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									     30 Theobald Street, Borehamwood
             Herts WD6 4SE
Tel : 020 8207 0332 / Fax : 020 8905 1062

October 09
      Company Profile

      Complex Cleaning Supplies is a family run business, established in 1976, and has
      over 30 years experience. Complex was founded from a contract cleaning
      company which has given us the added edge in problem solving and
      understanding our customers requirements.

      Over the years we have grown considerably, this is largely due to our ability to
      give a high personal service and adapt to the individual needs of our customers.


      We aim to make ordering from us as simple as possible, orders can be faxed,
      emailed or telephoned over. If you require any assistance please do not hesitate
      to contact us.


      Deliveries when you want them! That is what we aim to do; we offer a 48-hour
      delivery service, with most deliveries received within 24! If you have specific
      delivery requirements we will endeavour to do what we can to ensure that
      receiving your delivery is as easy and convenient as possible.

      Deliveries are available throughout mainland UK. Local deliveries are distributed
      using our fleet of vehicles, other deliveries outside our local area are distributed by
      a trusted carrier service.

      Deliveries to London’s Congestion charge zone will subject to a minimum order
      value of £150 exclusive of VAT and the cost of the congestion charge.

      Trade Counter

      Our trade counter is open from 7.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and from
      8.00am until 12 midday on Saturdays. We are located conveniently 10 minutes
      south of junction 23 of the M25 and 10 minutes east of junction 5 of the M1.

      Environmental Policy

      We use a variety of suppliers and we aim to only use suppliers who comply with
      environmental legislation. The main way we believe we can help the environment
      is to minimise wastage. We recommend that items be purchased in bulk
      quantities and in concentrates, thus lessening packaging and energy wastage. The
      other way we aim to minimise wastage is to aim to delivery all orders in full as
      often as possible, reducing the requirement to redeliver incomplete orders.

      Terms & Conditions

      Prices          Are subject to VAT at current rate. Are subject to change without notice and will be
                      invoiced at price ruling at date of despatch.
      Payment         Cash on collection/delivery except for approved credit. Accounts payments strictly 30
                      days from date of invoice.
      Title           All goods remain the property of Complex Cleaning Supplies until paid for in full.
      Collection      Collection available from trade counter during opening hours.
      Delivery        Minimum order subject to area, please call for details.
      Dimensions      Are given in good faith and are quoted by our manufacturers and suppliers, but must
                      be regarded as approximate, particularly for textile, paper and polythene products. In
                      some cases Imperial dimensions are still used for identification purposes although
                      goods are now manufactured to metric sizes, which are often slightly smaller.

2 2

Aircare                          4    11             Hygiene Rolls                 42

Bactericidal Cleaners            15   29   30        Kentucky Mop Buckets          39

Barrier Cream                    28                  Kitchen cleaners              15    16

Bin Liners                       49                  Ladders                       56

Bleach                           29                  Laundry                       33

Brooms & Brushes                 6    7    8         Leathers                       6    54

Brick Cleaning                   32                  Marble Cleaners               26

Buckets                          39   45   55        Measuring Aids                32

Caddy Clean                      37                  MicroFibre Cloths              6    20     54

Carpet Cleaning, Accessories     12   13             Moisturising Cream            28

Carpet Cleaning, Protectors      11                  Mop Buckets                   39    39

Carpet Cleaning, Deodorisers     10                  Mopping                       38    39

Carpet Cleaning, Detergents      9                   Multi Surface Cleaners        30

Carpet Cleaning, Machines        13   14             Non-Wovens                    20

Carpet Cleaning, Presprays       10                  Oil Removal                   32

Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal   12                  Oven Cleaning                 16

Carry Trays                      45                  Polish, Car                    5

Catering Disposables             17   18   19        Polish, Floor                 22    25     26

Centrefeed Rolls                 19   41             Polish, Furniture             30

Chandelier Cleaner               32                  Polish, Metal                 31

Cloths                           20   21   54        Refuse Sacks                  49

Descalers, Kitchen               16                  Rock Salt                    Please call for details

Descalers, Washroom              46                  Rotary Machines               14

Dishwashing Liquids              15                  Rubber Gloves                 43    54

Disinfectant                     29                  Safety Floor Signs            24

Dispensers, Dishwashing          15                  Safety Goggles                44

Dispensers, Laundry              33                  Sanitisers                    15

Dispensers, Papers               42                  Scourers                      19    21     24

Dispensers, Soap                 28                  Scrapers                      29    54

Disposable Gloves                43                  Scrubber Dryer                32    37

Drain Cleaners                   17   30   45        Sponges                        6    13     20   21

Dust Control                     24                  Sprayers                      29    54

Dustpans                         8                   Telephone Wipes               31

Dust Sheets                      21                  Telescopic Poles               6    38     54   55

Facial Tissues                   41                  Toilet Brushes                48

Floor Edging Tools               24                  Toilet Cleaners               46

Floor Maintenance                22   23   25   26   Toilet Rolls                  40

Floor Pads                       23                  Toilet Seat Hygiene           48

Floor Seal Applicators           24                  Trolleys                      45

Floor Seals                      22   25   26        Upholstery Cleaning, Car       5     6

Floor Squeegees                  23   24             UPVC Cleaners                 31    53

Floor Strippers                  22   25   26        Vacuum Cleaners                6    14     34

Glass Cleaners                   31   53             Vacuum Cleaner Accessories    35

Glasswash Detergents             17                  Valeting Products              5     6

Graffiti Removers                32                  Washing-Up Liquids            15

Griddle Cleaning                 19                  Washroom Cleaners             46    47

Hand Soap                        27                  Waste Bin                     45    50

Hand Wipes                       28                  Wet Vacuums                   14    34     35

Hand Towels                      41   42             Window Cleaning Equipment     51    52     53    54    55

High Visibility Workwear         44                  Workwear                      43    44

    Automatic Air fresheners                                     Gel Air fresheners

    Micro Airoma Automatic Odour Control System
                                                                 (A001E) Citrus Squeeze Gel Air freshener (12)               £8.90
    (A060KIT) Micro Airoma Starter Pack £26.85                   (A001P) Summer Flowers Gel Air freshener (12)               £8.90
                                                                 (A001F) Marine Breeze Gel Air freshener   (12)              £8.90
    (A060)     Micro Airoma refill fragrance        £2.65
                                                                 Shades Professional Gel Air
    The Micro Airoma airfreshener                                freshener gives weeks of
    system delivers a range of high                              continuous freshness and
    quality fragrances, creating                                 fragrance. Available in 3
    pleasing environments in many                                different fragrances
    locations namely; receptions                                 and packed in 12x190g
    areas, meeting rooms and
    washrooms, to name but a few.
    The Starter Pack includes 2
    fragrances (Ruby & Pearl),
    batteries and the dispenser.                                 Aerosol Air fresheners
    There are range of different
    refills available; Citrus Tingle,                            (A027) Citrus Squeeze (12) £14.65
    Cool, Floral Silk, Mystique, Pearl,
                                                                 (A028) Summer Flowers (12) £14.65
    Ruby & Jasmine.
                                                                 (A029) Marine Breeze (12) £14.65
    SYSTEM 3000                                                  Shades Professional Aerosol Air freshener
                                                                 create a long lasting, instant freshness
    (A018) System 3000 Starter Kit                      £37.50   and fragrance. Available in 3 different
    (A016) System 3000 refills 12x300ml                 £35.00   fragrances and packed in 12x400ml.

    A wall or tabletop                                           (Mixed cases available on request)
    mounted automatic
    air freshener
    system, which                                                (A040CI) BLAST! – Citrus 750ml                    £3.90
    incorporates an                                              (A040CR) BLAST! – Cranberry 750ml                 £3.90
    infrared sensor that                                         (A040VA) BLAST! - Vanilla 750ml                   £3.90
    offers a choice of
                                                                 (A040WI) BLAST! – Wild Orchid 750ml               £3.90
    day, night or
    continual operation.

    Starter Kit Includes…     1 x Automatic Aerosol Dispenser
                              4 x System 3000 Refill Aerosols
                                                                 BLAST! gives a high discharge
                              2 x Duracell Batteries
                                                                 of odour neutralising power
                                                                 in four refreshing fragrances.
    KLEENMIST                                                    Can also be used as a fabric
                                                                 freshener as well as a
    (A022) Kleenmist Aerosol refills 12x280ml           £34.50   conventional air freshener.
    (A023) Kleenmist Bobson 330 Dispenser               £22.75

    Each 280ml can delivers approx
    3400 metered sprays per aerosol
    and will provide odour
    control coverage in
                                                                                 (HG056) HG Eliminator of Unpleasant
    rooms up to 6000
    cu. ft. Available
                                                                                        Smells 500ml        £3.78
    in a variety of
    fragrances                                                                   HG eliminator of all unpleasant smells at source
                                                                                 was specially developed to remove unpleasant
                                                                                 odours in a biological manner. This product does
                                                                                 not mask the smell but rather removes the source
                                                                                 of the smell by means of natural enzymes and
    TimeMist FAN AIR FRESHENER                                                   microbes, so that the unpleasant smell does not
    (A002) TimeMist Fan Starter Kit                     £9.95
                    (Includes Dispenser & refill)
    (A003) TimeMist Fan Refill & battery                £3.99
                                                                 (HG057) HG Textile Spray for Unpleasant
    A battery powered fan                                               Smells 400ml       £3.98
    air freshener that lasts
    for up to 30 days. Each                                      HG textile spray for all unpleasant smells at source is a
    refill comes with a new                                      harmless water-based plant extract, which does not
    battery. Covers up to                                        mask the nasty smell but rather dissolves the smelly
    40m3 and is very compact                                     molecules.
    measuring 95x116x77mm

                                                                                                      AUTO CARE

                                                          (C020) Solvent Degreaser 5 litre          £10.50

                                                          A fast acting, solvent-based degreaser that liquefies
                                                          oils and grease on contact. Rapidly dissolves oil,
                                                          grease, diesel, tar, bitumen, rubber, wax and
Our Auto Care range is produced by Clover Chemicals,      Ideal to degrease engine bays and metal parts.
whom have received a letter from Mercedes-Benz
complementing them on the high standard of their Auto
Care products.                                            (C239) Screen Wash 5 litre                     £6.05

                                                          A concentrated screen wash additive that cuts
                                                          through grease and grime to leave a streak-free
Exterior Cleaning Products                                finish.

TRAFFIC FILM REMOVER                                      Exterior Finishing Products
(C017) Magnum Force Extra 5 litre £5.30                   TYRE DRESSING
(C018) Magnum Force Extra 20 litre £19.85

Magnum Force Extra is a powerful, concentrated,           (C004) Autogloss 5 litre                £12.25
alkaline pressure washer additive with controlled
foam levels to ensure a free-rinsing finish and           A solvent-based dressing for vinyl, rubber and plastic
effective degreasing action. Removes heavy                on cars. Use on car bumpers, plastic trims and tyres
layers of traffic film dirt and built-up grease in        to cover whitening and bring back to a ‘new’ finish,
the engine department.                                    leaving a brilliant gloss.

                                                          (C002) Raven -Tyre & Rubber dressing 5 litre               £9.95
                                                          An automotive tyre dressing that brings back to an
(C009) Activ F 5 litre                     £3.50          original-looking finish. Tyre & Rubber dressing has
                                                          been designed to allow water to bead off the rubber.
A viscous, orange liquid that contains a high
active blend of emulsifiers with a long lasting,
mild foam to leave a shining, streak-free finish.
Suitable to clean vehicle paintwork and                   BODYWORK POLISH
bodywork, glass, aluminium, perspex, rubber and
                                                          (C003) Formula 2000 5 litre                 £9.72

                                                          A high quality polish containing waxes and silicones for
(C008)    Wash and Wax 5 litre             £5.80
                                                          use on new and used cars. Formula 2000 is quick-to-
(C008/25) Wash and Wax 20 litre            £19.24         use and protects the paintwork, leaving a gloss finish.

Wash and wax is a neutral cleaner and polish that
contains advanced polymeric wax to clean and
shine all vehicles.
                                                           (C010) Used Car Polish 5 litre             £10.36

                                                          Use to renovate faded automotive paintwork, Used Car
SPECIALITY AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS                            Polish cuts back faded paintwork for a glossy finish.

(C005) Alloy Wheel Cleaner 5 litre         £5.48

A specialised product for cleaning alloy wheels.
Essential for cleaning brake dust and soiling from
alloy wheels.                                           Interior Cleaning & Finishing Products

(C016) Tar & Glue Remover 5 litre          £10.36       VEHICLE CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANERS

For the removal of tar and glue from all surfaces       (C249) B-Kleen Extra 5 litre              £6.45
that are not solvent sensitive. Ideal to remove tar,
bitumen and most solvent-based glue.                    A heavy duty, low foam cleaner for cleaning, revitalising
                                                        and restoring carpets, upholstery and vehicle interiors.
                                                        A blend of heavy-duty cleaning agents with fabric colour
                                                        brighteners and fragrances.

                                                                                                                   AUTO CARE

    (HG065) HG Spot & Stain Cleaner 500ml £3.39
    HG spot & stain spray cleaner for carpets and
    upholstery has been specially developed for
    removing stains and dirt from carpet                            (S006) Miraclean trouble shooter pk 12                 £7.25
    and upholstery. Furthermore, it has a       6
    dirt repellent action to prevent rapid                          Vileda’s Miraclean is a no.1 trouble shooter
    resoiling                                                       For annoying and stubborn marks, made
                                                                    from melamine resin foam, just add water!
                                                                    Ideal for removing light scuff marks are
    INTERIOR CLEANERS                                               insects from the front of cars.

    (C024) ‘New Trim’ vinyl restorer 480ml              £2.80
                                                                    PET HAIR REMOVAL BRUSH
    Designed to clean and polish vehicle dashboards
    and trim. Available in either lemon or
    tangerine fragrances.                                           (B100) Super Valeting Pet Hair Brush                £2.99

                                                                    This is a superb solution to a big
                                                                    problem for pet owners a brush that
    (F063)    Swift 6x750ml           £11.45                        removes pet hair with ease! The brush
    (F063/5L) Swift 5litre            £7.75                         measures 16cm long and 5cm wide.

    A ready-to-use polish, which clean and                          CAR SPONGES
    polishes in one application. Designed for
    cleaning and polishing vehicle interiors,
                                                                    (C028) Jumbo Car Sponge                 £0.75
    such as plastic, wood trim and paintwork.

                                                                    Bone shaped yellow vehicle sponge.
    (D051) Virosol 5litre                 £5.45

    A citrus-based cleaner and degreaser that is                    TELESCOPIC POLES & VALETING ACCESSORIES
    fast acting to remove dirt, grime, diesel oil and
    tobacco film from vehicle interiors. Use to                     An economy 2 section pole. Available in 3 sizes. Secure lock with
    clean vinyl, headlinings, plastic and soiled                    1/4 turn left or right. Reach more than 4 m / 13' (pole length +
    interiors.                                                      height).

                                                                    (W095) 2 section x 1 metre                       £9.78
                                                                    (W115) 2 section x 1.5 metres                    £11.98
                                                                    (W158) 2 section x 2 metres                      £15.70
    Valeting Equipment


    (W083) 4.5 sq ft Large Leather                        £9.83     (C030) Hi-Flo Brush                    £15.40

    High quality chamois leathers.                                  Soft 10” brush with 90 degree special index
                                                                    for ease of working. Fits on the end of all
                                                                    Unger poles. Ideal for cars, boats, caravans
                                                                    and walls etc.

    (W085) Vileda Flunky Car Cloth           £4.85
                                                                    Valeting Duo
    The ‘Flunkey’ is the professional valeters
    choice and has been quoted as being                             (NUMA06) Valeting Duo Set                £247.60
     ‘… the best car cloth in the world…ever’
                                                                    This pair of machines have been designed especially for the
    MICROFIBRE CLOTHS                                               valeter. The Valeting Duo comes as a set and has one machine for
                                                                    dry vacuuming and the other for shampooing the upholstery i.e.
                                                                    two people can valet together.
    ‘MicroFibre‘ Fabric superior action wipes can be used
                                                                    There is a significant cost saving
    wet or dry to make any cleaning job easier. Ideal for a
                                                                    as the machine only come
    final polish on body work and all surfaces. Now also
                                                                    with the tools that required
    available in extra size. the new "Giant MicroWipe" with
                                                                    for valeting and both
6   60cmx80cm. Can be used instead of a chamois.
                                                                    machines come with
                                                                    a longer hose.
    (W125) MicroWipe 40cm x 40cm                            £1.00
    (W142) MicroWipe 60cm x 80cm                            £3.99

Sweeping Brooms / Brushes                                    HANDLES, STAYS & SOCKETS

                                                             Made from ‘A’ quality wood the
HARD BROOMS                                                  Wooden handles are available in 3 sizes.

                                                             (B018) 48” x 15/16”                    £1.26
Our hard brooms are made from                                (B043) 60” x 15/16”                    £2.05
Natural Bassine, ideal for outdoor work, for wet
                                                             (B019) 60” x 11/8”                     £2.99
or dry rougher surfaces. Available in four sizes.
(To complete the broom use Handle B019 & socket B048)        (B018T) 48” x 15/16” Threaded          £1.33

(B009)   12”   Bassine   Broom   Head               £3.44
                                                             On larger brooms, it is normally a very
(B011)   18”   Bassine   Broom   Head               £3.93    good idea to strengthen the join between
(B013)   24”   Bassine   Broom   Head               £5.26    handle and broom head. Using either a
(B015)   36”   Bassine   Broom   Head               £9.39    galvanised socket or broom stay does
                                                             exactly that.

The Sherbo broom head is perfect for
heavy work where long bristles are                           (B048) Galvanised socket & Bolts                       £2.79
required. (A complete the broom use                          (B048/C) Clamp for Sherbo Broom Head                   £4.20
Handle B019 & socket B048/C)                                 (B017) Broom Stay                                      £2.13
(B016) 13” Sherbo Broom Head                £5.14

The Deck scrub has extra stiff short bristles
                                                             Hand-held Brushes
for hard scrubbing. Fits handle B018

(B024) Deck Scrub            £3.34                           BANISTER BRUSHES

                                                             6” Banister brush, with lacquered wooden
                                                             handle and available in three types.
The soft brooms are made from                                (B021)       SOFT Coco Hand brush      £1.97
Black flagged coco fibre, which is
                                                             (B021N)      MEDIUM Economy Hand Brush £1.58
specially treated dyed coco where the ends
have been split. It sweeps better then plain                 (B022)       STIFF Bassine Hand Brush  £1.74
fibre, especially in drier dusty conditions.
(To complete the broom use Handle B019 & socket B048)        The hygiene range of banister brushes are designed
                                                             to be extremely robust and resist corrosion
(B008)   12”   Soft   Coco   Broom   Head           £3.61    and moisture absorption. Available in
                                                             BLUE, RED, GREEN or YELLOW and
(B010)   18”   Soft   Coco   Broom   Head           £5.19
                                                             a choice of textures.
(B012)   24”   Soft   Coco   Broom   Head           £6.79
(B014)   36”   Soft   Coco   Broom   Head           £10.75   (HY009)      SOFT 317mm Brush                  £2.42
                                                             (HY010)      STIFF 317mm Brush                 £2.42
                                                             SCRUB BRUSHES
New to our range is the Threaded Broom heads, which
are available in a variety of types including deck
scrub and PVC broom head . All fit handle B018T.             Single wing, union mix (polypropylene/bassine). The
                                                             Union mix has the excellent wear and resilience of
                                                             Polypropylene and the water retention of bassine.

(B009T) 12” Bassine Filled Threaded head   £3.44             (B023)       Single Wing Scrub Brush       £2.41
(B008T) 12” Soft Coco Filled Threaded head £3.61
(B024T) 9” Threaded head Deck Scrub        £3.34
                                                             The sink brush has the union mixture as above but
                                                             with longer bristles.

                                                             (B029)       Sink Brush       £1.45

                                                             For more aggressive scrubbing or scratching
                                                             the Wire Brush is perfect.

                                                             (B030)       Wire Brush       £1.99


                                                                       The lightweight hygiene range are ideal for the catering trade,
                                                                       kitchens, pubs, schools and elderly people’s homes and other
    Tube brushes can be used for those hard                            hygienically sensitive areas where proprietors have to “register
    to small hard to reach places. Available in two sizes              their premises” under the Food Safety Act 1990. All items in the
                                                                       range can be boiled if required.

    (B073)          Tube Brush 356mm x 4.8mm            £1.76          Available in four colours – GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE or RED.
    (B074)          Tube Brush 318mm x 7.9mm            £1.87
                                                                       (HYA004)     12” Abbey Soft Broom Head           £3.15
                                                                       (HYA005)     12” Abbey Stiff Broom Head          £3.15

                                                                       (HYA001)     18” Abbey Soft Broom Head           £5.15
    The polyester range of scrubbing brush are available in BLUE
                                                                       (HYA002)     18” Abbey Stiff Broom Head          £5.15
    or RED. They form part of the Hygiene Range of brushes and
    are designed to be very robust and to resist corrosion, rotting,
    moisture absorption and associated bacterial contamination.

    (HY006)   Grippy Scrub Brush                        £3.38
    (HY004)   Double Wing Scrub Brush                   £4.52
    (HY007)   Short Handle General Brush                £5.44
    (HY017)   Round Hand Scrub                          £5.59

                                                                       (HYA006)     9” Abbey Deck Scrub Head                £3.15

                                                                                          ABBEY HANDLES
                                                                                          (M039) Abbey Ali Handle 125cm £2.95
                                                                                          (HY003A) Abbey Ali Handle 137cm £3.35
    Several nail brushes available; wooden and plastic backed.
    Plastic nail brushes available in BLUE or RED.                                        The hygiene range handles
                                                                                          has a 1.2mm wall
                                                                                          thickness and is
    (B027) Wooden Nail Brush                            £1.27                             anodised to BS1615.
    (B028) Plastic Stiff Nail Brush                     £1.87
    (HY005) Plastic Soft grippy Nail Brush              £1.33                             Available in four colours –
                                                                                          GREEN, YELLOW,
                                                                                          BLUE or RED.

                                                                       We have a variety of dustpans, including metal and lobby dustpan
                                                                       & brush sets. The plastic dustpans and economy sets are available
                                                                       in BLUE, RED, GREEN or YELLOW. The lobby are only available
    DISH BRUSHES                                                       in blue/black as shown. Other colours are available to order.

