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Key terms about VoIP

     H.323
     SIP
     CODECs
                G.711
                           These are what
                G.729
                         everyone talks about
                G.723
     FXS and FXO
     Gateway
     T.38 FAX
What is VoIP…the technology

    Analog or        VoIP                                      VoIP     Analog or
    Digital voice   Gateway                                   Gateway   Digital voice
                              IP Packets with Voice Samples
    circuit                                                             circuit

                                      IP Network

     • Voice over IP (VoIP) samples 10 – 60ms of voice with an
       Analog-to-Digital conversion process (CODEC). This is similar
       to the way the phone company does it today with PCM (Voice
       over T1/E1).
     • These samples are placed into an IP packet and sent over the
     • A far-end device reassembles the voice stream on the other
Typical VoIP System Elements

                                          Softswitch                   • Client Registration
                                          • Gatekeeper                 • Authentication
                                          • Call-Manager               • Status
                                          • Softswitch                 • Number Mapping
                                                                       • Accounting
                                          • Network-Server


         IP Phone                                                                   PSTN
                                      IP Network
                                                             • PSTN, ISDN
                                                             • V5, SS7
      Multimedia PC

                                                        • Network Interworking
      • User Interaction                                • Signaling Conversion
      • Dial-tone, Ringtone, etc                        • Media Conversion
      • Registers with Call Control                     • Packetization and reassembly
      • Media Conversion                                • ISDN, PSTN, V 5.2, SS7
VoIP Technology: Media Standards

     Various CODECs are used for voice compression:

                    Codec       IP BW/Call   Packet
     Codec                                             Comments
                    Rate        one way      Length
                    [kb/s]      [kb/s]       [ms]

     G.711          64          96           10/20     Toll quality, full rate, lowest delay

     G.726          16 - 40     32 - 56      20        Free: good compromise

     G.729          8           24           20        Licensed: best compromise

     G.723 @ 6.3    6.3         17           30        Licensed: low bandwidth

     GSM-EFR        12.2        -                      For Reference: mobile phones

    Recommend G.711 if no bandwidth limitations apply!
                 Toll Quality
                 Low Delay
                 Best all around!
Fax over IP: watch out for this

     1) Fax Relay, T.38                        2) Fax Bypass, G.711

     The Fax tones are terminated in the       The Fax is carried in a G.711 voice
     gateway, relayed in packet form and       channel just like a regular phone call.
     re-modulated at the far end.
     + Uses less bandwidth                     + Is interoperability with any gateway
     + Is reliability(offers redundancy)       - Uses more bandwidth
     - Is less interoperable                   - Is less reliability

          T.30 Fax    A/D         Fax-Relay, T.38 packets           D/A     T.30 Fax


                            Fax Bypass, T.30 Fax over G.711, 96Kb
Signalling Standards Snapshot

     Signaling protocols defines how VoIP equipment communicate to actually
      set-up, establish and release telephone calls over IP networks. For
      example – Ring, Talk and Hang-up.
     H.323
         The oldest and most widely supported call control protocol.
                 Current Version is v4 (we support it now!)
                 Is actively enhanced by the international standards community
         Offers the most interoperability between 3rd party equipment.
         Business focused
     SIP
         The newest of the call control protocols
                 IETF (Internet based); looks like html; most extendable
                 Messaging for all types of user devices (phones, PC, GSM)
         Carrier/CLEC focus
         We support it today!
     MGCP
         Oriented towards softswitch carrier architectures
                 Focuses on the central site over CPE
         Supported in SmartNodes today!
VoIP Terms Defined (1)

      Softswitch
     Call control and route server in a VoIP network providing user AAA
     services and intra-network call switching. This is Independent of the VoIP
     protocol (H.323, MGCP, SIP).
      Gatekeeper (GK)
     H.323 specific term. The GK is responsible for the management of the
     users (clients) and gateways in his H.323 area (zone). Implemented as
     software on a server or integrated as a function in a Gateway.
      Gateway (GW) (This is what SmartNodes do!)
     Signaling or Media-Gateway (may be combined in one equipment)
     provides conversion between different networks-protocols or technologies.
      H.323 Client
     Terminal in an H.323 network. IP-Phone or Soft-Phone (e.g. NetMeeting).
      AAA
     User Authentication, Authorization, Accounting. Required functions for a
     commercial VoIP Service. Carrier centric and provided by Gatekeeper.
VoIP Terms Defined (2)

      RAS
     Registration Authentication Status: H.323 Sub-protocol used to register “log-in” an
     H.323 Gateway or Client at the Gatekeeper
      SIP User Agent
     SIP Equipment or software representing an end-user. The user agent includes a a
     SIP client (to initiate calls) and SIP server (to terminate calls). This is “inside” a
     SmartNode gateway.
      SIP Network Server
     SIP Equipment or software in the network required to register and localize User
     Agents and their end-users. A SIP Network Server can operate in redirect or proxy
     mode. This is a server box routing calls.
Telephony Terms

