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									November 15, 2009

Dear YMCA Member,

Our YMCA is very grateful for the tremendous community support we have received for more than 15 years,
and we look forward to continuing to serve the children, families, and individuals in the Alleghany Highlands
for many, many years to come. We hope that you view your YMCA membership as an investment in our
community. Your membership fees not only allow us to operate our YMCA fitness facilities, but also help us
continue to support the needs of the entire community. Many of you have asked how you can support the
YMCA and ensure that it continues to have a strong presence in the community. You can help in the following
   1. You can help us keep costs down by moving to the monthly bank draft payment option. This will help the YMCA
      become more effective in its operations and decrease the resources needed to collect manual payments throughout
      the year.
   2. Encourage others to become members. Our goal is to have 160 new member units by September 2010. The more
      people involved in the YMCA, the greater the impact we can have in the community towards healthy lifestyles,
      strengthening families and promoting positive values.
   3. Contribute to the Annual Campaign and support children and families who need the YMCA but cannot afford to
      pay the full fee. If every member contributed $5 to the annual campaign each month, we would raise over
      $60,000. The YMCA can easily include your contribution to your monthly draft. Please contact the YMCA to set
      up your contribution. Contributions are tax deductable.

Our goal is to continue to offer our valued members the absolute best facility, programs and services. It is also
to maintain innovative and diverse programming, highly trained and qualified staff, and to be the one place in
our community where all people belong, regardless of their income or socio-economic status. The YMCA will
continue to offer financial assistance to anyone who is in need. So far this year, we have subsidized program
and membership fees to the amount of $406,000 which includes funds from our Virginia Preschool Initiative
grant and a grant from the Alleghany Foundation. Individuals receiving financial aid totals 380 individuals,
10% of our membership base and we expect it to grow over the next year.

Like every nonprofit organization and area business, our YMCA is facing unprecedented economic challenges.
We incurred personnel expenses when the new federal minimum wage took effect for the second year and, as
you are aware, the cost of supplies continues to rise. We have taken numerous and significant cost saving
measures to reduce our operational expenses, while striving to maintain the quality programming, superior
facilities, and personal service that you deserve and have come to expect from the Alleghany Highlands

Unfortunately, even with the steps we have taken to save on operational expenses we will need to adjust our
membership fees as of January 1, 2010. Our membership rates will nominally increase by $2 for youth, and
senior adult, $3 for adult, single parent family and senior adult couple, and $4 for couple and family per month
for memberships. Please refer to the Membership fee sheet attached for a breakdown of the rates. We will also
continue to provide financial assistance to anyone in need.

Again, we want to express our sincere thanks to you for being a member of the Alleghany Highlands YMCA,
where we build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities. If you have any questions, comments, or
concerns regarding our pending rate increase, please feel free to contact me directly.

Gwen Bagley
Chief Executive Officer
                                               2010 YMCA Membership Fees
                                                      Effective January 1, 2010
    Membership Category                         Joiner Fee                       Annual Rate                Monthly Bank Draft
  (Membership is continual and                                            (You may select a payment
       does not expire.)                                                    plan to split up either 2
                                                                             months or 4 months)
Student/Youth                                       $0                               $288                            $24
12-18 years old OR full time
student with at least 12 credits.
Adult Individual                                   $40                               $492                            $41
Age 19-59
Couple                                             $50                               $564                            $47
Ages 19-59
Single Parent Family                               $50                               $552                            $46

Family                                             $60                               $696                            $58

Young at Heart Individual                          $30                               $420                            $35
Age 60 and older
Young at Heart Couple                              $40                               $552                            $46
At least one is 60 years or older
                                                         Membership Categories
Family: 2 adults living in the same household with dependent children. Children must be 18 years or younger. 22 and younger if the
dependent is a full time student as verified through class schedule.
Single Parent Family: Single parent with dependent children. Children must be 18 years or younger. 22 and younger if the dependent
is a full time student as verified through class schedule.
Couple: Two adult individuals living at the same address as verified by photo ID showing same street address.
Adult: Individual adult ages 19-59
Youth: Individual 12-18 years or full time student at least 12 credits
Senior Adult: Individual adult age 60 and older
Senior Couple: Two individuals living at the same address (as verified by photo ID) where at least one individual is age 60 and older.

The following payment options are available to you:
Bank draft: With your authorization, funds are automatically transferred from your bank or bankcard to the YMCA’s
bank on the 1st or the 15th of the month in payment for the next month. As long as funds are available your membership
remains active. Bank draft is an efficient means of payment and significantly reduces the cost of billing and collecting
fees. At no time does the YMCA have access to your personal bank account or other information. An entry on your
monthly bank statement serves as your record of payment. We ask that you check your bank statement regularly. In the
event that an error has been made, please notify us within 90 days and we will happily refund any discrepancies. After 90
days, we will only be able to correct errors, but will not offer the refund.

Annual Payment: For those who prefer to pay manually, the YMCA allows you to pay for your membership for the entire
year (12 months based on date of joining). You can also break your payment down into 2 (every 6 months) or 4 (every 3
months) payments spread throughout the year. The payment dates are set up based on your date of joining. If you select
this option, payment must be made in full prior to the due date listed on your invoice. There will be a $10 late fee
incurred for payments received after the due date. Your membership will be suspended until all fees are paid in full. The
YMCA will send you an invoice 30 days prior to the due date. PAY BEFORE DECEMBER 31, 2009 and you will pay
using the 2009 fee scale for your selected membership category.

                                    Everyone Deserves a YMCA! – YMCA Scholarships Available
The YMCA is a charity that is committed to helping people achieve their fullest potential in spirit, mind and body. The funds available
for the scholarship program is made possible by the generosity of our volunteers, members, and donors through our Annual Sustaining
Campaign. It is our desire and commitment to help those in need in our community regardless if the situation requires short-term or
long-term assistance. Our “Everyone Deserves a YMCA” program is based on a sliding scale of income versus expenses and is
designed to fit each individual’s financial situation.

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