                                                                       (D033)       Economy Dustpan & brush set                 £2.35
    10 Plastic dish brush, available in BLUE only
                                                                       (D015)       Large Plastic Dustpan                       £2.03
                                                                       (D046)       Metal Dustpan                               £6.42
    (HY013) Dish Blue - blue                            £1.50
                                                                       (D016)       Lobby Dustpan & Brush                       £17.95

        Guide to colour coding…                          Single
        Help prevent cross contamination

             Sanitary appliances & washroom floors

             Wash basin & other washroom surfaces

             General lower risk area (excluding food area)
                        Lightweight Hygiene range
             General food & Bar Use

                                                                                                            CARPET CLEANING

                                                                          (S777) Crystal Green 4 Kilo                £21.80

                                                                          Prochem’s premium non-ionic carpet extraction
                                                                          detergent for spectacular result on tough, oily and
                                                                          greasy soils. Green powder with herbal lemon
                                                                          fragrance. Dilutes 1 to 333

                                                                          (S776) Double Clean 4 Kilo                 £20.80
                                                                          A concentrated heavy-duty extraction detergent,
                                                                          formulated for optimum performance in cleaning
(S775) Extraction Pro 5litre              £8.25                           heavily soiled carpets. Blue powder with citrus
                                                                          mint fragrance. Dilutes 1 to 500
Professional low foam emulsifier for carpet soil
extraction machines. Green liquid with citrus
fragrance. Dilutes 1 to 100                                               (C409) Pure Clean 4 Kilo                   £25.50

                                                                          Multi-purpose carpet cleaning powder with new
                                                                          soap-free, enzyme-free and fragrance-free
(C040) Comet Extraction Detergent £6.00                                   formula. Use in extraction, bonnet, spray
                                                                          cleaning & residue free cleaning. Dilutes 1 to 66
Sold in 5litres, Comet is a professional low foam
emulsifier for carpet extraction machines.
Green liquid. Dilutes 1 to 80

                                                                          (B105) Fibre Shampoo 5litre                £11.80

(S800) Carpetclean XL 5litre              £18.45                          Professional high foam shampoo for carpet rotary
                                                                          and dry foam cleaning. Clear liquid with lemon
High Concentrate, phosphate-free extraction                               fragrance. Dilutes 1 to 25
detergent for extraction machines. Certified to
AMS1631A for aircraft cleaning. Dark green liquid
with floral citrus fragrance. Dilutes 1 to 333.
                                                                          (B145) Fab Clean 5litre                    £10.15

                                                                          Upholstery fabric extraction concentrate for use on
(B109) Fibre & Fabric Rinse 5litre         £8.75                          wet cleanable colourfast fabrics. Contains low foam
                                                                          biodegradable surfactants and brighteners.
A professional acidic rinse agent for neutralising                        Turquoise liquid with green apple fragrance.
alkaline pre-sprays & stabilising colours. Prevents                       Dilutes 1 to 66.
most colour bleeds, Woolsafe approved. Orange
liquid with orange fragrance. Dilutes 1 to 100
                                                                          (B106) Fine Fabric Detergent 5litre          £11.75

(S781) Liquid Woolsafe 5litre            £11.30                           All new technology blend of fine fabric cleaning
                                                                          detergents with micro-encapsulation and anti-resoil
A safe & effective extraction cleaner for wool and                        chemistry for effective extraction of delicate fibres,
stain resistant nylon carpets. Approved by                                rugs and fabrics. Apporved by the Woolsafe
Woolsafe. Amber liquid with lemon floral                                  Organisation for use on Wool fabrics. Green liquid
fragrance. Dilutes 1 to 100                                               with tropical fragrance. Dilution 1 to 66

(S780) Fibresafe Gold 5litre            £21.75
                                                                          (B845) Citra Boast 1litre                  £11.50
A safe and effective powdered extraction
detergent for wool and stain resistant nylon                              Professional strength solvent based cleaning additive. Add
carpets. Approved by Woolsafe. Fibresafe                                  Citra Boost to your pre-spray, extraction detergent or
Gold incorporates a self neutralising pH                                  rotary shampoo solution to boost cleaning power for tough
system which reduces risk of colour bleed.                                jobs. Peach liquid with orange citrus fragrance. Dilutes 1
Yellow powder with green apple fragrance.                                 to 66.
Dilutes 1 to 333

(S773) Dry Blend 4 Kilo          £16.75                                   (C055) Fiberdri 10kilo             £32.00

Economical commercial extraction detergent                                A dry carpet cleaning compound based upon
for use on synthetic carpets. White powder                                natural organic compound coated with
with lemon fragrance. Dilute 1 to 333                                     biodegradable cleaning agents. Golden
                                                                          compound with floral fragrance. Ready to use
                                                                          in conjunction with brush applicator or
                                                                          Prochem’s Fiberdri carpet dry cleaning

                                               SEE LATEST PROCHEM CATALOGUE FOR FURTHER DETAILS
                                                                                                               CARPET CLEANING

     Presprays                                                               (HG034) HG 4in1 Leather Cleaner 250ml                £5.32

                                                                             HG 4 in 1 for leather is water-based. This product
     (S709) Multi Pro 5litre                   £8.25
                                                                             cleans and nurtures the leather making it supple and
                                                                             protecting it perfectly against dirt, stains and
     Professional general purpose pre-spotter and
     traffic lane pre-spray for carpets. Apply with
     sprayer before machine cleaning. Blue liquid
     with citrus mint fragrance. Dilutes 1 to 8
                                                                             (HG035) HG Deep Cleaner for Leather 250ml                      £5.19

                                                                             HG deep cleaner for leather goes deep into the
     (S710) Trafficclean 5litre                £9.85
                                                                             pores of the leather finish and lays a perfect
                                                                             base for treatment with HG 4 in 1 for leather.
     Industrial strength high concentrate formula
     with extra water soluble solvents for grease
     removal.Green liquid with mint fragrance.
     Dilutes 1 to 10                                                         (HG058) HG Rug Anti-slip 500ml              £4.65

     (S888) Ultraprep TLC 5litre       £22.85                                The solution for rugs, mats, and bath mats that
                                                                             could cause you to trip. This unique formula makes
     Low VOC high concentrate pre-spray and traffic                          the underside anti-slip, which means that rugs,
     lane cleaner. Powerful formula with mild pH                             carpet strips, and mats no longer slide, but can still
     suitable for most carpets. Cream opaque                                 be picked up.
     viscous liquid with mintfresh fragrance. Dilutes
     1 to 33

     (S789) Power Burst 4 Kilo            £20.95                             (A217) Ultrapac Renovate 5litre            £12.30

     Enzyme-free high performance alkaline detergent                         Special Prespray product for the removal of dry soot,
     pre-spray for pre-cleaning heavily soiled                               carbon, fire residues, filtration soils and draught
     commercial carpet. Ideal for restaurant carpets                         marks on marks, fabrics and other surfaces.
     and traffic lanes where there is a high build-up of                     Deodorises on application. Red liquid with floral
     grease. Not suitable on Wool. White powder with                         fragrance. Dilute 1 to 20 to 1 to 10
     floral fragrance. Dilutes 1 to 66.

                                                                             (B171) Filter-Out 1litre             £4.70
     (B107) Prespray Gold 5litre          £16.15
                                                                             Removes Air filtration soil lines along walls and doorways,
     Highly concentrated pre-spray cleaner for wool,                         near heating and air conditioning vents. Also removes
     wool mix, stain resistant nylon and other pH                            toner spills, carbon, soot and other charged particle soils.
     sensitive, wet cleanable carpets, rugs and                              Green liquid with floral fragrance. Ready-to-use.
     upholstery fabrics. Amber liquid with floral
     lemon fragrance. Dilutes 1 to 32

                                                                             (B194) Shockaway 5litre           £10.99
     (B108) Fabric Restorer 5litre         £14.30
                                                                             Anti-static treatment for carpets & other surfaces where
     Premium upholstery Prespray with high
                                                                             static electricity build-up is a problem. Clear liquid,
     concentrate blend of detergents, low odour
                                                                              coverage approx 50m2 per 5litres of mixed solution.
     solvents and anti-resoil agents. Clear liquid with
     citrus fragrance. Dilutes 1 to 16

                                                                             (B140) Dri Pro 5litre        £25.99

                                                                             A blend of odourless solvents, soil removing additives
     Specialist Products                                                     and deodorisers for cleaning water sensitive fabrics
                                                                             and curtains. Clear solvent with lemon fragrance.
     (E672) Leather Cleaner 1litre          £6.85                            Ready-to-use.

     Leather upholstery cleaner. Contains speciality
     surfactants and neatsfoot oil. White liquid emulsion
     with light lemon fragrance. Ready-to-use.
     (E675) Leather Conditioner 500ml            £5.75
                                                                             (B117) Lemon Refresh 1litre            £6.55
     Finishing treatment for cleaning leather upholstery,
     which replaces natural oils, restores suppleness and                    Concentrated fragrance additive and air conditioner which
     helps protect. Tan liquid emulsion with rich leather                    may be added to extraction, shampoo or any general
     fragrance. Ready-to-use.                                                cleaning solution. Clear liquid with fresh lemon
                                                                             fragrance. Dilutes 1 to 100.

                                                  SEE LATEST PROCHEM CATALOGUE FOR FURTHER DETAILS
                                                                                                               CARPET CLEANING

                                                                              Carpet & Fabric Protectors
     (B124) Odour Fresh 5litre            £10.61
                                                                              (B129) Fluroseal Plus 5litre         £25.99
     Professional formula deodoriser with high quality
     deodorisers and bactericides which can be
                                                                              Odourless fluorocarbon carpet protector which coats
     added to any carpet, fabric or general cleaning
                                                                              and protects against water and oil based spillages.
     solution. Clear liquid
                                                                              White liquid. Coverage 30m2 to 50m2 per 5 litres.
     with floral fragrance. Dilutes 1 to 100.

                                                                              (B128) Fabric Seal 5litre         £43.5
     (B224) Contract Carpet Deodoriser 5litre              £8.05
                                                                              Solvent based protector for the treatment of water
     A powerful, safe and pleasantly perfumed
                                                                              sensitive fine fabrics. Prevents staining from both
     deodoriser formulated to destroy unpleasant
                                                                              water and oil based stains. Clear solvent. Coverage
     odours in carpets. Can be diluted with water and
                                                                              approx 80m2 to 100m2 per 5 litres.
     pre-sprayed onto carpet or added to extraction or
     shampoo cleaning solutions. Pink liquid with cherry
     fragrance. Dilution 1 to 50 pH 8.5                                       (TM2401) ScotchGuard Protector 3.78litre             £44.55

                                                                              Concentrated carpet protector from the
                                                                              manufacturers of Scotchgard™. White emulsion
                                                                              liquid. Coverage 93m2 per 3.78 litres concentrate.
                                                                              Dilution 1:4 pH 6.5
     Odour Neutralisers
                                                                              (C097) 3M Carpet Protector 5litre           £99.45
     (B153) Urine Neutraliser 1litre        £4.50
                              5litre        £8.15                             New formula concentrated flurochemical polymer carpet
                                                                              protector from the manufacturers of ScotchguardTM. Tan
                                                                              emulsion liquid. Coverage 225 m2 per 5 litres. Dilute 1
                                                                              to 8.
     A acidic deodorant for neutralising and deodorising urine by
     direct application. Neutralises odour from urine deposits on             (HG064) HG Repellent for Textiles 300ml              £4.45
     contact and prevents staining. Yellow liquid with fresh
     fragrance. Ready-to-use.                                                 HG water, oil, grease & dirt repellent for textiles protects
                                                                              valuable textiles against most stains while simultaneously
                                                                              waterproofing the material.
     (A222) Odour Neutraliser 5litre                £31.25

                                                                              (HG036) HG Repellent for Leather 300ml               £5.05
     Highly Concentrated odour neutraliser for smoke
     and odour contaminated carpets, fabrics and                              HG water, oil, grease & dirt repellent for leather has been
10   hard surfaces. Available in spray able liquid or                         specially designed for the protection and maintenance of
     continuous gel form. Turquoise liquid with                               all leather. The product gives an invisible protection to
     deodorant fragrance. Dilute 1 to 100.                                    the eye and to the touch against the penetration of dirt
                                                                              and stains such as edible oils, coffee, tea and wine, and
                                                                              of course against water.

     Sanitisers                                                               (B130) Aqua-Seal Fabric Protector         £25.96

                                                                              Water-based soil and stain resistant finish for wet
     (B125) Clensan              5litre   £16.25                              cleanable fine fabrics. White liquid. Coverage 75m2
                                 1litre   £4.50                               per 5 litres. Ready-to-use.

     Specially formulated crystallising sanitiser for
     carpets and fabrics. Provide protection from
     bacteria & odours caused by floods, mould, mildew & food                 Debrowning Treatments
     spoilage. Clear liquid with lemon fragrance. Dilute 1 to 50
                                                                              (B175) Browning Prescription 5litre           £8.60

     (D500) Microsan 1litre           £4.57                                   Special formula for treating jute browning and large
                        5litre        £16.45                                  areas of water damage staining on carpets. Dilutes 1
                                                                              to 5.
     New EC and USA registered anti-microbial multi-surface                   (B151) Oxibrite 1kilo             £6.25
     sanitiser and cleaner effective against bacteria                         (B162) Fibrebuff 2kilo            £15.50
     (including MRSA), viruses (including Hepatitis B and HIV)
     fungi, algae and mildew. Amber liquid with floral citrus                 Oxidising additive for white, off-white and                     11
     fragrance. Ready-to-use.                                                 pastel coloured fibres and fabrics. Can be
                                                                              added to extraction solution or for best
                                                                              results use in conjunction with B105 Fibre shampoo and
                                                                              B162 Fibrebuff and leave to dry.

                                                   SEE LATEST PROCHEM CATALOGUE FOR FURTHER DETAILS
                                                                                                          CARPET CLEANING

Defoamers                                                               OIL BASED STAINS

(S760) Liquid Defoamer 5litre          £11.95                           (E840) Citrus Gel 1litre          £9.45

High quality professional anti-foam concentrate                         Citrus solvent & detergent based liquid gel spot remover
for extraction machine recovery tanks. White                            for oil, grease, tar, gum & other oily spots on carpet and
liquid with mild odour. Dilutes 1 to 500.                               fabrics. White gel with citrus fragrance. Ready-to-use.

(S762) Powdered Defoamer 2kilo            £7.45                         (B123) Solvall Spotter 5litre         £41.50
                                                                                               1litre         £10.50
Economical powdered defoaming agent which
can be sprinkled into waste tanks or on                                 A volatile dry solvent for general spot cleaning of
carpet, prior to extraction cleaning. Contains                          oil, grease, adhesives, tar, gum oil based paints
pure silicone anti-foam and inert ingredients.                          and many other solvent soluble stains on carpets and
White moist powder.                                                     fabrics. Clear solvent with orange fragrance. Ready-to-use.

(S760S) De-Foamer 5litre          £7.90                                 (A277) Solvex            1litre     £11.35

A specilised de-foaming agent to control                                A water-rinseable blend of penetrating solvents and
detergent foam. De-foamer counteracts foam                              detergents for gloss and emulsion paints and other
from previous detergent residues. Suitable for                          solvent soluble inks on carpets, fabrics and other
eliminating foaming problems in machine                                 surfaces. Clear solvent with aromatic odour.
recovery tanks.

                                                                         (A281) Gluespot         300ml       £6.20

                                                                        A water-rinseable blend of penetrating solvents and
Spot & Stain Removers                                                   detergents for gloss and emulsion paints and other solvent

                                                                        (C083) Selfreeze Chewing gum remover 12oz               £4.55
                                                                        An aerosol freeze spray for the removal of chewing
                                                                        gum and sticky sweets.
(B144) Stain Pro         5litre     £9.45
                         1litre     £4.50
                                                                        (C084) Detak Chewing Gum Remover 500ml                  £2.45
Heavy duty water and solvent based alkaline
                                                                        Detak is a simple to use spot application treatment
protein spotter for blood, vomit, wine, ink, fresh
                                                                        for effective removeal of chewing gum. Designed to
tea and coffee and most food based stains. Clear
                                                                        break down the structure of the chewing gum,
liquid with mint fragrance. Ready-to-use.
                                                                        allowing it to be removed quickly and easily. Solvent
                                                                        based product.

                                                                        (C165) Spot Remover Kit           £12.85
(B195) Coffee Stain Remover
                     5litre         £8.15                               Handy sized shrink-wrapped consumer kit with
                     1litre         £4.50                               four spotting agents which are effective on most
                                                                        common household stains. Comes complete with
Specially formulated acidic spotter for tea,                            nozzle applicators and easy-to-use quick
coffee, beer tannin, water marks and other yellow                       reference guide.
and brown discolorations on carpet or fabric.

(E400) Rex Rx 1litre        £10.50                                      Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Accessories

Developed to remove red food colouring,                                 (C098) White Terry Towels (pk 12)          £11.50
carbonated drinks, fruit juices and wine stains
from carpet and fabrics. Lemon Fragrance.                               Pure White cotton for upholstery and spot cleaning
                                                                        (C103) Furniture foam “snap” blocks          £1.68
(B198) Rust Remover 1litre           £6.45
                                                                        Prevents rust and wood staining from heavy
                                                                        furniture on damp carpet. 36 blocks per sheet.
An acidic gel for removal of rust, iron mould and
old blood stains on carpet, fabric and clothing.
Clear viscous liquid. Ready-to-use.
                                                                        (C101) Foil Furniture protector pads        £5.70

                                                                        Place under chairs and tables to prevent rust marks.
                                                                        Pack of 1000

                                             SEE LATEST PROCHEM CATALOGUE FOR FURTHER DETAILS
                                                                                                                          CARPET CLEANING

     Carpet & Upholstery Brushes & Sponges                                      (PRAC15) Stainless Steel Sprayer 5litre £195.00

                                                                                The 5litre stainless steel pressure sprayer fitted with
     (C104) Prochem Spotting Brush                  £2.75                       a 8004 fan jet, Viton Seals and a pressure gauge.

12   Stiff natural fibre short bristle brush for
     spot and stain removal.                                                    Prochem Carpet
12                                                                              Machines
12 (C105) Tampico Upholstery Brush                  £5.75

     Soft natural Mexican fibre hand brush for                                  STEEMPRO 2000
     applyingshampoo and pre-sprays to
     pholstery fabrics.
                                                                                The scuff-resistant granite
                                                                                finish Steempro 2000
     (C106) Nylon Hand Brush             £5.20                                  machines are the latest and
                                                                                most advanced in Prochem’s
     Stiff Synthetic fibre hand brush for                                       range of portable soil
     general application                                                        extractors. The ideal high-
                                                                                power carpet extractor for the
                                                                                single operator, the Steempro
     (C140) Carpet Pile Brush 18” with handle               £19.60              2000 incorporates a high vacuum and pump system with an
                                                                                internal “whisper quiet” silencer making it one
                               Brush for pre-spray agitation and re-            of the most powerful yet quiet portable extractors in the world.
                               setting pile.
                                                                                The range option includes single and dual 3-stage vacuum motors, 70p
                                                                                and 100psi pumps and a “clip-on” in-line 2.8k heat exchanger which
                                                                                produces virtually instant hot cleaning solution. Each machine comes
                                                                                complete with hoses and Glidemaster stainless steel wand.
     (C109) Grandi-Groomer carpet rake 12”                  £19.60
     (C110) Grandi-Groomer carpet rake 18”                  £27.75
     A rake which can be used to rake                                                                            Tank          Vacuum       Pump          Cost
     or loft pile prior to vacuuming
     and re-set pile after cleaning.                                            PRMA03        Powerflo              35 litre   1x2 stage    70psi       £1,395.80

                                                                                PRMA04        Powermax              35 litre   2x3 stage    100psi      £1,647.80

                                                                                PRMA07        Powerplus             55 litre   2x3 stage    100psi      £1,731.80
     (BR3830) Heavy Duty ‘Scrunge Sponge                    £2.99

     Soft and hard surfaces for general use.                                                                 Optional Extras
                                                                                                             (PRAC13) Heat n run 2.8k heat
                                                                                                                      exchanger unit £335.75
     (CN3604) Upholstery Shampoo Sponge                     £3.25

     Soft Sponge for foam shampoo
     cleaning of fabrics

                                                                                The new Galaxy portable extractor is
     Pump-Up Sprayers                                                           perfect machine for residential and
                                                                                institutional cleaning of carpets, rugs
                                                                                and upholstery. With all new compact
     (S015) Pump-up Sprayer 1.5litre               £9.00                        design and lightweight yet durable
                                                                                hi-tech construction the new Galaxy
     The 1.5litre pump-up sprayer has an adjustable                             packs a powerful punch. With a
     nozzle and calibration markings for ease of                                powerful 3-stage vacuum the Galaxy
     chemical dilution. It also has ‘Viton@ gaskets                             delivers the same cleaning performance
     and seals for improved chemical resistance.                                as much larger machines.

                                                                                Features include: 22 litre solution tank, Compact design,
     (S016) 5litre Pressure Sprayer £27.95                                      lightweight, only 22 kilos, Folding Handle, Automatic vacuum
     Highly durable for industry with ‘Vitron’
     seals and complete with pressure release                                                           Solution
     value and indicator.                                                                                Tank           Vacuum      Pump        Cost

                                                                               PRMA09     Galaxy         22 litre       1x3 stage   70psi     £845.75

                                                     SEE LATEST PROCHEM CATALOGUE FOR FURTHER DETAILS
                                                                                                          CARPET CLEANING

 Prochem Carpet Machines Accessories                                       NUMATIC CTD570

 (PRAC03) Easy-grip Upholstery Tool                £140.25
                                                                           The CTD570 has become a very
 Stainless Steel Upholstery tool with                                      popular machine owing to its size
 1.8m internal solution hose,                                              and robust construction.
 vacuum hose and external 02
 spray tip.

 (PRAC07) Heavy Duty Hose Bag                            £32.81

 Suitable for 7.6m hose assembly and                                                                    Solution
 hand tools.                                                                                             Tank        Vacuum         Cost
                                                                                NUMA04       CT 570      15 litre    1x1200w      £470.50

 (PRAC29) Heavy Duty stair Tool             £130.00                                                                                         13
                                                                           Carpet Rotary Machines                                           13
 New stainless steel 15cm wide stair tool
 with long handle, grip and 06 spray tip.
                                                                           NUMATIC BMD-1000
                                                                           Low Speed Carpet Machine & Floor Machine

 (PRAC01) Glidemaster Hand Tool                      £80.75                Universal contractor style rotary machine
                                                                           suitable for all low speed carpet and floor
 A heavy-duty stainless steel extraction hand tool for                     scrubbing, bonnet mopping and floor                              14
 cleaning stairs, edges and heavy staining.                                stripping
 10cm head.
                                                                           Motor : 1000 watt
                                                                           Weight : 32 kilos
 (PRAC26) Auto Detailer                     £85.00                         Brush Size : 400mm
                                                                           Tank Size : 10 litre
 Durable stainless steel tool specially designed
 to clean effectively in tight spaces.

                                                                           (F117) Machine & shampoo brush & tank                  £452.50
 (PRAC26) Plastic Detailer                  £59.00                         (F118) Tank for Numatic rotary machine                 £72.50
 Lower cost version of the Auto Detailer
 with durable plastic head to monitor
                                                                           Carpet Rotary Machines Accessories
 Carpet Machines            cont…
                                                                           (C206/15) Bonnet Pads 15”                     £15.75
 NUMATIC CT900                                                             (C206/17) Bonnet Pads 17”                     £17.50

                                                                           Bonnet buffing is a recognised system of carpet
 The CT 900 is constructed in                                              maintenance which is low cost but maintains high
 Strutofoam and is rugged                                                  level of appearance and quick drying. Bonnet pads are used in
 yet light in weight. The                                                  conjunction with a drive board.
 oversized wheels enable
 ease of movement over all
                                                                           (NUPA40) 400mm Drive board                    £79.87
 types of surfaces.

 The CT 900 unique tipper
 system incorporated within
 the chassis design allows for
 the machine to be emptied
                                                                           Carpet Cleaning Courses
 in floor drains or WC’s where
 available.                                                                Prochem offer a variety of carpet cleaning
                                                                           and upholstery cleaning courses.

                                                                           Carpet Cleaning Course (1 Day)                      £95.00
                                                                           Carpet Cleaning Course (2 Day)                      £190.00
                                                                           Upholstery Cleaning Course (1 Day)                  £95.00
                             Tank       Vacuum        Cost
                                                                                    Courses include coffee, lunch, tea, reference manual
     NUMA02    CTD 900       17 litre   2x1200w     £646.99                                       and training certificate.

                                              SEE LATEST PROCHEM CATALOGUE FOR FURTHER DETAILS

Kitchen Hygiene
                                                             (C132)        Rinse Aid – 5litre                    £6.35
HAND DISHWASHING                                             (C131)        Rinse Aid – 20litre                   £24.17

(D002)     CITROL - 5litre                £4.46              A rinse aid additive to prevent spots and
(D004)     CITROL - 12x1litre             £13.25             hazing for a sparkling finish. Ideal to
                                                             ensure a perfect finish on plates, ,
(D044)     CITROL – 20litre               £16.90
                                                             crockery, cutlery, utensils, glassware,
                                                             glasses and tumblers.
CITROL is a detergent concentrate
that produces a long-lasting foam to
combat greasy dishwashing problems.
The advanced blend of cleaning
agents and lemon oils ensures
increased cleaning power & adds
freshness, leaving glassware and
crockery sparkling and grease free.                          KITCHEN CLEANERS, DEGREASERS & SANITISERS

                                                             (F040)        Sola-Bac – 5litre                      £5.30

(D052/1L)     Dish-Bac – 12x1litre        £15.39             Sola-Bac is a powerful, bactericidal concentrated
                                                             cleaner, sanitiser and degreaser, which is proven
With a bactericidal formula, Dishbac is odourless            to kill a wide range of bacteria including salmonella
and boasts a high foam formulation for the food              and listeria. Suitable to clean and kill germs on a
industry and catering market. Ideal for cleaning             variety of surfaces, including; concrete, altro and
plates, crockery, utensils, glassware, glasses,              non-slip floors, stainless steel, ceramic tiles & plastic.
tumblers and pint pots.

                                                             (C259)        Trio 100 – 5litre                     £6.24
(FAI001)    Fairy Liquid Original – 6x750ml         £8.75
                                                             A strong (Q.A.P. 100) bactericidal cleaner, Trio 100 is
The Original Fairy liquid is a high                          proven to kill Salmonella, Listeria and Legionella.
concentrate washing up liquid that cust                      Trio 100 is a clear yellow liquid, which will kill bacteria
                                                             rapidly (10 seconds contact time using a 5% solution).
through grease and grime with ease.

