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					villa & hut

  January 2008

SECTION A                                                       PAGE

   The Company Mission Statement                                      (pg 5)
   Customer Service Standards Policy                                  (pg 6 - 7)


   Key Contacts                                                       (pg 9)
   Store Locations                                                    (pg 10)
   Store Newsletters                                                  (pg 11)
   Lay-By                                                             (pg 12 - 13)
   Delivery Dockets                                                   (pg 14)
   Transfers / Outward & Inward Goods                                 (pg 15)
   Merchandise On Hold                                                (pg 16)
   Special Customer Orders/Warranty Certificates/Wholesale &
     Trade Enquiries                                                   (pg 17)
   Refunds/Exchange/Credit                                            (pg 18 - 19)
   Gift Vouchers/Credit Cards/Eftpos/Cheques etc.                     (pg 20 - 22)
   Bridal Registry                                                    (pg 23)
   Security/Cash Handling/Banking                                     (pg 24 - 25)
   Discounts                                                          (pg 26 - 27)
   Interior Design Service                                            (pg 28)
   Purchase Orders Received at Store                                  (pg 29)
   Visual Merchandise Display/Stock Labeling/Ticketing                (pg 30 - 33)
   Deliveries                                                         (pg 34 – 35)
   VIP Club                                                           (pg 36)

                                             Page : 2

   Recruitment                                             (pg 38)
   Induction Training Program                              (pg 39)
   Training                                                (pg 40)
   Job Specifications                                      (pg 41 - 44)
   Probationary Periods                                    (pg 45)
   Disciplinary Procedure Policy                           (pg 46 - 47)
   Code of Conduct                                         (pg 48 - 49)
   Work Cover Policy                                       (pg 50 - 51)


   Occupational Health & Safety
   Store Evacuation Procedure (in case of an emergency)
   Examples of forms used
   Addendums

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     Page : 4

Villa & Hut sources merchandise from all corners of the globe that is of the highest quality,
competitively priced, innovative & ideal for the Australian lifestyle.

Our knowledgeable staff are trained to deliver excellent customer service, with the
objective of turning customers into loyal clients, ensuring the future growth of the

                        Serve all customers equal

                           Create profitable sales

                          Keep building the brand

                                 Work as a team

                           Cut wasteful expenses

               Contribute with ideas – not criticism

                                      Have fun!

                                          Page : 5
                      THE CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICY


Customer Service Standards Policy

It is becoming increasingly evident now we have entered the twenty-first century, that
business & commerce, in particular retailing, will be more competitive than ever before.

As we are sure you are aware the major key to success in our field of business is achieving
Excellent Customer Service & only those companies who are prepared to improve service
will prosper.

                    The service message throughout Villa & Hut is:

                     UNDER PROMISE & OVER DELIVER

As a means of maintaining consistently high standards of performance in this important
area the following is a set of Customer Service Guidelines that should be adhered to as a

1. Remember the first 30 seconds are vital. NON NEGOTIABLE - Always acknowledge
   every customer instantly with a smile & appropriate verbal greeting. Project a
   positive manner to make them feel welcome & comfortable
2. Ensure that customers are made fully aware of any special offers, product guarantees &
   any time constraints applicable to special customer orders or deliveries. Be factual,
   knowledgeable & never mislead. If you are ever unsure always consult with your
3. Actively listen to a customers query. Don’t interrupt, demonstrate empathy & record an
   accurate record of the query for prompt action/attention. The more quickly a query is
   resolved the greater likelihood that the customer will continue to shop at Villa & Hut.

                                         Page : 6
                THE CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICY cont ….

4. Always answer the telephone within four (4) rings as follows: “Good
   morning/afternoon/evening, Villa & Hut The Glen/Cheltenham/ this is (your name)”.
   Christmas time, the phone should be answered as follows: “Merry Christmas, Villa & Hut
   … etc (as per above).
5. Always return phone calls promptly.
6. Make a courtesy call to a customer with reference to a purchase/repair/order etc Don’t
   wait for the customer to phone you. Become Proactive not Reactive.
7. ALWAYS use the customers name when possible (if they have given you their
   credit/eftpos card, announced their name on the phone etc).
8. When dealing with an unhappy customer it is advisable to direct the caller to the
   manager. This way the call is handled and managed by one person rather than a team of
   staff simply referring onto someone else.

    Remember an unhappy customer will tell at least 10-15 other people of their
          dissatisfaction with service received or product purchased.

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     Page : 8
                                  KEY CONTACTS

Head Office             (03) 9584 0333

Franz Madlener          m 0411 591 016
(Managing Director)

Tracey Quigg            m 0400 473 179
(Office Manager)

Nicola Hancock          m 0403 992 624

Kathlyn Nyitray         m 0409 027 829

Carolyn Morris          m 0405 331 339


                                         Page : 9
                                           STORE LOCATIONS

Australia – Victoria                                    TORQUAY CENTRAL – (Franchise)
                                                        Kafe & Homeware Store
   HIGHPOINT – retail & kafe                            Shop T1 Bristol Rd
   Shop 6206                                            Torquay VIC 3228
   Level 2, 120-200 Rosamond Rd                         T: 61 3 5264 7288
   Maribyrnong VIC 3032                                 F: 61 3 5264 7299
   T: 61 3 9318 6144
   F: 61 3 9318 7051                                    MELBOURNE AIRPORT
                                                        International Lounge (Arrivals Hall)
   ESSENDON – retail & kafe                             Qantas Terminal T3
   Direct Factory Outlet                                Tiger Terminal T4
   Shop 1 Homemaker Hub
   120 Bulla Rd                                        Australia – Queensland
   Essendon Airport VIC 3040
   T: 61 3 9379 9276                                        BRISBANE AIRPORT
   F: 61 3 9379 9307                                        Direct Factory Outlet
                                                            Shop T98, 1 Airport Drive
   JAM FACTORY – retail & kafe                              Brisbane Airport QLD 4007
   Retail - Rear Entrance                                   T: 61 7 3115 2552
   Kafe – Across from Cinema Desk                           F: 61 7 3115 2553
   500 Chapel Street
   South Yarra VIC                                          BRISBANE AIRPORT – (Franchise kafe)
   T: 61 3 9827 2733                                        Direct Factory Outlet
    F: 61 3 9827 5833                                       Shop T213 1 Airport Drive
                                                            Brisbane Airport QLD 4007
   CHELTENHAM – retail & kafe                               T: 61 7 3115 2552
   Direct Factory Outlet                                    F: 61 7 3115 2553
   Cnr Grange & Centre Dandenong Roads
   Cheltenham VIC 3192                                   THE UK
   T: 61 3 9585 6695                                        40 Sydney Street
   F: 61 3 9583 1932                                        North Lane, Brighton
                                                            T: 44 01273 696787
   THE GLEN – retail & kafe
   Shop 2, 202 The Glen Shopping Centre                     Direct Warehouse Outlet
   Springvale Road, Glen Waverley VIC 3150                  3/57 North St
   T: 61 3 9886 7555                                        Portslade
   F: 61 3 9886 5694                                        T: 44 01273 417799
 CASEY – retail & kart
 Shop 16B Casey Lifestyle Centre
 Cnr Princes Hwy & Narre Warren North Rd
                                                         VILLA & HUT STOCKISTS
 Narre Warren VIC 3805
 T: 61 3 9796 0117                                       Robertson’s Furniture
 F: 61 3 9796 8759                                       T: 61 3 5382 2719

