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									                                                                                                                         MAY 2009

                                                                                            Volume 8   Issue 10   October 2006

  Volume 11   Issue 5    May 2009

                                                        New Look and Feel for WING,
                                                         of redesigning Glenn's       In April, Glenn staff began seeing the
                                                         internal Web presence,       first of many improvements to WING and
                                                         the expression is aptly      T@G, as well as a new Center Director's
                                                         fitting as well.             Corner with agency information and
                                                                                      center goals and objectives, Key Events
                                                        It has been 10 years since    and archives of the DLT Notes and 90-
                                                        the Web Intranet at Glenn     Day Reports.
                                                        (WING) and Today@Glenn
                 Graphic by Laurie Yost
                                           (T@G) Web sites debuted at NASA            "Given the fact that WING and T@G are
                                           Glenn. While minimal enhancements          over 10 years old, it is definitely time
"Consider it a work in progress." It is    and improvements have been made to         for a face-lift," notes Dr. Sasi Pillay, Chief
a familiar expression we all use from      both sites on an ongoing basis, rapid      Information Officer at Glenn. "Our goal
time to time to describe a task we are     advances in Web technology have made       is to make Glenn's Intranet more user
involved with on the job or at home.       the Web pages obsolete. Changes are on     friendly and provide employees with a
When it comes to the challenging task      the way, however.                          valuable Web resource that allows them
                                                                                      to do their jobs easier and faster."
                                                                                                        Continued on page 3
Wings of Excellence

FEB Honors Their Peers in Public Service
The Cleveland Federal Executive Board (FEB) honored nine Glenn employees for          CENTER DIRECTOR SERIES .......... 3
their outstanding service in the workplace and as goodwill ambassadors in their       Dr. Abe Silverstein's contributions
communities during the 2008 FEB Wings of Excellence Award luncheon on May 8.          were abundant