                                                             (C279/5L)    AX Bactericidal Cleaner – 5litre  £6.45
                                                             (C279/750ML) AX Bactericidal Cleaner – 6x750ml £10.65
(C264) Finish 3in1 Tablets, box of 90               £12.50
                                                             AX is a water based bactericidal cleaner
(C264R) Finish Rinse Aid 1litre                     £5.92    designed for the food industry. AX removes
(C264S) Finish Salt 2kilo                           £1.65    grease and dirt and kills salmonella and
                                                             listeria. Can be used on glass, aluminium,
The Finish 3in1 tab with its unique                          stainless steel, rubber, ceramic, plastic and all
PowerBall technology                                         water resistant surfaces.
contains a rinse aid ball
powered by SuperShine
ingredients to deliver a
spotless, streak
free brilliant shine.                                        (W003)        Foam Cleaner – 6x750ml             £10.65

                                                             A ready-to-use, spray on cleaner and degreaser, which
                                                             will kill Salmonella, Listeria and other bacteria in 60
                                                             seconds. Recommended for use in food hygiene areas
                                                             to clean equipment; fridges and fridge seals, display
MACHINE DISHWASHING SYSTEM                                   cabinets, sneeze screens and chill areas.

(C130)     RAPIER – 5litre                   £8.35
(C129)     RAPIER – 20litre                  £30.50
                                                             (HG062)       HG Fridge Cleaner 500ml £2.03
A powerful detergent for machine dishwashing
to remove stubborn soiling with ease. An anti-               HG hygienic fridge cleaner is a fresh quick-drying
corrosive agent has been added to the                        spray cleaner that cleans your fridge quickly and
formula to protect the dishwashing                           hygienically without streaks. This rinse-free
machine. Suitable for all automatic                          product is also suitable for outside of your fridge.
dish-washing machines in food
and catering establishments.


     (F160)          Ubik 2000 – 5litre                       £6.27     KITCHEN DESCALERS
     A universal cleaner and degreaser concentrate,                     (C260) Phos descaler - 5litre             £7.40
     designed to dissolve and float away the toughest
     grime and leave a spotless finish. A powerful, blue,
                                                                        Phos is a concentrated descaler for food plant
     alkaline cleaner and degreaser, designed to perform
                                                                        and equipment, which is low foaming and non-
     quickly to maintain hygiene in food environments.
                                                                        tainting. Ideal for descaling bain-marie, stainless
                                                                        steel water boilers, steamers, dishwashing and
                                                                        glasswashing machines & stainless steel pipe work.
     (D007)          SELOSOL degreaser – 5litre               £4.85
     (D008)          SELOSOL degreaser – 25litre              £21.60
                                                                        (HG067) HG Descaler 500ml                           £3.63

     SELOSOL all purpose detergent degreaser          16                HG descaler is an effective descaling fluid which has
     contains                                                           been specially designed for the removal of scale from
     no solvents, no acids or caustics. It is odourless,                hot water apparatus such as : coffee-makers,
     will not taint foodstuffs – safe for use in food                   washing machines and dish-washers.
     processing areas. Remove is biodegradable and
     is controlled foam so there is no excessive
     rinsing required.                                                  STAINLESS STEEL POLISHES

                                                                        (M010) Dazzle - 6x750ml          £16.75
     (HG044) HG Grease Away                      £2.55
                                                                        A ready-to-use stainless steel cleaner and polish,
     Animal or vegetable fats, grease or oils are                       which leaves a lasting shine and is resistant to finger
     completely removed with HG grease away. It is                      marks and dirt. Ideal to remove finger marks,
     safe to use on: stainless steel, galvanised,                       grease and dirt from refrigerators, kitchen ranges,
     enamelled and aluminium surfaces, as well as                       display cabinets, lifts, process equipment and all
     ceramic tiles, synthetics surfaces and in                          stainless steel surfaces.
     microwave ovens.
                                                                        (M110) 3M Stainless Steel Polish 600g           £5.45

     (C157)Mr Muscle Kitchen Cleaner – 6x750ml                 £15.80   3M’s stainless steel cleaner & polish less no greasy
                                                                        film and is an excellent cleaner. Is outstanding on
                                                                        stainless steel, chrome, architectural aluminium and
     Mr Muscle Kitchen Cleaner is specially formulated                  other interior surfaces such as laminated plastics,
     to tackle tough kitchen grease and grime fast                      enamel and ceramics.
     and effectively with antibacterial action. The
     product leaves surfaces clean and with a fresh
     fragrancewith no need to rinse afterwards                          OVEN CLEANERS

                                                                        (O015) VANQUISH Oven Cleaner – 5litre               £6.71
     (HG053) HG Natural Stone Kitchen
                                                                        A heavy duty, clear liquid gel designed for the
                   Top Cleaner 500ml                £2.94               rapid removal of grease and charred food debris.
                                                                        Use on a range of surfaces, including; ovens,
     HG natural stone kitchen top cleaner has been                      deep fat fryers, extraction hoods and filters,
     especially developed for the safe daily cleaning                   grills, skillets, waffle bakers and equipment.
     of kitchen tops made of granite, marble, hard
     stone and other natural stone types quickly and
     without leaving stripes.
                                                                        (O013) Oven Cleaner – 6x750ml             £10.25

     (C244) Probe Wipes (100)                     £2.50                 Formulated to remove baked on deposits from
                                                                        cooker and utensils. Clings to vertical surfaces.
     Probe Wipes are ideal for reducing harmful bacteria                Easy applied using trigger spray. Effective,
     in the food and catering industries. Each wipe is                  ready to use formula. No choking fumes.
     pre-saturated with a anti-bacterial solution that is
     odourless and does not taint food.

     (WI014) Clinitex Hard Surface                                      (HG043) HG Oven Cleaner 500ml £3.98
                   Disinfectant Wipes £6.50
                                                                        HG oven, grill and barbecue cleaner removes
     Impregnated with a synergistic blend of                            quickly and effectively dried and even baked on
     bactercides, surfactants and alcohol, makes this an                grease from ovens, grills and barbecues.
     ideal sanitising surface wipe for all areas, including
     food preparation areas. 200 wipes per tub.


(HG041) HG Ceramic Hob                                         Drain Cleaners
     Thorough Cleaner – 250ml £2.99
                                                               (D027) Drain Cleaner 1litre                        £6.10
HG ceramic hob thorough cleaner is a safe, fresh-
smelling cleaner that is specially designed for the            The sulphuric acid Drain Cleaner quickly dissolves
removal of stubborn dirt and cooking rings on                  all organic blockages such as sanitary towels,
ceramic hobs. It cleans and gives a protective                 hair grease, paper and tea bags.
gloss at the same time.
                                                               Usage instructions must be strictly adhered to
(HG043) HG Ceramic Hob
         Daily Cleaner – 500ml £2.45
                                                               (D127) DAMBUSTER Drain Cleaner 1litre £13.50
HG ceramic hob cleaner for every day use is
a safe, fresh-smelling cleaner for daily use                   For Trade & Industrial use only. No need to rod
on ceramic or induction hobs.                                  the drain, simply pour a measured dose into the
                                                               nearest access point and within minutes the drain
                                                               is clear and free flowing. Quickly dissolves organic
DISHWASH SALT                                                  obstructions and is environmentally safe as
                                                               Dambuster is 100% Biodegradable.
(C146)          Hydrosoft Granular – 25kg              £8.80
(C138)          Hydrosoft Tablets – 25kg               £8.75   Read instructions carefully before use

Hydrosoft is the leading water softener
in the UK. Both the Granular and the
tablets are food grade salts.

                                                               Catering Disposables

(C134)          Auto Glasswash – 5litre          £6.62         BAR DISPOSABLES

A powerful detergent for machine glass-washing
that removes stubborn stains and soils and leaves              (C201)       Black Flexi Straws          £1.54
a sparkling finish. Auto Glasswash is pre-softened
for cleaning effectiveness in both hard & soft water           Stylish black flexi straw, packed in 250s. 190mm

                                                               (C202)       Black Stirrers     £5.99
(C132)          Rinse Aid – 5litre         £6.35
                                                               Stylish black disc stirrer, packed in 250s, 17cm long
A rinse aid additive to prevent spots and hazing for
a sparkling finish. Ideal to ensure a perfect finish
on plates, crockery, cutlery, utensils, glassware,
                                                               DISPOSABLE CUPS
glasses and tumblers.

                                                               (C121) Polystyrene Cups 7oz (1000)                     £18.85
(C133)          BLAST – 5litre              £3.50
                                                               (C122) Polystyrene Cups 10oz (1000)                    £27.50
BLAST is a heavy duty beer line and pipe cleaner.
BLAST kills bacteria and yeasts, ensuring that beer            Polystyrene cups maintain beverages at their
Stays in top condition.                                        optimal temperature longer. Not only do foam
                                                               cups keep beverages at their proper serving
                                                               temperature on the inside, they keep hands
                                                               comfortable on the outside. Hot or cold, insulated
(Z003)          Selkil fly spray 12x480ml        £27.71
                                                               foam delivers drinks the way they were meant to be.
Approved under the control of pesticides
regulations 1986. Registration No. HSE 4828. Safe
near foodstuffs. Instant atomisation for rapid
knockdown of flies and wasps. Effective killing
power for all flying insects.                                  (C115) Tall Plastic Vending Cups 7oz                 £34.50
                                                               (C116) Squat Plastic Vending Cups 7oz                £34.50

(M007) Kleenoff Brass &                                        Packed in 2000s, our vending cups are specially
                                                               designed to give the perfect vend every time.
         Copper Polish 6x500ml            £16.50

Jeyes Kleenoff Brass and Copper polish rapidly
brings bright metals to a high shine. Easy to
use, simply apply with cloth, allow to dry and
polish off with soft cloth. Special formula
inhibits retarnishing


                                                                     NAPKINS & BANQUETING ROLLS
     (C208) Clear Plastic drinking cups 7oz           £35.50
                                                                     4 fold napkins
     Our clear cups are packed in 3000s and have                     (C169)     White 2ply 33cm x 33cm 4-fold            £20.75
     premium clarity, strength and durability.                       (C125)     White 2ply 40cm x 40cm 4-fold            £31.05

                                                                     8 fold napkins
     (C215) Water Cone Cups 4oz                  £64.19              (C169/8F) White 2ply 33cm x 33cm 8-fold              £20.99
                                                                     (C125/8F) White 2ply 40cm x 40cm 8-fold              £31.05
     Packed in 5000s

                                                                     The 33cmx33cm napkin is classed as a ‘lunch’
                                                                     napkin size and the 40cmx40cm is classed as
                                                                     a ‘dinner’ napkin. We stock only white napkins
     DISPOSABLE CUP LIDS                                             but we have a wide range of colours available
                                                                     to order.

     (C117) Plastic lids for 7oz cups                   £16.25       Available colours are: Navy Blue, Green,
     (C118) Plastic lids for 10oz cups                  £23.93       Orange, Yellow, Cream, Red, Lime,
                                                                     Black, Pink        (Others available)

     Plastic are ideal to maintain temperature
     or to stop spillages, packed in 1000s.

                                                                     Dispenser napkins
                                                                     (C174)       White 1ply 30cm x 25cm 6000            £32.99

                                                                     The dispenser napkin offer fantastic value for
     (C209)   Plastic   Forks (1000)                    £10.25
                                                                     counter dispensing of napkins.
     (C210)   Plastic   Tea Spoons (1000)                £8.99
     (C211)   Plastic   Knives (1000)                   £10.25
     (C212)   Plastic   Dessert Spoons (1000)           £10.25
     (C119)   Plastic   Stirrers (1000)                  £6.13       (C248) White Banqueting Roll (each)              £14.97

     The ‘value’ range of disposable cutlery is                      White banquet roll,
     white in colour and excellent value for money.                  120cm x 100 metres

     DISPOSABLE PAPER PLATES                                         CATERWRAP CLINGFILM & FOIL

                                                                     (C127) 30cm x 300m Clingfilm in cutterbox                  £4.85
     (C214)         Paper Plates 6” (1000)              £16.90       (C126) 45cm x 300m Clingfilm in cutterbox                  £9.95
     (C112)         Paper Plates 9” (1000)              £27.90
                                                                     Food approved clingfilm, supplied ready
                                                                     for use in a cutterbox, with a hygienic
     Our ‘value’ range of plates are coated paper.
                                                                     overwrap. To prevent contamination
     They are lightweight, ideal for snacks.                         each Caterwrap cutterbox is
                                                                     individually shrink wrapped protecting
                                                                     the new roll ready for use
                                                                     For ease of dispensing a
                                                                     disposable blade is also included

     (C213/600)     Polystyrene Plates 9” (600)             £34.23   (C128) 45cm x 75m Foil in cutterbox                       £7.25
     (C216)         Polystyrene Bowls 8oz (600)            £26.65
     (C246)         Polystyrene Bowls 12oz (500)           £26.65    Selected grade reinforced, fully annealed
                                                                     aluminium foil for the professional
     Polystyrene disposables are an excellent quality                caterer. Supplied in a cutterbox.
     and have a more ‘solid’ feel then its
     paper alternative.


Wrapmaster systems provide the ideal solution to four of the
biggest problems faced by caterers when working with
clingfilm – safety, hygiene, productivity and waste.
                                                                         (C267)        Beca-Bin with light grey base         £53.90
Wrapmaster dispensers have been found to give savings of up              (C267M)       Beca-Bin sponge cleaning mop          £4.50
to 35% through reduced wastage and increased performance.                (C267L)       Beca-Bin Lid                          £6.15
The safety cutting system, with its patented blade, makes cut
fingers a thing of the past. Furthermore the clingfilm rolls are
protected from cross contamination by the easy clean, robust,            The Beca-Bin is purpose designed to collect used
ABS casing which is dishwasher safe.                                     disposable cups. Any dregs can be poured down
                                                                         the centre tube to collect in the base of the bin
                                       Grips hold film ready             and disposed of separately.
                                       for next pull/cut

     Patented ‘Push Down’
     cutting head

                                                                         Griddle Cleaning

                                                                         (C224)        3M Griddle Pad Holder, Pad & Screen       £7.35
                                                                         (C225)        Griddle Pad (pack of 10)                  £5.58
                                                                         (C226)        Griddle Screen (pack of 20)               £6.70
                            Protected stainless
Easy to clear               steel cutting system
robust ABS                                     Non-slip feet are
casting                                        detachable for cleaning   This griddle cleaning system, designed for
                                                                         use on griddles that have been cooled down,
                                                                         replaces scrapers, grill stones and bricks that
                                                                         disintegrate. It takes on difficult cleaning jobs
                                                                         efficiently and brings grills to a high lustre.

(C199KIT)        Wrapmaster 4500 Starter kit                   £46.75    Causes no unpleasant odours or residues.
                            includes Dispenser plus 1 roll               System includes: 3M™ Griddle Pad Holder
(C199)           Wrapmaster 4500 refills (3 rolls) £26.99                No. 461 to hands from grease, burns and
                                                                         gives more leverage; Scotch-Brite™ Griddle
                                                                         Polishing Pad No. 46, always to be used
                                                                         between screen and holder to maximize
                                                                         screen life plus adds final polish to make
                                                                         future cleaning easier; Scotch-Brite™ Griddle
                                                                         Screens No. 200, designed for heavy-duty
                                                                         cleaning such as carbonized grease and food

(C124/8)         Velvet Kitchen Roll (20 rolls)                 £14.75

Velvet ‘Wipe & Clean’ Kitchen roll offers
you incredible strength and absorbency,
even when wet, enabling you to deal
hygienically with everyday task.


(T027) Blue 2ply 150 metre x 20cm                              £12.65

Blue Centrefeed rolls are most
commonly used in commercial catering
environments. They are packed in 6’s
and are 150 metres in length per roll.

                                                           CLOTHS, SPONGES & SCOURERS

 Non Wovens
                                                          (C038) 3M Commercial Sponge (each)                  £1.37

 (C039) Velette Cloths (25)           £4.65               3Ms large commercial
                                                          sponge is a long lasting,
 The new 'Velette' cloth is a hardwearing                 industrial grade product.
 semi-disposable cloth. Strong and
 highly absorbent, the Velette
 incorporates an antibacterial
 treatment to maximise hygiene
 standards and is machine washable.
 Available in Blue, Red, Yellow
 or Green.

 (C031) Multi Purpose ‘J’ cloths (pack of 50) £3.55
                                                          (C227) Floor Cloths 18”x19” (10)                  £4.15
 The ‘J’ cloths are extremely economical                  (C034) Herringbone Floor Cloths (10)              £5.30
 and ideal for a multitude of cleaning
 jobs. The chemically bonded none                         Our heavyweight floor cloths/
 woven fabric is printed with large                       swabs are ideal for all floor and
 diamond designs.                                         wall washing.
 Available in Blue, Red, Yellow
 or Green.

                                                          (C035) White Dishcloths (10)              £2.65
 (W125) MicroGlass 40cm x 40cm                    £1.00
 (W142) MicroGlass 60cm x 80cm                    £3.99   White bleached dishcloths with
                                                          colour coded edging.
 ‘MicroFibre‘ Fabric superior action wipes                Packed in 10s, each
 can be used wet or dry to make any                       dishcloth is 18” x 15”
 cleaning job easier.                                     and a very popular cloth
                                                          for all types of cleaning.
                                                          Available with
                                                          Blue, Red, Yellow or Green edging.

 (C060) Microfibre Cloth 40x40cm (pk 10)          £7.50   (C033)        Stockinette Roll (each)       £4.30

 The Microfibre cloth is an extremely durable             Stockinette rolls are 1000gm in weight and
 cloth, which is double stitched helping                  are ‘fine’ grade. Stockinette rolls are highly
 withstand repeated wash cycles.                          absorbent and ideal for cleaning and
 Research has shown that a microfibre                     polishing all kinds of surfaces.
 cloth reduces surface debris and
 lowers bacteria by over 96%.
 Available in Blue, Red, Yellow
 or Green.
                                                          (C032)        Terry Tea Towels (10)         £6.70

                                                          High grade tea towels available in a
 (C144) Vileda Sponge Cloth (pack of 5)           £2.88   mixed pack of ten.

 A pure natural product made from cotton and cellulose.
 Super absorbency makes these unique cloths great for
 washing dishes, sinks, tubs, and shower
 stalls. Can be used for virtually any
 cleaning chore around the kitchen                        (C148)        Linen Glass Cloths (10)             £14.75
 and bathroom. They are
 biodegradable and available in                           High quality linen union glass cloth measuring
 four colours for colour coding.                          20" x 30" which offers streak free drying of
                                                          glassware. Economical and hardwearing.

                                                         CLOTHS, SPONGES & SCOURERS

(C037) Economy Yellow Duster 20”x20” (10) £2.95
(C036) Premium Yellow Duster 20”x24” (10) £3.95         (S005A)     Vileda Abrasive Scourers (10)         £6.08

Soft traditional dusters in yellow                      High quality scourer with EASY-GRIP
Indian cotton for all delicate                          foam backing, which protects
dusting tasks. Ideal for                                fingers and keeps the scourer
fragile ornaments etc.                                  flat for maximum contact.

(Z005) 22” feather duster – plastic handle £1.49        (S005N)     Vileda Non-Abrasive Scourers (10)             £5.84
(Z006) 48” feather duster – wooden handle £2.37
                                                        All the advantages of the EASY-GRIP
(Z004TS) Telescopic Feather Duster 30”-42” £2.50        shape but with a white scouring                               20
(Z004TD) Telescopic Feather Duster 30”-60” £2.90        surface that is suitable for use
                                                        on delicate surfaces such as pans,
                                                        ceramics and stainless steel.
   High level genuine lambswool duster for awkward
    and delicate dusting tasks. Because
   lambswool is a natural fibre it is both
     resilient and elastic and will reach into
       most crevices.

                                                        (S007) Galvanised Large scourers (10)             £4.99

                                                        Galvanised heavy-duty metal pot scourers.


                                                        (S006) Miraclean troubleshooter pk 12                £7.25

                                                        Vileda’s Miraclean is a no.1 troubleshooter for
                                                        annoying and stubborn marks,
                                                        made from melamine resin foam,
                                                        just add water! Use for pen-marked
Scourers                                                table tops, scuff-marked floors, greasy
                                                        sinks, finger printed walls and
(S003) Nylon Scouring Pads (10)         £1.75           ground-in dirt.

Nylon scouring pad is excellent for common              Always test in an inconspicuous area
cleaning jobs.                                          first!

(S004) Economy Sponge Scourers (10)             £3.90
(S004J) Jeyes Sponge Scourers (10)              £4.67
                                                        (MISC13) Natural Cotton Twill Dust Sheet            £8.34
Highly abrasive sponge backed scouring pads.
                                                        Measuring 12ft x 9ft this heavy
                                                        duty Twill dust sheet is ideal for
                                                        industrial or domestic use,
                                                        protecting against dust and
                                                        paint splashes.

(S004/EG)      Easy-grip Sponge Scourers (10) £3.95

The economy easy-grip sponge scourer
is perfect for all kinds of jobs.

                                                                                                           FLOOR CARE

 Floor Strippers                                                (F052) Stoneglo 5litre                   £9.60

                                                                Enhances the appearance and prolongs the life of
 (F039) REMOVE 5litre                       £4.20               marble and terrazzo floors. Non-yellowing cross
                                                                linked polymer film. Does not discolour even the
 A traditional alkaline-based floor stripper to                 lightest floor. Produces a deep shine with excellent
 remove even aged on polish film. Effective on                  slip resistance. Responds brilliantly to all spray
 both metallised and non-metallised floor                       burnishing techniques.
 polishes. Ideal to strip emulsion polish from
 linoleum, thermoplastic floors, rubber, sealed
 wood and terrazzo                                              (F051) Selwax 5litre                              £9.60

                                                                For sealing natural wood and cork floors. Cleans
 (F039Q) Zipstrip 5litre                    £7.70               and protects in a single operation bringing out the
                                                                natural beauty of wood. Selwax should never be
 Zipstrip is a clear, water-based stripper to                   used on top of metallised polish, nor should it ever
 remove metallised and non-metallised floor                     be used as a base for metallised polishes.
 polishes from PVC, thermoplastic, linoleum,
 rubber, sealed cork, sealed wood, marble and
 terrazzo. The caustic-free formula reduces the                 (F088) Carefree Mop & Shine 5litre                £13.95
 risk of ongoing polish problems and the rinse
 free formulation reduces preparation time.                     Carefree Mop & Shine is a floor polish and maintainer
                                                                all-in-one bottle. It is suitable for small customers
                                                                who do not have access to sophisticated floor
 (F065) Carefree Speed Stripper            £12.10               machinery or customers who have limited time to
                                                                care for their floors and want increased convenience.
 For the removal of all types of emulsion floor                 It can be used neat as a polish to protect the floor
 polishes. No scrubbing or rinsing required,                    and/or diluted as a cleaner shiner to daily maintain
 halfing effort and time. Can be used on all                    the floor.
 floors except wood and linoleum.

                                                                Floor Seals
 Floor Polishes
                                                                (F057) Selseal 5 litre                   £11.15

 (F049) Diamond - 5litre                    £10.62              Selseal is a water based preseal for all linoleum,
                                                                P.V.C., rubber, terrazzo and thermoplastic floors.
 A high quality acrylic polymer-based metallised                Ensures maximum results from costly floor dressings.
 floor polish, which dries to a high level deep                 Non-yellowing polymer film. Does not discolour even
 gloss (Drybright), with excellent slip resistance.             the lightest floor. Penetrates and seals porous floors,
 Suitable for use on non-porous floors, including;              provides and ideal base for emulsion polish application.
 vinyl, rubber, linoleum, thermoplastic, asphalt,               Resistant to polish strippers.
 sealed wood, sealed cork, marble and terrazzo.