    BRI, S0, S/T     2 B + 1 D channel > 2 voice connections
    E1, PRI, S2m 30 B + 1 D channel > 30 voice connections
    T1, PRI          23 B + 1 D channel > 23 voice connections
    FXS              “phone jack”, 2-wire POTS interface
    FXO              “line jack”, 2-wire POTS interface

       Switch                             ISDN
                 4-wires                                        4-wires

                NT         TE                                   NT TE

       Switch                             POTS

                FXS        FXO                                  FXS FXO
Building Blocks for QoS (2)

    For Example: Traffic Shaping
    A Shaper can limit a Traffic Class to a defined bandwidth
    Frees Bandwidth for real-time (voice) traffic without packet loss
    Improves the Performance of interactive Applications
    Very usefull for short connections e.g Web requests

          Bandwidth                                               Bandwidth

   max                voice                                max
         unused                                                  unused
                  Data Burst                                                Data Burst
                                                                          Data Burst
                  Web-Page                                                  Web-Page

                                   t                                                     t
Smart combination of QoS and VoIP

    The integration of QoS Router and VoIP Gateway makes things
    much easier
    • Traffic Classes are defined at network interfaces
    • No tagging necessary for point-to-point links
    • Optimal bandwidth usage and control


                        GW                       GW
              LAN        Q                       Q        LAN
                                 WAN Link
Patton VoIP products

                                                             Multiport FXS VoIP GWs
          SIP Phones                                         SmartNode 4900 Series
          SmartLink 4050

                                                                Modular VoIP Routers
                                                                SmartNode 2000 Series
                                    SIP IP PBX
 SIP ATAs                           SmartLink 4520
 SmartLink                       Up to 200 Extensions
 4020 Series                   Voice Mail, voice to e-mail
                                   Web Configured

Multiport FXS/FXO
VoIP Gateways
SmartNode 4110 Series

Multiport FXS/FXO                                                    Multiport ISDN
VoIP Routers                                                         VoIP Routers
SmartNode 4520 Series                                                SmartNode 1000 Series

       Multiport FXS/FXO                                        SOHO ISDN
       SyncSerial VoIP IADs                                     VoIP Router
       SmartNode 4830 Series                                    SmartNode 4552 Series
New Products: SmartNode™ 4110 Series

    FXS/FXO ToIP Media-Gateway

    •   SN4112, SN4114, SN4116, SN4118
    •   2-8 port analog VoIP Gateway
    •   2/4/6/8 2-wire FXS ports
    •   2/4 2-wire FXO ports
    •   10/100bTx Ethernet LAN connection
    •   Console Port: RS-232 RJ45
    •   QoS support
                                                 When to use...
           • TOS, DiffServ
                                                 Use the SN4100 series to
           • 802.1p
                                                 integrate analog terminals –
    •   PPPoE client, DHCP client
                                                 phones and PBXs – in to VoIP
    •   Memory 32MB SDRAM / 4MB Flash
    •   Integrated or external universal power
           • 100-240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
    •   Desktop Chassis
    •   CE mark, EN 60950
SmartNode™ 4520 Series

    Dual Ethernet ToIP Router-Gateway
    •   SN4112, SN4114, SN4116, SN4118
    •   2-8 port analog VoIP Gateway
    •   2/4/6/8 2-wire FXS ports
    •   2/4 2-wire FXO ports
    •   Dual 10/100bTx Ethernet LAN/WAN
    •   Console Port: RS-232 RJ45
    •   Full QoS support
           • TOS, DiffServ, 802.1p
           • Traffic Management
    •   Full featured IP-Router                  When to use...
           • NAT/PAT, PPPoE, DHCP, ACL,          Use the SN4500 Series as an
              QoS                                CPE Access Gateway for analog
    •   Memory 32MB SDRAM / 4MB Flash            voice and data on any
    •   Integrated or external universal power   broadband access; Cable, DSL
        supply                                   or WLL
           • 100-240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
    •   Desktop Chassis
    •   CE mark, EN 60950
NEW: SmartNode™ 4552

 The SmartNode™ 4552 is a Voice over IP CPE for ISDN BRI/So users. It
 combines a feature rich Broadband Access Router with advanced Quality of
 Service features and high-quality VoIP for ISDN Terminals.