Senator George Voinovich acknowledged the contributions of the following award        ROBOTIC RESPONDERS ................ 4
recipients in his keynote address:                                                    Glenn's robotics and sensor technolo-
                                                                                      gies could aid law enforcement
Rhonda Arterberrie, Enterprise Applications Office, for demonstrating passion
and ability to quickly translate customer needs to viable solutions as a Knowledge    FIRST MENTORS ........................... 5
Management and Collaboration consultant; and for volunteering for the local Boys      Employees channel student energy
Town Group to develop and implement several life-skills workshops, in addition to     for exciting learning
fundraising for a variety of charitable organizations throughout the Greater Cleve-
land area.                                                                            Slider
                                                                                      visits the
Nola Bland, Human Capital Development Branch, for exceptional support of              10-by 10
Glenn's goal—to be an integral part of the community—in aiding the development        to promote
of future leaders as director of the Cleveland Federal Community Leadership Insti-    NASA
tute; and for devoting significant effort in guiding children and young adults as a
board member for the Oberlin Early Childhood Center and as a mentor for Glenn's       See page 6
Summer Intern Program.                                      Continued on page 2
Wings of Excellence
Continued from page 1
                                              Mentor of the Year" award,
Lindsey Flash, Flight Software Engineer-      promoting volunteer com-
ing Branch, for exceptional customer          munity service at a national
service and dedication to developing          forum and performing inter-
quality agency and center Web-based           national mission work.            Arterberrie             Bland                Flash
applications such as NASA's Speakers
Bureau Database; and for effective lead-      Gloria Richards, Power
ership as co-chair of Glenn's Culture         and In-Space Propulsion
Survey Employee Feedback Committee            Division, for sustained
that made recommendations to Glenn            outstanding achievement
senior management for improving the           and excellence in leading
center's organizational culture. Flash also   high-performance teams
volunteers for numerous center outreach       and major efforts, such as
activities.                                   chair of Glenn's Women's            Graham               Holland             Richards
                                              Advisory Group support-
Scott Graham, chief of Glenn's Launch         ing Cleveland's "Dress for
Systems Project Office, for model leader-     Success" charity, and more
ship managing all of the $60 million Ares     recently, chairwoman for
launch vehicle projects at the center and     Glenn's 2008 Combined
the more than 150 full-time employees         Federal Campaign, which
(including Cleveland-based trade work-        far exceeded the center's
ers) devoted primarily to developing the      monetary and employee
Upper Stage Simulator, a critical piece       participation goals.                 Veris              Woodling              Zerick
of flight hardware for the initial Ares I
test flight.                                  Dr. Kim Veris, Technology Transfer and          President of the Ohio Senate and NASA
                                              Partnership Office, for outstanding leader-     staff, as part of a NASA Future Forum that
Frederic Holland, Mechanics and Life          ship as a critical member of a statewide        highlighted NASA and its contributions
Prediction Branch, for his exemplary          steering committee for the inaugural Ohio       to Ohio and the Nation.
public service balancing technical work       Aerospace Day involving Ohio's Gover-
at NASA with community outreach to            nor and General Assembly in an effort to        Mark Woodling, Program Management
Greater Cleveland and the world at large,     increase the public and state government        Office,Facilities Division,for consistently
including volunteering as a Loaned Execu-     awareness of Ohio's aerospace capabili-         demonstrating leadership, technical ex-
tive to the Combined Federal Campaign,        ties; and for conceiving and organizing         cellence, exceptional customer service
earning Glenn's 2008 "High School             a highly successful meeting with the            and dedication to quality in center and
                                                                                              agency Construction of Facilities program
                                                                                              management,Real Property management
Exploration Showcased                                                                         and space management functions;and for
                                                                                              co-chairing the Center Culture Survey
Through the Arts                                                                              Employee Feedback Committee, which
                                                                                              made recommendations to center senior
G  lenn reached out to the public through                                                     management for improving Glenn’s or-
                                                                                              ganizational culture.
the arts during concerts at two sites
in Ohio over two weekends. Speakers
Bureau presentations at Delaware local                                                        Ralph Zerick, Program and Project As-
schools helped create awe in advance of                                                       surance Division, for outstanding and
the Central Ohio Symphony's two sold-                                                         enthusiastic leadership as data manager
out performances of Gustav Holt's "The                                                        for Glenn's Lessons Learned Program, an
Planets" and a "Star Wars" suite during the                                                   important agency program addressing
weekend of Feb. 28 to March 1. Then, on The Rocket Scientist' Apollo tribute.                 Columbia Accident Investigation Board
March 28, Glenn joined the progressive                                                        findings. Zerick established Glenn's Les-
rock band, Rocket Scientists, at a special                                                    sons Learned Committee, trained Glenn
                                            the song "Sky Full of Stars," with a video
performance in Lakewood, celebrating                                                          personnel and brought the center into
                                            tribute to theApollo 11 mission projected
the 40th anniversary of the Apollo lunar                                                      compliance with NASA Policy earning
                                            on a screen in the background. After each
landing. Prior to the concert, the band                                                       Glenn's program recognition as one of
                                            of these concerts, fans eagerly posed for
toured several of Glenn's research                                                            the best in the agency.
                                            pictures with a space suit replica and
facilities. At the concert,they performed   browsed a NASA display.                                  —EDITED BY S. JENISE VERIS
                                                                                                                           MAY 2009
Propelling Glenn Forward: Our Center Directors

Dr. Abe Silverstein's Contributions Abundant
This is the second in a series of articles spotlighting NASA Glenn's center directors.

