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									ISAP -Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
                A PERSPECTIVE
About Us…
ISAP is a Non-Governmental                                          STATES:
Not for Profit Organization
incorporated in 2001 under
Section -25 of the Indian                 Maharashtra              Punjab      Assam
Companies Act .
                                          Orissa                   Haryana     Nagaland
One of the largest networks
of agriculture and Allied
professionals in the world                Bihar                    Himachal    Mizoram
with a network of :                                                Pradesh
15000 members
                                          Madhya                   Jammu &     Karnataka
5000 experts ,                           Pradesh                  Kashmir
200 chapters and
                                          Andhra                   Rajasthan
475 NGO’s.                               Pradesh

                    Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
 National Award on E-governance 2007-08 by Government Of India for ICT
 Most Promising Social Enterprise Award 2002 – Indo -US Knowledge Trade
 Award winner of the Manthan Award South Asia 2009 for delivery of
  knowledge based services in “e- Enterprise and Livelihood” for the Kisan Call


   • Recognized “Chamber of Commerce” by Ministry of Commerce, GoI
   • Recognized Nodal Training Agency of “MANAGE”, Ministry of Agriculture,
     Govt. of India
   • Special Consultants’ status with United Nations-Economic & Social council

                    Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
ISAP Domain of Work

Farmer training & Capacity Building in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP); Agri-
Entrepreneur Development (EDP); Vocational Skills Training ,Training of Trainers

              ICT Based interventions :
              Query Redress Service; CISCO/OWSA
              Kisan Call Centre-Bhopal-Govt. Of Madhya Pradesh
              Community Radio Station- Vidisha- Govt. Of M.P.

                            Market Linkages:
                            Buyer Seller meet for Fruits and Aromatic & Medicinal

                                                   Research Studies:
                                                  Cluster mapping
                                                  Monitoring and evaluation/ Impact

                  Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
    Grass Root Extension…

Farmer Training                     Farmer Awareness                  Other Farmer
Programs:                           Programs:                         Trainings:

 Farm Field Schools                IEC                                 Bee keeping
 Field Demonstration               Farmer Awareness                    Para Vet
 Exposure visits                    Camps                               Horticulture
 Good Agricultural                 Street corner Baithaks              Biosafety
  Practices                         Kisan Goshtis                       Master training
 Technical trainings               Exposure Visits                     NGO/SHG capacity
  including:                                                              building
     Soil Health
     Input Management
     Balance Fertilizer Use
     Seed
     Drip-Irrigation
     Water Conservation
     Intercropping
                       Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
Exposure Visit –Drip Irrigation , KVK Bundi                  Farmer Awareness Camp in Adilabad

  Field Demonstrations- Maize , Hindoli                         Beekeeping Training in Nagaland

                         Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
Entrepreneurship Development Program-MANAGE (Since`06)
                                                                     No of Enterprises
 Program Achievements:
 9 centers across 8 states in India                                 J&K        55
 Trained 1500+ unemployed Agri-graduates
 475 + Agri –ventures established                                   HP         75
 800 + bankable Detailed Project reports
                                                                     MP         22
  Program Highlights
                                                                     Haryana    80
 60 days Residential training program in Agri & allied .
 Handholding support for one year.
 Formulation of bankable Detail Project Report (DPR)                Punjab     81
 Facilitating DPR’s approval by Bank
 receive subsidy from NABARD.                                       Assam      90
 Facilitating in obtaining license for input trade.
 Establishing contact between industry and candidates               Jharkhand 69
 Facilitating in procuring technology/ software / machinery
                                                                     Nagaland   9
                      Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
          Vocational Skills Training
    SGSY Skill Development Program For MORD

States                                     Training In
                                                  Para Vet
    Madhya Pradesh
                                                  Rural Retail
                                                  Rural Finance

Salient Contours                    Employment preferably
                                     in local district/state.
90 days training .
                                    1 year hand holding
Training of BPL youth.
                                     support after
5000 beneficiaries.                 employment.
Guaranteed employment Custom Trained
 of 75% beneficiaries.  Manpower for Non
         Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
                        ISAP –Skill Development Initiative

Registration-Madhya Pradesh             Group Activity-Dhar              Classroom Training-Raisen

   On- site Training-Vidisha         Mock Interviews-Sehore              Certificate Distribution-Sehore

                          Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
ISAP Interventions using ICT…

• Query Redressal                Kisan Call Centre,               Community Radio
  Services (QRS)                 Bhopal                           Station –Vidisha MP

