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									                                      LOUISIANA TECHNICAL COLLEGE

                                               MASTER SYLLABI


(To be completed by the Louisiana Technical College Campus)

CIP CODE: 230401

CREDIT HOURS (Lecture/Lab/Total): 3/0/3

CONTACT HOURS (Lecture/Lab/Total): 45

CLASS LOCATION: (To be completed by the Louisiana Technical College Campus)

INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION: (To be completed by the Louisiana Technical College Campus)

A concentrated and intensive study of the role of a bank teller focusing on understanding the specific banking skills
needed in today’s banking industry for handling checks, processing transactions, handling cash, and balancing cash.
Specific topics covered in this course include the development of fundamental skills and techniques for using the
telephone effectively on the job and professional behavior in the workplace.



    1.   Demonstrate a working knowledge of course terminology.
    2.   Demonstrate an understanding of bank customers, bank products, and bank services.
         a. Describe the basic function of the banking industry.
         b. Define the teller’s responsibility in banking.
         c. Explain the role of banking in the economy.
         d. Describe the competitive environment of commercial banking.
         e. Identify banking trends.
         f. Summarize the business of a commercial bank.
    3.   Demonstrate an understanding of bank organization.
    4.   Demonstrate an understanding of banking regulations.
    5.   Demonstrate an understanding of financial analysis and performance measures.
    6.   Demonstrate an understanding of correct banking procedures for processing transactions, handling checks,
         cash handling, cash balancing.
         a. Explain and perform a variety of daily transaction procedures.
         b. Demonstrate quality customer service.
         c. Identify counterfeit currency and recognize the tricks used by con artists.
         d. Complete currency transaction reports and suspicious activity reports.
    7.   Demonstrate an understanding of bank security.
    8.   Recognize the importance of using the telephone effectively on the job and its importance as a business
         a. Prepare for typical calls you make and receive.
         b. Set up your work area to support effective telephone communication.
         c. Use effective call greetings as a caller and receiver.
         d. Use questioning and listening skills that support effective telephone communication.
         e. Use an effective approach to handling special telephone tasks.
TEXTBOOKS AND OTHER MATERIALS: AIB Banking Today, AIB Today’s Teller: Developing Basic Skills
(American Bankers Association Publications)

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scheduled classes regularly and on time. If an absence occurs, it is the responsibility of the student to make up all
missed work, if approved by the instructor. Students who stop attending a course and do not officially drop, may
receive a grade of “F” for all coursework missed that may result in a punitive final grade. An instructor may drop a
student for excessive absences if the student misses 10 percent of the class. This policy shall be superseded by any
more stringent attendance policy required by a regulatory or licensing body having jurisdiction over program
requirements. The attendance policy for each class must be included in the course syllabus. Attendance will be
tracked and maintained for various reporting purposes.

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sanctions, which may be imposed through the regular institutional procedures as a result of academic misconduct,
your instructor will assign a zero for the exercise or examination that evidences academic misconduct for the first
offense and assign an “F” for the course for repeated offenses.

The Louisiana Technical College complies with Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students with
disabilities who seek accommodations must make their requests known by contacting the Disabilities Coordinator at
the beginning of each semester. If a disability is identified later in the semester, a non-retroactive accommodation
plan will be developed.

(To be completed by the Louisiana Technical College Campus)

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