A   rose by any other name may smell as       contributed to the development of the         In 1961,
sweet. But would a mission to the moon        supersonic aircraft.                          Silver stein
named "Pegasus" have the same appeal                                                        returned to
as Apollo? Thanks to Dr. Abe Silverstein,     Silverstein was named Director of             Cleveland
                                                                                                                Dr. Abe Silverstein
former director of NASA Glenn, we'll          Research in 1949 and Associate Director       and took the
never know. Silverstein named Mercury         in 1953. In these roles he championed         helm of Lewis as its director. He was
and Apollo after mythical Greek gods          alternative propulsion methods such           a driving force behind Centaur, the
while he was serving as NASA's Director       as nuclear propulsion, the ion engine         country's first high-energy upper-stage
of Space Flight Programs in the late          and high-energy liquid propellants, like      rocket. Centaur launched the Surveyor
1950s.                                        liquid-hydrogen.                              robotic spacecraft to the moon and
                                                                                            launched Mariner, Pioneer, Viking and
He left his mark on the agency—not only       In 1958, Silverstein was called to serve at   Voyager as well as numerous satellites.
by naming its first human space flight        NACA headquarters in Washington, D.C.         He retired eight years later.
missions, but also by demonstrating           He and his colleagues transformed NACA
legendary leadership, innovation and          into NASA, and he became Director of          In 1997 Silverstein received the
enthusiasm throughout his career.             Space Flight Programs. In this position,      prestigious Guggenheim Medal for his
                                              he planned and directed the nation's first    "technical contributions in advancing
Silverstein began his career in 1929          space flight missions, which he named         technology of aircraft." He died four
with the National Advisory Committee          Mercury and Apollo, after ancient Greek       years later at the age of 92.
for Aeronautics (NACA) at Langley Field,      gods.
where he helped design the Full Scale                                                       "Silverstein influenced the development
Wind Tunnel. That tunnel increased            According to Glenn archivist BobArrighi,      of the first American jet engines and
performance of World War II aircraft.         WYLE/History Office, Silverstein's            ramjets, the use of liquid-hydrogen as a
                                              role in advancing Lewis and the early         propellant, the Centaur rocket and many
He transferred to Cleveland's Aircraft        space program in general can hardly           of the early space missions," Arrighi
Engine Research Laboratory, now Glenn,        be overstated. Silverstein combined his       said. "He contributed to the creation
in 1943 to oversee the new Altitude Wind      technical acumen with a broad vision of       of Glenn's supersonic tunnels and
Tunnel. As Chief of the Wind Tunnel and       the future of aeronautics and space.          to the foundation of NASA itself. Any
Flight Division, he directed propulsion                                                     one of these items would have been
research that led to improvements in          "Silverstein was a genius at instantly        an important accomplishment on its
turbojet aircraft engines. He also designed   grasping the essence of a problem,            own."
and constructed the laboratory's first        proposing a solution and delegating the                      —BY EMILY KENNARD
supersonic propulsion wind tunnels.           task to the experts at the lab to resolve,"                       LERCIP INTERN
The 8-by-6 and 10-by-10 foot tunnels          Arrighi said.

New WING, Today@Glenn Phases In
Continued from page 1                         Phase 2 involves reviewing and updating       This phase will include features such
                                              existing links on WING, as well as making     as enabling an Outlook calendar sync,
A Three-Phased Approach                       substantial changes to T@G. Current           integrating the various center and agency
TheWING/T@G redesign team is tackling         phase 2 plans call for fully integrating      calendars and developing a version of the
its to-do list in three phases. The first     the news bulletin into the WING               site suitable for viewing on PDAs.
phase,which gives users a taste of what is    home page, as well as calling out new
coming down the road,primarily involves       messages and changing the posting             When will each phase be implemented?
visual changes.The appearance of WING         rules to reduce repetitive messages.          The redesign team's production schedule
will change to the NASA Portal "look          Other planned enhancements include            is as follows:phase 1 release inApril 2009;
and feel." Phase 1 also merges the T@G        highlighting special events and offering      phase 2 in summer 2009;and some phase
(headlines only) within the WING home         an unsubscribe option for the T@G daily       3 features in late fall 2009. Completion
page. Until phase 2 is released, however,     e-mail message.                               of phases 2 and 3 will depend on staff
users will need to click the "More News"                                                    availability and workloads. Stay tuned
button located in the "Today@Glenn            The third and final phase will focus on       to T@G for information on the redesign
Headlines" box to read the daily news         allowing employees to tailor their WING       project.
bulletin.                                     home page to their individual needs.                 —BY KELLY R. DIFRANCESCO
Robotics Systems Demonstrated for
Homeland Security Applications
Glenn's Optical Instrumentation and Transit Authority (RTA) police
NDE Branch’s Mobile and Remote Sensing          to discuss the need for robotics
(MARS) laboratory team is working with          systems capable of boarding and
the Department of Homeland Security             inspecting an interior of a bus,
to transfer Glenn robotics and sensor           according to George Baaklini,
technologies to local law enforcement.          Glenn's Optical Instrumentation
The MARS team has conducted several             and NDE Branch chief. As a result
demonstrations to prove that robotics           of that meeting, the MARS team
systems are capable of responding to            developed a technique to address    C-2009-982                        Photo by Bridget Caswell
weapons of mass destruction/chemical,           this need.
                                                                                    Mike Krasowski, MARS team lead, explains how
biological, radiological or nuclear and                                             robots can save lives. The mother robot sends her
HAZMAT threats.                                 The MARS team, along with           child, the smaller robot, as the first responder to
                                                Glenn's Business Development &      inspect the bus.
In February, MARS personnel met                 Partnership Office and the Ohio
with representatives from the local             Aerospace Institute (OAI), is also         Research demonstrated a unique, easily
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)           working with local law enforcement         customized family of robotics and
and the Greater Cleveland Regional              to identify opportunities where            robotic capabilities. Requirements and
                                                Glenn's cutting-edge robotics and          applications were discussed as well as
                                                sensor technologies might benefit          future demonstrations. More detailed
                                                                                           information and a video from the
Marking a Decade                                the first responder community.
                                                During a recent workshop at OAI            workshop is available by logging onto
of Center History                               on March 27, MARS and the Case
                                                Western Reserve University Center
                                                for Biologically Inspired Robotics