 FOUNTAIN GATE - kafe                                    Echuca Furniture House
 Level 1 Westfield Shopping Centre                       T: 61 3 5482 2914
 Narre Warren VIC 3805
 T: 61 3 9704 8100                                       House of Furniture
                                                         T: 61 3 5521 1155

                                                         McPhails Furniture
                                                         T: 61 2 6056 6665

                                                  Page : 10
                     STORE NEWSLETTERS (NEWSFACTS)

Store newsletters are an essential communication tool from Head Office to Stores.

This written communication method, is to convey information, other than policy/procedure
change (this will be affected via update of appropriate page in the manual)

Store NEWSLETTERS will include the following topics:

       Product Knowledge Updates
       Store Sales Rankings
       New Release Merchandise update
       Staff Training Information
       Centre Promotional Activity, Window Change Schedule & Company Advertising
       Personnel News i.e. Newly Appointed Staff, Merchandise Clearance Action

This communication is faxed each week & should be placed on the desk/notice board &
should be:

   Actioned (if necessary) by the appropriate staff member
   Read and signed by ALL sales staff

Newsletters should then be filed.

                                          Page : 11
                                   LAY BY POLICY
Villa & Hut offers Lay By of purchase provided the following conditions are accepted:

Regular Range Merchandise
 Minimum Purchase $25
 Minimum Deposit Required = 25%
 Maximum Period Held = Eight (8) weeks on full priced items
 Maximum period held – Four (4) weeks on discounted items with a 50% deposit
 Fortnightly payments are required.

**Note: This period can only be extended as an exception provided:
 Managers approval obtained
 Extension is limited
 Regular payments have been received & continue to be received (including the $8
   weekly fee – see below)

Other Conditions That Apply
 Should a Lay By purchase be cancelled for what ever reason, the fee as stated on the Lay
   By form of “25% of the purchase price of the total of goods” will apply
 Merchandise not collected within agreed lay by period, will be returned to stock for
   resale & customer notified seven (14) days prior in writing (via head office) that any
   deposit & monies paid will be forfeited. (This is the store manager’s responsibility)
 Multiple Lay By items will not be separated
 If a Lay-By has expired and an extension is required (the extension needs to be
   authorized – see note above**) then a fee of $8 per week will be charged and paid in full
   prior to receipt of goods held
 All items must have a sold sticker adhered to the item with a lay-by number raised

Staff to Obtain/ Action the Following
   Ensure that you follow the procedures outlined in the Retail Manager Procedure
    Manual regarding completing a lay by
   Make sure that the lay by terms & conditions form is completed fully. Include full dates
    & year stated & all other relevant sections completed & all signatures recorded. This
    document is a legal and binding agreement but must be signed to be activated and
   Always ensure that the lay by receipt is printed on the back of the terms & conditions
    form. FINALLY – Place the customers copy into the Villa & Hut envelope together with
    care instructions/copy of Company Brochure/DFO brochure/48 hour notice sheet
    (each only as applicable) & take the time to explain what is in the package to the
    customer before handing it over.
   Place the top terms & conditions form (with lay by receipt printed on the back) in the
    current lay by folder under the customer’s surname. Place a sold sticker with the
    customer number & customer name onto the item on lay by. Remove all price tags,
    store in rear of flag as transfer to the warehouse & flag any repairs.

                                         Page : 12
                              LAY BY POLICY cont …

   When the final lay by payment is made – the lay by docket must be faxed immediately
    to head office if delivery is required, to action delivery (note any comments such as
    repair requests etc. (do not complete a delivery docket form as the items will be held in
    the warehouse with an allocated lay-by number).
   Always check stock is clean de-price tagged, has no stock inside (i.e. cushions stores in

Managers are responsible for the follow up of all Lay By purchases held, on a
nominated set day each week i.e. Mondays. Always record action taken on each Lay
By form.
 If nearing expiry date customer to be telephoned with friendly reminder
 If overdue, letter to be sent by head office requesting urgent collection by stated date
   (Manager to advise head office)
 Customer to be advised that 48 hours notice is required before pickup of goods at the
   beginning of completing a lay-by form. (handouts are available & should be provided to

                                          Page : 13
                                DELIVERY DOCKETS
Ensure that you follow the procedures outlined in the Retail Manager Procedure Manual
regarding Delivery Dockets

When a furniture or very large handicraft item is paid in full at the time of purchase, a
delivery form must be completed

The delivery docket should be faxed through to head office immediately with any specific
instructions (such as repairs, disclaimer stamp, “sold as is” etc)

When a lay by requires a delivery the lay-by docket is faxed to head office only after the
final lay-by payment has been made. Delivery will not be arranged until the goods are paid
for in full including all applicable fees i.e. delivery fee (refer to map for costs)

The lay by docket is then filed in the current delivery section

The second copy of the delivery docket is placed in a villa & hut envelope along with the
customer care guide/warranty certificate/lay by receipt/disclaimer (as appropriate) &
handed to the customer

Once the delivery is completed (head office forwards completed deliveries each week) – the
manager is responsible for ensuring the customer is called to ask if they are satisfied with
the product / service. Comments must be recorded on the form. The form is then filed into
the completed deliveries/lay by folder.

                                           Page : 14
Transfers can be made from store to store. In the event that a customer who has paid in full,
requires stock from another store, Bonnie from the warehouse will arrange for the
collection and transfer.

                         OUTWARD / INWARD GOODS
Villa & Hut makes every effort to ensure that timely outward goods are delivered to both
stores and customers. Although Villa & Hut does encourage staff to regularly visit the
warehouse and choose product to take back to their stores, stock control measures must be
met and therefore procedures followed.

Every single item, being handicraft or furniture, leaving the warehouse, is recorded as
outward goods by Bonnie (Warehouse Manager) or Ossi. Once the goods have been
received either by a customer or store, the item must be signed off as received by either the
customer or another staff member receiving the inward good. The “dockets/forms” are
available at head office and must be completed prior to any goods leaving the warehouse.
At the end of the day, these “dockets/forms” must be returned to head office for
confirmation. In the event that the form cannot be returned to head office that day, they
may be mailed in or taken back to Head Office on the weekly truck.

may result in dismissal.

