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                                                                                                Please send a copy of this form as
                                                                                                                                                             DGT Sales
                                                                                                          attachment to:
                              DGT Order Form                                                   For drop shipments please send the
                                                                                                                                                        DGT Drop Shipments
                                                                                                          order form to:

DGT Client Number
                                                                                                                              Tournament Equipment
Company Name                                                                                                       DGT Product
                                                                                                   Quantity                           Description
Your Name                                                                                                             Code
Your Purchase Order Number                                                                                                             Single Serial Board
Invoice Addres   PO Box                                                                                                   10207        Serial port cable (25 metres)
                 Street & number                                                                                          10208        Serial port cable (50 metres)
                 City                                                                                                     10209        Serial port cable (75 metres)
                 Zip / Postalcode                                                                                         10210        Serial port cable (6 metres)
                 Country                                                                                                  10214        Mains Power Adapter EU DC9V / 60mA
Delivery Address Street & number                                                                                          10215        Mains Power Adapter US DC9V / 60mA
                 City                                                                                                     10216        Mains Power Adapter UK DC9V / 60mA
                 Zip / Postalcode                                                                                         10617        Cable USB to Serial Port Converter
                 Telephone number

     Move mouse cursor over the small red triangles to see pictures of the products

                     DGT Product
                                    Description                                                    # boards                   Multiple Boards Connection Materials
                                     Clocks & Accessories
                          10105      DGT Cube * NEW *
                                                                                                                    DGT Caïssa System - Wireless Connection
                          10101      DGT 2010                                                                    Enter the number of boards here to calculate suggested quantity of modules
                          10102      DGT XL Red                                                                           10669        Caïssa System Board Module
                          10103      DGT XL Beige                                                                         10666        Caïssa System Booster Module
                          10104      DGT Easy Plus (Kramnik's Choice)                                                     10667        Caïssa System Collector Module
                          10165      DGT Easy X-Tream Purple Green                                                        10679        Caïssa System Wood Case
                          10166      DGT Easy X-Tream Green Red
                          10167      DGT Easy Crimson Cruz
                                                                                                                    Cable Connection Packs
                          10168      DGT Easy Black Beyond                                                       Enter the number of boards here, the program will calculate the number of packs
                          10109      DGT 960                                                                              10657        Starter kit connection materials for the first board
                          10169      DGT Chesstrainer CD                                                                               Mains Power Adapter DC12V / 1000mA
                          10170      DGT Chess Pieces                                                                                  PC to Bus cable
                          10171      DGT Chess Box (Pieces, Trainer CD & MDF Board)                                                    Connection boxes (4)
                          10106      DGT iChess Box (Pieces, Trainer CD & Vinyl Board) *NEW*                                           Board to Bus cable
                          10172      DGT Chess960 Box (Pieces, Trainer CD, Board & Clock)                                              UTP cable 20 metre
                          10125      DGT Kramnik Chess Gift Box                                                                        UTP cable 5 metre
                          10146      Wooden Box for storing 8x DGT 2010                                                   10658        Connection materials kit for additional boards
                          10190      Wooden Box for storing 8x DGT XL                                                                  Connection box
                          10173      DGT Chess Coin Set (Kramnik's Choice)                                                             UTP cable 5 metre
                                     USB Chessboxes                                                                                    Board to Bus cable
                          10110      DGT USB e-Board Walnut Timeless
                          10111      DGT USB e-Board Walnut Royal                                                                      Software
                          10112      DGT USB e-Board Walnut Classic                                                       10138        Permanent ToMa Licence
                          10113      DGT USB e-Board Walnut Design                                                        10138        Tempororary ToMa Licence (indicate number of days)
                          10114      DGT USB e-Board Walnut Venus                                                         10136        Video Chess Show
                          10115      DGT USB e-Board Rosewood Timeless                                                                 Single connection components
                          10116      DGT USB e-Board Rosewood Royal                                                       10251        Board to Bus cable
                          10117      DGT USB e-Board Rosewood Classic                                                     10259        Connection box
                          10118      DGT USB e-Board Rosewood Design                                                      10253        Tournament Mains Power Adapter
                          10119      DGT USB e-Board Rosewood Venus                                                       10257        PC to Bus cable
                          10120      DGT USB e-Board Wengé Timeless                                                       10260        UTP cable 5 metres
                          10121      DGT USB e-Board Wengé Royal                                                          10261        UTP cable 3 metres
                          10122      DGT USB e-Board Wengé Classic                                                        10263        UTP cable 2 metres
                          10123      DGT USB e-Board Wengé Design                                                         10265        UTP cable 20 metres
                          10124      DGT USB e-Board Wengé Venus                                                                       Tournament Chess Sets
                                     Wireless Bluetooth Chessboxes                                                        10174        Tournament Set Walnut Timeless
                          10642      DGT Bluetooth/USB e-Board Rosewood Timeless                                          10175        Tournament Set Walnut Royal
                          10643      DGT Bluetooth/USB e-Board Rosewood Royal                                             10176        Tournament Set Walnut Classic
                          10644      DGT Bluetooth/USB e-Board Rosewood Classic                                           10186        Tournament Set Walnut Design
                          10646      DGT Bluetooth/USB e-Board Rosewood Design                                            10185        Tournament Set Walnut Venus
                          10645      DGT Bluetooth/USB e-Board Rosewood Venus                                             10177        Tournament Set Rosewood Timeless
                                     Accessories                                                                          10178        Tournament Set Rosewood Royal
                          10134      DGT Carrying Bag Green                                                               10179        Tournament Set Rosewood Classic
                          10135      DGT Carrying Bag Black                                                               10188        Tournament Set Rosewood Design
                          10136      Wallplug for USB (USA)                                                               10187        Tournament Set Rosewood Venus
                          10137      Wallplug for USB (EU)                                                                10180        Tournament Set Wengé Timeless
                          10189      USB Extension Cable 5 metres                                                         10181        Tournament Set Wengé Royal
                                                                                                                          10182        Tournament Set Wengé Classic
                                                                                                                          10184        Tournament Set Wengé Design
                                                                                                                          10183        Tournament Set Wengé Venus
                                                                                                                                       Chess-pieces Sets & Single Pieces
   Comments:                                                                                                              10139        Chess-pieces Set Timeless for DGT e-Board
                                                                                                                          10140        Chess-pieces Set Royal for DGT e-Board
                                                                                                                          10141        Chess-pieces Set Classic for DGT e-Board
                                                                                                                          10142        Chess-pieces Set Venus for DGT e-Board
                                                                                                                          10143        Chess-pieces Set Design for DGT e-Board
                                                                                                                          10323        Single chess-piece Timeless (indicate which piece)
                                                                                                                          10324        Single chess-piece Royal (indicate which piece)
                                                                                                                          10325        Single chess-piece Classic (indicate which piece)
                                                                                                                          10326        Single chess-piece Venus (indicate which piece)
                                                                                                                          10327        Single chess-piece Design (indicate which piece)

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