    10/100 Ethernet WAN             4 port Ethernet Switch         2 ISDN BRI/So ports
    For universal connectivity to   10/100bTX For SOHO LAN         Insert the Gateway between
    DSL, Cable, WLL or Fiber        connectivity. Connect PC,      your installed ISDN Terminals
    uplinks                         Printer, WiFi Bridge without   and the ISDN NT for simple
                                    extra hub or switch            installation and universal call

                                                                    Life-Line Bypass
                                                                    A bypass Relay connects the
                                                                    local ISDN port directly to the
                                                                    fallback line in case of power
SmartNode™ 1200 / 4552 Typical Installation

     Example of an Installation with a DSL Access

     ISDN Fallback       ISDN NT       ISDN S/T

      ADSL Annex B
                                                       VoIP Access


             Splitter   DSL Modem        Ethernet

                                     Internet Access
SmartNode™ 1400

  Integrated Broadband Access Router
  and VoIP Gateway

  • 4-Channel VoIP Gateway
  • 2 ISDN BRI NT/TE configurable
  • Lifeline: Bypass switch between BRI
  • LAN/WAN: 2 x 10bT Ethernet
  • Console Port: RS-232 RJ45
  • Full featured 10 Mb/s Broadband Access
       • NAT/PAT, ACL/FW, PPPoE, DHCP,
  • CPU Motorola MPC850 @ 50 MHz
  • Memory 16MB SDRAM / 4MB Flash
  • Integrated universal power supply
                                             When to use...
       • 100-240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
                                             Use the SN1400 for dual ISDN
  • Desktop and Wall-mount Chassis
                                             BRI PBX networking or LAN
  • CE mark, EN 60950
                                             gateway. Stack for n x BRI.
  • Optional Line Power with PM-BRI-ext
SmartNode™ 1400/4634 Typical Installation

   Example of an Installation for PBX Networking with 4
   simultaneous VoIP calls

                Site A
                                                               Site B

                                                2 x ISDN S/T

                                Data Network

                    DSL Modem

                                           VoIP Network
SmartNode™ 2300

  Modular Serial/Ethernet Access
  Router and VoIP Gateway
     Up to 60 VoIP channels (2xPRI)
     10/100bT LAN
     10bT WAN or DMZ
     X.21/V.35 Serial WAN port
     3 PMC Expansion slots
     ISDN PRI, BRI and FXS ports with respective
      Interface Cards
     Full featured 10Mb/s Wire speed routing
          NAT/PAT, ACL/FW, DHCP, PPP, FR,
     CPU Motorola MPC860 @ 50 MHz
     Memory 16MB SDRAM / 8MB Flash
     Internal power supply: 100-240 VAC (50/60
     19” 1HU Desktop or Rackmount chassis        When to use...
  •   CE mark, EN 60950                           Use the SN2300 with up to 60
  •   Optional Line Power with PM-40V-int         VoIP channels as enterprise
                                                CPE or PBX networking
SmartNode™ 2300 Interfaces

                                 ETH 0/1          ETH 0/0
                                 Ethernet         Ethernet
                                 10/100bTX        10baseT
                                 LAN              WAN or DMZ

              Voice Access          Data Access

     3 Interface Card Slots       Serial 0/0        Console: RS-
     • PMC Format                 X.21, V.35        232, RJ45
                                  WAN port for
     • PCI (packet) interface     PPP, FR
     • PCM (circuit) interface    Router
SmartNode™ 2400

  Modular Ethernet Access Router and
  VoIP Gateway

   Up to 120 VoIP channels (4xPRI)
   Dual 10/100bT LAN/WAN
   Full featured 100Mb/s Wire speed routing
   CPU Motorola MPC750 @ 333 MHz
   Memory 32MB SDRAM (upgradable) /
    8MB Flash
   19” 1HU desktop or rack-mount alu-
   Internal power supply: 100-240 VAC
    (50/60 Hz)
  • CE mark, EN 60950
  • Optional Line Power available with power
    module: PM-BRI-ext
                                               When to use...
                                               Use the SN2400 with up to 4 IC-
                                               E1V/T1V and 120 VoIP
                                               channels as CO gateway
SmartNode™ 2400 Interfaces

                                     ETH 0/0 and 0/1
                                     LAN or WAN

         4 Interface Card Slots               Console: RS-
         • PMC Format                         232, RJ45
         • PCI (packet) interface
         • PCM (circuit) interface
SmartNode™ Interface Card IC-E1V

  ISDN Primary Rate interface
  Card for SmartNode 2000

   30-channel VoIP Gateway Card
   1 ISDN PRI E1, S2m port
        NT or TE configurable
   Full Codec and Fax over IP support
       G.711, G.726, G.729, G.723
       T.38 Fax-Relay
                                         When to use...
       G.711 Fax-Bypass
                                         Use the IC-E1V for PBX
       Echo Cancellation, DTMF Relay
                                         networking in a CPE or as
   PMC standard form factor             concentrator port in the CO
   No E1 data on this card              gateway.
                                         Use up to 2 in 2300 and 4 in
SmartNode™ Interface Card IC-T1V