                                          Page : 15
                           MERCHANDISE ON HOLD

Villa & Hut offers to hold merchandise for customers as a special service, provided the
following conditions are accepted:

   Regular range merchandise held for a maximum of 24 hours
   No deposit required
   Customers name & phone number(s) obtained
   Day merchandise put on hold & held until the next day

Please Note:

   Should the customer offer to pay a deposit on goods, this transaction then becomes a
    Lay By Contract & the sale should be completed accordingly.

   Sale / Mark Down merchandise cannot be placed on hold

   Attach an “on hold” note, with customers & salespersons name, to on hold merchandise
    currently on display, for ease of quick identification

   Merchandise cannot be placed on hold for any staff member

   Remember to remove the hold note the next day if the customer does not return (make
    a note in the communication book as a reminder)

                                        Page : 16
                          SPECIAL CUSTOMER ORDERS

   Due to the individual nature of Villa & Hut products we are not able to accept customer
    special orders on handicrafts or furniture

                           WARRANTY CERTIFICATES

Villa & Hut is pleased to offer an exclusive 10 year warranty certificate on specific furniture
items (store managers will mark these items with the warranty swing cards)

When a furniture item has a warranty card attached, this item requires a certificate. (This is
a terrific sales tool when selling the piece).

The warranty card must be carefully removed from the furniture item (& re-used on other
pieces) & replaced with a written warranty certificate. The warranty certificate must be
completed & recorded in your store books. This certificate is then to be placed (along with a
furniture care guide and receipt) in a Villa & Hut envelope & given to the customer.

                      WHOLESALE & TRADE ENQUIRIES
Villa & Hut welcomes & encourages wholesale trade enquiries.

Obtain the customers name & phone numbers then contact Carolyn Morris for follow up.
Alternatively, you can offer the enquirer Carolyn’s mobile number or direct them to head

This applies to interior designers, other retailers, building companies, restaurants etc who
may be interested in purchasing stock or hiring from Villa & Hut. Remember to complete
the corporate form and fax to head office.

Actively listen out or encourage conversation for more details. This is an excellent source of
additional revenue.

                                           Page : 17

Villa & Hut sales staff take pride in delivering excellent customer service at all times with
the objective of ensuring their customers are fully satisfied with their purchase(s).

Should a customer return a purchase that for whatever reason, is not to their total
satisfaction, the following options can be offered:

   Exchange (to the same value or above)

   Gift Card Credit

Provided the following conditions are adhered to as detailed:

   Goods returned within fourteen (14) days of original purchase for Exchange /
    Credit Note option Original sales receipt or credit card receipt provided
   Goods returned in same condition as purchased

Sales staff to offer an appropriate exchange or credit note in the first instance & must be
within 14 days of original purchase. (Returns on merchandise after 14 days action taken to
be at the discretion of store managers)

The gift card credit & amount are to be recorded on the sales summary and on the weekly
manager’s reports.

                                          Page : 18
             REFUND / EXCHANGE / CREDIT POLICY cont….


   If the goods exchanged are of a lower value than the new selection, then a new gift card
    credit will be issued with the balance:

    e.g. Goods returned $99, new exchange selection $115, $16 gift card credit issued
    e.g. Goods returned $99, new exchange selection $94, $5 gift card credit issued

Gift Card Credit

   Gift Card Credits are valid for one (1) year from date of return of goods.

This action is proactive & will ensure customer repeat visits. (All amounts in credit,
unused after maximum of one (1) year will be lost to customer).


In the case of a legitimate refund, authorisation MUST be obtained. Please note that under
no circumstances are refunds to be promised unless authorized by Franz.

If a refund is promised, a customer refund form must be completed and submitted to head
office with a copy of the customer’s receipts (proof of purchase). Regardless of how
payment is/was made, the refund will be by cheque only and arranged through head
office. Refunds cannot be made on any of the Eftpos machines in any Villa & Hut store.

A refund on handicrafts & non-warranty furniture is offered only if the goods are
found to be faulty or considered to be faulty by the company & must be within 7 days
of original purchase. Customers cannot obtain a refund simply because they change
their mind. (Under the retail tenancy laws, retailers are legally entitled to do this)

                                           Page : 19
Gift Cards

Villa & Hut offers Gift Cards as a service & the following information applies:

Ensure that you follow the procedures outlined in the retail Manager Procedures Manual
regarding issuing gift vouchers

   Minimum amount $25,
   Available in any amount customer then requests
   Valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase
   Can be exchanged in all Villa & Hut stores in Melbourne

Credit Cards

Villa & Hut accepts the following credit cards:

   Bankcard
 Visa
 MasterCard
 American Express
 Diners
(a 3% credit card surcharge applies to American Express & Diners cards)

The following procedure applies:
 Swipe card

   Enter amount & once approved (circle approval) process transaction
   Expiry date featured on card must be checked as current & circled (these two
    procedures are non negotiable and also a safety check)

                                           Page : 20

   Ask Customer by name (NON NEGOTIABLE) to sign card. Customer signature must be
    checked against card for authenticity
   Retain merchant copy. Attach credit card copy to store receipt & provide to customer
    with card
  If a customer wishes to purchase over the phone, this is acceptable provided the
   customer completes a Credit Authorisation Form and attaches a copy of their current
   driver’s license as well as a copy of their credit card (front & back) as proof of
   signature). Goods are not to be released until the consent has been returned. The
   Eftpos receipt for this/these good(s) must then be attached to the authority form and
   given to Nicola for collection. This procedure is non negotiable
Note: Good Customer Service is to always use the customers name when asking to
sign & later to thank the customer by name.


Note: Minimum purchase amount acceptable is $10 (& no cash withdraw facility is

The following procedure applies:

   Swipe card

   Process transaction i.e. enter amount (minimum $10)

   Ask customer by name if the account is Cheque or Savings & press appropriate button

   Face machine towards customer for entry of personal pin number

   When approved, circle amount (and always double check) & date on both copies &
    retain merchant copy & provide customer with appropriate copy with their card & till

                                         Page : 21

Villa & Hut accepts cheques for purchase of goods; HOWEVER goods will not be delivered to
or handed over to the customer until the cheque becomes cleared funds in the Villa & Hut
account, generally 5 working days from date of being banked. Staff members are to check
clearance of cheque at head office before releasing stock. Again you can contact Franz or
Tracey to check this. Please also note that even though a customer pays with a BANK
CHEQUE, we still have to wait the normal clearance as a personal cheque. The customer can
check this with their bank if they wish for verification.

                                        Page : 22
                      BRIDAL REGISTRY & GIFT REGISTRY

Villa & Hut offers bridal registry facilities.