                                                 Tower Celebrates 65 Years of Contributions
                                                 For Len Tower, 85, research is his fountain of youth. On
                                                 March 27, he celebrated a 65-year association with NASA
                                                 that began in 1944 as a co-op student with the Aircraft
Photo by Hugh Aylward             C-1999-1155
                                                 Engine Research Laboratory.
May 7, 2009,     marked the 10th anniver-
sary of the center's renaming ceremony           The Thermal Energy Conversion Branch celebrated
that honored Glenn Research Center's             Tower's contributions during a luncheon on March 26.
namesake John H. Glenn, an American              Much of Tower's work through the years has focused on
hero, space pioneer and retired Ohio             power systems for aeronautics and space applications.                Tower
Senator. One of the original Mercury as-         He is currently modifying computer codes he wrote in
tronauts,Glenn became the firstAmerican          the 1990s to assist in verifying the viability of fission surface power systems
and Ohio native to orbit the Earth when          on lunar bases.
he piloted the Mercury Friendship 7 in
1962. Thirty-six years later, at age 77, he      When Tower retired in 1979 with 35 years of service, he attended engineering
returned to space on shuttle Discovery's         classes at Cleveland State University to further hone his skills. He also taught
STS–95 mission. The public can view              Physics at Cuyahoga Community College. He worked for 8 years as a support
a tribute to our namesake in the John            service contractor for Glenn, and now contributes a few hours a week as a
Glenn gallery created at the onsite Visitor      Distinguished Research Associate. Tower has published numerous technical
Center (VC). The gallery includes photo          reports along the way. He also finds time to exercise, garden and travel with
exhibits, spacecraft models and his two          his wife, Janice, of 43 years.
spacesuits—the silver Mercury and the
orange STS–95 launch and entry suit. A           While some seniors work crossword puzzles, Tower says the constant challenge
multimedia kiosk was recently added to           of research keeps him mentally alert. "Continually educating and challenging
the gallery, and offers detailed biographi-      yourself mentally and physically with the things you love is the best prevention
cal information. The VC is open Monday           of Alzheimer's disease I can think of."
                                                                                                      —BY DOREEN B. ZUDELL
through Sunday, free of charge.
                                                                                                                                         MAY 2009
First Robotics