                                                                (F055) Clear Varnish 5litre              £25.77
 (F053) Diamond Extra - 5litre                         £11.15
                                                                Clear Varnish is a solvent based varnish for sealing
 Diamond Extra is an modern polish, which offers                interior hardwood floors. Clear Varnish has a high
 gloss, ultimate durability, and the perfect base to            polyurethane content for superior toughness and
 clean, protect and prolong the life of a floor.                protection. Easy to apply and gives a long lasting
 Suitable for use on non-porous floors, including;              high gloss.
 vinyl, rubber, linoleum, thermoplastic, asphalt,
 sealed wood, sealed cork, marble and terrazzo.                 (F056) Colour floor seal (floor paint) 5litre          £25.50

                                                                A solvent-based, high quality floor paint, which is
 (F094) Carefree Eternum Polish 5litre                 £24.75   based on tough polymers that cross link to form a
                                                                continuous finish on the floor. Available in Grey or
 Eternum's triple-polymer technology provides                   Red. Ideal for use on concrete, stone, wood, cork
 the hardest, most durable, most scratch and                    and steel structures
 dirt resistant polish film available, with a clear,
 diamond like gloss finish to satisfy the highest
 standards. Eternum can reduce maintenance time
 by up to 50%. Use a clean mop or polish                        Floor Maintainers
 applicator to apply.Use neat
                                                                (F042) RENEW TD 5litre                   £5.65                  21
 (F093) Carefree Satin Polish 5litre          £24.75            RENEW TD is a fragrant, low viscosity, opaque, rose
                                                                coloured liquid floor maintainer. RENEW TD recoats
 Provides superior resistance to scuffs and marks.              and repairs floors to leave a flexible slip resistant
 Reduces maintenance by up to 50%. Use on floors                finish, keeping floors at the peak of their appearance
 where a long lasting natural finish is required.               and restoring those that are losing their shine.

                                                                                                               FLOOR CARE

     (F090) Carefree Maintainer 5litre            £8.10             Scotch-Brite BLACK pad – The Industry benchmark
                                                                    against which all other stripping pads are
     A versatile maintainer cleans floors faster and                compared. 3M pads maintain consistent
     maintains the gloss longer and is effective for damp           high performance throughout their life
     mopping, spray cleaning, bonnet buffing and
     machine scrubbing. Dilute: 1:60 to leave a fresh
     clean fragrance.

                                                                                          Scotch-Brite GREEN pad – The industry
     (F089) Carefree Gloss Restorer 5litre                 £14.75                         standard way of scrubbing a heavily
                                                                                          soiled floor.
     Effectively builds the gloss on all floor types
     whether polished or unpolished as it cleans.
     Increases the life and durability of emulsion
     polishes. Spray then buff to a shine with a
      rotary floor machine fitted with a tan or red                 Scotch-Brite BLUE pad – A more open and
     pad. Suitable for all machine speeds.                          resilient pad construction to reduce clogging
                                                                    which extends the time before rinsing. Ideal
     (F163) P.D.Q. 5litre                         £5.80             for heavy duty cleaning as it also removes
                                                                    marks efficiently
     PDQ is a solvent-free polymeric wax floor maintainer
     and general cleaner. A fragrant, opaque yellow
     liquid to remove soiling and scuff marks from the
     floor and leave a slip-resistant shine. Suitable for                                 Scotch-Brite RED pad – The most efficient pad
     use on vinyl, thermoplastic, linoleum, rubber,                                       to remove marks and buff to a high a gloss on
     asphalt, terrazzo, marble, sealed and unsealed                                       protected floors.
     wood, painted surfaces, plastics, laminates & stone.
     This product has to be burnished.

     (F041) Impact Citrus Floor Gel 5litre             £4.50        Scotch-Brite TAN pad – Traditional pad for
                                                                    softer floor finises at standard speeds.
     A concentrated low foam hard surface cleaner,
     re-odouriser and maintainer for regular use.
     Suitable for use on all flooring and surfaces
     including; linoleum, thermoplastic floors, sealed                                    Scotch-Brite WHITE pad – The ideal pad for
     cork, terrazzo, sealed wood, vinyl and concrete.                                     metalised floor finishes at higher and higher
                                                                                          speeds, to give a rich, deep shine.

     (F048) Clover Gel Contract 5litre            £4.65

     Clover Gel is a viscous green liquid gel that maintains
     and re-odorises. Clover Gel contains natural pine              (F012)   3M   13”   floor   pad   (5)              £17.57
     oils to leave a lingering pine freshness. Suitable for         (F013)   3M   14”   floor   pad   (5)              £20.20
     use on all flooring and surfaces including; linoleum,
                                                                    (F014)   3M   15”   floor   pad   (5)              £20.99
     thermoplastic floors, sealed cork, terrazzo, sealed
     wood, vinyl and concrete.
                                                                    (F015)   3M   16”   floor   pad   (5)              £26.99
                                                                    (F016)   3M   17”   floor   pad   (5)              £27.50
                                                                    (F155)   3M   21”   floor   pad   (5)              £43.29
     (F047) Stonebrite 5litre                     £4.95

     Completely neutral. Will not attack or discolour
     marble and terrazzo floors. Contains Glycol Ether
     solvent for rapid grease and dirt removal.
                                                                    Floor care Accessories
     Moderate foam, will not block suction driers, no
     rinsing required. Effective neutral cleaner for all            FLOOR SQUEEGEES
     surfaces, not just marble and terrazzo.

                                                                    (F004)   Wooden floor squeegee 18”                 £2.61
     Floor Pads                                                     (F005)   Wooden floor squeegee 24”                 £3.50
                                                                    (F007)   Wooden floor squeegee 36”                 £5.51
     All of our floor pads are from 3M and using new technologies   (B019)   Handle for above                          £1.84
     and new manufacturing processes the 3M range of floor pads
     is unparalleled in its efficiency and reliability.
                                                                    Available in 3 sizes, hard rubber blade floor
                                                                    squeegee. Fits handle B019.

                                                                    (F003) Aluminium floor squeegee 22”                £6.07
                                                                    Light but strong chrome plated metal
                                                                    squeegee with double 100% mouse soft
                                                                    rubber blade. Fits handles B018 or B043

                                                                                                                  FLOOR CARE

                                                               FLOOR SAFETY SIGNS
 (M029SQ600) SYR Floor Squeegee 600mm £6.90
 (M029SQ450) SYR Floor Squeegee 450mm £5.70                    (S010) Safety sign ‘ Cleaning in Progress’                        £6.34
                                                               (S011) Safety sign ‘ Caution – Wet Floor’                         £6.34
 The SYR plastic squeegees are part of                         (S012) Safety sign ‘ Out Of Order’                                £6.34
 the Interchange system from SYR
 and are designed to be very robust
 and to resist corrosion and rotting.                          Bright yellow plastic floor sign can be read from
 Available in blue, red, Green & Yellow                        30 feet away. Two-sided, 25" high sign is ideal for
                                                               doorways and narrow spaces.
 (M029HAN) Interchange Handle 1360mm                 £6.25
 (M029HTEL) Telescopic Interchange                             DUST CONTROL
                   Handle 75cm – 137cm               £2.99
                                                               Dust control is the most important part of floor cleaning – hard
 SCRAPERS                                                      floors must be swept before mopping, scrubbing or polishing.

 (F001) Floor Scraper with handle            £9.45
 (F002) Replacement blades (each)            £1.70             (D017) Dust Control breakframe 16”                       £11.90
                                                               (D018) Dust Control breakframe 24”                       £12.35
 Wooden handled floor scraper that has an                      (D019) Dust Control breakframe 32”                       £12.50
 overall length of 53 inches long.
 Each blade is 8” wide.
                                                               The frame for the dust control system have
                                                               the ‘break’ type system, which allows heads
                                                               to be changed in seconds without the need to
 (W169) Hand held scraper            £2.77                     touch soiled heads. The dust control system
                                                               can be more faster and efficient then a broom
 Hand held scraper, with a firm 2” blade                       due partly to the swivel head which allows
 ideal for a variety of tasks. It has a                        complete manoeuvrability.
 comfortable soft rubber grip handle.

 FLOOR EDGING TOOLS                                            (D020) Dust Control heads 16”                                     £5.35
                                                               (D021) Dust Control heads 24”                                     £6.65
 (F070)          Hand Held pad holder                 £8.93    (D022) Dust Control heads 32”                                     £9.45
 Hand held edging pad holder, measuring                        The synthetic sleeves for the dust control
 230mm x 95mm, made from tough plastic                         system are available in 3 sizes and are
 and holds either white or black edging pads,                  completely launderable.
 M029PAD. Will also hold normal green scouring pads.

 (F071)          Pad holder to fit handle             £11.75
 (M029HAN)       Interchange Handle                   £5.99    (D023) ‘V’ Sweeper Frame                                 £28.25
                                                               (D024) Pair of sleeves for V-Sweeper                     £20.20
 The handle pad holder fits the
 Interchange system handle and has                             The ‘V’ Sweeper is for large areas and
 a full all round swivel socket.                               long corridors

 (M029PAD) Edging pad (Black) (ea)                   £1.25
 (M029PADR) Edging pad (RED) (ea)                    £1.05
 (M029PADW) Edging pad (White) (ea)                  £0.99     (D050)       Eco Mop Starter Kit                                  £30.75
                                                                             (Includes 1 Eco Mop and 1 roll of heads)

 Available in black, which is very                             (D050R)      Eco Mop replacement heads (100)                      £15.99
 abrasive, Red which is medium
 abrasion and white which is                                   When the Eco-Mop is in use the
 low abrasive grade.                                           fibres build up a static electrical
                                                               charge. Dust, dirt and bacteria
                                                               are attracted into the fibres.
 FLOOR SEAL APPLIERS                                           It has proven to be a very
                                                               popular control system due
                                                               the ease of use and ease of
 (S001) Floor Seal Applicator Head                   £10.65    disposal.
 (S002) Floor Seal Applicator Sleeve (each)          £2.66
 (S001T)Floor Seal Applicator Tray                   £19.16

 The floor seal applicators are ideal for
 applying polyurethane seals and wax
 polish to floors.

                                                                                                               FLOOR CARE

                                                                  (HG029) HG Parquet Colour Renovator 500ml £8.40

                                                                  HG parquet wooden floor & hard wood colour renovator
                                                                  goes deep into the wood to bring faded colour back
                                                                  out. This means that bleached marks, rings and areas
HG Laminate range                                                 faded by the sun return to their original colour.
(HG032) HG Laminate Powerful
           Cleaner 1L £3.98
                                                                  HG Tile & Flagstone range
HG laminate powerful cleaner is an intensive
cleaner for the removal of grease and stubborn
dirt. It is also suitable for the removal of old                  (HG001) HG cement, mortar &
layers of HG laminate gloss coating.                                        efflorescence remover 1L              £7.82

                                                                  HG cement, mortar & efflorescence remover cleans
             (HG031) HG Laminate Gloss                            off stubborn cement film, mortar residues and white
                           Coating 1L £8.00                       salt deposits. This is efflorescence. It is especially
                                                                  suitable for porous and rough textured floors and
             HG laminate gloss coating gives a beautiful rich
             shine and protects the floor against scratching
             and wear. This product is applied neat.                            (HG002) HG Cement Grout
                                                                                             Remover 1L £7.33

(HG030) HG Laminate                                                             HG cement grout film remover removes cement film
           Wash & Shine 1L           £5.05                                      from the face of tiles without affecting the grout. It
                                                                                reacts chemically with the surface of the grout to
HG laminate wash & shine leaves minuscule                                       harden it. This means that the grout is stronger and
arcylic balls behind on the surface. This                                       more resistant to dirt.
results in the surface being protected against
scratching and wear. It gives a rich gloss at
the same time.                                                    (HG003) HG Impregnating Sealer 1L                 £12.25

                                                                  HG impregnating sealer is a one-of treatment for
             (HG033) HG Laminate Daily Use                        unglazed porous tilesm quarry tiles and porous
                           Cleaner 500ml £2.45                    natural stones. Impregnating Sealer penetrates
                                                                  deep into the surface and completely seals off
                                                                  small pores. Larger pores are made smaller
             Laminate floors are subject to dust, sand and
                                                                  meaning liquid molecules can no longer be
             other light soiling daily. HG laminate daily spray
                                                                  absorbed. However any dampness in the floor can
             removes all these instantly. Simply spray lightly
                                                                  still evaporate. It is suitable for inside and outside
             on a cloth or dry mop and the floor can be easily
             cleaned without wetting it.

                                                                                (HG004) HG Satin Gloss Polish 1L £9.80
HG Parquet range                                                                HG satin gloss polish for unglazed quarry tiles,
                                                                                floor tiles and slate. Applying a very thin film
(HG027) HG p.e. Polish Remover 1L £5.32                                         completely seals the pores so dirt cannot
                                                                                penetrate. The Satin Gloss Polish deepens the
HG parquet wooden floor & hard wood p.e. polish                                 colour and gives a silky lustre at the same time.
remover removes both HG p.e. polish and stubborn
dirt and stains from varnished parquet.
                                                                  (HG006) HG Shine Cleaner 1L                £4.64

             (HG026) HG p.e. Polish 1L £9.80                      HG shine cleaner for glaze and unglazed quarry
                                                                  tiles, ceramic floor tiles and natural stone, HG
             HG parquet wooden floor & hard wood p.e.             Shine Cleaner leaves minuscule acrylic balls behind
             polish protects varnished parquet against            on the floor. This means that the glaze or the
             scratching and wear. In addition it gives extra      coating of HG satin gloss polish is protected
             gloss and can be easily reapplied again and          against scratching and wear. A new gloss is added
             again.                                               at the same time.

                                                                                (HG007) HG Remover 1L                 £6.66
(HG028) HG Parquet Wash & Shine 1L £5.26
                                                                                HG polish, wax and dirt remover takes out
HG parquet wooden floor & hard wood wash &                                      grease marks, ingrained dirt and removes old
shine leaves miniscule arcylic balls behind on the                              layers of polish, such as HG satin gloss polish for
surface. This results in the surface being protected                            example. It also removes old or worn coatings of
against scratching and wear. It gives a rich gloss                              wax.
at the same time.

                                                                                                              FLOOR CARE

(HG008) HG Super Remover 1L £7.82                                               (HG005) HG Stain Protector 1L £13.36

HG super remover for tiled floors and natural stone                             HG stain protector is for use on unglazed
floors is a professional cleaner, extremely effective                           ceramic tiles, percellanato, glazed stone
for really stubborn contamination, such as                                      stonewear, slate, marble, granite and other
persistent layers of polish, old layers of polish or                            sorts of natural stonework. It provides
heavily ingrained dirt in passageways, etc.                                     protection against almost all water-based
                                                                                spillages - such as those made by wine and cola

             (HG009) HG porcelain cleaner 1L            £4.87
                                                                   (HG023) HG Colour Intensifier 1L £8.14
             Irregularities and small holes or pores in the
             floor surface can collect dirt and deposits of        Dark stone types such as the darker granite
             limescale, which are left behind even after           varieties, Belgian bluestone etc. are subject to
             cleaning. HG porcelain cleaner removes                wear and tear after a while, which can be seen as
             these, leaving the floor thoroughly clean             matt, dull, grey coloured walkways or patches. HG
             and shining.                                          colour intensifier for granite, blue stone and other
                                                                   natural stone types.

HG Marble & Natural Stone range

(HG017) HG Marble Shine Finish 1L           £11.14
                                                                   HG Floor Problem Solvers

HG marble & natural stone shine finish provides a
thin protective coating. This means that the pores                            (HG010) HG Permanent Anti-Slip 500ml £6.52
are completely sealed. Dirt does not stand a
chance.                                                                       HG permanent anti-slip creates a safe grip-surface on
                                                                              smooth tiles and natural stonework used for (floor)
                                                                              surfaces and, also, in showers and baths with enamel
                                                                              or ceramic surfaces.
             (HG018) HG Wash & Shine 1L              £6.70

             HG marble & natural stone wash & shine leaves
             minuscule acrylic balls behind on the surface. This   (HG066) HG Sticker Remover 300ml                  £3.05
             protects the marble surface and any applications of
             HG marble & natural stone shine finish against        HG sticker remover allows for the simple removal
             scratching.                                           of stickers, sticker adhesive, rubber adhesive,
                                                                   adhesive tape, tar splashes, greasy patches, oil,
                                                                   heel marks and many other problems, from
                                                                   virtually all surfaces.
(HG019) HG Marble & Natural
          Stone Stripper 1litre          £6.84

HG marble & natural stone stripper is a powerful
                                                                              (HG039) HG Floor Glue Remover 750ml £9.80
cleaner for the removal of HG marble & natural
stone shine finish and stubborn dirt and grease.
                                                                              HG floor glue remover extra strong is an extra
                                                                              strong and super quick working glue remover
             (HG015) HG Marble & Natural Stone                                which is suitable for removal of the most
                  Cement & Lime Remover 1L £8.80                              stubborn glue and glue residues, such as
                                                                              solvent glues, glues for carpet, linoleum, resin,
             HG marble & natural stone cement & lime film                     parquet flooring, cork and tiles
             remover removes cement film and lime scale
             from marble and other sorts of calcareous of
             natural stone such as travertine, granite,            (HG014) HG Oil & Grease Absorber                  £6.53
             terrazzo and ashlar.
                                                                   Stains which appear in porous material are
.                                                                  often difficult to remove. HG oil & grease
                                                                   absorber however draws out unsightly oil or
(HG016) HG Marble Impregnator 1L £12.75                            grease stains from floors, tabletops and walls.

HG marble & natural stone impregnator
penetrates deep into the surface and
completely seals off small pores. Larger pores
are made smaller meaning liquid molecules
can no longer be absorbed. However, any
dampness in the floor can still evaporate.

                                                                                                                 HAND CARE

     Luxury Hand Soaps                                           CAREX

     SAVON SILK                                                  (H018) Carex Hand Wash 6x250ml                £11.89

     (H033/5L)    Silk - Bulk Fill 5litre               £6.75    Carex is a well established brand that protects
     (H033/1L)    Silk – Cartridge Fill 6x1litre        £14.37   hands from germs, neutralises odours, moisturises
     (H033/300ML) Silk – 6x300ml Pump Soap              £7.60    and mild and gentle for all types of skin types.

     A cosmetic-grade hand soap that contains Almond Oil and
     Aloe Vera to moisturise and soften the skin.
     Suitable for all skin types, Silk can be used as
     a hand and body wash. As a luxury soap, Silk
                                                                 Pearlised Hand Soaps
     is recommended for use in the most
     prestigious establishments, where
     every detail is essential in                                SAVON PINK
     maintaining excellent
                                                                 (H007)      Savon Pearle - Bulk Fill 5litre         £5.15
                                                                 (H007/1L)    Savon Pearle – Cartridge Fill 6x1litre £13.25
                                                                 (H007/300ML) Savon Pearle – 6x300ml Pump Soap £7.15
                                                                 A luxury, pearlised, pink liquid hand soap,
                                                                 Savon Pearle is a cosmetic-grade
                                                                 soap designed to cleanse and
     (H012) Palmolive Liquid Soap 6x300ml               £12.04   condition the skin. Made from
                                                                 superior quality ingredients to
     A Soap free formula enriched with almond                    produce a rich, mild foam,
     milk. Contains a combination of mild                        Savon Pearle boasts a subtle
     cleansers and skin conditioners. Available                  rose fragrance.
     in a self dispensing pump for

                                                                 Economy Bar Soaps

     Bactericidal Hand Soaps                                     BUTTERMILK SOAP

                                                                 (H003)    Buttermilk 3oz Bar Soap (72 bars)            £13.35
                                                                 (H024)    Buttermilk Guest Soap 15g (144 bars)         £12.39
     BIO DOX
                                                                 An economy bar white bar soap ideal for staff
                                                                 washrooms and guest bedrooms.
     (H034/5L)    Bio-dox - Bulk Fill 5litre      £6.71
     (H034/1L)    Bio-dox – Cartridge Fill 6x1ltr £13.68
     (H034/300ML) Bio-dox – 6x300ml Pump Soap £7.60

     A high active bactericidal hand soap
     and skin cleanser with a controlled
                                                                 Industrial Beaded Hand Cleaner
     foam level. Suitable for preserving
     hand hygiene in all areas.
     Bio-Dox is essential for use in                             BUSTER EXTRA
     food environments. Ideal for
     kitchens, canteens, food,                                   (H002)      Buster Extra Hand Cleaner 5litre           £8.74
     plants, nursing homes,
     hospitals &industries.
                                                                                An effective beaded hand
                                                                                cleaner with a citrus-oil base
                                                                                for extra strength and
                                                                                mildness. An range scented
     LAROX                                                                      hand cleaner containing poly-
                                                                                beads for added cleaning
     (H050/5L)      Larox – Bulk Fill 5litre £6.75                              power, suitable to remove oil,
                                                                                grease, ink, bitumen, asphalt,
     Larox is a new soap from Clover. It is odourless                           tar, paint, plaster, creosote,
     and food safe with controlled foam for easy                                mud and ground in soils from
     rinsing. Larox also contains skin conditioners,                            the skin. Pelican Pump
     making it a very user friendly hand soap.                                  available for easy dispensing.


                                                                                                                   HAND CARE

     Hand Wipes                                                      BULK FILL

     (WI003) Buddi Heavy Duty Grit Wipes £9.99
                                                                     (DIS011) Modular Plastic Dispenser 800ml           £11.99
     BUDDI Heavy Duty Grit Wipes are ideal for
     hand washing where no water is present.                         The 800ml bulk fill dispenser offers the
     The BUDDI heavy duty Wipes have a                               economy of bulk fill and features top quality
     orange fragrance and have 150 per tub.                          ABS moulded parts and automatic locking cover.

                                                                     Dimensions …

                                                                     Height         :        250mm
                                                                     Width          :        115mm
                                                                     Depth          :        115cm
     Skin Care System                                                Weight         :        0.6kg

     As part of a skin care routine, it is important to apply a
     Barrier Cream before work and a replenishing cream, such
                                                                     (DIS011M) Modular Plastic Dispenser 400ml           £10.75
     as Care 4 after. Using both products can prevent skin
     conditions such as dermatitis.

                                                                     The mini Modular dispenser offer all the
                                                                     versatility as the 800ml Modular dispenser
     (H035/500ML) Barrier Cream – 6x300ml                   £8.21    (above) but is only 19cm in height, ideal for
                                                                     small areas. The 400ml reservoir offers ample
     An advanced formulation Barrier cream, which gives              capacity. The cover will lock automatically when
     protection whilst replenishing the skin. Effectively            closed and has the option of a hidden button, or
     protects skin from cutting fluids, oils, greases,               the supplied key, for opening.
     aqueous detergents and cleaning fluids.

     (H036/500ML) Care 4 – 6x300ml                          £8.21    (DIS012) Stainless Steel Dispenser 1litre          £28.75
     (H036/5L)    Care 4 – 5 litre                          £10.64
                                                                     A stylish brushed stainless steel soap dispenser
     A high quality replenishing cream, which contains               with push action dispensing. The all stainless
     lipids to recondition the skin during and at the of             steel cover hinges forward to give easy access
     the working day. Suitable for use on all skin                   to the refillable reservoir and incorporates the
     types as an afterwork cream in industry and                     new key lock with snap shut closing for easy
     commerce, to rebalance the natural oils within                  filling.
     the skin that are depleted during working activities
                                                                     Dimensions …

     (H037/300ML) AHS– 6x300ml                              £13.99   Height         :        26.0cm
                                                                     Width          :        10.0cm
     (H037/5L)    AHS– 5 litre                              £15.45
                                                                     Depth          :        9.5cm
                                                                     Weight         :        1.2kg
     AHS is a rapid drying, non-rinse hand
     sanitiser designed to prevent the spread
     of contaminating organisms. AHS is ideal
     for use in establishments where                                 CARTRIDGE FILL
     Infection control is a priority.

                                                                     (DIS021) Plastic Cartridge Soap Dispenser          £14.50

                                                                     A hygienic wall mounted dispenser for the 1litre
                                                                     cartridge refills. The dispenser
     Soap Dispensers                                                 incorporates a product reservoir
                                                                     to ensure continued supply,
                                                                     even when the cartridge is empty.
     (DIS055) POD S/S Bracket for Pump Soap                 £3.25
                                                                     Dimensions …
     The POD is a simple & robust bracket
     for Clover 300ml Pump soap bottles.                             Height         :        33.05 cm
     Can be fixed using screws or attached                           Width          :        10.5cm
     to any smooth surface using the                                 Depth          :        12.6cm
     adhesive bracket provided.




(B004) Chlor 5 Bleach 5litre           £1.95                    GENERAL PURPOSE DISINFECTANTS

A concentrated bleach solution that kills a wide                (D005)       Fresh Mountain Pine 5litre                    £2.50
range of pathogenic bacteria. Suitable for use
to clean and disinfect drains, floors, lavatories,              Pine fresh is a powerful disinfectant and deodoriser
waste pipes and other areas that need a                         concentrate that kills odour producing bacteria and
powerful disinfectant. Contains <5% available                   fungi and neutralises unpleasant odours. Ideal to
chlorine                                                        disinfect and refreshen; washroom areas, toilets,
                                                                urinals, floors, drains, rubbish bins, rubbish carts,
                                                                waste disposal chutes, carpets, entrance matting,
THICK BLEACH                                                    sunbeds, sports equipment etc.