Sales staff can complete a bridal registry gift request list form on site with the couple (or
preferably get contact details & contact Head Office them). Head Office will then contact the
customer to make a personal appointment to go through the gift list.

All stores will then receive a copy of the gift list – each time a guest makes a purchase – the
item should be marked as “purchased” off the list with the record of the guests name
(signed by the guest) & faxed to head office.

The updated list will then be faxed back out to all stores.

Complimentary gift wrapping is to be offered (in Thai rice paper) to all guests purchasing
from the bridal registry).

(Villa & Hut will send a wedding card & complimentary present to the couple for the
wedding day as part of our additional service).

                                             Page : 23


   Ensure reserve area’s and rear doors are closed at ALL times & that personal belongings
    are stored out of view in the rear locked area at all times & not in the store
   Ensure till is on lock at all times & key is stored either on staff members wrist (never in
    an obvious place such as the immediate drawer below or under stapler etc) – we have
    now been robbed numerous times at all stores – often in broad daylight and during
    trading hours

Cash Handling

   Float is $200 & must always stay at $200
   Cash, if accumulated must be dropped regularly throughout the day. Do not wait until
    the end of the day to do one Business Express Deposit Bag. Information such as time,
    date, amount & staff member, who deposited the cash, must be recorded in the cash
    record book.
   Ensure float is checked for accuracy PRIOR to commencement of each shift & handover
    from staff
   Any shortages at the end of a shift will be the responsibility of the store manager
    and staff member on that day

   At the conclusion of your business shift :
    1. Ensure total of cash/eftpos/credit card, cheque, buyers edge etc. agrees with register
    2. Complete a Business Express Deposit envelope with deposit slip one side and money
        other side. Please note, all notes must be facing the same way up and in bundles of
        10. Coins must be placed in a coin bag, not thrown in loosely.
    3. Place in drop safe
    4. Phone through daily actual turnover amount to Franz with both budget and actual
    5. The cash up summary print out should be attached to the Eftpos settlement totals
        and placed under coin tray for collection.
    6. The actual Eftpos receipts for that day should be stapled together with the
        cumulative totals receipt and placed in a safe place. After a period of 3 months, these
        can then be given/handed to head office
    7. The POS drawer must be left open and empty to clearly show there is no cash (the
        float is to be hidden in an agreed and secure area – and changed regularly)

                                           Page : 24


Each store manager will be responsible for completing the BED (business express deposit)
envelopes and preparing them for banking. It is the manager’s responsibility to bank the
money twice a week, on the nominated days - Tuesday & Thursday.


   Villa & Hut policy is to Prosecute Shoplifters

   Staff are to call Centre Management security if suspicions aroused & NOT to attempt to
    personally apprehend. Contact is to be made to the Senior Sales Person to be made
    aware of the incident

Sales Staff

   Sales staff that have committed a proven theft of any kind e.g. merchandise / cash etc
    will have their employment terminated immediately & will, as a company policy, be

Random Bag Checks

   It is a policy of Villa & Hut that random bag checks are performed. These are initiated by
    either the store manager or Franz.

                                           Page : 25

   Staff Discount Policy

     Staff discount is 30% off basic stock merchandise (this applies to Re-Store DFO).
      However stock must be in the store for 30 days prior to the discount being
      applicable. This applies to all staff including head office staff. New staff are not
      eligible to receive a discount until being in Villa & Hut’s employ for a period of one

     10% only is given on CD’s and books and consignment stock

     No discount is permitted on “Sale” merchandise

     Any staff purchase will only be permitted outside of normal rostered hours as &
      when available to process the transaction & must be witnessed by another senior
      staff member & put through the sales process by another staff member. These
      purchases must be recorded in the Staff Purchases Book / Sheet with a copy of the
      receipt attached to the end of day cash up summary.

     Any unauthorised discount(s) given to persons who are NOT staff will result in a
      written warning & may lead to the termination of employment.

     Any incident of theft will be vigorously investigated & if proven result in immediate
      termination of employment & a prosecution will be initiated.

   Club & Corporate Purchases

    For Large Quantities

    Sales staff member taking the initial inquiry must take the following details:

       Club or company name
       Contact names & position / title
       Telephone, Fax & Email numbers
       What the deadlines are for supplying merchandise
       Check that supplier can supply the quantity required in the time required

                                           Page : 26
                                   DISCOUNTS cont ….

These purchases must be referred to the manager for the required action.

(For any wholesale enquiries, please forward to Carolyn). See overleaf for further

   Senior Citizens Discount

    Villa & Hut does not offer discounts to Senior Citizens (except for DFO Kafe)

   Retailer Staff Discounts

    Villa & Hut does not offer discounts to other retailers working within the centre

                                          Page : 27
                            INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICE

Villa & Hut offers an interior design service.

Obtain the customers name & phone number, then contact Carolyn for follow up.
Alternatively the customer may wish to contact Carolyn directly in which case you may
provide the head office phone number (9584 0333) or her mobile (0405 331 339).

                                           Page : 28

The following procedure is to be adhered to when purchase orders are received at the

   Check the drivers delivery docket detailing the quantity of cartons against the actual
    number of cartons received

   Contact the person who’s name appears on the invoice to confirm receipt of goods &
    receive any specific instructions.

   Double check quantity invoiced against actual quantity received. This must be done
    prior to signing the packing order / tax invoice

   If merchandise short sent or damaged advise correct person immediately.

   Once the invoice is checked off and signed and dated by the receiver (staff member), the
    invoice is then to be sent back to Head Office.

                                          Page : 29
                       VISUAL MERCHANDISE DISPLAY
   Housekeeping
   Stock Labeling
   Promotional Ticketing
   Window Merchandising


Because of the size of our stores & the high quantity of individual merchandise items
displayed, achieving (& maintaining) high standards of housekeeping is a top priority. This
important ongoing task is the responsibility of all sales staff.

   The store must be vacuumed (or swept) daily. Windows & stock dusted & freshened up
    on at least a daily basis also (more frequently should it be necessary). Check windows
    for dead flies, fallen stock etc several times a day

   Customer service counters should present at all times, an uncluttered, clean &
    businesslike appearance, always keep a fresh e-mailing list & good pen on the counter,
    also Villa & Hut brochures must be on display

   Merchandise being unpacked discretely in the store for stock replenishment, should be
    given high priority to quickly remove excess boxes etc thus avoiding unnecessary
    obstacles potentially hindering access to browsing customers. The stores have been
    professionally merchandised – please do not re-arrange stock or items – simply
    replace sold stock or await instructions from Franz, Craig or store manager regarding
    merchandising of brand new stock

   The windows are to be vacuumed (or swept) at least twice per week & stock displayed
    therein checked to ensure visual merchandising standards & impact not in any way
    diminished. Sales staff on each shift should make a point to walk outside the store &
    check the appearance of the store & windows as the customer sees the store (i.e. dead
    blow flies, stock which may have fallen over, lights blown etc)

   Staff are not permitted to eat or drink at or behind the counter or leave food or drink
    (remnants) in any view of the customer. Always ensure that food is thrown away in
    external bins to eliminate the risk of mice, odors and maintain general hygiene.