Mentors Channel Student Energy
for Positive Relationships
N  ASA Glenn engineers are helping
channel a long-standing rivalry between
two schools in the Berea City School
                                                Right: Wolters (in hat
District—Midpark High and Berea High—
                                                behind robot) with Berea
in a creative and productive way.               High team. Below: Tacina
                                                (standing, far right) with
Over the past 6 years, these two teams          Midpark team.
have competed in the FIRST (For Inspi-                                                                                          Photo by S. Jenise Veris
ration and Recognition of Science and
Technology) Robotics Competition.                                                                                     Berea finished 47th at the
The mentor-based program builds skills,                                                                               end of the seeding rounds
inspires innovation and encourages                                                                                    compared to Midpark's 51st
"gracious professionalism" among all                                                                                  ranking, so Berea earned
participants.                                                                                                         the Robotics Grindstone
"The FIRST Robotics Competition is a
battle of creative minds with all the excite-                                                                         Guided by the example
ment of varsity sports," said John Wolter,                                                                            of Wolter, Tacina and other
Aeropropulsion Division, who mentors                                                                                  team mentors, these stu-
the Berea High team. "Students team                                                                                   dents not only expand
with parents, faculty and professionals                                                                               their technical horizons
to design, build and program a robot—                                                                                 but also learn the value of
under real-world constraints—capable            Courtesy of Midpark High School                                       friendly competition.
of performing a game strategy."
                                                                                                                        —BY S. JENISE VERIS

Wolter helps students design and con-
struct Berea's robots from concept to                                                          '
competition. Kathleen Tacina, also in the
Aeropropulsion Division, is a Midpark
                                                        Intergalactic Discovery Day at Glenn
High mentor. She focuses on helping
students program their robot.