(B006) Thick Bleach 5litre                   £3.33
                                                                (D031)       Fresh Wild Lemon 5litre               £3.80
A concentrated bleach solution that kills a wide
range of pathogenic bacteria, and with regular                  Lemon Fresh is a powerful disinfectant and
use prevents the build up of slime and fungi.                   deodoriser concentrate that kills odour producing
Suitable for use to clean and disinfect drains,                 bacteria and fungi and neutralises unpleasant
floors, lavatories, waste pipes and other areas                 odours. LemonFresh contains a synergistic blend
that need a powerful disinfectant.                              of biocides and has a Q.A.P. of 50.
Contains <7.5% available chlorine

(SE011) Extraclor 5litre                     £3.49              (D025)       Deodoriser Concentrate 5litre                 £4.35

Advanced formula, kills slime and fungi,                        Deodoriser concentrate is a candy scent disinfectant
eradicates malodours at source. Fresh Pot                       based on a synergistic blend of 3 active biocides
Pourri fragrance keeps drains and toilets clean                 for guaranteed results as an air reconditioner.
and sweet smelling. Surfactant boosters give                    Deodoriser Concentrate is also highly effective on
better cleaning and a faster action. Available                  waste and rubbish bins, rubbish carts, waste
in 5 litre or easy to use 750ml with directable jet.            disposal chutes, carpets and entrance matting.

(B056) Kleenoff Thick Bleach 12x750ml                £6.95      HEAVY DUTY DISINFECTANTS
Kleenoff thick bleach kills all germs, bleaches, removes        (D025S)      Reosan HD 5litre                      £5.80
stains and freshens. It features a directable jet for
safe and easy use. Safe to use in with septic tanks             Formulated for Industrial and Environmental
                                                                use. Eradicates offensive odours from tower
                                                                block refuse chutes. Controls sewage farm and
                                                                refuse dump odours. Sweetens and freshens
SPRAY BLEACH                                                    drains and settling tanks. Powerful effective
                                                                biocide restores hygienic conditions,
(B001) Spray & Wipe with Bleach 6x750ml                £10.40   antimicrobial value (BS 6471) - QAP 90.

Developed for the removal of stains, grease,
mould and soap scum etc. from sinks and                         (D030)       Jeyes Fluid 5litre          £21.17
basins, worktops and bathroom tiles.
Removes the black mould from grout.                             Jeyes Fluid is heavy duty disinfectant for use
Highly effective sanitiser                                      on drains, dustbins, garden tools, plants, soil
against all bacteria                                            etc. For outdoor use only, removes fungi, algae,
                                                                moss and lichen from concrete paths, tarmac
                                                                and wooden fence panels.

                                                                (WI014) Clinitex Hard Surface
(B003) Defence Sanitising Tablets            £9.50                                 Disinfectant Wipes £6.50

Effervescent chlorine bleach tablets that                       Impregnated with a synergistic blend of bactercides,
produces a powerful sterilising solution that                   surfactants and alcohol, makes this an ideal sanitising
is suitable for surface, utensil, vegetable and                 surface wipe for all areas, including food preparation
salad washing. Each tub contains 180 tablets                    areas. 200 wipes per tub.


 Drain Cleaners                                               CONCENTRATED CLEANERS

 (D027) Drain Cleaner 1litre                  £6.10           (F043) SPIRIT 5litre                                       £4.37

 The sulphuric acid Drain Cleaner quickly dissolves           Spirit is a surface safe multi-purpose cleaner,
 all organic blockages such as sanitary towels,               which incorporates a fragrant aroma to clean,
 hair grease, paper and tea bags.                             freshen and enhance hard surfaces. Suitable
 Usage instructions must be strictly adhered to               on all hard washable surfaces including anti-
                                                              slip floors, laminate flooring, aluminium and
                                                              polish floors.
 (D127) DAMBUSTER Drain Cleaner 1litre £13.50

 For Trade & Industrial use only. No need to rod
                                                              (W011L)       Ajax Lemon Liquid 5litre                          £10.93
 the drain, simply pour a measured dose into the
 nearest access point and within minutes the drain            Ajax, now with a new ‘’clean water’ formulation is
 is clear and free flowing. Quickly dissolves organic         better then ever. The revolutionary new technology
 obstructions and is environmentally safe as                  tramps the dirt at the bottom of the bucket and stops
 Dambuster is 100% Biodegradable.                             the need to change the water as often. A 5 litre
                                                              container will make up to 625 litres of solution.

 Read instructions carefully before use
                                                              (F044)        Ultraviolet 5litre          £5.25

                                                              Ultraviolet, new from Clover, is a fragrant, dilutable,
                                                              bactericidal cleaner that is ideal for washroom areas,
 Multi Purpose Cleaners                                       floors and other hard surfaces.

                                                              (D051)          Virosol 5litre            £5.45
 (F061)    Spray & Wipe 6x750ml £10.65                        (D051/20L)      Virosol 20litre           £18.95
 (F061/5L) Spray & Wipe 5litre  £7.65
                                                              Virosol is a citrus-based cleaner and degreaser and
 A pleasant, floral-fragranced bactericidal                   has been formulated for maximum
 cleaner, which cuts through grease and                       cleaning power, without being a
 grime fast. Spray & Wipe is multi                            hazardous classified product. Ideal
 purpose and is safe on aluminium, glass                      to clean dirt, grime, diesel oil, food oil,
 and upholstery.                                              fats, grease, tobacco film, body fats
                                                              and rubber on a variety of
                                                              surfaces including anti-slip floors.

 (F096) Mr Muscle Multi Surface 6x750ml              £16.10   (F160)        Ubik 2000 5litre                         £6.27

 Mr Muscle Multi Surface Cleaner effortlessly                 A universal cleaner and degreaser concentrate,
 removes dirt and grime from all hard,                        designed to dissolve and float away the toughest
 washable surfaces. The powerful fresh                        grime and leave a spotless finish. Ideal for oils,
 fragrance destroys unpleasant odours                         fats, blood, dirt, and grease from a multitude of
 to leave a fresh, just cleaned fragrance.                    surfaces including anti-slip floors, stainless steel
                                                              and ceramic tiles.

                                                              (F044R)       Selclen S 5litre            £5.70
 (F060) Sabre 12x480ml                        £15.94
                                                              A highly concentrated, versatile cleaner, that
 Sabre is a foaming biocidal hard surface lemon               boasts maximum grease and dirt removal.
 cleaner that is suitable for all areas including             Recommended to remove grease, oil, grime and
 catering. Sabre cuts clean through grease and                nicotine stains from concrete, stainless steel,
 grime. Effective sanitising action leaves all                plastic and all alkaline resistant surfaces.
 surfaces hygienically safe and clean.

 (F059) Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner 12x400ml £25.25          (D007)        SELOSOL degreaser – 5litre               £4.85
                                                              (D008)        SELOSOL degreaser – 25litre              £21.60
 Pledge Multi Surface cleaner contains anti-static
 agents for superior cleaning and dust removal                Selosol all purpose detergent degreaser contains
 on everyday marks. It is also suitable for use               no solvents, no acids or caustics. It is odourless,
 of computer screens, televisions, hi-fis, videos             will not taint foodstuffs – safe for use in food
 and all modern hard furniture surfaces.                      Selosol is controlled foam so there is no excessive
                                                              rinsing required.


Glass Cleaners                                                      (F059N) Pledge Natural 12x400ml                 £28.95

(W087) BRITE glass cleaner 6x750ml                         £9.60    Pledge provides your furniture with superior
(W088) BRITE glass cleaner 5litre                          £5.50    care and protection from everyday marks ensuring
                                                                    a beautiful natural finish on all, surfaces especially
A ready-to-use glass and plastic                                    wood.
cleaner, which cuts through grease and
dirt to leave a streak and smear free,
sparkling finish. Brite is excellent for
windows, double glazing, mirrors, VDU
Screens, ceramic tiles and stainless                                Telephone & VDU Screen Cleaning
                                                                    (Z002) Selsafe 400ml aerosol (12)                   £26.96

                                                                    A high quality alcohol based aerosol combining sanitising
                                                                    and air freshening properties. For cleaning and sanitising
(W102) Mr Muscle Glass Cleaner 6x750ml                     £15.05
                                                                    telephones, microphones, headsets and all audio
                                                                    equipment where multi-person use could lead to the
Mr Muscle Glass Cleaner clean glass without
                                                                    spread of infection. Also for nursing homes, sick rooms,
smearing. It effortlessly cuts through
                                                                    and as a general purpose air freshener.
grease, finger marks, tobacco film and
general dirt, leaving a sparkling finish
and a fresh, clean fragrance.
                                                                    (WI002) Grimeeez Multi Purpose Office Wipes              £3.30

                                                                    Grimeeez Multi Purpose wipes are a cost effective
                                                                    answer to keeping telephones and office equipment
(F101) Staingo UPVC Cleaner 500ml                £8.75
                                                                    hygienically clean. Using these wipes can reduce the
                                                                    risk of spread infection between users of shared
Staingo clean all UPVC especially window
                                                                    equipment by killing of common bacteria with an
surrounds to pristine condition. Removes pencil,
                                                                    effective sanitiser. 150 wipes per tub.
crayon marks and chemical residues left after
installation. Staingo rejuvenates older UPVC
frames dulled by weathering, pollution and built
up grime. Easily removes manufacturers sticker
and adhesive marks.
                                                                    Metal Polishes

(HG051) HG UPVC Cleaner 750ml                  £4.70                (M010) Dazzle - 6x750ml £16.75

HG UPVC Powerful Cleaner 750ml is a very special,                   A ready-to-use stainless steel cleaner and
extremely powerful cleaner, especially developed to                 polish, which leaves a lasting shine and is
thoroughly clean all kinds of synthetic frames, windows,            resistant to finger marks and dirt. Ideal to
doors, etc., without attacking the materials.                       remove finger marks, grease and dirt from
                                                                    refrigerators, kitchen ranges, display cabinets,
                                                                    lifts, process equipment and all stainless steel
Furniture Polish
                                                                    (M110) 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner 600ml              £5.76
TRIGGER FURNITURE POLISH                                            Cleans and polishes in one operation. Leaves no
                                                                    greasy film. Does outstanding job on stainless steel,
(F063)    Swift 6x750ml               £11.45                        chrome, architectural aluminium and other interior
(F063/5L) Swift 5litre                £7.75                         surfaces such as laminated plastics, enamel and ceramic.

A ready-to-use polish, which clean and
polishes in one application. Designed for                           (M008) Brasso wadding 75g (12) £23.75
cleaning and polishing vehicle interiors,                           (M008L) Brasso liquid 150ml (12) £24.85
such as plastic, wood trim and paintwork.
                                                                    Brasso metal polish in wadding form or liquid
                                                                    cleans brass, copper, pewter and chrome.

(F058) SELECT Aerosol 12x480ml                  £16.80              (M007) Kleenoff Brass & Copper Polish 6x500ml                £22.39

SELECT is easy to apply. A light wipe with a duster                 Jeyes Kleenoff Brass and Copper polish rapidly
brings out the shine. Resists dust and finger                       brings bright metals to a high shine. Easy to use,
marking. Feeds and restores shine to faded                          simply apply with cloth, allow to dry and polish off
furniture. Cleans and shines as you dust.                           with soft cloth. Special formula inhibits
Pleasant waxy lavender perfume.                                     retarnishing


 Chandelier Cleaning                                                    BRICK CLEANING

 (HG038) HG Chandelier Cleaner 500ml £5.32                              (F046) Acid Wash 80 5litre                     £6.15

 HG chandelier spray cleaner is a fast-working                          Acid Wash 80 is a hydrocloric concentrated acid
 manual spray cleaner that safely and effectively.                      cleaner, which is very universal in its uses.
 The cleaner removes dirt and grime completely.                         Acid Wash is very effective is dissolving stubborn
 Regular use prevents a severe build up of dirt.                        scale build up and has a low odour, no choking
                                                                        fumes. Acid Wash also is excellent for cleaning
                                                                        concrete, brickwork and stone.
 Specialist Cleaning                                                                    ACID WASH 80 is NOT stainless steel safe.

                                                                        (HG059) HG Green Slime Remover 1L                   £4.42
 (SM176) Full Power Graffiti Remover 5litre £35.60
 (SK176) Full Power Graffiti Remover 500ml £5.85                        HG green slime remover removes the familiar mould,
                                                                        algae, lichen or moss from patios, paths, walls,
 Full Power graffiti remover for porous                                 roofs, fences and terra cotta pots, etc.
 surfaces removes spray paint on the,
 first pass removing The need for harsh
 anti-ghosting products.                                                Sprayers & Measuring Aids

                                                                        TRIGGER SPRAYS
 (SK175) Plastic Safe 500ml                            £3.50
                                                                        (S013) Trigger Sprayer 750ml             £1.40
 Plastic Safe graffiti remover for solvent sensitive is                 Our trigger sprayers are fitted with ‘Viton’ seals
 ideal for enclosed spaces and shelters, safe on                        for use with more aggressive chemicals. They
 plastics, laminates and polycarbonates.                                have an adjustable nozzle so the spray can be
 Removes adhesive labels.                                               changed from a fine spray to a powerful jet.

                                                                        PUMP-UP SPRAYERS
                                                                        (S015) Pump-up Sprayer 1.5litre £9.00
 (F120) Triple Scrubber Drier Detergent 5litre                 £6.20
                                                                        The 1.5litre pump-up sprayer has an adjustable
 Super strength formulation removes even the                            nozzle and calibration markings for ease of
 toughest grease and grime. Low foaming,                                chemical dilution. It also has ‘Viton@ gaskets
 speciallydesigned for machines with suction                            and seals for improved chemical resistance.
 driers. Ideal for cleaning large warehouses,
 rapid grease cutting ensures only one pass
 of the machine is required.
                                                                        (S016) 5litre Pressure Sprayer              £27.95

                                                                        Highly durable for industry with ‘Vitron’ seals and
                                                                        complete with pressure release value and indicator.

 (C020) Solvent Degreaser 5 litre                  £10.50               (Z069) Pelican Pump 30ml                £1.91

 A fast acting, solvent-based degreaser that                            For accurate 30ml delivery of a wide variety
 liquefies oils and grease on contact. Rapidly                          of products such as soaps, detergents and
 dissolves oil, grease, diesel, tar, bitumen,                           other cleaning chemicals
 rubber, wax and asphalt. Ideal to degrease
 engine bays and metal parts.
                                                                        (JUG002) 5” Funnel                      £1.15

 (C120Y) Oil Buster BLACK 500ml trigger                        £11.15   Natural in colour, the 'Lucy' funnel measure
                                                                        12.5cm long and is ideal for decanting a
 Oil Buster Black removes oil from tarmac                               product from one container to another.
 drives and car pack areas. Oil Buster Black                            Typical uses is decanting a 5litre product
 is solvent free, non toxic, biodegradable and                          into a trigger bottle or smaller container.
 environmentally safe. Simply spray Oil Buster
 Black onto the oil patch, leave for 3-5 mins                           (JUG001) Measuring Jug                  £1.40
 then agitate with a brush and wash away with
 water.                                                                 Plastic, 1 litre measuring jug with built in
                 Available in 5litre as special order only              handle. The measuring calibration is in
                                                                        metric and imperial.


Detergents                                                     Fabric Conditioners

LIQUID DETERGENTS                                              (L006)       Clover Fabric Conditioner 5litre              £3.60
                                                               (L003)       Clover Fabric Conditioner 20litre             £13.78
(L001/5L) Clover Laundry Detergent 5 litre  £9.11
(L001)    Clover Laundry Detergent 20 litre £34.34
                                                               For best results use in conjunction with the
Clover’s Laundry Detergent is a non-biological                 Ultracare dosing system. Clover’s Fabric
automatic washing liquid which is highly                       Conditioner contains a high blend of fabric
concentrated to produce brilliant cleaning for all             conditioners and has a pleasant fragrance.
clothing and linen. For best results use through
the Ultracare automatic dosing system, or hand
wash to remove stubborn stains. Ideal for large
laundries; nursing homes, hospitals and hotels.
                                                               (L008)    Comfort Easy-Iron Fabric Conditioner             £8.99

                                                               Comfort liquid fabric conditioner, softens fabrics
                                                               leaving cloths with a fresh fragrance.
(W127/e) Surf Tropical 5litre               £11.30

Surf Tropical Automatic biological washing liquid
can be used for all levels of soilage including in
hard water areas. Surf Tropical can also be used
for hand washing.

(L007)    Ariel Tablets 168 per case        £20.54

Specially formulated to start working the                      (L002/5L)     Clover Laundry Destainer 5litre              £5.09
moment a wash cycle begins, Ariel tablets                      (L002)        Clover Laundry Destainer 20litre             £19.96
with QuickWash Action immediately release
powerful little stain beads to act fast on                     Clover’s Laundry Destaining additive with bactericidal
dirt and stains.                                               properties for heavily stained fabrics. Designed to
                                                               penetrate and break down stains allowing Laundry
                                                               Detergent to remove the stains from the fabric
                                                               during the main washing cycle. For best results
                                                               use in conjunction with the Ultracare dosing
(L009)    Persil Non-Bio Tablets 144 per case         £18.50   system.

Persil non-bio is dermatologically tested
and does not contain enzymes, which is
particularly suitable for people with
sensitive skin.
                                                               Ultracare Laundry System

                                                               (ULTC01)     Ultracare System Unit                   £395.00

(W008S)      SoSoft Biological Powder 9kg            £17.74    A complete integrated laundry system with a broad range of
                                                               chemicals and a computer controlled dispensing system. The
Professional Biological washing powder that                    Ultracare system has a choice of 8 wash menus and also offers a
has powerful cleaning on whites and colours.                   security protection code with complete accountability. Ideal for
Formulated to work effectively at low                          use in large commercial and industrial laundries; nursing homes,
Temperatures and suitable for all washing                      hospitals and hotels.
machines and water conditions.

(W009S)     SoSoft Non- Biological Powder 9kg         £17.74

Professional Non Biological washing powder
that is enzyme free. It is formulated to
work effectively at low temperatures and
is suitable for hand washing. The SoSoft
range is part of the Jeyes Professional
Laundry products.


 Dry Vacuums                                              BACK-PACK VACUUMS

 (F031) Henry 230v vacuum cleaner               £96.42
                                                          (NUMA17) Ruc Sac Vac RSV130 vacuum cleaner £169.50
 The Henry Vac has a 1200watt professional
 two stage motor that gives outstanding
                                                          The versatile RSV (Ruc Sac Vac) has an 1100w
 performance. The 10-metre cable
                                                          motor, 6L capacity, large filter system and 2-
 storage and rewind system is a work
                                                          stage Microflo disposable dust bags.
 of art, trouble free and spring free.
                                                          Ergonomically designed, comfortable harness
 The Henry is made by Numatic and                         system allows the operator good mobility into
 has a fantastic reputation.                              those awkward to reach locations.. This handy
                                                          little vac. allows you access and speedy
 Stats..                                                  cleaning of congested environments.
 Motor            :        1200watt
 Power            :        230volt
 Capacity         :        9 litres
 Dimensions       :        340x340x370mm
                                                          Motor         :         1200watt
 Weight           :        6.6kg
                                                          Power         :         230volt
                                                          Capacity      :         6 litres
                                                          Weight        :         6kg
     (NUMA15) ‘Contractor Vac’ vacuum cleaner    £82.93   Dimensions    :         440x360x250mm

 The 200 series has all the many features
 of the Henry design with full professional
 Twinflo power and performance; Hi-Lo
 operation; Tritex filtration but with the
 addition of the extended commercial 12.5                 ‘All In One’ Vacuums
 metre cable rewind and storage system..
                                                          (F033)     George All In One Machine               £182.50
 Motor            :        1200watt                       The George is a true   All in One Machine, capable of doing
 Power            :        230volt                        everything including
 Capacity         :        9 litres                                         •     dry vacuuming
 Weight           :        6.9kg                                            •     wet vacuuming
 Dimensions       :        355x355x415mm                                    •     scrubbing
                                                                            •     drying hard floors
                                                                            •     deep cleaning the carpet
 (VAXM01) Vax Commercial VCC-01                 £92.50                      •     cleaning the upholstery
                                                                            •     unblocking the sink
 The NEW Vax Commercial vacuum                            Stats..
 cleaner is ideal for industrial use. It
 has a powerfuk 1250watt motor and                        Motor                   :         1200watt
 a Hepa filter as standard. The Vax                       Power                   :         230volt
 machine has 12 month a back-to-                          Wet Capacity            :         9 litres
 base warranty, so repairs are                            Dry Capacity            :         15 litres
 hassle free.                                             Extraction Capacity     :         6 litres
                                                          Weight                  :         8.8kg
 Stats..                                                  Dimensions              :         355x355x500mm
 Motor            :        1250watt
 Capacity         :        10 litres
 Weight           :        6.77kg
 Dimensions       :        350x460x360mm
                                                          Wet & Dry Vacuums
 UPRIGHT VACUUMS                                          (F029) Provac B270                         £187.00

 (F074) Victor UCS Upright Vacuum               £247.00   Made by Prochem, the Provac B270 has a 35 litre
                                                          capacity and is stainless steel.
 The UCS upright vacuum has two motors, one
 creating a poweful vacuum and a brush motor              Stats..
 turing the brush at a constant 3500 rpm
 ensure optimum dust and grit removal.                    Motor                   :         1100watt
 Despite generating twice as many brush                   Power                   :         230volt
 strokes as other upright machine it still                Capacity                :         35 litres
 manages to operate more quietly.                         Weight                  :         9kg

 Motor            :        800watt
 Cleaning Width   :        370mm
 Capacity         :        4 litres
 Power            :        230volt
 Cable Length     :        12 litres


(NUMA08) Numatic WV-570                   £246.33

Constructed from Structofoam, which is a material formulation
embodying all strength needed for bigger machines, yet          (NUPA07) Combination Floor
without weight penalty. It is really rugged. It doesn’t dent,
                                                                         Tool 32mm      £11.39
scratch or deteriorate and yet it is light in weight.


Motor          :       1200watt                                 (NUPA70) Airobrush 32mm             £30.84
Power                  :      230volt
Wet Capacity           :      15 litres
Dry Capacity           :      23 litres
Weight                 :      13.6kg

                                                                (NUPA28) All-brush floor tool for
                                                                         hard floors 32mm              £14.23

(NUMA13) Numatic WVD-900-2                       £367.13

The 900 series is constructed, like the
570 series, from Structofoam and also
has a unique multipurpose tipper system                         (NUPA09) Stainless Steel
for emptying .                                                            Bend 32mm                           £7.15

                                                                (NUPA10) Stainless Steel Extension Tube 32mm           £7.15

Motor          :       2400watt
Power          :       230volt
Wet Capacity   :       32 litres
Dry Capacity   :       40 litres
Weight         :       25kg                                     (NUPA08) 2.4m Threaded
                                                                         hose (32mm)        £11.39

                                                                (NUPA41) Multi Angle
Vacuum Accessories                                                       Brush 32mm            £4.35

                                                                VACUUM BAGS

(NUPA01) Crevice
         Tool 32mm              £3.75                           (NUBA01) Numatic NVM 1CH                (Henry Bags)
                                                                         vacuum bags
                                                                         (Pack of 10)                    £5.59

(NUPA02) Double Taper
         Hose Connector         £3.75

                                                                (F074/BAG) Replacement Vacuum
(NUPA03) Soft Round Dusting                                                Bags for Victor UCS
         Brush 32mm                 £4.25                                  (Pack of 10)     £6.15

                                                                (VABA01) Replacment Vacuum
                                                                         Bags for VAX VCC01
(NUPA04) Filter for                                                      (Pack of 10)   £5.10
         Henry Vacuum           £13.99


     Rotary Floor Machines                                            (F117SPR) Spraytec Kit                 £63.21

                                                                      The Spraytec kit fits neatly on the
     NUMATIC ROTARY MACHINES                                          back of Numatic rotary machine
                                                                      ideal for spray cleaning.

     (F117) MultiDeck BMD450 Machine £452.50

     The Multideck 450 rotary machine is sound, well
     engineered basic floor machine. The Multideck can
     be the machine for all rotary requirements; you                  (NUPA39) Union Mix Polishing Brush               £75.50
     can polish, scrub, shampoo or strip! All you’ll need
     is the right pads or brushes and a tank if required.             450mm polishing brush for Numatic
     The Multideck machine comes in either standard                   rotary machines.
     speed (150rpm), medium speed (230rpm) or
     high speed (300rpm).