                                         Page : 30
                   VISUAL MERCHANDISE DISPLAY cont ….
   Villa & Hut takes pride in the presentation of its stores. Always view the store with
    “fresh eyes” & remember that retail is detail. It is the little things that Villa & Hut does
    that make a difference.

Stock Labeling – see the following guide to pricing and ticketing.

The following procedure is to be adhered to when labeling floor stock:

Use professional, clean signs only. If none are available, discuss with your manager or leave
a note in the communications book with the requirements of size, prices & quantities. Place
all stickers straight!

Use black ribbon to hang signs as required, do not leave long strands, or tie bows with
raffia, snip off neatly at ends. Use Villa & Hut ribbon for exclusive high price items.

Not all products must have a ticket – use your discretion – if the product is smaller than the
tent card for instance, or if it results in a sea of cards being seen rather that stock. Use
signage that is appropriate for the item not obstructing it with ticketing.

Retail is detail!

Position of Price Labels on Stock

   Furniture:
    Price label to be attached on or left of the item – if and where possible. Avoid the door
    handle as customers will bend / crease the price tag from constant opening & closing of
    the door.

   Ceramics / Handicrafts:
    Attach price label on the rim or below & apply straight – do not place on top of any items
    whereby the removal of the labels will cause damage.

                                           Page : 31
                  VISUAL MERCHANDISE DISPLAY cont ….

   Do not use sticky tape under any circumstances. Not only is this unsightly but it also
    removes lacquer/stain, colorings, paint etc.

Removal Of Price Labels From Stock

   The Villa & Hut swing tag / price sign (& 10 year warranty (if applicable) is to be
    removed on item(s) being purchased & stored for future use if still in good order. Please
    note that these cost a lot of money to have printed and little care goes a long way

Positioning Of Stock

   Always place protection i.e. placemats / runners under items such as ceramics/metals
    that can damage or scratch the furniture

(Do not place items of stock on lay by pieces in the rear store rooms – these are to be
treated with great care & should have protective mats put on to ensure that they are not
damaged whilst in our care until the customer collects the item)

Promotional Ticketing

Promotional ticketing throughout the store may convey one of the following messages or

   Product Knowledge
   Company Services
   Special Price Merchandise

To achieve high standards of visual presentation, product impact & customer information, it
is essential that ALL promotional ticketing is displayed at ALL times in the appropriate
manner – if you notice a piece without a price – make it your business to find out the price
by calling head office or one of the other stores (don’t wait for a customer to ask what the
price is).

                                          Page : 32
                  VISUAL MERCHANDISE DISPLAY cont ….


Villa & Hut employs professional Visual Merchandisers to complete the window & store
displays on a regular basis. The product & theme is pre-determined according to the
company promotional calendar.

   Products in the stores & windows should not be altered unless an item from the window
    is sold or as directed by the store manager or merchandiser.

In Store Music & Ambience

Music is a critical component of the Villa & Hut concept & must be played at all times. The
selection of music is to be contained from the CD’s provided for sale & played at a volume
sufficient to create required ambience. The one CD being played on repeat should be shown
at the counters (& ticketed appropriately) “now playing”

Incense or oil burners are to be utilised as appropriate & kept clean &/or topped as
required & using the candles bought for burning in store (not ones for sale)

                                         Page : 33


Please make yourself familiar with the delivery maps & pricing structure which is located in
each store. This is a fixed price based on distance from each of the stores.

If 2 people are required for the delivery due to the item being particularly large/heavy then
an additional charge of $20 is to be added.

If the delivery is outside the mapped area please contact head office to receive a quote – do
not guess! This can be a costly mistake.

Communication of deliveries & the procedure

All orders taken where a delivery is required are to be faxed through to head office on the
day of the transaction (only on final payment of lay-by items). Head office will take down
all details in the delivery book & will then contact the customer to confirm a mutually
agreeable date & time.

DO NOT promise a date or time with the customer – simply advise the customer that head
office will contact them directly to arrange a mutually agreeable delivery time

CHECK all items before they leave the store – make sure it is clean, has no stock inside
drawers, has no sugar bags in drawers or cupboards, has all price stickers & tags taken off,
all drawers still open & shut (remember stock changes due to the environment daily) & the
right keys attached on Villa & Hut ribbon.

PLEASE COMMUNICATE to the warehouse clearly if there is work to be done on the piece
prior to delivery, if there are special instructions such as stairs, difficult access etc. We have
been let down many times by great customer service in the store at the time of the sale but
then failed due to poor communication down the line of deliveries, addresses, details on the
right stock, poor paperwork etc. Good communication makes everyone’s job easier.

If the item has to come back to the warehouse for repairs, head office will contact the
customer to arrange a suitable time for delivery once the item has been repaired. The
customer is still required to pay for delivery at the time of purchase.

In the instance that an item is sold to the customer “AS IS”, please ensure that the delivery
docket is clearly marked “AS IS” and that a “sold” sticker is adhered to the item also clearly
marked “AS IS” so that the item is not needlessly repaired. Please note that if an item is
returned to the warehouse (for whatever reason), the customer is still liable for delivery
and this is non refundable.

                                            Page : 34
                                 DELIVERIES cont …

Interstate & Overseas Deliveries

Villa & Hut deliver all over the country & world.

Take down all customer delivery address details. If overseas, ask the customer if they know
what the nearest port is & do they want door to door delivery or only door to port. This is
crucial to establish the port.

Please contact the numbers below to obtain quotes. If the customer wishes to obtain their
own quote(s), Villa & Hut also welcomes this.

Measure the item and know the description details.

Contacts:            Interstate Quotes:                    Amaco Transport
                                                           Ph:   (03) 9335 3266
                                                           Fx:   (03) 9335 3401

                     Overseas Quotes:                      Link Logistics
                                                           Ph:    (03) 8336 0500
                                                           Fx:    (03) 8336 1199
                                                           Mark Greaney

Most importantly, the customer must arrange direct payment to the shipping company.
Therefore customer’s details must be given to the shipping company and vice versa. This
must be verbally stated to each party, particularly the moving company so it does not go
into our accounts.

                                          Page : 35
                                        VIP CLUB

Villa & Hut has a VIP club which is generated from the e-mailing list on the counters.

Customers will receive regular updates & newsletters advising them of exclusive sales
promotions/discounts &/or new stock.

