwork,
expensiveness of furniture, furniture niceness, diplomas, chair comfort, chair type, certificates on walls,
psych books or papers, cleanliness, decorated, plants, type of table, decor, books, lighting artwork,
furniture comfort, chair location, carpeting, books, lighting color, wallpaper, closeness of objects, books,
artwork, comfortable furniture, furniture color, decoration colors, cleanliness, decorations, well-kept,
office, books, degrees, degrees, decor, lighting, chair type, cleanliness, leather seating, chair color, wall
color, number of accessories on desk, kind of accessories, other furniture, orderliness, style, books,
certificates on wall, chair comfort, style, organization, furniture type, rigid, soft, art, warm or serene,
dark, certificates on wall, books, children's toys, chair style, cleanliness, furniture tastes, art taste, books,
room decor, rugs, furniture comfort, lighting, decor, pictures, chair material, chair shape.

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