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									Paul Tibbles                                                                                               (602) 614-0681

  Senior level position utilizing strengths in management, strategic planning, organizational development, project
  leadership, and training.

  Twenty years of leadership experience in management, project management, consulting, and training; in
  positions crossing corporate, non-profit, and academic sectors. Includes creating/establishing program and
  business solutions for new operations, and improving performance and results in existing organizations. Have
  completed extensive Masters and Ph.D. level work in Organizational Behavior and Communication.

  Systems Manager, Providian Financial Corporate Systems
     --Created and managed department (previously non-existent) covering change processes, problem
     management, and system availability.
     --Created and implemented formal crisis management processes for responding to critical system problems.

  Project Manager, Providian Financial Corporate Systems
      --Managed the merger of three independent corporate IT systems operations units into one entity.
      Negotiated politically charged agendas over managerial control and organizational structure in addition to
      implementing and monitoring progress on merger of processes, procedures, and resources.
      --Managed a corporate reorganization transitioning systems, processes, and resources for secondary credit
      card brands from an ―e-commerce‖ division to the traditional credit card division.

  Regional Manager, Bank of America Corporate Technology Training
     --Responsible for $1 million regional operation, with average 50 full or half-day desktop and 12 multi-day IT
     classes, serving almost 500 participants per month (plus significant wait lists).
     --Established end-user desktop training for west coast region (previously outsourced). Developed sites,
     staffed, and implemented programs/services at geographically dispersed locations serving over 30,000
     --Supervised staff in direct-line and matrix relationships regionally, and supported cross-functional
     relationships nationwide, including Training Consultants, Curriculum Design, Instructors, contracted
     Instructors, Learning Center Coordinators, System Administrators, and Customer Service Representatives.

  Project Manager/Consultant, Bank of America—Nations Bank Merger Transition Office
      --Designed and implemented process and system solutions for project reporting, and for internal,
      shareholder, and public communication for the Bank of America – NationsBank merger as part of the
      Merger Transition Project Office.
      --Established reporting requirements with Senior Management at both institutions, managed a cross-
      functional /cross-corporate team to develop and implement the system requirements, then established and
      monitored the process for reporting and communicating merger projects.
      --Led biweekly 2 hour conference call with 100 lines and as many as 2500 senior managers and executives
      from both institutions for higher level merger transition reporting and information sharing.

  Project Consultant, Bank of America Corporate Facilitation Services
      -- Consulted with senior managers and facilitated cross-functional teams on 23 separate projects in two year
      period as a Project Consultant for Business Process Improvement at Bank of America. Two examples
      --Using Joint Application Development (JAD) methodology, developed functions, scope and requirements to
      redesign the BofA Web site for the Interactive Banking group. Through JAD, diagrammed and decomposed
      processes to define system/application requirements, then developed implementation strategies and
      created the first draft project plan for the project team.
      --Identified the strategic direction and operational solutions for the Global Private Bank ―Client Experience.‖
      Through focus groups (customer and employee), mapped the interaction touch points between bank and
      customer to determine and diagram the ideal client experience (requirements/needs analysis). Completed a
      gap analysis between the current and desired experience and developed strategic, organizational, and
      system solutions to meet the desired experience.
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   Project Manager, Bank of America Technology Support Services
       --Served as corporate Project Manager for the Y2K project office. Managed the enterprise-wide project
       plan, and coordinated the communication and reporting between department and division level project
       teams completing Y2K conversion activities, and monitoring completion of tasks.
       --Established compliance and risk management procedures and reporting documentation.
       --Supervised development and maintenance of internal secure Intranet website for office, with interactive
       project, risk, and resource reporting.
       --Created project plan template for use by department/division level project teams that automatically
       updated the enterprise-wide plan through the website.
       --Established a regular Y2K column in the monthly BofA technical journal Technology World (circulation
       13,000). Wrote the first three articles.