Encourage customers to complete the e-mailing list if they like the store & at time of
purchase. As soon as a sheet is completed, a new one should be placed on the counter. The
completed sheet should then be faxed through to head office every Monday.

Villa & Hut has a very detailed website that should be promoted at every occasion. It is the
responsibility of all staff members – full time, part time & casuals to be fully aware of
the web site on a regular basis.

                                          Page : 36

     Page : 37


Villa & Hut has a recruitment policy of non-discrimination. The applicant deemed best
suited, based on previous work experience etc to fill the requirements & responsibilities of
the specific vacancy, will be employed.

The methods used to recruit are a variety (as appropriate) as follows:
 Personnel Consultants
 ARA employee recruitment division
 Newspapers (daily or local)
 Store Windows
 Website
 Word of mouth

Requirements prior to recruiting

   You must obtain a resume from the candidate
   Trial forms must be completed prior to trial period (2-3 hours)
   If employment is likely, reference checks must be made (minimum of 2), prior to
    confirmation of employment. The results must be recorded and provided to head office
    prior to confirmation of employment
   Prior to employment commencement i.e. before first shift, an employment contract must
    be signed, a tax declaration form completed and a staff details form must be completed.
    These packs / forms are available from head office.

                                          Page : 38
                      INDUCTION TRAINING PROGRAM

Each & every new employee will undertake an induction training program that will involve:

   Perusal of the Policy Manual (prior to the first shift)
   Point of sale computer / register training
   Procedure / policy / systems training
   Product knowledge at store level
   On the job sales & customer service training

This induction period will be as required.

The new employee will be assigned to & under the direction of a senior full time
experienced employee for this important induction period. Kathlyn will ensure that training
is coordinated through induction days.

It is the responsibility of all staff however to ask questions about anything they are unsure
of in any areas rather than not having the knowledge (which we may presume in some
instances you already have) – PLEASE ASK!

                                          Page : 39

All Villa & Hut employees will receive ongoing training as follows:

   Product Knowledge

   Company Systems / Procedures / Policies / Point of Sale Computer -

   Selling Skills,      Customer        Service,     Visual     Merchandising,        Loss

   Traineeships (where applicable)

There will be training seminars, product knowledge workshops & other company functions
held throughout the year that ALL staff are expected to attend. Many of these sessions are
held either in store, at head office & on a one-on-one basis as required.

Villa & Hut also undertakes Mystery Shopping surveys on a regular basis on all staff. The
individuals’ results will then be discussed with that staff member in a one-on-one session
with the trainer or manager.

Villa & Hut considers ongoing training integral to the future growth & prosperity of the
company & as such each employee is expected to demonstrate initiative in personal
development. Objectives should be to increase level of product knowledge, enhance selling
skills, achieve excellent customer service & thus become more value to the company.

In the event you are chosen to partake in a traineeship, and leave villa & hut’s employ prior
the completion of your training, you will be required to pay for your own training.

                                          Page : 40
                               JOB SPECIFICATIONS

   SALES STAFF (responsible to achieve the following):

     Maintain high standard of grooming / attire appropriate to the position & be reliable
      / flexible e.g. roster etc in accordance with Code Of Conduct guidelines specified

     Maintain high standard of house-keeping, visual merchandise display as directed by
      Store Manager or Senior Sales Consultant

     Maintain excellent standard of customer service at all times, project a professional
      telephone manner whilst upholding & implementing company policies as
      appropriate; “under promise & over deliver”

     Communication both verbal & written must maintain company integrity & be factual,
      honest & not misleading

     Acquire comprehensive knowledge & understanding of company documentation,
      systems & procedures

     Achieve & maintain a high level of product knowledge & attend further training as
      directed by Store Manager or Head Office

     Be aware of what is selling e.g. item, colour, size, design, price point, trends
      identified etc & communicate this to the Store Manager, visit the warehouses,
      website regularly

     Contribute with suggestions feed back to Store Manager, to improve sales, profit,
      customer service, security etc & be prepared to both give & receive constructive

     Assist with the following regular merchandise procedures: unpacking, pricing, visual
      display, obtaining stock from the store room, stocktaking, requesting new forms,
      bags, tissue if these items are low in stock, etc & any other duties as directed by the
      Store                                                                         Manager.

                                          Page : 41
                        JOB SPECIFICATIONS cont ….

 Be fully conversant with Health & Safety regulations in particular “lifting”. Villa &
  Hut requires all staff to comply with all industry occupational health & safety codes
  as a conduction of employment, & will provide training guidelines & requirements to
  ensure the appropriate regulatory compliance.

   From time to time, Villa & Hut will alter the requirements for staff uniforms &
    requires that all staff adhere to the company’s uniform requirements as a condition
    of employment. Uniforms vary in price and are charged to the staff member at cost.
    A receipt will be issued and these payments can be claimed tax time.

 “Consultant” badges are provided (in the first instance) on a “no charge” basis &
  must be worn at all times whilst on roster. All replacement badges will be charged at
  invoiced cost price if lost ($8.75).

                                      Page : 42
                              JOB SPECIFICATIONS cont ….

   STORE MANAGER (& assistant manager in absence of store manager)
    (responsible to achieve the following):

     Maintain strict security with relation to cash and cash handling, building and stock
      as well as staff belongings. This also means ensuring any daily cash discrepancies to
      be determined and rectified prior to closing at end of day.

     Ensure sales staff have received in store training, adhere to image i.e. presentation
      and regulate standards of performance. Also ensure that on-going training is
      provided for staff, both through internal training programs and at a store level.

     Be aware of company financial targets such as sales, gross profit, salary % in order to
      achieve the companies objectives and targets.

     Expense control – in line with company objectives/budgets, i.e. ensuring stock levels
      are adequate, stationary requirements are kept within budget as well as sufficient
      until your next order date, monitoring and controlling faxes and keeping phone call
      overheads to a minimum.

     Inventory – re-ordering/condition/visual display/liaise with merchandise manager
      and retail manager.

     Maintain highest possible standard and levels of customer service at all times i.e.
      “under promise and over deliver”.

     Ensure that house-keeping standards are maintained as per company guidelines.

     Maintain good (professional) business relationships with all suppliers and their

     Liaise with the centre manager or marketing manager and ensure store involvement
      in upcoming promotional activities to maximize exposure. Please ensure you are in
      constant contact as to ensure we are not missing out on any marketing or
      promotional opportunities.

     From time to time, the company will introduce a new marketing campaign. It is
      essential to fully support company advertising to maximize potential sales and profit
      as well as being aware of current campaigns, special, offers etc.

     Engage in your own competitor analysis. Be aware of competitor trends, pricing
      structures, innovations, services offered etc.

                                          Page : 43
                      JOB SPECIFICATIONS cont ….