 IVRS based Crop                Live calls from                 50 watt transmitter
  Advisory funded by              farmers all over MP             First ever Farm
  CISCO/ OWSA for                Team of 30 domain                Centric Community
  over 4 years                    experts in Agriculture           Radio Station.
 Addressed more than             and allied subjects              Voicing voiceless
  2.0 Lakh farmer                 working in 2 shifts.             marginalized section
  queries from H P, U P          7am to 7 pm, Seven               of the community
  and MP.                         days a week                      Addressing
 Received sector                Responding to 10,000             community issues
  specific e-governance           queries per month               Phone In Programmes
  award for ICT in               Have resolved 300,000            with experts.
  Agriculture 2007-08             queries in the last 18          Impacting more than
  from Govt. Of India             months.                          50,000 rural folks

                   Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
Kisan Call Center, Bhopal                      Community Radio Station , Sironje

                 Community Radio Station , Sironje
               Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
Market Linkages…
S.No                   Event                                     Venue                    Year

1      Seminar and exhibition on Cultivation ,         Bihar                      December 2004
       Processing techniques and marketing of
       Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
2      Banana Festival And Conference                  New Delhi                  August 2005
3      Dairy Value Chain workshop                      Chennai                    January 2006
4      Honey Buyer –Seller Meet                        New Delhi                  June 2006
5      Conference on Fruit Industry of                 Shimla, Himachal Pradesh   November 2006
       Himachal Pradesh and Buyer seller meet

6      Indo-Canadian Agril.Business Partner            New Delhi                  February 2007
7      National Buyer -Seller Meet on Apple and        IMPA, Srinagar, J&K        June 2007
       Temperate fruits and nuts .
8      International Meet on Herbal and                Pragati Maidan, New        October 2007
       Medicinal Plants                                Delhi
9      Horti-Expo 2008 coinciding with 3rd             OUAT Bhubaneshwar          November 2008
       Indian Horticultural Congress                   ,Orissa
                        Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
Sustainable Yield Initiative –Project Share..…

                                                                        Blocks covered over 4 years
                                                                               Amravati – 6
                                                                               Adilabad – 8
                                                                               Bhilwara – 6
                                                                                 Bundi – 3

                                                                           Across 1050 villages

Project Duration - 4 Yrs – 2009 to 2012
Target Group
Direct Intervention - 10,000         Farmers
* in groups of 25 each    400 groups
Expected Ripple Impact on 100,000 Farmers

 * An initiative in collaboration with Monsanto
                         Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
Project Share cont….
Specific Interventions:

1. Farmer participatory long term investment:
     a) Seed - cum - fertilizer drill
     b) Watershed development for life saving irrigation

2. Inter cultivation of maize (also bajra and cotton) with pigeon pea to intensify
cropping system yielding two crops instead of one .

3. Different maturity hybrids to suit different soil types and soil moisture /
rainfall regimes to ensure best returns farm land /minimize production risks

4. Low cost safe storage for seed / grain .

5. Lower cost of production with unconventional technology using inputs like
   manure, compost, vermi-compost, organically prepared insecticides

6. Two contra-productive practices discouraged and discontinued :
     a) Row to row distance standardized in maize hybrids
     b) Mixing of seed and fertilizer at sowing discouraged and discontinued
                      Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
OCP-Soil Health Intervention:
•3000 Farmers in Pulse Growing hub of                        Gulbarga , Bidar and Raichur
                                                             In six Blocks – Balki, Basva Kalyan
• 100 farmers groups of 30 farmers each                      Afzalpur, Aalond, Cheetopur and
    •Soil Analysis
    •Soil Health card with advisory                •Farmer Helpline- QRS Services on for and field

        • 100 Field Demonstration of Red Gram with Moong Intercropping
        • Adopt methods like Micro-Irrigation Propagation
                      •Inter Cropping
                      •INM and IPM Practices

Farmer Training                             Exposure Visits of Farmers
    •Pre-sowing Training, INM , IPM and GAP     •To conduct successful demos
    •Pre and Post Harvest Training.             •To KVK’s and SAU’s etc.