"This year's student programmers already
had 3 years of FIRST experience, so they                                                                              Lindsey Flash,
worked more independently than last                                                                                   foreground, and Joan
year," Tacina said.                                                                                                   Emmett standing, left,
                                                                                                                      were among 11 Glenn
                                                                                                                      volunteers at the event.
Win or lose, the teams hold a joint ban-
quet to celebrate the close of another
FIRST season, honor individual awards
and present the Robotics Grindstone
                                                                                            Photo by Dennis Stocker
Trophy to the team that is ranked high-
est at the end of the seeding rounds. The           On March 21, NASA Glenn partnered with the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio
Grindstone Trophy holds relevance for               (GSNEO) to present Intergalactic Discovery Day, a fun-filled astronomy and space
both schools since Berea is known nation-           exploration fair for Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts, ages 6–11. A centerwide team
ally as Grindstone Capital of the World.            of 11 Glenn employees and 40 Girl Scout volunteers hosted over 200 girls and 100
                                                    adults who explored activities at nearly 20 stations that filled the Main Cafeteria—all
Both teams competed in FIRST's Buck-                designed to inspire interest in Science,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
eye Regional in February. Midpark’s                 (STEM). The event was enhanced by displays such as a solar system walk, spacesuit,
team earned two significant victories:              Space Shuttle tire, Ares and Orion models and more assembled by Glenn's Exhibits
the Autodesk Visualization Award for                Office. Some groups also toured the Visitor Center. Anyone interested in helping
excellence in student animation, and an             with future Girl Scout events should contact Dennis Stocker, 216–433–2166,
invitation to the quarterfinals. However,           Glenn's liaison to the GSNEO or Nancy R. Hall, 216–433–5643.
                                                                                              Attention Indians Fans !
                                                                                              Slider visited NASA Glenn in April
Br uce Banks (ALPH),
                                                                                              to view our facilities and now he
Sharon Miller and Debo-
                                                                                                       invites employees to
rah Waters (ASRC) in
                                                                                                NASA Night at Progressive Field
the Space Environment &
                                                                                                      Cleveland Indians vs.
Experiments Branch are the
                                                                                                         Cincinnati Reds
recipients of the 2009 Fed-
                                                                                                          June 27, 7:05 pm
eral Laboratory Consortium
                                                                                                   Upper Box Tickets: $22.00
(FLC)Award of Excellence in        Banks              Miller           Waters                     Upper Reserve Tickets: $14.00
Technology Transfer, which
                                                                                                 Order via a form at the
was presented at the FLC National Meeting, May 7. The award honors laboratory
                                                                                                NASA Exchange Store or
employees (and their commercial partners) for outstanding achievement in advanc-
ing the mission of transferring federally developed technology to the marketplace.
                                                                                                Order deadline is May 27
The Glenn team is honored for their work in Atomic Oxygen-Textured Surfaces for
                                                                                              POC: David DeFelice at
Blood Glucose Monitoring. For nominations to the FLC and other NASA technology
                                                                                                216–433–6186 or defelice@nasa.gov
awards and incentives, contact Laurie Stauber, Technology Transfer & Partnership
                  Michael Patterson, Power and In-Space Propulsion Division,                 LLF BENEFIT GOLF OUTING: Lewis
                  and Dr. John Foster, former Glenn engineer and current associate           Little Folks (LLF), Glenn's child develop-
                  professor in the University of Michigan's Nuclear Engineering and          ment center, will host its annual benefit
                  Radiological Sciences Department, have been awarded U.S. Patent            golf outing on Friday, June 19, at Spring-
                  7,493,869 entitled "Very Large Area/Volume Microwave Electron              vale Golf Course,North Olmsted. Shotgun
                  Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) Plasma and Ion Source." Their inven-             tee-off begins at 9 a.m.The cost is $65 per
                  tion is a combination of a device and methodology for producing            golfer ($20 tax deductible) and includes
                  very large area and large volume plasmas. It involves using electron       cart, 18-hole golf game, greens fee, break-
    Patterson     cyclotron resonances with permanent magnets to produce dense,              fast,dinner,golf kit and prizes—including
uniform plasmas for long-life ion thruster applications or for plasma                        cash prizes! Entry deadline is May 22.
processing applications such as etching, deposition and ion milling                          POC: Kristin Ratino, 216–433–2048.
and ion implantation.
                                                                                              New Faces Join Diversity
Michael Quintin, an SAIC employee in the Safety, Health and
Environmental Division, received the Silver Beaver Award from
                                                                                               Management Committee
the Greater Cleveland Council of Boy Scouts of America on March                              Whether      they are reviewing topics
8. This is the highest award a council can present to a volunteer.                           for future Diversity Leadership
Quintin has been an active Scout leader since 1986.                          Quintin         Guides, planning centerwide diversity
                                                                                             events or identifying potential guest
                                                                                             speakers,members of Glenn's Diversity
                                                                                             Management Committee are working
                                                                                             hard to reinforce the business case for
                                                                                             diversity in the workplace. Earlier this
1.4 mile walk and health and safety fair        OBSERVANCE: The month of May is
                                                                                             year, five new members were added
is scheduled for Wednesday, May 20              NationalAsian PacificAmericans Heritage
                                                                                             to the committee: Dr. Kul Bhasin,
from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sign up outside          Month.The national theme is "Leadership
                                                                                             Sandra Buettner, Peter Klein, Paul
the Employee Center to begin the walk.          to Meet the Challenge of a Changing
                                                                                             Raitano and Linda Yavoich. For
Contact your Directorate or Office to           World. " Glenn will hold an observance
                                                                                             more information about the Diversity
compete for the Golden Shoe Award for           on Thursday, May 23, from 10 a.m. to Noon
                                                                                             Management Committee, visit http://
the highest percentage of participation.        in the Administration Building Auditorium.
Door prize chances are available for all        Dr. Norman Tien, dean of Case Western