 Communicate to the buying team customer trends. Advise merchandise manager
  and retail manager of hot sellers, slow sellers, merchandise requests etc.

 Communication is a key ingredient – both verbal and written. Always ensure
  company standards and integrity is maintained. Be factual, honest and not
  misleading. Please note that if written communication is required, (excluding
  general correspondence i.e. lay-by notification letters) to contact the national
  operations manager to prepare documentation on behalf of the company.

 Always ensure that administration procedures are followed and documentation
  reports etc are submitted on due dates and in company format.

 Make certain that the recruitment process is adhered to i.e. procedures, forms
  completed etc and that rosters are completed and processed as per the requirements
  of head office. Always discuss possible employment potentials with the retail
  manager prior to any commitments.

 Ensure Occupational, Health & Safety standards/ requirements are met.

 Make sure to follow up / complete other tasks or duties assigned to you or as
  directed by senior management / head office.

                                    Page : 44
                             PROBATIONARY PERIOD

The “Trial” or “Probationary” periods for new staff joining the Villa & Hut is as follows:

   Full Time Permanent employees the standard probationary period is (3) three months
    from the date of commencement (or as otherwise agreed by the Store Manager).
   Part-time employees the standard probationary period is (2) two months from the date
    of commencement (or as otherwise agreed by the Store Manager).
   Casual employees the standard probationary period is (1) one month from the date of
    commencement (or as otherwise agreed by the Store Manager).

Full & part-time employees performance will be reviewed during this probationary period
& then again at the conclusion of the probationary.

                                           Page : 45

Disciplinary Procedure Policy

The following procedure is effective as from October 1st 2000, & applies to all existing &
new staff employed at Villa & Hut regarding behavior & performance problems.

The villa & hut disciplinary policy states that an employee may receive two formal
counseling interviews, one verbal and one written, with accompanying written
documentation. There must be an agreed time between each council to allow the employee
to improve performance.

If performance does not improve after two formal warnings / counseling interviews, the
manager may dismiss the employee for breach of company policies and procedures.

This process applies to part time and full time employees in accordance with their AWA
contract. Casual staff hours may be reduced at any time in accordance with the AWA

All employees under the AWA are subject to a six month probationary period, in which time
either party may terminate employment with the correct procedures and notice given, as
per individual signed contracts.

Each warning must pertain to the previous warning given in order to pursue the process to
the next level. A witness or third party is advised to be present at every disciplinary
interview. The employee has the right to select the witness or third party.

      Verbal Warnings

The Store Manager will conduct this interview and the employee will be advised of:
           The specific problem(s) i.e. either behavior and/or performance etc
           Standard(s0 expected
           Methods of achieving this required standard
           The period of time in which improvement is to occur and a review date.
           The consequence of failure to demonstrate improvement to the required
             standard (written warning and/or dismissal).

                                         Page : 46

       Written Warnings

    This will be actioned when the employees behavior/performance has NOT been
    corrected or improved in the time specified. This interview will take place with the
    Store Manager and the written warning will cover the following points:
               The specific problem(s) i.e. behavior and/or performance etc
               Previous warnings
               Standards required but not achieved
               Time frames to improve not met with new agreed time frame to be agreed
                  with employee
               Consequence of failure to improve to required standard in agreed time
                  frame will result in dismissal

   Dismissal

    This exit interview will take place with a Senior Company Manager & will be actioned
     The employee has failed to correct behavior &/or to improve performance following
        both a verbal & written warning.
    Please Note.
    A third person (Store Manager) will be present during this exit Interview.

   Dismissal Without Notice

    In certain circumstances an employee may be dismissed instantly without formal notice
    being given.
    Summary dismissal may occur in the following situations:
     Serious misconduct/behavior
     Dishonesty/breach of company security
     Commitment of a crime
     Severe misdemeanor concerning a customer e.g. verbal abuse
     Intoxication whilst on duty


                                         Page : 47
Performance Appraisals

A formal performance appraisal will take place for all Store Managers & Sales Staff on an
annual basis (following end of financial year) as follows:

   Store Managers --- conducted by Managing Director & or General Manager
   Sales Staff --- conducted by the Store Manager & or General Manager

The employee will sign a copy of this assessment & a copy made available to retain.

                                         Page : 48
                                 CODE OF CONDUCT

Villa & Hut has a Code of Conduct & expects all employees to observe these guidelines to
uphold our high company standards.

Smoking is not permitted in any store (or within the centre’s) as a requirement of Villa &
Hut insurers, & the No Smoking policy in buildings under the State Government Act.

Personal Phone Calls
ALL personal calls are to be made in your own time.

Villa & Hut staff are not to use a personal mobile phone whilst on duty – please ensure your
mobile is turned off whilst on duty.

Under no circumstances is alcohol to be consumed in the store during trading hours.

Food or drink must not be consumed within the store. Water bottles should be stored in a
cupboard or out of site.

   Hair must be neat, clean & off the face
   Jewellery is to be kept to a minimum. Ear piercing up to a maximum of two earrings
    per ear is acceptable. Other forms of body piercing (eye, nose, lip, tongue etc) are to be
    strictly kept to a minimum and requires approval by your store’s manager.
   The wearing of appropriate make up by the female members of staff is encouraged to
    maintain & enhance the overall image presented. It is considered important to freshen
    up make up & hair when returning from a break. Nail varnish is permitted (but must be
    removed if chipped).

                                          Pg : 49
                           CODE OF CONDUCT cont ….

   Uniforms must be clean & pressed & of general good standard. Jumpers or cardigans are
    not permitted to be worn over the top of the uniform ( a matching colour long sleeve top
    may be worn under the uniform & t-shirt if cold).

In the event that you are unable to attend work for your nominated shift, you must call
your store manager (at least two (2) hours prior to commencement of your shift. Failure to
do so will result in a warning). If he/she is unavailable, you must call Franz or Tracey to
advise them that you are unable to attend work.

Change to Personal Details
Employees to notify head office and the Store Manager of all contact details upon
commencement & immediately notify of any change of address, telephone number, bank
details or next of kin (via a staff details form – head office will provide a new one upon
request) to ensure the company records are up to date in case of an emergency.

Uniform Standards

Tops (in the initial instance provided by Villa & Hut (any consecutive tops to be charged at
cost – fully tax deductible) & to be worn as appropriate & as instructed)
    Black blouse/jumper/top (if for some extreme reason uniform top cannot be worn)
        (no mid-drifts, knotted shirts) must be clean & well pressed for all shifts.
    Aprons – provided by Villa & Hut (please wash these on a regular basis)
    Uniforms are to be washed and neatly pressed and remain the property of Villa &

Uniform Accessories

     Black slacks or skirt (Female Staff) (no mini skirts nor tops exposing midriffs) are to
       be worn, clean & well pressed for all shifts

                                          Pg : 50
    Socks must be dark in colour
    Skin colour or black stockings

    Shoes must be black in colour. Open-toe shoes are not acceptable under any
      circumstances (this is an Occupational Health and Safety regulation). Shoes must
      be clean & polished for all shifts.

