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Cleaning Company Policy Manual and Employee Handbook document sample

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Volume 4 – Personnel Policies

                      Presented By
                      Mickey Crowe, CBSE
                      NISH South Region
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           Personnel Policies
• “Fair and reasonable personnel policies,
  and the consistent and evenhanded
  administration of those policies, are
  indispensable in attracting and keeping
  good employees and enabling them to work
                                     •Note: The information
• An essential tool is a personnel   provided in this training is
                                     general in nature. Consult
  policy manual/written hand book.   legal and professional
                                     guidance for specific issues.
   – Implied contracts               No guarantee of accuracy or
                                     completeness is expressed or
   – Disclaimers                     implied. Trainer is not a legal
                                     professional or expert.
  Employee Handbook
• Equal employment opportunities - legal
• Company benefits – holidays, vacations,
  sick leave, personal leave, insurance
• Employee’s responsibilities – hours, pay
  period, records, termination, badges,
  uniforms, English only rules, property,
  telephone, breakage, vehicles, solicitation
• Should not include cleaning procedures
            Employee Handbook
•   Handling trash, quality control, safety
•   Equipment, supplies
•   Reporting injuries, emergency procedures
•   Building security – post 9/11
•   Job Description, behavior - discipline
•   Other prohibitions
    – Alcohol, drugs
    – Theft, tardiness, gambling
    – Allowing unauthorized personnel into bld
• Discharge “at will policy”
•   Equal Employment Opp Commission
•   Office of Fed Contract Compl Programs
•   Depart of Health and Human Services
•   Immigration and Naturalization Service
•   Avoid discrimination charges by
    –   Keep accurate personnel records
    –   Accommodate employee disabilities
    –   Monitor hiring statistics
    –   Investigate employee complaints
•   Seniority?
•   Abortion?
•   Age Discrimination? ADEA (over 40)
•   Older Workers Benefits Prot. Act (1990)
•   BFOQ = Bona fide occupational qualif.
•   Dress & grooming policies?
    – Public health and welfare
    – Sex differences
    – No-beard rules?
• “A company is responsible for any
  discrimination that occurs in its workplace,
  and may not escape legal liability by
  claiming that someone else is to blame.”
• Intent versus Impact – protected groups?
• Religious discrimination?
• Pregnancy vs other temporary conditions?
• Personal grooming? Disability?
• Consistent, impartial treatment of all
  employees is very important
          Sexual Harrassment
• “Sexual harassment includes unwelcome
  sexual advances, requests for sexual favors
  and other verbal or physical conduct of a
  sexual nature.”
• An employer’s liability for sexual
  harassment in the workplace is broader than
  for other types of discrimination.
• The importance of complaint procedures.
                       A company may be held responsible for
• Written policies.     sexual harassment by its supervisors,
                                agents and management team.
• Using email and Internet
• Creating intimidating, hostile or offensive
• Interfering with work
• Adversely affecting emp opportunities
                                •How many hats do you wear?

• Publicize and enforce policies equally
• Complaints procedure and follow up
• Investigate all reports of harassment
• Take prompt/appropriate action
     Discrimination Proceedings
• Charge must be filed with EEOC within 180 days
  after alleged incident
• Responding to charge
    – Don’t get angry or take retaliatory action
    – Do collect records, anticipate, get legal counsel
•   Affirmative action plans?
•   Veterans and handicapped?
•   Women and minorities?
•   Reverse discrimination?
•   Importance of documentation
  Discrimination Proceedings
• “You should cooperate with the EEOC but
  not allow a complainant to take advantage
  of you or your company.”
• The Investigation?
• The Determination?
  – No cause – not necessarily a win
  – Probable cause - offer to settle
• Arbitration
• Litigation – Union? Statistical evidence?
          Affirmative Action
1.   The court may require a plan
2.   Required by law
3.   Voluntarily decides to implement a plan
•    Veterans and handicapped?
•    Women and minorities?
•    Age discrimination?
•    Reverse discrimination
•    Documentation – good records!!!!
•   Define workweek?
•   Define hours worked? Travel?
•   Compensation? Overtime?
•   Regular OT? Coefficient OT?
•   Living wages ver minimum wage?
•   Equal pay for equal work?
•   Disparate impact? Seniority? Penalties?
•   Family & Medical Leave?
             Wages and Hours
• “An employee is defined as a person whose
  work week is controlled or directed by the
  employer and who works primarily of the
  employer’s benefit”
• Volunteers?
• Apprentices & trainees?
• Independent Contractors?
   –   Investment in equipment?
   –   Other customers?
   –   Control of how service is provided?
   –   Skill of work and permanency of relationship?
         Other Exemptions
• “White collar” -- Salary or Fee Basis
  – Exempt status vs Non-exempt status?
  – Executive, administrative, professional
• “Managers and supervisors are generally
  exempt from wage and hour of FSLA so
  long as their primary duties are
  managerial. Records should be kept to
  document actual work performed.”
            Summary of Laws
•   Civil Rights Act of 1964
•   Pregnancy Discrim Act of 1978
•   Executive Order 11246
•   Age Discrimination in Emp Act 1967
•   Rehabilitation Act of 1973
•   Vietnam Era Veteran Readjustment Act of 1974
•   Americans with Disabilities Act of 1994
•   Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
•   State and Local Laws
•   Also: Collective Bargaining Agreements
          In Conclusion
• “Remember that you are expected
  to know your responsibilities under
  the labor laws. Lack of knowledge
  is no defense. It is only through
  careful planning, administration,
  and recordkeeping that you can
  comply with the growing number
  of regulations and avoid costs of
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•   BSCAI Support – new web site soon
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•   Annual Convention & Trade Show – be there!!!!
•   CBSE & RBSM Designations – professionalism!!!
•   Product Catalog – invest in your people!!!!!
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•   What is the one thing I can do today to promote
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