                                                                      (NUPA26) Polyscrub Scrubbing Brush               £75.59
     Motor          :        1000watt
     Deck           :        450mm                                    450mm Scrubbing brush for Numatic
     Weight         :        32kg                                     rotary machines.
     Size           :        1185x580x450mm

     (NUMA09) NuSpeed NST1530 Machine                       £735.00   (NUPA30) Nyloscrub Shampoo Brush                 £79.95

     The NST1530 has a hi-range and lo-range drive system             450mm Shampoo brush for Numatic
     allowing an instant selection of speed between 150rpm and        rotary machines.
     300rpm to suit the need of the operator and it has a 40kg
     operating weight as standard.

                                                                      (NUPA40) Nuloc Drive Board             £83.55
     Motor          :        1000watt
     Deck           :        450mm                                    400mm drive board for Numatic
     Weight         :        40kg                                     rotary machines.
     Size           :        1250x580x460mm

                                                                      NUMATIC LoLine Rotary Machine

                                                                      (NUMA33) LoLine NLL415
     NUMATIC ROTARY MACHINE ACCESSORIES                                            machine, tank & Drive board           £389.50

32 (F118) Rotary Machine Solution Tank                                (NUPA87PO)            Polishing Brush            £54.95
                                                                      (NUPA87SH)            Shampoo Brush              £72.95
     Tank easily fits onto the Numatic rotary machine.
                                                                      (NUPA87SC)            Scrubbing Brush            £54.95
     It has a wide opening for quick                                  (NUPA87DR)            Drive Board                £72.95
     and easy filling.
                                                                      The LoLine range of low profile floor machineS
                                                                      has been developed to be smaller in size,
                                                                      lighter in weight, compact and convenient
                                                                      in storage whilst, at the same time, being
                                                                      quick an easy to use without loss of
     (F117DTK) Dustrol Kit            £186.25
                                                                      The LoLine 415 is the largest of the
                                                                      range, 40cm (16”) brushes and 14”
     The Dustrol vacuum kit, as shown,
                                                                      floor pads, has an operating speed
     collects dust while the rotary
                                                                      of 150rpm and satisfies a whole
     machine is being used,
                                                                      host of floor maintenance needs;
     thus saving time.
                                                                      be it polishing, scrubbing
                                                                      or rotary carpet c


Scrubber / Drying Machines                                        Floor Sweeper

                                                                  (VIMA03) Victor Easysweep                    £350.00

NUMATIC TWINTEC SCRUBBER DRYERS                                   The push along sweeper for removing dirt, sand, gravel,
                                                                  leaves and litter. Ideal for use indoors and outside.
(NUMA10) Twintec TT345 – Mains               £1099.00             The Easysweep sweeps 930sq m per hour.

The TT345 is medium size scrubber dryer in the Numatic            Operating Width       :         70cm
range of scrubber dryers. With a wet capacity of 30 litres this   Collecting Capacity   :         32 litres
is the ideal machines for many different environments.            Size                  :         1320x880x800mm
                                                                  Weight                :         18kg
Size                    : 1150x1030x740mm
Brush Motor             : 1000watt
Capacity Wet            : 30 litres                               CaddyClean
Weight                  : 57kg
Brush Size              : 450mm
Vacuum Motor :           1200watt                                 CaddyClean is designed with the user in mind, simple
Cleaning Range :         42m
                                                                  to handle and economical. The extremely low weight
                                                                  1.5 kilos (3.3 lbs) and practical design makes it ideal
                                                                  for cleaning in areas where manual
                                                                  methods presently are used.

                                                                  CaddyClean has an ergonomically
                                                                  designed handle with many features
                                                                  such as adjustable variable shaft length
                                                                  and angle. The heavy-duty battery
                                                                  lasts up to 2 hours. The brushes are
                                                                  designed for hard to reach corners and
                                                                  niches. CaddyClean has a snap on grip
                                                                  for the scrubber head and attachment
                                                                  for easy replacement.

(NUMA11) Twintec TT345 - Battery £1999.99

The TT345 battery version is perfect for situations where there
is no on-site power or having cables around is not ideal.


Brush Motor             :        400watt
Capacity Wet            :        30 litres                            Optional extras
Weight                  :        122kg
Brush Size              :        450mm
                                                                  (CAD01) CaddyClean scrubbing machine              £418.70
Battery                 :        2x12v
Vacuum Motor            :        400watt
                                                                         Includes free holdall, solution tank not included.
Size                    :        1150x1030x740mm
Run Time                :        2 ¼ Hours
                                                                  (CAD02) Solution Tank 2.5 litre                   £76.97

                                                                  (CAD03) Handle for hand held use                  £38.90

                                                                  (CAD04) In-car 12volt charge                      £22.47

                                                                  (CAD05) Microfibre Pads pk 10                     £41.29

                                                                  (CAD06) Abrasive Pad starter kit                  £10.05

                                                                        2 of each black, green, red, white, blue


 Mops                                                                KENTUCKY MOPS

 SOCKET MOPS                                                         (M017)     12oz Twine Kentucky Mops (10)                 £12.00
                                                                     (M018)     16oz Twine Kentucky Mops (10)                 £12.50
 (M012)     12oz Twine Socket Mops (10)                  £8.25       (M019)     20oz Twine Kentucky Mops (10)                 £18.75
                  available with green socket
 (M013)     14oz Twine Socket Mops (10)                  £9.45       (M015) 16oz Multi Kentucky Mops (10)    £14.65
                  available with blue, red, green or yellow socket   (M016) 20oz Multi Kentucky Mops (10)    £19.75
 (M011)     14oz PY Socket Mops (10)                     £9.45       (M056/E) 24oz Multi Kentucky Mop (each) £2.50
                  available with blue, red green or yellow socket
 (M014)     16oz Twine Socket Mops (10)                  £10.95      Kentucky mops available in a
                  available with green socket
                                                                     variety of yarns and sizes, for
                                                                     use with a the ‘kentucky’ type
 Made from the finest fibres,                                        bucket.
 available in a variety of
 coloured sockets, ideal for
 colour coding.

                                                                     KENTUCKY MOP HANDLES

                                                                     (M023)     Wooden Kentucky Handle                        £5.99
 (M039)   Abbey Ali Socket Mop Handle 125cm £2.95                    (M022)     Aluminium Kentucky Handle                     £5.79
 (HYA003) Abbey Ali Socket Mop Handle 137cm £3.35                        available with blue, red or yellow colour coding
                                                                     (M024)     Replacement Kentucky springs                  £1.07
 Available in two sizes, The Abbey aluminium
 socket mops handles are                                                            Zinc plated kentucky mop holder with
 self-tapping, they have a 1.2mm wall                                                    aluminium or wooden handle.
 thickness and is anodised
 to BS1615.
 Available in green,
 yellow, blue or red.
                                                                     SYR INTERCHANGE SYSTEM MOPS

                                                                     (M029K) 16oz Interchange Kentucky (ea)                           £3.45
                                                                                                 available with blue, red or yellow connection
                                                                     (M029FMID) Midi Freedom Loop Socket (ea)                         £2.95
                                                                                                 available with blue red connection
                                                                     (M029HAN) Interchange Freedom Handle                             £6.25
 (M038)     Exel Socket Mops (5)                         £4.35
                                                                     (M029HTEL) Interchange Telescopic Handle                         £2.99
 (M036)     Exel Socket Handle (single)                  £4.60
        available with blue or red socket
                                                                     The patented ‘Interchange’ system by SYR
 The Exel system socket                                              has been designed to offer one handle for
 mop are part of the Exel                                            all mopping applications. All mops in the
 System. The head                                                    Interchange range are manufactured from
 ‘push-fit’ onto the                                                 SYNTEX white durable yarn which will not rot
 three prong Exel                                                    and reduces odour.

 SYNTHETIC MOPS                                                      WOODEN HANDLES

 (M047) Vileda Super Mop                                 £3.38
 (M047HAN) Vileda Super Handle                           £5.56       (B018) 48” x         /16”                                          £1.26
                                                                     (B043) 60” x         /16”                                          £2.05
 The hygienic alternative to conventional cotton mops,
 scientifically proven* to inhibit bacteria growth. Ideal for        Made from ‘A’ quality wood the Wooden handles
 spot mopping and all small area cleaning, including bars,           are available in 2 sizes.
 ashrooms etc. The non-woven strands are highly absorbent
 and easier to wring out leaving floors dryer
 than conventional cotton mops.
                                                                     Safety Signs

                                                                     (S010) Safety sign ‘ Cleaning in Progress’                         £6.34
                                                                     (S011) Safety sign ‘ Caution – Wet Floor’                          £6.34
                                                                     (S012) Safety sign ‘ Out Of Order’                                 £6.34

                                                                     Bright yellow plastic floor sign can be read from
                                                                     30 feet away. Two-sided, 25" high sign is ideal for
 (M035) Abbey Sythetic Mop Head                          £0.80       doorways and narrow spaces.
 (M034) Plastic economy mop handle                       £0.65


Mop Systems                                                   KENTUCKY MOP BUCKETS

                                                              (B038) ‘Eagle II’ Galvanised Roller Bucket £23.32
                                                              Heavy-duty galvanised roller bucket
(M054)          Spraymop SM40                £25.72           suitable for either Kentucky or flat
(M054HD)        Deep Clean Head              £4.48            mops. The bucket’s capacity is 17
(M054HS)        Standard Head                £4.27            litres.

The New Spraymop from Numatic has a full 40cm
Microfibre head with its own integrated 400ml
container that is operated by foot or hand in order
to apply small amounts of water or cleaning solution
to the floor as required in order to maintain                 (B057) SYR Lady Combo Bucket               £21.50
dampness of the mop.                                                            available in blue, red, green or yellow

                                                                                             The Ladybug bucket is a
                                                                                             compact, 8 litre bucket with
                                                                                             an integral Kentucky press
                                                                                             wringer. It has a sump
                                                                                             and grid feature to
                                                                                             trap accumulating
                                                                                             soil and is fitted with
VILEDA’S ULTRASPEED mopping system                                                           2” castors.

(M030SYS)       Ultraspeed Mopping start kit         £46.51
    Includes bucket, frame & pad (handle not included)
(M030THA)       Ultraspeed Telescopic Handle £10.00
(M030HEA)       Ultraspeed Mop Heads         £5.62

                                                              (B090) SYR TC20 Combo Bucket and Press                      £36.99
Vileda’s NEW Ultraspeed mopping system combines
                                                                            available in blue, red, green or yellow
intensive microfibre cleaning with a
revolutionary new press that means                            The TC20 is a tough wringer &
floors dry faster.                                            bucket combo with heavy 3”
                                                              castors for stability. Available
Ultraspeed is the latest in high                              in the four colour-coding colours
speed, ergonomic flat mopping                                 it is perfect for all mopping
with colour coding features on                                applications.
ALL handles and buckets.

The Ultraspeed system is very
versatile, especially when
used in conjunction with
Vileda’s telescopic handle,
the Ultraspeed system can be easily
                                                              GENERAL BUCKETS
used on walls, skirting and staircases with no splashing
on other surfaces.
                                                              (B035) Plastic Bucket                                   £1.85
                                                                            available in blue, red, green or yellow

                                                              Plastic lightweight 9 litre bucket
Buckets                                                       suitable for normal use.


(B068) Professional Socket Mop Bucket                 £6.15
           available in blue, red, green or yellow            (B034) Large Black Bucket                  £2.30

Polypropylene bucket with a single wringer                    Large 14 litre industrial black bucket with
& wet floor caution sign on the side.                         metal handle.

                                                                                 (B135) Prochem Bucket with lip
(B037) Galvanised Socket Mop Bucket             £8.45                                              10litre £6.56              39
                                                                                 Prochem’s round bucket has a large
Galvanised Metal socket mop bucket.                                              spout for pouring, a metal handle and volume
10 Litre capacity suitable for light                                             markings on the side. Available in Red or White.
industrial use.
                                                                                                   PAPER PRODUCTS

 Toilet Tissue                                                   JUMBO TOILET ROLLS

 CONVENTIONAL TOILET TISSUE                                      (T013) Mini-Jumbo Toilet Roll                2¼” Core          £10.65
                                                                 (T014) Mini-Jumbo Toilet Roll                3” Core           £10.65

 (T011) Standard toilet tissue 36 rolls                 £8.60    Lightly embossed 2ply mini jumbo toilet rolls
                                                                 are packed in 12s, each roll is 150 metres.
 This is our economy 320-sheet toilet roll,
 which is soft and very absorbent. The
 paper is lightly embossed and is
 conveniently twin packed (18 twin                               (T015) Jumbo Toilet Roll 2¼” Core                              £10.65
 packs per case).
                                                                 (T016) Jumbo Toilet Roll 3” Core                               £10.65

                                                                 Lightly embossed 2ply mini jumbo toilet rolls
                                                                 are packed in 6s, each roll is 300 metres.

 (T121) Luxi Premium toilet tissue 36 rolls             £9.99

 A luxury 40metre 320 sheet toilet roll,
 twin pack for convenience and hygiene.
 The Luxi Premium is a PREMIUM product                           BULK PACK TOILET TISSUE
 and the ideal choice if you want an
 increase in quality from
 a standard 320 sheet.                                           (T017) Bulk Pack 2ply                        £14.94

                                                                 High quality soft bulk pack, packed in 36x252 sheets.

 (T064) Nouvelle toilet tissue 40 rolls                 £14.30

 Nouvelle toilet tissue, made by Georgia
 Pacific, is a household name in toilet
 tissue. Its is a luxury embossed 2ply
 recycled paper with 240 sheets per roll,
                                                                 PENDIMATIC TOILET ROLL SYSTEM
 packed in 4s.

                                                                 (T062W) Santinomatic Toilet Roll 36 rolls               £27.99

                                                                 The Santino Matic toilet system is one
                                                                 of our most popular toilet roll systems.
 (T101) Andrex White Toilet Tissue 40 rolls             £21.50   This is due to the convenience of the
                                                                 ‘never run out’ system. The Santino
 Luxury, soft and thick 2-ply toilet tissue                      matic system holds two rolls of 100
 with 279 sheets per roll.                                       metres per roll. When one is finished
                                                                 the other will simply just fall into place
                                                                 – no wastage! Other benefits include…

                                                                     •    A full dispenser is equivalent
                                                                          to 4½ rolls of 320-sheet toilet
 (T046) Scott 320 Toilet Tissue                         £16.90            paper.
                                                                     •    A choice of white metal, brushed Stainless steel or
 A high-grade 320-sheet toilet roll,                                      Chrome dispensers available.
 packed in 36s.
                                                                 *** will fit corematic & Pendimatic Dispensers ***

                                                                 CORELESS TOILET ROLL SYSTEM

                                                                 (T077) Coreless Toilet Rolls                          £31.50
 (T079) Kleenex Ultra toilet tissue           £29.50
                                                                 The professional coreless
 Kleenex’s premier toilet tissue, 240 sheet, 40 rolls
                                                                 toilet rolls have no centre
 per case 2ply ultra soft luxury toilet tissue.
                                                                 core enabling each roll to
                                                                 hold 900 sheets of paper.
                                                                 36 rolls per case.

                                                                                      PAPER PRODUCTS

Hand Towels                                         Centrefeed Rolls
‘C’ FOLD HAND TOWELS                                MINI CENTREFEED ROLLS

                                                    Smaller then the standard Centrefeed feed roll, the mini
(T034) Green ‘C’ Fold 1ply Hand Towels    £12.14    centrefeed roll is excellent wiping roll for all types of uses.

Packed in boxes of 2688                             (T030) White 1ply
towels the Green ‘C’ fold                           120 metre x 20cm £15.99
paper towels represents
great value for money.

                                                    STANDARD CENTREFEED ROLLS

                                                    We have a variety of centrefeed rolls, varying lengths, heights,
(T035) White ‘C’ Fold 2ply Hand Towels     £17.45   colours and ply’s. 6 rolls per case.

Packed in boxes of 2400 towels,                     (T028) White 2ply 180 metre x 22cm                            £17.99
our White ‘C’ fold is excellent                     (T050) White 2ply 150 metre x 20cm                            £12.65
quality, very soft and absorbent.                   (T027) Blue 2ply 150 metre x 20cm                             £12.65


(T135) White Interfold 2ply Hand Towels    £19.99
                                                    MONSTER ROLLS / FORECOURT ROLLS
Packed in boxes of 3000, each
towel is interleaved with the next                  (T041) Monster roll 1 ply 1500m blue                          £14.99
so there is always another towel on                 (T044) Floor Stand                                            £16.30
show once one has been dispensed.
                                                    A freestanding forecourt roll that can be put on a
                                                    Stand (as shown), ideal for workshops and
                                                    industrial environments.

(T066B) Blue Interfold 1ply Hand Towels   £19.64
                                                    AIRLAID ROLLS
Packed in boxes of 5000. Each towel
measures 24cm x 24cm when
                                                    (T074) White 120 sheet 400 x 240mm 2 rolls                    £10.95
 fully opened. The ‘Z’ fold
system dispenses another
                                                    Airlaid is manufactured using a water free
towel when one is taken.
                                                    air blown process, resulting in a white,
                                                    low lint wipe that is suitable for polishing
                                                    due to its non-scratching property.
                                                    Airlaid rolls have super absorbency and
‘Z’ FOLD HAND TOWELS                                wet strength.

(T250W) White ‘Z’ Fold 2ply Hand Towels   £22.75

Packed in boxes of 3000,
this 2ply Luxury white                              Facial Tissues
Z-fold hand towel measures
24x21cm when fully open.                            (T045) Executive ‘Mansize’ Tissues             £14.00

                                                    Case of 24 boxes, Premium quality 2ply White
                                                    facial tissues, packed in a rectangular Mansize box.
                                                    Tissue measures 300mm x 250mm, 100 sheet per box.

                                                    (T068/36) Hotel Facial Tissues                                £17.99
(T250B) Blue ‘Z’ Fold 2ply Hand Towels    £17.45    (T068/CUBE) Cube Facial Tissues                               £15.95

Packed in boxes of 3000, this 1ply                  Cubes facial tissues are in cases of
blue Z-fold hand towel                              24 boxes, and the hotel style box
Measures 23.5x24cm when fully open.                 are in cases of 36, 100 sheets per
                                                    box, 2ply. Available in
                                                    either Cube or Hotel Style boxes

                                                                                                    PAPER PRODUCTS

     Hygiene Rolls / Couch Rolls                                    Coreless

                                                                    (DIS039) Twin Coreless Toilet Roll dispenser              £17.25
     (T039) 10” White 2ply, case of 18 rolls               £19.95
     (T040) 20” White 2ply, case of 9 rolls                £19.95   The smoked grey fronted dispenser shows
                                                                    the status of the roll at a glance. Made
     For Hospitals, sports centres and beauty salons, Hygiene       from touch impact resistant materials.
     Rolls offer additional protection and
     client comfort. Hygiene Rolls are                              H210mm x D123mm x W330mm
     tissue-based products. Each roll is
     individually wrapped for added
                                                                    HAND TOWEL DISPENSERS
     Paper Dispensers
                                                                       Fold /      Fold
                                                                    (DIS002) Modular C-Fold Small          £10.50
      Jumbo                                                                     H237mm x D140mm x W283mm

     (DIS006) Modular Mini-Jumbo            £9.00
                                                                    (DIS018) Modular C-Fold Large          £12.50
                 H275mm x D145mm x W220mm
                                                                                H412mm x D140mm x W293mm

     (DIS008) Modular Std-Jumbo            £10.70
                 H375mm x D145mm x W340mm

     (DIS006D) Clear Twin Mini Jumbo £18.75                         (DIS038) Clear C-Fold Large         £17.50
                 H210mm x D123mm x W330mm                                       H424mm x D122mm x W323mm

     Locking impact resistant dispensers
     that can take either 2¼” or 3” core
     Jumbos.                                                        (DIS001) Stainless Steel C / Z Fold          £24.95

                                                                    A robust brushed stainless steel dispenser with a
                                                                    visual indicator to show paper level.
     (DIS007) Stainless Steel Mini-Jumbo £22.95

     Incorporates a paper brake mounting bracket
     and key locking mechanism.

     Mini-Jumbo – H260mm x D126mm x W260mm                          Centrefeed Dispensers

     Bulk Pack                                                      (DIS003) White Plastic Mini                  £9.00
                                                                                H285mm x D195mm x W210mm
     (DIS009) Modular Bulk Back                   £9.50
                                                                    (DIS004) White Plastic Standard           £12.50
     Locking impact resistant dispenser with styrene                            H345mm x D255mm x W265mm
     transparent base section.

     Dimensions - H275mm x D130mm x W150mm
                                                                    (DIS032) Clear Plastic Standard              £19.25
                                                                                H313mm x D239mm x W244mm
     (DIS010) Stainless Steel Bulk Pack                   £18.25

     Robust stainless steel dispenser ideal for
     unsupervised locations.
                                                                    (DIS005) Stainless Steel Std Centrefeed £42.99
     Dimensions - H220mm x D220mm x W210mm
                                                                    A robust brushed stainless steel dispenser
                                                                    Dimensions– H370mm x D220mm x W210mm
     (DIS014) White Metal Pendimatic                £16.73
     (DIS015) Stainless Steel Pendimatic            £26.90
     A sturdy durable dispenser enables the                         Hygiene Roll
     storage of two Pendimatic rolls. Ann
     inertia type brake mechanism Prevents                          (T042) 10” Hygiene Roll         £13.50
     necessary waste of the roll and allows                         (T043) 20” Hygiene Roll         £16.99
     the reserve roll to drop into use
     automatically. Supplied with special
                                                                    Sturdy steel dispenser with built in serrated edge and lock.
     locking key.
                                                                    Dimensions 10” – H167mm x D288mm x W158mm
     Dimensions – H270mm x D155mm x W135mm
                                                                    Dimensions 20” – H167mm x D540mm x W158mm

                                                                                  PROTECTIVE CLOTHING

Gloves                                                      PVC GLOVES

                                                            (G008)        PVC Gauntlet 35cm (pair)              £2.25
DISPOSABLE GLOVES                                           (G009)        PVC Gauntlet 45cm (pair)              £3.30

                                                            Red PVC gauntlet gloves that are available in two
                                                            lengths. That provides protection against a wide
(G004)            Vinyl Gloves - Clear     £3.10            Range of chemicals and cleaning
(G004BLU)         Vinyl Gloves - Blue      £3.25            agents.
(G004PF)          Vinyl Gloves Powder Free £3.30

Packed in 100s, our vinyl gloves are lightly
pre-powdered, seamless and conforms to
                                                            RIGGERS GLOVES
European specifications EN455 Part 1
(Freedom from Holes) and Part 2 (Physical                   (G003)        Rigger gloves (pair)                  £0.84
Properties) in accordance with the Medical
Devices Directive 93/4/EEC. Typical uses are                Expert Quality, heavy grey chrome split
laboratory work, veterinary, catering and                   leather palm, thumb and knuckle guard.
janitorial.                                                 Cotton backed with elastic expander and
                                                            double fabric cut. One Size.

(G010)   Latex Gloves - Clear     £3.10
(G010PF) Latex Gloves Powder Free £4.14                     NEOPRENE GLOVES
The latex gloves are highly sensitive, high
                                                            (G007)        Neoprene gloves (pair)                £14.81
tensile strength 100% natural latex and also
conforms to European specifications. Packed
                                                            Neoprene Gloves feature a non-slip
in 100s.
                                                            textured palm for a better grip. Gloves are
                                                            made from neoprene foam insulation
                                                            with sealed seams to keep your hands
                                                            warm when wet and protects them from
(G006)     Plastic Gloves - Clear                £0.63      solvents and the elements. Designed for comfort
                                                            and dexterity, these gloves feature a velcro strap for best fit.
Packed in 100s, economy priced. Typical uses
are catering, hairdressing, counter service,
laboratories, supermarket food handling.

                                                            ALL-IN-ONE WORKWEAR
(G002PACK) Household gloves (pack of 12)            £4.99

Made from 100% latex, the medium                            (O006)        Coloured Boilersuit         £18.99
weight flocklined household gloves are                      (O005)        White Boilersuit            £17.99
perfect for al types of uses.
                                                            Boilersuit - 245gsm 65% Polyester/35% Cotton.
                                                            Concealed stud fastening. Plain back and waistband.
                                                            One breast pocket with mitred flap and stud. One
                                                            back patch pocket.
(G001)     Jet Heavyweight Black gloves (pair) £1.50

The black heavyweight gloves are highly
resistant to water based chemicals, ketones,                (O001)        Coloured Bib-n-Brace £17.25
alkalies and fats. They have an excellent grip              (O002)        White Bib-n-Brace    £19.55
and comply with the Personal Protective
Directive 89/686/EEC
                                                            Unisex Bib and Brace - 245gsm 65% Polyester
                                                            / 35% Cotton. Metal zip fly. Zipped front pocket.
                                                            Two hip swing pockets. Back patch pocket. Rule
(G011)     Shoulder length Black gloves (pair) £9.99        pocket.