    Badge to be worn for all shifts
    If the permanent badge is misplaced the staff member is to wear a temporary one
    Badge is to be worn in the top left corner of top – not covering the logo
    Villa & Hut uniforms must not be worn out of working hours
    If name badge is lost, staff member to pay replacement cost of $8.75


                                        Pg : 51
                               WORKCOVER POLICY

Claim Policy
If an injury occurs and warrants a Work Cover Claim, the following procedures must be
adhered to:
 The employee must verbally (and immediately) report the incident to both head office
    and the Store Manager.
 The employee will then be issued with an incident report which must be completed in
 The employee must obtain an Employee Work cover Claim Form which must be
    completed by the employee & accompanied by a Medical Certificate from the Doctor,
    together with a Medical Release Authority which is to be signed by the injured employee
    and submitted to head office. Head Office will then assess if in fact there is cause for
    Work Cover. If eligible, Work Cover Authority will advise Villa & Hut (which may take
    up to 2 weeks).

Please note that Villa & Hut complies with Work Cover guidelines and therefore adheres
vehemently to the procedures.

   The return to work co-coordinator (Store Manager & National Operations Manager)
     Contact the worker as soon as possible.
     Follow up that the worker has had appropriate treatment.
     Obtain details of the extent of the capacity to resume normal work duties & when it
        may occur.

    The return to work plan & workers progress will be reviewed regularly by the employer
    & employee.

Rehabilitation Policy
Villa & Hut employees are expected to assist & co-operate in ensuring this policy is

Villa & Hut recognizes & accepts its obligation to assist workers to stay at or return to work
as soon as possible in a manner consistent with medical advice.

                                          Pg : 52
Return to Work
   Any worker injured or made ill because of their work is returned to work in the shortest
    possible time provided it is safe & practical to do so.

   Return to work will commence as soon as possible after illness or injury & a return to
    work plan will be established for any worker who is able to work for 20 or more days.
    Note. Provided that the employee will be able to perform normal duties at no extra
    cost to the employer & on the assumption that the employee is medically fit or well
    enough to perform such duties.

   That remaining at or returning to work as soon as medically possible to perform normal
    duties after injury is normal workplace practice

   The confidentiality of workers information during return to work & any occupational
    rehabilitation will be maintained.

   Participation in a return to work program will not, of itself, prejudice any worker.

                                           Pg : 53

      Pg : 54
                     OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY
        Accident Prevention
        Emergencies

Safety in the workplace for both customers and staff is a prime concern and subsequent
responsibility of company management at all levels.

Each and every staff member plays an important role in PREVENTING ACCIDENTS

        BEING ALERT



They are “UNPLANNED” and can create substantial costs and inconvenience to the
employer, employee or customer

Many accidents are caused by ‘hazards’ in our stores most often created by poor
housekeeping standards (eg wet floors, obstacles etc) and staff attitude to such vital areas.
Housekeeping standards can be improved when every employee carries out ‘the clean as
you go’ method, thus being proactive rather than reactive.

Majority of accidents in retail stores fall into the following categories:
    SLIPS
    FALLS
    TRIPS
    CUTS
35% of all retail injuries are BACK related due to incorrect LIFTING TECHNIQUES

It is the responsibility of all employees to follow the correct lifting procedures as per the
following ten point plan:

                                           Pg : 55
               OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY cont ….

In the event that an injury occurs (however minor) in the work place by staff or customer,
then an Incident Report must be completed and submitted to head office. These forms are
available either from head office or ask your store manager.


Manager / 2IC / Staff must contact Centre Management/Security immediately if
deemed an emergency eg Fire / Flood / Robbery etc





                                         Pg : 56

Step 1
ASSESS THE LOAD – how heavy is it? Movie it around, or check the box to see if the weight
is written on there e.g. 12kgs

Step 2
GET CLOSE TO THE LOAD - move your body as close as possible

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5
LOWER YOUR BODY AND BEND YOUR KNEES - let your back bend if it wants to

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8
RAISE YOR HEAD - look ahead to where you are going

Step 9

Step 10
LIFT, THEN TURN YOUR FEER BEFORE YOU WALK – don’t twist your body around

                                         Pg : 57
   (In the event of a fire, bomb threat etc. where you have been
             notified / warned by centre management)

Step 1
Ensure that you clearly understand instructions given to you by Centre Management and
that any instructions to evacuate are given by an authorised person

Step 2
Ensure that you immediately inform staff of the threat and to calmly proceed to evacuate all
customers from the store via the nearest exit

Step 3
Ensure that all customers have left the store and that the store manager is the last person

Step 4
If time allows, ensure staff have collected their personal belongings

Step 5
Store Manager to ensure that once the premises have been vacated and both staff and
customers are out of harms way,
 Empty the till of all cash
 If time permits, remove any cash drops made during the day from the safe and lock the
   store and leave

Step 6
Advise head office immediately of the incident and await further instructions regarding
staff returning to store. In the event of an incident occurring on the weekend or out of
office hours, please call Franz or Tracey and await instructions.

                                          Pg : 58
                             POS / COMPUTER SYSTEM
                                  (Terms of use)

Villa & Hut’s POS is monitored from Head Office via remote access. This enables us to monitor
the stores computer movements from Head Office. Additionally each store has an email address
as well as internet access. As such, there are some terms & conditions which you must
familiarise yourself with (which forms part of your employment with Villa & Hut) for the usage
of internet and email.

Firstly, due to Victoria’s privacy laws, we as an employer must inform you when your store is
being monitored. With the remote access, not only do we have the ability to monitor, but do
monitor all computer movements. From time to time you may see the mouse moving across
your computer screen or sales screen. You may even see programs being opened and closed as
well as files being copied or transferred to your computer.

Secondly, the only two websites which you may and are permitted to access are the villa and
hut website and the GE website (when doing online applications).

You are permitted to liaise from store to store via email (please do not abuse the system and
again remember we are monitoring from head office) but under no circumstances is anyone to
send and or receive personal emails. If this occurs, these actions may result in instant dismissal.

                                            Pg : 59
I,                                    declare that I have read, understood and
acknowledged the outlined as per the Villa & Hut policy manual.

Signed:       ___________________________

Dated:        ________________

Witnessed:    ___________________________

Please note that this form will be filed in you personnel records folder at head

                          55 grange road, cheltenham VIC 3192
                           ph: 03 9584 0333 fax: 03 9584 0334

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