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									IT cost survey for Swiss banks
instructions to fill in the questionnaire

This year the IT cost survey for Swiss banks appears in a slightly modified form, but still is free of charge for
all participants.

The most important changes are:
The IT costs are defined in detail: With this definition we hope to clarify some uncertainties of the past and make the
survey more transparent for the participants.
The IT costs can be filled in using one figure, which means as 'total IT costs'. Optionally the IT costs can be
disaggregated and filled in different positions into the excel sheet (be aware that the positions are overlapping to some

  these fields have to be filled in mandatory:

  these fields are optional:

Please note that IT projects (particularly migration projects for core banking systems) must be included in the IT costs
(normally with a depreciation period of 4 years).

Closing date
Friday, May 2 2008.
The questionnaire can be sent to itopia by eMail ( od fax (044 355 56 01)

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us:
    Daniel Hafner, tel. 044 355 56 52     
    Michael Ackermann, tel. 044 355 56 28 
IT cost survey for Swiss banks
                                                                                                                   bank name:
                                                                                                                   parent bank or group/holding

                                                                                                                   filled in by:

Financial ratios
                                                                                                                          2007           Budget 2008
position                        definition                                                                                                             remarks
                                                                                                                         [CHF]             [CHF]
Total assets at end of year     total assets at 31 December 200x (balance sheet)

Assets under management         Assets under management are defined as the total of all securities
at end of year                  portfolios and trust money. Liabilities to clients shown in the balance sheet
                                are not part of assets under management.

Number of bank’s staff          Bank’s entire workforce adjusted for part-time work (full-time equivalents)
                                at end of year. Apprentices are included at a rate of 50%.

thereof: number of IT staff     IT workforce adjusted for part-time work (full-time equivalents) at end of
                                year. Apprentices are included at a rate of 50%. The ‘number of IT staff’ is
                                included within the ‘number of bank’s staff’.

Operating costs                 Total material and staffing costs for 200x according to the annual report
                                (including IT costs). If services are rendered to third parties (e.g. sourcing),
                                then these costs must be deducted from the operating costs or shown
costs for data feed             Data feeds are defined as those sources of information that supply
                                securities, market or economic data (e.g. Reuters, Bloomberg, Telekurs,

IT sourcing policy
                                                                                           core banking system                            electronic
Please mark with "x" where applicable.
                                                                                                                                          workplace    remarks
Multiple choice is possible.                                                                                           inhouse
                                                                                         package                                         environment
IT operations                   inhouse

                                external (outsourcing)

name of the core banking system
IT costs
                                                                                                                2007   Budget 2008
position                        definition                                                                                           remarks
                                                                                                               [CHF]     [CHF]
IT staff                        - salaries, incentives/bonus
                                - employee benefit costs (pension fund, social insurance)
                                - training costs IT staff
                                - travel expenses IT staff

Expenses of end user/           - business technology offices/centres
departments for IT              - user support
                                - IT tasks such as requirements mgmt/specification and user acceptance
                                test (-->focus on life-cycle mgmt)
                                - charging of IT tasks of non-IT departments at calculatory rates

IT projects                     - expenses and depreciation of IT projects
                                - IT project staff costs (if not covered in 'IT staff')
                                - accrual for future IT projects and investitions (according to guiding
                                principles for depreciations)
                                - in case of outsourcing: costs for IT changes ('change-the-bank')

Third party services            - consulting, body leasing/hiring
(outsourcing, managed           - IT development and projects (no activation)
services)                       - IT outsourcing (managed services, operations, training, support)

                                In case of outsourcing the costs must consider the adjusted VAT
                                (pre-tax allowance)

costs for IT department, IT     - rental/calculatory rental, operational leasing
office/facilities, electronic   - maintenance and cleaning
workplace environment for IT    - energy, climatisation, water
                                - furniture, office supplies
                                - costs for disposal of IT equipment
                                - printed matter (i.e. IT brochures)

IT equipment                    costs for depreciation of IT equipment i.e. PC, notebook, server, rack, PDA,
                                blackberries (according to guiding principles for depreciation)

licenses and hardware           Licenses, HW-/SW-maintenance contract
                                excluded from IT costs: recurring 'licenses' for financial information/data
                                feed (Telekurs, Reuters, Bloomberg, PEP, Teledata, ZEK, ...)

