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					                                                                                     No. 238

                                                     SECTION:       PUPILS

                                                     TITLE:         FOREIGN EXCHANGE
FRANKLIN AREA                                                       STUDENTS

SCHOOL DISTRICT                                      ADOPTED:       June 23, 2003


                                        238. FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS

1. Purpose          In order to promote cultural awareness and understanding and to provide diverse
                    experiences to district students, the Board may admit foreign exchange students into
                    the schools of the district.

2. Authority        The Board may accept foreign exchange students who meet the established
   8 U.S.C.         guidelines for admission to the district secondary schools only.
   Sec. 1101
                    The Board may accept exchange students on a J-Visa who reside within the district
                    as participants in group-sponsored exchange programs approved by the Board.
                    Exchange students on a J-Visa shall not be required to pay tuition.

                    The Board may accept privately sponsored exchange students on an F-Visa upon
                    payment of tuition at the established district rate. Tuition payments may not be
                    waived. The period of attendance may not exceed twelve (12) months.

                    The Board may accept other privately sponsored students on a B-2 Visa for
                    visitation and incidental study. Tuition may be waived and the period of attendance
                    may not exceed 45 days or extend beyond one marking period.

                    The Board reserves the right to limit the number of foreign exchange students
                    admitted to the district.

3. Delegation of    The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for determining the visa status
   Responsibility   and eligibility of foreign exchange students applying for admission to the district.

                    All potential individuals or organizations applying for admission shall forward the
                    request to the Superintendent or designee by June 1 preceding the school year of
                    attendance. The request shall be reviewed by the building principal in conjunction
                    with his/her assistant, counselors, nurse, etc. The principal shall make a
                    recommendation to the Superintendent or designee who shall make the final
                    determination and communicate the same to the agencies or sponsors.

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4. Guidelines   Admission of foreign exchange students shall be subject to the following guidelines:

                1. Foreign exchange students shall comply with all immunization requirements for

                2. Once admitted, all exchange students shall be subject to all district policies and

                3. Students shall be at least sixteen (16) years of age.

                4. Students shall not have attained the age of nineteen (19).

                5. Students shall demonstrate a level of proficiency in reading, writing, speaking
                   and understanding the English language to the extent that such abilities will not
                   interfere with the student’s curricular activities. The district reserves the right to
                   test students for entrance into the school system.

                6. Students may not be a graduate of their native school system.

                7. Students will be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis and on a space
                   available basis.

                8. Resident host families shall submit a statement accepting responsibility for the
                   student and verifying they are serving as a volunteer host without personal profit.

                9. Students will be encouraged to participate in student activities and athletics
                   provided eligibility criteria are met.

                10. Exchange students are not eligible to receive a high school diploma but may be
                    awarded an honorary diploma upon recommendation of the principal.

                11. Exchange students will not be included in class rank. A NR will appear after
                    their name.

                12. Exchange students should have no prior discipline concerns or alternative school

                13. Foreign exchange students may be withdrawn from the district for any of the

                        a. Unsatisfactory progress in the established academic program.

                        b. Violation of law.
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                c. Violation of the student rules or discipline policies.

                d. Misrepresentation of nomination information.

                e. Expiration of visa.

                f. When requested by the placing agency or sponsor.

Pa. Code
Title 22
Sec. 4.74

8 U.S.C.
Sec. 1101