the walkers. The health and safety fair         Reserve University's School of Engineer-
will take place in the upper level cafeteria.   ing, is the keynote speaker. A cultural
                                                performance and cuisine sampling will
WOMEN’SRETIREELUNCHEON:The                      follow. POC: May-Fun Liou, 216–433–3600.
next Retired NASA Women’s Luncheon
will be held on May 21 at the 100th Bomb        AFGE/IFPTE MEETING: Local 28
Group on Brookpark Road at noon.                will hold its next monthly member-
For reservations, call Gerry Ziemba at          ship meeting on Wednesday, June
330–273–4850. The August luncheon               10 at noon in the Employee Center.
is planned for Don’s Pomeroy House.
                                                                                                                                            MAY 2009
                                                                                                             career to perfecting aircraft engines for
                                                                                                             the nation. Mehalic was a member of the
                                                                                                             Engine Systems Branch and the Propul-
                   D o n a l d G.                            translating the details of the design for       sion Systems Integration Group, as well
                   Beremand, 83, who                         David Gabriel's concept of the Multiple         as the Advanced Turboprop Project. He
                   retired in 1988 with                      Axis Space Test Inertia Facility (MASTIF)       earned more than a dozen NASA awards,
                   27 years of NASA ser-                     into working hardware placed inside a           including a 1980 NASA Group Achieve-
                   vice, died March 28.                      vacuum chamber, converted from the              ment award for the Engine Component
                   Beremand began his                        old Altitude Wind Tunnel, to simulate           Improvement Project and later a 1989
                   career working in the                     the atmospheric conditions of space.            NASA Distinguished Paper Award.
                   8-by 6-Foot Supersonic                    The MASTIF, better known as the gimbal
                   Wind Tunnel followed                      rig, was used to teach the seven Mer-           Richard W. Niedzwiecki, 70, who
by assignments on a variety of dynamic                       cury astronauts how to bring a capsule          retired in 1999 with 33 years of NASA
power system technologies in the Power                       tumbling in space under control.Corpas          service, died April 1. Niedzwiecki served
Technology Division. He was a member                         was an active member and officer of the         as chief of the Combustion Technology
of the Stirling Engine Project Office and                    Lewis Sportsman Club and Lewis Social                              Branch,where he over-
later became chief of the StirlingTechnol-                   Activities Committee.                                              saw efforts to improve
ogy Branch, the position he held prior to                                                                                       the perfor mance/
retirement. Beremand was an advocate                         Angela M. Haferd, 89, who retired                                  combustion of aircraft
of free-piston Stirling engines and had a                    in 2002 with 59 years of NASA service,                             engines. His work
number of patents on free-piston Stirling                    died Nov. 8, 2008. Haferd was hired as                             focused largely on
machines.The free-piston Stirling engine                     a mathematics technician the same year                             reducing engine emis-
is currently under development as an                         the National Advisory Committee for                                sions and developing
advanced space power system for future                       Aeronautics (NACA) opened its Cleve-                Niedzwiecki scientific bases for as-
NASA missions to deep space.                                 land laboratory. Haferd and colleague S.S.                         sessing its atmospheric
                                                             Manson published a parameter formula            impacts through NASA's Atmospheric
Louis L. Corpas, 81, who retired in                          in 1953 (aka "stress rupture" formula)          Effects ofAviation Project and High Speed
1990 with 39 years of federal service,                       that is still used in predicting the behavior   Research Project Office. Niedzwiecki
died April 14. During his NASA career,                       of materials subjected to the extremes of       earned two patents and over a dozen
Corpas served as Facilities Operations                       heat and pressure when a space vehicle          NASA awards, including the prestigious
section head and worked in the Zero                          is passing through a planet's atmosphere.       NASA Exceptional Service Medal in
Gravity Facility. Corpas gained notoriety                    The formula was critical to developing          1980. He also published extensively at
                                                             the heat shield for Apollo astronauts           NASA and as a member of the Intergov-
 AeroSpace Frontiers is an official publication
                                                             and later in the Shuttle. It is internation-    ernmental Panel on Climate Change, a
 of Glenn Research Center, National Aeronautics              ally recognized as the best method for          Nobel-winning collaboration between
 and Space Administration. It is published the               calculating "creep" in materials at high        the United Nations Environment Pro-
 second Friday of each month by the Community                temperatures.                                   gramme and the World Meteorological
 and Media Relations Office in the interest of
                                                                                                             Organization, which plays a key role in
 the Glenn workforce, retirees, government
 officials, business leaders and the general public.
                                                             Robert J. Horansky, 73, who retired             defining and remediating threats due to
 Circulation: 6,000.                                         in 1997 with 39 years                           global warming.
                                                             of NASA service, died
 Editor..................................Doreen B. Zudell    March 26. Prior to
                                                 SGT, Inc.   retirement, Horansky
 Assistant Editor.......................S. Jenise Veris
                                                 SGT, Inc.
                                                             worked in the Facili-
 Managing Editor.................Kelly R. DiFrancesco        ties &Test Engineering
                                                             Division where he
 DEADLINES: News items and brief announce-                   had served as chief of                          I want to thank everyone for all the
 ments for publication in the June issue is noon,            the Research Systems     Horansky               wonderful cards, gifts and good wishes
 May 15. Larger articles require at least 1 month
                                                             Engineering Branch. Horansky earned             as well as the party for my retirement. I
 notice. Submit contributions to the editor via                                                              have many wonderful memories of the
 e-mail, doreen.b.zudell@nasa.gov, fax 216–433–              numerous Special Act/Performance
 8143, phone 216–433–5317 or 216–433–2888,or                 Awards over his career. He is survived          past 29 years at Lewis-Glenn and I will
 MS 3–11. Ideas for news stories are welcome but             by NASA retiree Nancy Horansky, for-            cherish all of them. Thanks again!
 will be published as space allows. View us online           mer secretary to Glenn (Lewis) Center           —Blanche Preusser
 at http://aerospacefrontiers.grc.nasa.gov.
                                                             Director Larry Ross.
                                                                                                             Thank you for kindness and prayers
                                                             Charles M. "Chuck" Mehalic, 65, who             after the passing of my father. Your
                                                             retired in 2000 with 34 years of NASA ser-      support is a refuge for me during this
                                                             vice, died in March. Despite his personal       difficult time.
                                                             dislike of flying, Mehalic devoted his          —Doreen Zudell