Black, strong, shoulder length (24”) gauntlet
That provides protection against a wide Range               (O047)        Waterproof Over suit        £6.99
of chemicals and cleaning
                                                            Economy two piece water proof over suit.
                                                            Available in olive green or yellow.

                                                                                      PROTECTIVE CLOTHING

                                                              WATERPROOF WARM JACKETS
                                                              (O044) Hi-vis Yellow Jacket                     £14.90
 (O004)       Coloured Work Coat              £13.30
                                                              A warm hi-vis Saturn yellow jacket with fully
 (O003)       White Work Coat                 £12.05
                                                              taped seams, a two-way heavy zip front
                                                              fastening and a concealed hood.
 245gsm 65% Polyester/35% Cotton. Concealed stud
                                                              Does not conform to EN471.
 fastening. Three mitred patch pockets. Centre back
 vent. D piece label carrier in back neck for bar-coding in
 commercial laundering.

                                                              (O046) Navy Waterproof Jacket                   £14.90
 (O007)       Work Trousers                    £13.50
                                                              A warm waterproof jacket with fully taped
                                                              seams, a two-way heavy zip front fastening
 245gsm 65% Polyester/35% Cotton. Zip fly with hook
 and bar. Sewn-in creases. Waistband with belt                and a concealed hood.
 loops. Two hip swing pockets. One jetted back pocket.
 All pockets with self-fabric pocket bags.

                                                              DISPOSABLE WORKWEAR

 (O016)       Short Sleeved Polo Shirt           £6.95
                                                              (O038)        Disposable one-piece coveralls £5.74
 Unisex Poloshirt - 195gsm 65% Cotton/35% Polyester.
 Ribbed collar and cuff and three button placket.             Tear resistant non-woven material which is tough,
                                                              breathable and offers a superb particle/fibre barrier
                                                              and protects from liquid splashes. Suitable for
                                                              asbestos abatement, paint spraying, chemical
 (O009)       Short Sleeved Work Shirt                £9.99   handling and general maintenance. Complete with
                                                              elasticated hood, waist, cuffs and ankles.
 Workshirt With Pockets - 150gsm 65% Polyester/
 35% Cotton. Short sleeves. Stud front fastening. Fully
 fused stand collar. Shoulder yoke. Back buggy lining.
 Two mitred breast pockets with flaps and studs. Left         (O037)       Paper Dust Mask               £12.99
 pocket has pen division.
                                                              Packed in 50s, dust masks can protect the wearer
                                                              from tiny particles that can rise into the air due to
                                                              the any disturbance in the airstart of any project
                                                              small or large. Non-Woven filter material fits
 TABARDS                                                      comfortably on face.

 (O011)       Tabard with pocket              £9.30
                                                              (Z036W)       White Disposable Aprons           £2.78
 Essential Tabard - 65% Polyester/35% Cotton.
                                                              (Z036B)       Blue Disposable Aprons            £3.02
 Tabs at side with adjustable stud fastenings.
 Available in plain or diagonal check.                        Economically packed in 100s, ideal for a variety
                                                              of uses including, cleaning, catering and painting.
                                                              Available in white or blue.

 HIGH VISABILITY WORKWEAR                                     (O061)        Deluxe Over shoe covers (pair)      £0.55
                                                              (O058)        Economy Over shoe covers (50 pairs) £2.45
 (O026)     Hi-Vis Waistcoat                  £4.95                                                  One size fits all.

 CE marked to EN471 Class 2. 100% knitted
 Polyester background material. 50mm bands of
 retro reflective material. Velcro front fastening.
 Trimmed yellow binding.
                                                              Eye Protection

 (O027)       Hi-Vis Jacket                   £18.00          SAFETY GOGGLES

 CE marked to EN471 Class 3. Retro-reflective tape,           (O056)        G39 Safety Goggles           £2.25
 two bands around torso, over each shoulder
 and two bands on sleeves.                                    Designed and manufactured to Protector's
                                                              exacting standards and certified to EN 166,
                                                              the G39 is a traditionally styled, budget
                                                              priced goggle intended for intermittent
                                                              wearing in applications where high impacts
                                                              are the potential risk.


Trolleys                                                 CONTICO TROLLEYS

                                                         (TR006) Kitcart KC1              £100.97

(TR012) Servoclean NSC1603                     £132.50   Multi-purpose trolleys to satisfy the wide
                                                         diverse demands of the cleaning industry.
                                                         All parts are easy to assemble push fit.
The maxi is a full size, professional
janitorial trolley with plenty of storage
space. The standard specification
comprises a structofoam base unit
with a choice of nutex coated steel or
stainless steel construction. It has two
full size trays with 10 litre pails and
a single 120-litre or 70-litre waste                     (TR003) Port-a-cart              £96.73
system. Two standard mop kits
provide a basic choice between twin                      All in one cleaners trolley with 3 plastic
17-litre or single 34-litre buckets.                     trays and clips to your utensils and
                                                         equipments. Fully mobile with large
** Mopping kit not included **                           capacity flame retardant waste bag
                                                         and large base tray.

(TR013) Servoclean NSC1403                     £84.50

Standard specification comprises a
structofoam base unit. Nutex steel super
structure and a choice of single 120-
litre waste units plus five 2-litre swing
pails. The two standard mop kits provide
a basic choice between twin 17-litre or a                Carousels
single 34-litre bucket.

** Mopping kit not included **
                                                         (TR009) Numatic Carousel                     £77.00

                                                         Ideal choice of service trolley where space is
                                                         at a premium. Based on our uniquely strong
                                                         Structofoam chassis. Numatic’s Carousel offers
                                                         many different alternatives to suit all needs as
                                                         shown below.
(TR014) Xtra Compact XC1                       £105.50

This is the ideal choice of service trolley
where space is at a premium and the
need for mopping is limited. It comes
with two deep tray units; a pair of 6-litre
colour coded pails and a full size 18-litre
mop pail fitted with a 200g basket to suit
most standard mops of this size.

(TR015) Xtra Compact XC3                       £96.99
                                                         Carry Trays
Where mopping facilities are not
required this trolley provides maximum
                                                         (Z113) Carry Tray – Blue                     £3.67
storage capacity for servicing of offices
and other accommodations. It comes with
two full size, deep tray units and a pair
                                                         Made from solid plastic with smooth edges, ideal
of 10-litre colour coded pails. The XC-3
                                                         for carrying small equipment and products.
version is fitted with a full size 120-litre
                                                         It measures 400x300mm and is 135mm
waste unit suitable for 700 x 1100mm
waste bags.

                                                                                             WASHROOM CLEANING

     Toilet Cleaners & Descalers                                      (T171) Vanisol 1litre              £7.95

     ACIDIC TOILET CLEANERS                                           Vanisol is a very strong acidic descaler, with 23%
                                                                      Hydrocloric acid. Vanisol is strictly for trade use and
     (T002)    STC - Acid Toilet Cleaner 5litre     £4.75             the professional cleaner.
     (T003)    STC - Acid Toilet Cleaner 12x1litre £14.99
                                                                      WARNING - NOT TO BE USED ON ENAMEL OR OTHER ACID
                                                                      SENSITIVE SURFACES. KEEP AWAY FROM GOLD, ALUMINIUM &
     STC is a concentrated liquid toilet cleaner,                     CHROME FINISHES.
     which kills germs and removes
     limescale and organic deposits                                   NON-ACIDIC TOILET CLEANERS
     to leave toilets, urinals and sanitary
     ware clean and fresh. STC can be
                                                                      (T083)    Ultrafresh Toilet Cleaner 12x1litre         £20.59
     used to rapidly remove grease,
     body oils and scum from showers
                                                                      Ultrafresh is a non-acidic toilet and washroom
     and sinks. STC is safe to use on
                                                                      cleaner designed to clean, disinfect and create a
     stainless steel.
                                                                      very long lasting aroma. Ultrafresh consists of
                                                                      surfactants and emulsifiers to dissolve body fats
                                                                      and scum, and bactericides to ensure the effective
                                                                      neutralisation of odour at source. Safe to clean
     (T102)    Viakal Descaler 10x500ml             £22.98            ALL washroom surfaces.
     Viakal is a blue coloured limescale remover that
     has a refreshing perfume. It dissolves limescale
     and creates a water sheeting action on the surface
     to prevent further limescale build-up. Can be used               (T056)    Kleenoff Toilet Cleaner 12x750ml            £7.99
     on chrome, stainless steel, porecelain, aluminium,
     glass and plastic.                                               Kleen Off Liquid Toilet Cleaner is an economy pine
                                                                      toilet cleaner that cleans, freshens and kills
     (HG045) HG Professional Limescale                                bacteria. Kleenoff Toilet Cleaner is non-acidic and
                 Remover 1litre £6.21                                 is not classified under COSHH regulations. Pack in
     HG professional limescale remover is a highly
     concentrated cleaner for the removal of
     limescale and calcium deposits from: taps,
     bathtubs, toilets and shower walls and for the
     descaling of blocked showerheads.

                                                                      Washroom Cleaners & Sanitisers
     (HG061) HG Scale Away 500ml              £2.50

     Where there is water, there is limescale. Lime scale             CONCENTRATED WASHROOM CLEANERS
     leaves a dull layer on shower cabins, baths,
     worktops, washbasins and toilets. HG scale away
     removes this lime scale thoroughly and quickly and
                                                                      (W006) Bio-Shield LIME 5litre                       £5.45
     leaves nothing behind but a beautiful shine!
                                                                      (W006L) Bio-Shield LEMON 5litre                     £5.45
                                                                      (W006F) Bio-Shield FLORAL 5litre                    £5.45

                                                                      Bio-Shield is a fragrant washroom
     (SW002) Breaker cleaner/descaler 5litre                 £10.56   cleaner, descaler, deodoriser and disinfectant.
     (SW003) Breaker cleaner/descaler 12x1litre              £25.70   It is concentrated viscous liquid, which
                                                                      freshens for hours. BIO-SHIELD is ideal
     Breaker is a highly effective cleaner and descaler               for cutting through body fats, soap scum,
     formulated to remove SEVERE water scale and                      scale and general dirt from tiles, floors, sinks,
     body fats. Breaker is a stainless steel safe                     baths, showers and all washable surfaces.
     heavy duty descaler that can be used as                          Available in Lemon, Lime or Floral
     a deep cleaning toilet descaler… ideal for
     stainless steel urinals, toilets and bidets.
     Breaker can be used in all washroom areas.
                                                                      READY-TO-USE WASHROOM CLEANERS
     (T071) Acid Wash 80 12x1ltr          £22.43
     (F046) Acid Wash 80 5litre           £6.15                       (W004)    Apeal - Bathroom Cleaner 6x750ml                £10.35
                                                                      (W004/5L) Apeal - Bathroom Cleaner 5litre                 £7.25
     Acid Wash 80 is a hydrochloric
     concentrated acid cleaner, which is very                         Apeal is a ready-to-use total toilet and washroom
     universal in its uses. Acid Wash is very                         cleaner, which boasts a 4-in-1 cleaning
     effective is dissolving stubborn scale build                     operation: cleans, descales, deodorises and disinfects.
     up and stains in toilets. Acid Wash has a                        It has a fresh apple fragrance and a rinse additive,
     low odour, no choking fumes. ACID                                which reduces spotting and enhances the appearance
     WASH is NOT stainless steel safe.                                of surfaces.

                                                                                            WASHROOM CLEANING

     (HG048) HG Shower &                                             (HG049) HG hygienic whirlpool bath cleaner £5.77
                Washroom spray 500ml £2.15
                                                                     During the use of a whirlpool bacteria will grow and
     HG shower & washbasin spray is the ideal every                  the system will become polluted, due to the ingress
     day cleaner for wash basins, plastic shower                     of lime, soap, grease and oils. HG Hygienic Whirlpool
     cubicles and tiled walls. It removes light deposits             Bath Cleaner cleans the whirlpool system in a
     of lime scale, body fat and soap. HG shower &                   hygienic manner, and through natural products,
     washbasin spray can be used safely on all                       without danger to the integrated system or the
     surfaces, including marble.                                     environment This product will remove all pollution in
                                                                     your whirlpool bath, including the sources of
                                                                     unpleasant odours.
     (HG046) HG Bath Shine 500ml                      £3.26

     HG bath shine restores the shine on washbasins,                 (HG021) HG Marble Bathroom Cleaner 500ml                £3.53
     bathtubs, toilet bowls, taps and tiles . HG bath
     shine is fresh-smelling and removes bath oil and                HG marble bathroom cleaner is the ideal product for
     soap residues, body fat and lime scale.                         the thorough and safe cleaning of marble and other
                                                                     types of natural stone. HG marble bathroom cleaner
                                                                     removes stubborn dirt such as soap, body fats and
                                                                     light deposits of lime scale.

     (W103) Mr Muscle Washroom 6x750ml                      £16.05

     Mr Muscle Washroom Cleaner is specifically                      (HG055) HG Moisture Absorber Bucket & Refill               £6.21
     formulated to remove soap scum and
     tackle washroom grime fast and                                  (HG055/RNAT) Absorber Granules Refill Natural  £2.11
     effectively. Mr Muscle Washroom                                 (HG055/RLAV) Absorber Granules Refill Lavender £2.5
     Cleaner cleans, disinfects and deodorises
     all washroom surfaces without rising
     with a powerful fragrance which leaves                          The HG moisture absorber reduces the
     a fresh, just cleaned aroma.                                    relative humidity in damp rooms to an
                                                                     acceptable level. This prevents all the
                                                                     undesirable consequences of high
                                                                     humidity, such as condensation, a
                                                                     musty smell, mould, damp patches,
     (W002) Lemon Cream Cleaner 12x500ml                    £9.00    vermin and wood rot.

     Lemon cream cleaner is a smooth creamy liquid
     based on fine abrasives with surfactants, which
     freshens as it cleans. Cream Cleaner cleans away
     body fats, grease and scum lines from sinks, taps               Toilet & Urinal Deodorisers
     and surfaces, to leave a shine.

                                                                     CHANNEL & CISTERN BLOCKS
     (HG052) HG Mould Spray 500ml                £4.35
                                                                     (D010) ‘Sanilav’ Urinal Block 3kg £11.89
     HG mouldspray effectively removes all brown and
     brown stains caused by mould, fungus and algae.                 New formulation channel blocks, PDCB Free, detergent based
     These unsightly black or brown marks are found                  formulation that cleans as it fragrances. Helps control limescale.
     on the silicon seal between the bath tub and edges              Water soluble – will not block water outlets!
     of tiles, on the shower cubicles and on plaster.
                                                                     Available in :
                                                                     Citrus Zest
                                                                     Alpine Fresh
     (HG011) HG Grout Cleaner 500ml                £3.65             Ocean Fresh

     HG grout cleaner deep cleans and degreases grout
     joints. Yellow or brown dirt that is left behind after
     cleaning is lime scale . This can be removed with
     HG professional limescale remover. Use HG mould
     spray for black deposits on grout.

                                                                     (D013) Lu Blue cistern block (12) £5.58
     (HG040) HG Silicon Seal Remover 100ml                  £4.91
                                                                     Lu Blue, made by Jeyes Professional, cleans
     HG silicon seal remover has been specially developed            and freshens toilet cisterns with every flush.
     for the easy and simple removal of silicon sealers              Simply drop a block into the toilet cistern.                    47
     from various surfaces, such as stainless steel,
     enamel, glass, plastic, ceramic tiles, glazed tiles,
     natural stonework and similar base materials.

                                                                                           WASHROOM CLEANING

                                                                   (B054) Economy Toilet Brush & Holder £1.67
                                                                   Economical toilet brush set with 14” brush and
(D032) Deodoscreen – Urinal mats (12)                  £18.55      bowl type holder.

For added hygiene in washroom areas urinal
mats are becoming more and more popular.
Each mats is impregnated with a floral                                           (B054/RAM) Semi Enclosed
fragrance which lasts up to 60 days.                                             holder and toilet brush £2.35

                                                                                 Economical toilet brush set with
                                                                                 14” brush and
                                                                                 Semi enclosed type holder.

(D012) ‘Kleenoff’ Solid Rims Fresheners(12) £4.64

The Kleenoff toilet fresheners sit on the rim of the toilet bowl
and cleans, foams and
freshens with every flush.
They help reduce the build
                                                                   STAINLESS STEEL TOILET BRUSH SETS
up of limescale and give
weeks of freshness.

Available in Lavender                                              (B082) Stainless Steel Toilet Brush Set                   £15.35

                                                                   This stainless steel toilet brush and holder
                                                                   with a satin finish provides a sleek design for
                                                                   modern and contemporary environments.

Drain Cleaners
(D027) Drain Cleaner 1litre                 £6.10
                                                                   Toilet Seat Hygiene
The sulphuric acid Drain Cleaner quickly dissolves
all organic blockages such as sanitary towels,
hair grease, paper and tea bags.                                   (T089D) K.C Personal Seat
                                                                           Cover Dispenser £23.81
Usage instructions must be strictly adhered to

(D127) DAMBUSTER Drain Cleaner 1litre £13.50

For Trade & Industrial use only. No need to rod                    (T089) K.C Personal Seat Covers          £86.78
the drain, simply pour a measured dose into the
nearest access point and within minutes the drain
is clear and free flowing. Quickly dissolves organic                                              Packed in 1500s (12 packs of 125).
obstructions and is environmentally safe as                                                       Sheet size = 38.1 x 45.7cm
Dambuster is 100% Biodegradable.

Read instructions carefully before use

                                                                   (SAN10) Kleenseat Toilet Seat Sanitising Dispenser £12.75
                                                                   (SAN10E) Kleenseat Sanitising Refill 400ml gel £5.35

                                                                   How can is the toilet seat you sit
Toilet Brushes                                                     on. This convenient dispenser
                                                                   unit fits onto the wall in a toilet
                                                                   and users can easily and
PLASTIC TOILET BRUSH SETS                                          hygienically clean and sanitise
                                                                   the toilet seat by dispensing the
(B026) Enclosed Toilet Brush set                         £4.62     sanitising gel onto toilet paper
                                                                   and wiping the seat for instant
Enclosed 13” toilet brush holder with                              disinfection. Dispenses 1ml per
a bent brush for added leverage. White                             shot.

                                                                                             WASTE BAGS & BINS

Refuse Sacks                                                      COLOURED / CLEAR REFUSE SACKS

                                                                  (W113) Clear Refuse Sacks 18x29x39 160g                    £19.63
                                                                  Packed in 200s, the W113 is a
(W013)     Light Refuse Sacks 18x29x34              £16.67
                                                                  standard size, strong clear bag
                                                                  that is ideal for environments
Packed in 500s, the W013 is our cheapest refuse sack, ideal       where it is important to see what’s
for places with high usage of light waste.                        inside the bag or for more
                                                                  prestigious places where the refuse sack may be on show.
(W012E)     Economy Refuse Sacks 18x29x39 £9.04

Packed in 200s, this is our economy refuse and is great           (W175B)    Blue Refuse Sacks 160g                          £20.73
value for everyday use.                                           (W170)     Yellow Refuse Sacks 160g                        £20.73
                                                                  (Z077)     Green Refuse Sacks 160g                         £20.73
                                                                  (W175R)    Red Refuse Sack 160g                            £20.73
(W012)     Refuse Sacks 18x29x39 130g               £9.75
                                                                  Four different coloured refuse sacks are
Packed in 200s, our best selling                                  available, packed in 200s and suitable for
black refuse sack is ideal for                                    a variety of applications. Each sack measures 18x29x39.
many lightweight
applications from household
to janitorial use.
                                                                  BIODEGRADABLE REFUSE SACKS

                                                                  (W012BIO)      Biodegradable Refuse Sacks
(W012B)     Refuse Sacks 18x32x42 160g              £18.60
                                                                                  18x29x39 (Pack of 200s)           £12.25
The W012B is a larger sack that is ideal for use in the black
dustbin. It is slightly longer and wider then the standard size   (W118BIO)      Biodegradable Compactor Sacks
sack. Packed in 200s                                                              20x34x47 (Pack of 100s)   £21.65

(W114)     Refuse Sacks 18x29x39 200g               £15.75        Biodegradable sacks are made by using a biodegradable additive,
                                                                  the biodegradation of the bags starts within 6 to 8 weeks after the
The W114 refuse sack is packed                                    bags have been deposited in a land fill site and completion of this
in 200s and is recommended                                        process will take up to a year.
for the catering industry and
for heavier use then the W012.

                                                                  Bin Liners
(W165) Wheelie Bin Liners 30x46x54                  £13.70
                                                                  SQUARE BIN LINERS
Packed in 100s, the W165 wheelie bin liner in
made specifically for use in a standard size
                                                                  (W015) Standard Square Bin Liners 15x24x24                 £9.15
wheelie bin.
                                                                  Packed in 1000s, the standard square bin
                                                                  liners are ideal for light weight use in
COMPACTOR SACKS                                                   small ‘office type’ bins. Normally used
                                                                  where liners are changed frequently.
(W118) Black Compactor Sack 20x34x47                £14.95
(W118C) Clear Compactor Sack 20x34x47               £23.08
                                                                  (W015P) Premium Square Bin Liners 15x24x24                 £18.45
A heavy weight, extra large refuse sack.
Perfect for larger bins and heavy                                 Packed in 1000s, the premium square bin liner is almost twice the
rubbish, especially for the catering                              strength of the standard bin liners.
trade and industrial establishments.
Packed in 100s.

                                                                  (W110/500) H/D Square Bin Liners 15x24x24                  £22.50

RUBBLE SACKS                                                      A heavyweight, 90 gauge, office bin liner. Packed in
                                                                  500s, normally used in environments where rubbish
                                                                  is heavier or liquid is often put into the bin.
(W140)     Blue Rubble Sack 20”x30”          £15.68

Packed in 100s, rubble sacks, as the name                         (W106) Clear Square Bin Liners 15x24x24                    £19.75
suggests are ideal for heavy and sharp
objects.                                                          A heavyweight clear liner for office bins that is packed in 500s.
                                                                  This liner is often used in more prestigious office environments.

                                                                                              WASTE BAGS & BINS

     PEDAL BIN LINERS                                              (B199) Polar Mobile Waste Bin          £87.34

                                                                   Easy to move when full… complete with hands-free
     (W120) Pedal Bin Liners 11x17x17                    £7.50
                                                                   foot pedal operation. The Polar bin has a 90 litre
                                                                   capacity, is weather proof available with a choice
     Packed in 1000s, the W120 is a
                                                                   of blue, green, red or yellow colour coded lids for
     lightweight bin liner for small
                                                                   waste segregation.
     pedal bin.

     (W014)     Standard Swing Bin Liners         £13.95
                                                                   (HG054) HG Bin Fresh                     £4.19
     Packed in 1000s, the W014 standard swing bin
     liners are an economical bin liner for a
     ‘Swing’ type bin.                                             If not completely broken down, organic rubbish
                                                                   causes unpleasant smells in vegetable, fruit, and
                                                                   garden rubbish containers. During the summer
     (W131) Heavyweight Swing Bin Liners                  £14.90   months especially this smell can be unbearable.
                                                                   HG bin fresh dispels these unpleasant smells and
                                                                   is based on environmentally-friendly components
     The W131 is a heavier version of the W014 but
                                                                   which have no effect on the decomposing process.
     packed in 500s.
                                                                   Spray HG bin fresh once a week on both the
                                                                   rubbish and the sides and lids of the containers. In
                                                                   warmer periods apply more often if necessary.

     Bins                                                          Ashtrays

     (B086)    Plastic Office Bin            £4.25
                                                                   (AS002) Wall mounted ashtray                         £50.35
     Economical plastic office bin. Use square bin
     liners W015, W106 or W110.                                    Heavy-duty weather resistant wall mounted
                                                                   ashtray for outdoor use. It has a 3 litre capacity
                                                                   and is lockable.
     (B031)    Metal Office Bin                  £6.99

     Made from steel in bright scratch resistant
     epoxy paint. Capacity 15 litres. Use square                   (AS003) Floor Ashtray                    £20.62
     bin liners W015, W106 or W110.
                                                                   Ideal for hotel corridors and reception areas.
     SWING BINS                                                    It has a silver enamel body with stainless
                                                                   steel hinged flaps.