  ISDN Primary Rate interface Card for
  SmartNode 2000 Series

   24-channel VoIP Gateway Card
   1 ISDN PRI port
        NT or TE configurable
   Full Codec and Fax over IP support
       G.711, G.726, G.729, G.723
       T.38 Fax-Relay
       G.711 Fax-Bypass
                                         When to use...
       Echo Cancellation, DTMF Relay
                                         Use the IC-T1V for PBX
   PMC standard form factor             networking in a CPE or as
   Signaling ISDN NI-2                  concentrator port in the CO
                                         Use up to 2 in 2300 and 4 in
SmartNode™ Interface Card IC-4BRV-8V

   4 Port ISDN Basic Rate interface
   Card for SmartNode 2000 Series
   8-channel VoIP Gateway Card
   4 ISDN BRI, So, S/T ports
        configurable NT/TE
      • Configurable pt-pt / pt-mpt
   Full Codec and FoIP support
       G.711, G.726, G.729, G.723
       T.38 Fax-Relay
       G.711 Fax-Bypass
       Echo Cancellation, DTMF Relay
   PMC standard form factor
   Optional Line Power with PM-48V-int   When to use...
                                          Use the IC-4BRV-8V ISDN BRI
                                          PBX networking with call routing
                                          and local PSTN breakout.
SmartNode™ Interface Card IC-4FXS

     4 Port FXS Interface Card for
     SmartNode 2000 Series

     4-channel VoIP Gateway Card
     4 Euro POTS ports
          2-wire FXS loopstart
     Full Codec and FoIP support
         G.711, G.726, G.729, G.723
          T.38 Fax-Relay
          G.711 Fax-Bypass
          Echo Cancellation, DTMF Relay
     PMC standard form factor
     Requires power module PM-48V-int to be
      installed inside 2300 or 2400 for line and   When to use...
      ring power                                   Use the IC-4FXS for analog
                                                   phones or PBX systems at the
SmartNode™ 4960

                   It is not modular!
          VoIP license from 15 to 120 channels
             You pay one and we give two
VoIP Applications

          IP Telephony in the LAN
       Enterprise networking with VoIP
        Multi-Service Carrier Access
Applications in the Provider Market

     Multi-Service Broadband Access                   Internet
                                                      Services                      Voice
     Bind Customers through Service                                  Application
      Differentiation                                                                   PSTN

     Bind Customers with Bundled Services
     Cut Operation Costs through Converged                       Provider Backbone
      Service Delivery

                                 WLL                  BB Access
                                              CATV            Leased Lines

                                                                       Customer Premises

                                                     Customer Networks
Applications in Enterprise Networks

     Global Enterprise Communications
     • Cut WAN costs in office to office communication
     • Long distance and international toll bypass
     • Telephony integration of Home Offices
     • Telephony integration of remote branches


       SmartNode                 IP Network                        SmartNode

                                      Ethernet LAN

        Branch Office                                Main Office   PBX   Extensions
PBX Networking Installation (1)

    Site A                                                                      Site B

                             2 x BRI                 2 x BRI
             PBX                                                          TVA

                                                                4 x BRI

                   4 x BRI

                             X.21                        X.21    100bTX

                                       leased line

     • SmartNode 2300 with 2 x IC-4BRV
     • SmartNode is used as Gateway, Router and Switch
     • 100bT LAN
     • Serial WAN
PBX Networking Installation (2)

                     SN4528                                       SN4114
           8-lines                                                         4-lines



     Customer Benefits
     • Interoffice Toll Bypass based on legacy PBX installation
     • Telephony, Internet Access and VPN with a single device
PLAR – Private Line / Hot line


                   SN4114                                              SN4114

    Customer Benefits
    • Toll free hotline service over existing Data network Infrastructure
    • Connectivity on any IP network
Enterprise Home Office PBX Extension

                            Main Office         PSTN

                                   5 xBRI

                    2 xBRI                                        Home Office

Public Gateway
        SN1400                    Gatekeeper


                 Router         Modem
                 NAT                           Internet
                 Firewall                                 Modem
Enterprise Opportunity Analysis

            Check if it is a SmartNode Opportunity?
Condition                                                                                    Remote             Home Office
                                   Multiple PBXs at different sites
                                                                                             Offices without    Access to
                                                                                             PBX                central PBX

              The sites are already connected to the Internet with sufficient bandwidth (50 to 100k per voice connection), or a
              connection can be established easily. (e.g. Leased Lines, DSL, Cable Modem, Laserlink, WiFi etc.)

              The PBXs are not networked. Calls             The PBXs are already
              between sites go through the PSTN             networked using QSIG


                                                       SmartNode Solution:                   SmartNode Solution :
              SmartNode Solution: toll
                                                       QSIG networking over                  remote sites are served
              bypass over IP. Save on
                                                       IP. Save the cost of                  as IP extensions of the
              the monthly telefone bill.
                                                       dedicated leased lines.               central PBX.