                    •Value Addition at Farm Level and Market Linkage
                    •Small Dal Mill in each district
                    •Linking Input Dealers , Bulk Buyers and Farmer Groups

                         Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
   CCA- American Society of Agronomy…
                        …Strengthening the Agri -Extension network in India

 Partners – ISAP, ASA & IRRI
     Funded by BMGF, WB & USAID
 Background
     CCA program by ASA since 1991 in USA
     More than 13,000 CCAs in USA & Canada
     India, the first country outside North
                                                               ` 7,721 for Government Employees
      American Continent to provide CCA
                                                               ` 10,478.50 for Others
 Impact – Farm Advisory of Global Standards,
  Constant Knowledge Up gradation, of CCAs                        SALIENT FEATURES
  Recognition & Respect from Employers &                                Certificate issued by ASA
  Clients, Better Job Opportunities
                                                                        Recognized in USA, Canada &
 Beneficiaries - Agri Input Industries, Govt.                           India
  Extension System, Researchers,                                        Continuous Education
  Academicians & of course, FARMERS .
                                                                        Improves quality of Farm
 Frequency of Exams: Twice a year (June &                               advisory
  December)                                                             Improves Career Prospects

                         Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
ISAP Health Care Initiatives…

 26 Arsenic Water
  Treatment Plants set
  up in Murshidabad
  (WB) for the farming
  community .
                                                            Health Camp- Nabhagram
 10,000 People have
  been provided
  medicines during 9
  medical camps .
 25 bed hospital
                                                       Arsenic Water Treatment Plant
             Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
Project Golden Rays- Baran (Rajasthan)…

 Distribution of Seed :Distributon of 10 MT Corn Seed to 2000
 selected Sahariya Tribals in Kisanganj and Shahabad blocks of Baran
 district, creating pre sowing awareness about hybrid corn cultivation.

 Capacity Building workshops on GAPs : Farmers capacity building 8
 workshops on GAPs for 250 farmers each during crop season.

 Capacity Building workshops on Pre and post harvest management
 practices : 8 Capacity building workshops for 250 farmers each during
 pre harvest stage.

 Agri Extension Services to the farmers : Various Agri Extension
 support activities during various crop management phases.

                Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
 Front Line Demonstrations…

 Cotton and Maize

 Covering Three states of
  Rajasthan , Maharashtra
  and Andhra Pradesh

 More then 1000 x 1 acre
  each demonstrations
  through a full crop cycle                         Field Demonstration -Cotton

                Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
With Qualcomm…                                                   Training by ISAP
240 Retail entrepreneurs exploring new aspects of                     Using Brew
business using ICT on Brew Platform in Rajasthan.                     Application

Increasing possibilities of business and introducing                     Best
domains of commerce in rural hinterland .                             Practices in
Utilizing the untapped potential by opening up the                    Cash Flow
market for idle machines in rural India.                               Inventory
Empowering the youth by providing information of                         Mgmt
the opportunities available.
Improving ROI of the rural Entrepreneur by improved                   Commodity
Working Capital Management.                                              Prices
                                                                      Classified for
Empowering rural customer such that s/he can utilize
products as per their needs and not as per the
market availability.

                  Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
Present Outreach & Operations

 Assam – EDP (Manage), Training Programmes for SIRD, CIH, National Bee
  Board, SIRD
 Bihar- Krishi Soochana (through SMS)
 Haryana- EDP(Manage), Krishi Soochana (through SMS)
 Himachal Pradesh- EDP (Manage), QRS
 Jammu &Kashmir – EDP (Manage)
 Jharkhand- EDP (Manage), Krishi Soochana (through SMS)
 Madhya Pradesh- ATMA, Kisan Call Center, Community Radio Station, EDP
    (Manage), SGSY
   Maharashtra – SGSY, CTLCs , SYI Project Share
   Orissa- SGSY ,
   Punjab- EDP (Manage), Krishi Soochana (through SMS)
   Rajasthan – Field Research Organic farming, SYI Project Share
   UP & Uttarakhand- Krishi Soochana (through SMS),QRS
   Andhra Pradesh : SYI Project Share
   Karnatka : OCP Soil Health initiative in PULSE BELT

                      Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
Senior Management…
Mr.N.V.Ramana (Chairman): B. Tech. (Dairying), PGDM (IIM Ahmedabad). Has 28 years of
work experience in Agri-commodities trading, animal feed industry, input sourcing, supply chain
management and consulting services.

Sunil Khairnar (Vice Chairman) B.Tech (Agriculture) , PGDM (IIM
Ahmadabad). Has 17 years of work experience in Agri commodities trading,
animal feed husbandry, input sourcing and consulting services.

Rajeev Dar (Chief Executive Officer): Dairy Technologist, PGDM (IIM Ahmadabad).
27 years of experience in industries including Dairy and food processing, FMCG,
Pharma and International Trading . With 15 years of corporate experience he has been
an entrepreneur for 12 years in India and abroad.

Dr S Chandra (Director – Agr. Extension) Former ADG (ICAR), Ex-Director (IIPR ,

                      Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
               Thank You !

Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals

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