     (B032)          ‘Lucy’ Swing Bin 50 litre            £11.50
     (B032/24L)      ‘Lucy’ Swing Bin 24 litre            £7.99
     (B032/9L)       ‘Lucy’ Swing Bin 9 litre             £4.15
                                                                   Litter Pickers
     White plastic original style high quality
     bin and durable lid. Use with either
     swing bin liners W014 or W131 or                              (Z007) Unger’s litter picker – Nifty Nabber            £13.99
     standard size refuse sacks.
                                                                   The new Nifty Nabber® Trigger Grip is a
                                                                   medium-duty grabber featuring magnetic tips,
                                                                   360° rotating head and smooth-action
                                                                   trigger grip. Powerful claws grip
                                                                   small and odd-shaped objects..

     (B033)    Black plastic dustbin             £10.00

     Tough black 80 litre plastic dustbin with lid.
                                                                                       (Z007HH) HandyHoop                 £6.75

                                                                                       The Handyhoop holds a refuse open,
                                                                                       making light work of holding open and
                                                                                       filling different types of bags. The hoop
     (B085) Galvanised Dustbin           £19.99
                                                                                       increase productivity by making the job
                                                                                       easier to do
     Galvanised dustbin complete with metal lid.

                                                                                              WINDOW CLEANING

                                                                 SWIVEL LOCK SQUEEGEE HANDLE
                                                                 This patented tool swivels and locks in 7
                                                                 different positions. Constructed of nylon with
                                                                 stainless steel back plate. Use with brass clip

                                                                 (W099) Swivel Lock handle                            £10.50
Unger has earned a reputation as a leading global
manufacturer of professional cleaning and maintenance
tools by developing and producing innovative, high               BRASS CHANNEL & RUBBERS
quality products for 40 years.

New to our range is Ettore Window Cleaning Products.
                                                                 (CR012B) 12”                                         £3.88
Their products are innovative and of the finest quality.
                                                                 (CR014B) 14”                                         £4.40
                                                                 (CR018B) 18”                                         £5.28

Unger Squeegees
                                                                 STAINLESS STEEL CHANNEL & RUBBERS
                                                                 (CR006S)    6”                                       £2.78
Made of stainless steel, the "S" is lighter and
stronger than brass. Features a Spring Lock handle               (CR010S)    10”                                      £2.99
for quick blade and channel changes. Non-slip, ergonomic         (CR012S)    12”                                      £3.25
shaped rubber grip handle is comfortable in all weather          (CR014S)    14”                                      £3.52
conditions. Coin adjustable screws hold the channel at desired   (CR018S)    18”                                      £4.25
tension. Cleans any flat, smooth surface. Handle can be used     (CR022S)    22”                                      £5.63

(W021)   6”                                         £8.20
(W026)   10”                                        £9.05        FIXING CLIPS
(W022)   12”                                        £9.66
                                                                 Insert between the channel and the end of
(W023)   14”                                        £9.93        the squeegee rubber, clip increases stability,
(W025)   18”                                        £10.67       providing sharper edged strokes for more
(W159)   22”                                        £11.50       precise and accurate handling. Convenient
                                                                 one piece moulded clip and case, simply open, break away clip,
(W028) Replacement S/S Handle                       £6.31        close and store.

BRASS SQUEEGEES                                                  (W123) Green Plastic Clips (per case)                £2.89
                                                                 (Z237) Brass Clips (each)                            £0.17
Professional quality solid brass is crafted to
exacting specifications. Coin adjustable screws
to hold channel. Attaches to all Unger poles.
Squeegee’s come complete with handle,                            UNGER REPLACEMENT SQUEEGEE RUBBERS
channel & rubber.
                                                                 SOFT rubbers are ideal for colder
(W016) 12”                                          £8.22        working conditions and conforms to
(W017) 14”                                          £8.72        slightly uneven surfaces. Our natural
(W019) 18”                                          £9.62        moulded rubber provides a sharp,
                                                                 long-lasting edge. Blades are coated
(W020) Replacement Brass Handle                     £4.15        with talcum to keep them fresh and
                                                                 ready to use. Each blade is hand
                                                                 inspected to insure the highest quality.
                                                                                        (single)            (Pk 25)
An ergonomically designed break-through
                                                                 (W029)   6”            £0.98
in window cleaning tool technology. Made from two
polypropylene materials, this ergonomic squeegee                 (W034)   10”           £1.63
features a brushed stainless steel head with spring              (W030)   12”           £1.70               £36.41
mechanism and a finger imprint for complete control.             (W031)   14”           £1.82               £42.07
                                                                 (W033)   18”           £2.17               £50.80
(ERGO6)         6”                                  £10.54       (W136)   22”           £3.09
(ERGO10)        10”                                 £11.29       (W036)   36”           £3.64
(ERGO12)        12”                                 £11.86
(ERGO14)        14”                                 £11.86
(ERGO18)        18”                                 £12.88

(W139) Replacement Ergotec Handle                   £8.22

                                                                                               WINDOW CLEANING

     Ettore Squeegees Handles                                      Unger Washers

                                                                   ORIGINAL WASHERS
     A new ergonomic squeegee handle from
     Ettore. The slip-resistant moulded grip is longer
                                                                   Plush, woven synthetic fabric is machine
     than standard handles and features a front mounted
                                                                   washable so you can tackle those everyday
     quick release clip. The Pro Grip is designed for use
                                                                   tough jobs. Reinforced zigzag stitched ends and
     with clip less channels.
                                                                   Velcro closures insures long life. Excellent for
                                                                   cleaning and dusting too!
     (ETHA01)     Pro-grip Handle                          £7.21

                                                                   (W037) 10” Complete with T-bar                      £8.03
     Ettore Quick release brass handle is perfectly
     weighted and balanced. You can change channels
                                                                   (W038) 14” Complete with T-bar                      £8.78
     with a flick of your thumb and improve your reach             (W039) 18” Complete with T-bar                      £9.97
     by positioning channels off-centre. The soft rubber
                                                                   (W042) 10” Sleeve only                              £4.67
     handle means warmer hands and a better grip.
                                                                   (W043) 14” Sleeve only                              £5.63
                                                                   (W044) 18” Sleeve only                              £6.55
     (ETHA02)     Brass Top-Clip Handle                    £9.86

                                                                   MONSOON WASHERS
                                                                   Extra heavy-duty woven fabric provides
     Ettore Channels & Rubbers                                     maximum water holding and superior
                                                                   water releasing capability. Each sleeve
                                                                   has Velcro fastening, heavy-duty backing for longer wear and a
     STAINLESS STEEL CHANNELS                                      non-abrasive end pad for scrubbing power.

     Bright annealed stainless steel has                           (W040/6) 6” Complete with T-bar                     £8.25
     the advantage of lightness, strength                          (W040) 14” Complete with T-bar                      £10.32
     and corrosion resistance.
                                                                   (W041) 18” Complete with T-bar                      £11.75
     (ETCRS01)     12”   S/S   Channel   &   Rubber        £4.20
                                                                   (W045/6) 6” Sleeve only                             £5.82
     (ETCRS02)     14”   S/S   Channel   &   Rubber        £4.27
                                                                   (W045) 14” Sleeve only                              £7.18
     (ETCRS03)     16”   S/S   Channel   &   Rubber        £5.19
                                                                   (W046) 18” Sleeve only                              £8.42
     (ETCRS04)     18”   S/S   Channel   &   Rubber        £5.28

                                                                   MICROFIBRE WASHERS
     Brass channel. Complete with Ettore rubber and end clips.
     Perfectly balanced and weighted.                              MicroFibre fabric with scrub pad for
                                                                   aggressive cleaning, absorbs more
     (ETCRB01)     12” Brass Channel & Rubber              £6.33   than 600% of it's own weight,
     (ETCRB02)     14” Brass Channel & Rubber              £7.13   providing exceptional dirt absorption
     (ETCRB04)     18” Brass Channel & Rubber              £8.14   and removal plus superior rinsing capabilities. Durable, withstands
                                                                   over 500 washings making it stay on the job linger.

                                                                   (W163) 10” Complete with T-bar                      £9.76
                                                                   (W122) 14” Complete with T-bar                      £11.01
     Ettore Rubbers                                                (W143) 18” Complete with T-bar                      £12.93

     The Ettore Rubber is the world’s BEST
                                                                   (W164) 10” Sleeve only                              £6.72
     selling rubber and a guaranteed streak                        (W121) 14” Sleeve only                              £7.91
     free finish.                                                  (W135) 18” Sleeve only                              £9.23

     (ETRU01)       12”   Master   Rubber                  £1.90
     (ETRU02)       14”   Master   Rubber                  £2.17
                                                                   PAD STRIP WASHER
     (ETRU03)       16”   Master   Rubber                  £2.43
     (ETRU04)       18”   Master   Rubber                  £2.59   Thick pile sleeve with an abrasive nylon
                                                                   pad along one side and velcro fastening.
                                                                   Use for the toughest jobs - ideal for roof glass.

                                                                   (W137/14C) 14” Complete with T-bar                  £11.79
                                                                   (W137/14) 14” Sleeve only                           £8.15

                                                                                                 WINDOW CLEANING

                                                                      Ettore Backflip
                                                                      The Ettore Backflip combines the
     Enables you to clean those                                        perfect balance of speed and
     difficult to reach areas without                                 performance. One tool – four
     twisting or bending. Aluminium T-bar with                        uses. With a touch of a button
     nylon handle is adjustable and can be locked                     you can use individually or in time-saving combination.
     into 7 different positions. Sleeve sold separately               The Backflip squeegee has the Ettore Quick Release handle so
                                                                      change channels will be quick and easy.
     (W132) 14” Swivel T-Bar                                 £9.39
                                                                      (ETAC03) 14” Backflip                               £36.54
                                                                      Window Cleaning Chemicals
     Work up to 20% faster with washer and
48   squeegee in one. Features patented water
     wells for high water retention. Wash, flip over &                UNGER LIQUID
     squeegee using hand or pole. Quick spring release
     for easy blade change. Comes complete with "S" Channel and       Work faster and smoother with superior glide!
     can also be used with Brass Channels. Heads can be offset to     This skin-friendly, biodegradable cleaning
     clean over ledges.                                               liquid is super concentrated for 1 to 100
                                                                      dilution - 1 litre/2.1 pints bottle makes
                                                                      100 liters/26 gallons of solution. Removes
     (W047)          14” Visa Versa                          £20.88   tough dirt, leaves no film with no messy suds or foam
     (W157)          18” Visa Versa                          £22.37

                                                                      (W097)   Unger Liquid 1 litre                       £3.45
     Ettore Washer Sleeves
                                                                      (W097/5L)Unger Liquid 5 litre                       £12.10
     The Ettore Microfibre Sleeve is                                  ETTORE SQUEEGEE OFF
     designed for maximum cleaning power.
     Microfibre remove dirt and grease from the smallest crevices,    With Ettore’s Squeegee Off liquid concentrate,
     plus a new built-in scourer to remove the toughest grime.        squeegees glide easily across glass while instantly
                                                                      dissolving built-up, even grease.
     (ETSL01)        14” Microfibre Sleeve                   £7.37
     (ETSL02)        18” Microfibre Sleeve                   £8.81    (ETAC07) Squeegee Off 500ml                   £5.18
                                                                      (ETAC07/5) Squeegee Off 5litre                £21.68

                                                                      ETTORE WATER SPOT REMOVER
     Exclusive to Ettore the Porcupine
     sleeve is a heavy-duty, double-                                  Wash away heavy spot build-ups from sprinkler
     action washer interwoven with                                    over-spray, chemicals and acid rain with Ettore’s
     thousands of flexible bristles. It is tough on                   abrasive-free Water Spot Remover.
     dirt, easy on glass… it’s the one-pass washer.
                                                                      (ETAC06) Water Spot Remover                  £8.90
     (ETSL03)        14” Porcupine Sleeve                    £8.48
                                      (T-bar not included)
     (ETSL04)        18” Porcupine Sleeve                    £10.52
                                                                      UPVC CLEANER
     Ettore T-bars
                                                                      (F101) Staingo UPVC Cleaner 500ml              £8.75
     The Ettore Pro-Grip T-bar is a new ergonomic
                                                                      Staingo clean all UPVC especially window
     washer bar from Ettore with slip resistant
                                                                      surrounds to pristine condition. Removes pencil,
     rubber grip
                                                                      crayon marks and chemical residues left after
                                                                      installation. Staingo rejuvenates older UPVC
                                                                      frames dulled by weathering, pollution and built
     (ETHA03)        14” Pro-grip T-bar                      £4.58    up grime. Easily removes manufacturers sticker
     (ETHA04)        18” Pro-grip T-bar                      £5.26    and adhesive marks.

                                                                                     (HG051) HG UPVC Cleaner 750ml             £4.70
     High impact plastic bar with a unique profile.
     The 14” and 18” are fitted with a rubber                                        HG UPVC Powerful Cleaner 750ml is a very
     hand grip.                                                                      special, extremely powerful cleaner, especially
                                                                                     developed to thoroughly clean all kinds of
     (ETHA05)        14” T-bar with foam grip                £4.02                   synthetic frames, windows, doors, etc., without
                                                                                     attacking the materials.
     (ETHA06)        18” T-bar with foam grip                £4.30

                                                                                               WINDOW CLEANING

     Window Cleaning Cloths                                         UNGER TRIM 10 SCRAPER
                                                                    A 4” double-edged blade made from tempered
     SCRIM                                                          Swedish steel. Use hand-held or lock into
     Our scrim is of the highest quality                            PROHANDLE to use with pole.
     and available in two different
     grades. We also offer a                                        (W070) Trim 10 Holder only                       £2.69
     pre-laundered scrim, which is ready                            (W071) Trim 10 Holder & 10 blades                £5.77
     to use straight from the pack.                                 (W072) Replacement Blades, pk of 25              £6.46
                                           (single)       (Pk 10)
     (W126) Prewashed Grade 1                £4.10         £38.50
     (W081) Grade 1                          £3.50         £32.40
                                                                    ERGOTEC SCRAPER
     (W082) Grade 2                          £2.75         £23.25
                                                                    New, with ergonomic handle.
     MICROFIBRE CLOTHS                                              Reversible tempered 4" steel blade
                                                                    has blunt edge for cement or stucco work. A
                                                                    razor edge for scraping paint and tape. Handle easily
     MicroFibre Fabric superior action wipes
                                                                    attaches to all Unger poles.
     can be used wet or dry to make any
     cleaning job easier. Ideal for window
     frames and final polishing on all                              (W100) Ergotec Scraper                           £9.73
     surfaces.                                                      (W101) Replacement Blades, pk of 10              £4.57

     (W125) MicroWipe 40cm x 40cm                 £1.00
     (W142) MicroWipe 60cm x 80cm                 £3.99
                                                                    Window Cleaning Gloves

     CHAMOIS LEATHERS                                               Neoprene Gloves feature a non-slip
                                                                    textured palm for a better grip. Gloves are
                                                                    made from neoprene foam insulation
     Best performance for window                                    with sealed seams to keep your hands warm when wet and
     cleaning. High quality standard.                               protects them from solvents and the elements. Designed for
                                                                    comfort and dexterity, these gloves feature a velcro strap.
     (W083) Unger 4.5 sq ft Large Leather             £9.83
                                                                    (G007) Neoprene Gloves (avil S, L, XL)                    £14.81
     Scrapers                                                       (G007E) Ergotec Neoprene Gloves (avil S, L, XL)           £17.50

     Stainless steel scraper. Unique locking
     system eliminates blades from dangerously                      Telescopic Poles
     sliding out while working. Push the non-slip
     trigger forward and the blade is ready for use; push once      UNGER UNITEC POLE
     more to easily change the blade. 1 1/2" blade.
                                                                    An economy 2 section pole. Available in 3 sizes. Secure lock with
                                                                    1/4 turn left or right. Reach more than 4 m / 13'
     (W073) Safety Scraper                                £2.10
     (W073G) Safety Scraper with rubber grip              £2.60
                                                                    (W095) 2 section x 1 metre                       £9.78
     (W092) Replacement Blades, pk of 5                   £1.03
                                                                    (W115) 2 section x 1.5 metres                    £11.99
                                                                    (W158) 2 section x 2 metres                      £15.70

     Ettore’s small pocket scraper takes standard single edge
     blades (see above - W092). It is lightweight and is very
     comfortable in the hand.                                       ETTORE INTER-LOCK POLES

     (ETAC01) Ettore Pocket Scraper                       £2.46     Ettore's new locking mechanism means the tension slowly
                                                                    increases as you turn the lightweight, anodised and tempered
                                                                    construction for extra safety, strength and better grip
                                                                    (ETPO01) Inter-lock pole 2x120cm                 £17.04
     New lightweight glass scraper. 4" Reversible
     dull or sharp blade for multiple uses.                         (ETPO02) Inter-lock pole 3x120cm                 £28.77
     Ergonomic design, easy blade change

     (W100M) Maxi Scraper                £5.00
     (W101) Replacement Blades, pk of 10 £4.16


                                                                                              WINDOW CLEANING

UNGER TELE PLUS SYSTEM                                           Fixi System
                                                                 A plastic clamp for fixing tools like brushes,
                                                                 sponges, cloths and mop heads. Ideal for
                                                                 hard-to-reach areas.

                                                                 (W062) Fixi Clamp                         £17.92
                                                                 (W063) Fixi Scrubbing Brush               £6.48
A telescopic pole as a unit construction system. Base units
have 3 sections. Extensions available in 1,25 m / 4' or 2,00 m
/ 6.5'. Simply add to base units. Reach more than 10 m / 33'.

(W096) Base Unit, 3 sections x 1.25m               £34.25
(W128) Base Unit, 3 sections x 2.00m               £52.51
                                                                 Window Cleaning Buckets

(W055) Section 4, 1 section x 1.25m                £14.61
(W129) Section 4, 1 section x 2.00m                £22.56        UNGER BIG BUCKET

(W059) Section 5, 1 section x 1.25m                £17.98        28 litre/6 gal. capacity. Heavy duty
(W130) Section 5, 1 section x 2.00m                £25.58        bucket. Larger footprint for
                                                                 increased stability. Easily
                                                                 accommodates 45cm/18" washer. Highly visible measurement
                                                                 moulded on inside. Improved pour spouts on 2 corners - rounded
                                                                 for more control. Ergonomically designed handle for comfort. More
TELESCOPIC POLES ACCESSORIES                                     balance when carrying. Optional Snap in caster or sieve or lid.

                                                                 (W079) Big Bucket                                  £16.01
(W060)         Plastic Cranked Joint      £8.29
                                                                 (W079L) Lid for Big Bucket                         £4.36
                                                                 (W079C) Set of 4 castors for Big Bucket            £8.42
                                                                 (W079S) Sieve for Big Bucket                       £8.42
Made of nylon. Lightweight and durable. Adjust
tools to clean at any angle up to 300 degrees. Squeegees,
washers and other tools can be quickly attached.

                                                                 UNGER STANDARD BUCKET
(W173)         Tool Holder                £10.85
                                                                 Green 18 litre window cleaning bucket
Secures many tools. Adjusts to any angle. Features
                                                                 complete with sieve and squeegee holder.
spring action to enable easy and quick tool change.
                                                                 Holders up to a 14” washer.

                                                                 (W078)     18litre Standard Bucket                 £9.16
(C030)         HiFlo Brush                £15.40

Soft 10” brush with 90-degree special index for ease of
working. Fits on the end of all Unger
poles. Ideal for cars, boats, caravans and                       BUCKET ON A BELT
walls etc.
                                                                 This Unger exclusive holds 1/2 quart of liquid and
                                                                 holds 2 Squeegees, Strip Washer up to 18" (45cm),
(W065)         Cobweb Brush               £13.11                 and Safety Scraper in separate quick-draw
                                                                 compartments. Frees both hands for ladder work and
Constructed of heavy duty galvanized wire and                    pivots to prevent water spills. Excellent for ladder
49% horsehair bristles. The round shape makes                    work and tight spots.
this tool ideal for removing dirt and dust from
pipes and other rounded surfaces.                                (W052)     Bucket on a Belt               £14.76
                                                                 (W117)     The Belt                       £14.58

(W066)         Pipe Brush                 £12.37

The oval shape makes this tool ideal for cleaning
ceiling fans, removing cobwebs and dusting ceilings
and walls. Easily screws onto all Unger poles.


                                                                                                  WINDOW CLEANING

                                                                      ETTORE HOLSTER POUCH
                                                                      Ettore’s deluxe holster pouch has two pockets
     Made of durable, water-resistant nylon and                       to hold up to a 6” scraper and all wipers.
     slips securely onto your belt for easy access to                 Convenient inner pocket holds replacement
     products. The smaller Velcro flap pocket                         blades.
     securely stores scrapers, keys and coins.

     (W146)          Nylon Pouch                           £7.78      (ETAC04)     Ettore Holster Pouch                     £18.39

                                                                      ETTORE DOUBLE POUCH
                                                                      The Ettore Double Pocket Pouch has a
                                                                      scraper holder for ease and convenience.
     The ErgoTec Belt System is Unger’s latest addition to their
     holster range. This system offers many different components
     from Pouches and Belts to a Scraper Holder.

                                                                      (ETAC05)     Ettore Double Pocket Pouch               £8.88
                     (ERBT01) ToolBelt                  £12.00
                     Sturdy padded belt. Holds any combination of
                     ErgoTec attachments. 4 clips, quick release      Window Cleaning Ladders
                     closure. Fits 32"-50" waist.
                                                                      ALUMINIUM WINDOW CLEANING LADDERS
     (ERBT02) Pair of Straps            £8.97
                                                                      Our range of single and double extension Ali ladders combine the
     Suspenders add support for the Tool Belt,                        lightness and strength of aluminium alloy to give the professional
     helps distribute added weight. Padded, with                      window cleaner a product of high quality and durability.
     solid spring hooks. Fits the eyes on belt. Max 55".
                                                                                                            Length    Total
                                                                      Code          Ladder Type Sections                       Price
                                                                                                           Extended   Rungs
                     (ERBT03) Pouch                        £11.63
                                                                      (LADRS01)     Aluminium       1      2.05m       7      £77.65
                     3 large waterproof compartments to separate
                                                                      (LADRS02)     Aluminium       1      2.55m       9      £87.72
                     wet & dry cloths. Front compartment lockable
                     with velcro. Loop holder holds squeegees or      (LADRS03)     Aluminium       1      3.05m       11     £99.11
                                                                      (LADRS04      Aluminium       1      3.55m       13     £107.86

                                                                      (LADRD01)     Aluminium       2      3.58m       15     £203.79
     (ERBT04) Personal Bag              £8.97
                                                                      (LADRD02)     Aluminium       2      4.58m       19     £219.95

     Keep personal items handy like notepad or                        (LADRD03)     Aluminium       2      5.58m       23     £240.89
     phone. Has a pen holder, loop and hook for
     keys and much more. 6" x 8".                                     (LADRD04)     Aluminium       2      6.58m       27     £282.49

                                                                      (LADRD05)     Aluminium       2      7.58m       31     £309.68

                                                                      (LADRD06)     Aluminium       2      8.58m       35     £335.76

                (ERBT06) Scraper Holder Pouch £12.83                  (LADRD07)     Aluminium       2      9.58m       39     £365.97

                Nylon and leather pouch for protection from blades.   Ladder Accessories
                3 compartments for each Unger scraper size.
                Velcro closures for pockets. 7" x 8.5".               (W080)     Titan Ladderlocks (pair)                   £25.25

                                                                      Titan’s ladder clamps with padlocks are ideal to
                                                                      secure your ladder whilst travelling and for
                                                                      security when parked. Sold In Pairs.
     (ERBT07) Bottle Holder                     £7.64

     For carrying bottle of cleaning fluid
     or beverage. 4" x 7".                                            (W080M)      Laddermat            £14.25

                                                                      Safety On Ladders is paramount. This set of
                                                                      non-slip pads is ideal for uneven floors, slopes,
                                                                      smooth floors and soft surfaces such as grass.
                                                                      Voted Best New Hardware Product 2005

Colour Coding

The aim of colour coding in the cleaning process is to generally raise the standards of cleaning and to
avoid cross contamination.

At present there are no compulsory standards to which the cleaning industry should conform to.
There are however basic guidelines that have been put together by The British Institute of Cleaning
Science or BICS.

The BICS colour coding system uses the following coding system.

It is recommended by BICS that two colours be used in the washroom area and to
always work from the cleanest area first.

At Complex we are able to offer a wide range of products that will help you colour code
your cleaning from mops and mop buckets to brooms and brushes.


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