IT security/physical access     - Encryption LAN/MAN/WAN
control                         - firewalls, PKI infrastructure, penetration testing, ...
                                - user access mgmt, user administration
                                - PC security (anti-virus, ...)
                                - stand-by data centre, UPS, emergency power
                                - video control, time recording systems, physical access control

                                excluded from IT costs:
                                - alarm systems & vault (e.g. twinsafe)
                                - insurances

telecommunication/              TelCo
telephony                       - communication infrastructure (LAN, MAN, WAN), switches, routers
                                - communication lines (e.g. SIC, Bancomat/teller machines)
                                - access to 3rd party systems (SIC, SWIFT, ...) ...)

                                - operation for PBX and/or VoIP infrastructure

                                Excluded from IT costs: costs for clearing of payment instructions
                                (Clearing, ATM). Costs for telephone calls, costs for bandwith of VoIP

central services charged        - HR
                                - management
                                - purchasing department
                                - internal security
                                - internal transport

printing costs                  - printer, multi function printer, photocopier
                                - consumable supplies
                                - for workplace: ev. cost-per-click
                                - client output (printing, wrapping), no postal charges

                                Excluded from IT costs: 'internal printing shop' for marketing-brochures,
                                annual reports

total IT costs

IT revenues
                                                                                                                2007   Budget 2008
position                        definition                                                                                           remarks
                                                                                                               [CHF]     [CHF]
Disposition of IT equipment     extraordinary operations (desinvetitions)
and infrastructure
IT insourcing and IT services costs for insourcing services
for 3rd parties

total IT revenues

total IT costs - IT revenues
IT cost survey for Swiss banks
                                                                                                 please mark fields where applicable                      x

bank complexity
                                                              A                            B                            C                            D
                        Number of branches        1-4 branches                 5-20 branches                21-100 branches               101 and more branches

Structure of the bank

                        Geographical scope        Predominately local and      Predominately national,      National and international,   International
                        (branches)                regional                     several language areas       few nations

                        Development phase         Stabilised, regular          New markets, market fields Big expansion including pre- Start-up phase of bank
                        reorganisation,           development                  and segments               investments                  build-up or merger/
                        restructuring                                                                                                  acquisition

                        Vertical integration      Selected functions in-       Outsourcing in few cases.    In principle all essential    All functions in-house: front
                                                  house, e.g.: front office,   In-house: front-, middle-    functions in-house: front     office, back office,
                                                  corporate functions          and back office, corporate   office, back office,          corporate functions,
                                                                               functions                    corporate functions,          product development and
                                                                                                            possibly in-house             emission of in-house
Vertical integration

                                                                                                            developments                  developments

                        Insourcing                Not available                IT services                  BPO (including associated     BPO and/or product
                                                                                                            IT services)                  development

                        Clients private banking   Negligible, or mostly „mass Relatively homogeneous,       On- and off-shore;           On- und off-shore, very
                                                  affluent“                   predominantly off-shore,      geographically and lingually heterogeneous,
                                                                              few countries                 distributed                  challenging, needs

                        Clients retail banking    Negligible, very few or no   Predominantly regional       National, multilingual and    International presence in
                                                  desks.                       clients or complementary     heterogeneous clients         retail banking
Clients & Products

                        Corporate clients         Negligible                   Locally active SMEs,         Predominantly Swiss SMEs International companies
                                                                               regional public services;    and pension funds        and institutional clients
                                                                               limited bank services

                        Internal trading (incl.   no internal trading          limited speculations         systematic, complementary essential for financiel result
                        interbank-dealing)                                                                  to client trading; market of the bank
                                                                                                            maker (selective)


                                                            bank complexity: 25 points                                   fields marked: 9 fields

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