   Branch Director/Program Director, YMCA of the East Bay/Kings County YMCA
      --Generated a 27% increase in department revenue within six months of assuming branch leadership, and
      increased branch membership 46% and membership renewals 51% over two year period at Kings County
      --Implemented and managed as many as 11 concurrently run programs and services at multiple locations at
      any one time, utilizing as many as 30 paid staff and 100 volunteers.

   2002-Present     Phoenix Community College (Maricopa County Community College District)
                       -Adjunct Faculty, Communication Department

   2001-2007        Arizona State University
                        -Graduate Teaching Associate, Hugh Downs School of Human Communication

   2000-2001        Providian Financial
                       -Systems Manager, Corporate Systems Operations (2000-2001)
                       -Project Manager, Corporate Systems Operations (2000)

   1993-2000        Bank of America
                       -Regional Manager, Corporate Technology Training (1999-2000)
                       -Project Consultant, Corporate Facilitation Services (1997-1999)
                       -Project Manager, Technology Support Services (1994-1997)
                       -Customer Service Representative, Retail Banking (1993-1994)

   1989-1993        YMCA of the East Bay and Kings County YMCA
                      -Branch and Program Director

   Toastmasters Speaking Club (Bank of America sponsored club, 1995-2000)
      --While club president, created the ―Communication Skill Development Program‖ as an educational service
      for all local bank employees. Advanced club members, senior managers, college professors, and
      communication professionals presented one-hour lunchtime training sessions on specific communication
      skills. Over 600 people attended 1996-1997. Received special recognition from the bank and the program
      was extended to other regions by Employee Programs.

   California High School Model Legislature and Court (YMCA Youth and Government, 1989-1993)
   (1400 high school students assume state government—Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches--for week.
   Students draft and debate legislation through parliamentary procedure in Capitol, preside over Supreme and
   Appellate courts, and hold all related offices).
       --Served as a statewide program advisor and leadership trainer for program. Advisor duties covered
       Assembly sessions and legislative committee sessions. Training duties covered program management,
       communication process, and specific leadership skills including parliamentary procedure for volunteer adult
       advisors and youth leadership.
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   Ph.D. in Communication, Arizona State University, Coursework completed 2007
      --Created and taught new undergraduate upper division class in Leadership Communication (significant in
      that it is rare for students to create their own classes)
      --Research emphasis in ―temporary‖ or ―contingent‖ workforce covering behaviors, performance, and
      supervision. Focus of research on how the use of temporary employees impacts performance, productivity,
      and leadership practices of the organization.

   M.A. in Communication, San Francisco State University, 2001
      --Completed program, including teaching undergraduate classes while maintaining corporate positions at
      BofA and Providian.

   Certificate Program in Project Management, University of California, Berkeley, courses taken 1996-1998
       --Completed four courses of the five courses in Project Management (UC Berkeley repeatedly cancelled the
       5th course due to low enrollment).

   B.S. in Business Administration, University of Phoenix, Northern California Campus, 1994
       --Nominated by peers, auditioned for, and selected as student speaker for graduation ceremonies.

   College Courses Taught (partial list): Organizational Behavior, Advanced Organizational Behavior,
   Leadership Communication, Business and Professional Communication, Small Group Communication, Conflict
   and Negotiation, Communication and Technology, and Public Speaking.

   Business Related
   ―Workflow Analysis‖ (June 1998), PM Focus (BofA Project Management Newsletter; cir. 6000)
   ―Year 2000 Project‖ monthly column, Technology World (BofA Systems Technology Journal; cir. 13,000)
   (initiated column and wrote first three articles)
         ―Phase 4: Compliance Testing (September 1997)
         ―PC/LAN Hardware Compliance‖ (August 1997)
         ―A Phased Approach to the Year 2000 Problem‖ (July 1997)

   Academic Related
   ―An Examination of How Internet Usage May Enhance Learning for Two Versions of the Basic Course: A Live
        Large-Lecture and a Television Broadcast Lecture‖ (by Tibbles, Messman, Garry, & Tracy, 2004)
   ―Embracing the Tourist: Explorations of Support and Giving in Mexican Culture‖ (2002)
   ―Virtual Communication: Group Communication in a Geographically Disbursed Work Team‖ (2001)

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