                                                                                                                           MAY 2009
Lean Six Sigma
Workshops Focus on Eliminating
Waste in Processes
Is paperwork getting in the way of your difference in the way we do business.
productivity? Employees in a workshop       They identified 23 initial areas within
last month discovered that they could       the center where
shave 5 hours off time they spent           this method could
processing a manufacturing workorder        b e s u c c e s s f u l ly
by using the Lean Six Sigma business        applied. Last month's
management strategy.                        workshop, compris-
                                            ing a cross section                                     C-2009-1062   Photo by Bridget Caswell

The 2-1/2-day workshop centered on the      of civil servant and                                     Above: In the recent
Lean Six Sigma methodology: a structured    support service contract                                 workshop, Peter Tschen,
                                                                                                     chief of the Manufacturing
approach to identifying and eliminating     employees,tackled a few                                  Engineering and Process
waste while pursuing perfection in a        of those areas.                                          Branch, and his team
process. Lean Six Sigma uses a five-step                                                             identified waste and
method to increase process speed,           Kurt Brocone, Pro-                                       redundancies. Left: In
eliminate waste, reduce variation and       curement Division,                                       January, teams practiced
                                                                                                     Lean Six Sigma principals
improve customer satisfaction. Glenn        was part of a team                                       by competing against one
and other NASA centers are embracing        that examined the                                        another to launch balls into
this method, which has been used            distribution process Photo by Mark Adrian                a target area.
successfully by many corporations.          of contract orders.
                                            The team discovered by dedicating just       According to Lean Six Sigma Lead Tom
Deputy Director of Center Operations        a short timeframe to a specific issue,       Spicer, chief of the Human Capital
Robyn Gordon championed bringing            and having an opportunity to present         Development Branch, several work-
Lean Six Sigma training to Glenn in         their findings to senior staff, they could   shops will be offered this summer. If you
January. Center Director Dr. Woodrow        greatly reduce the process in terms          have a process that could benefit from
Whitlow Jr. and 30 Glenn senior managers    of labor and paper. "We accomplished         using the Lean Six Sigma methodology,
participated in the training to learn how   something quite significant in a short       contact Kim Mordaunt at 3–8521.
this management strategy could make a       period of time," he said.
                                                                                                    —BY DOREEN B. ZUDELL

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
John H. Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field
21000 Brookpark Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44135



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