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The 2005-2006 School Year
  Informational Meeting
Our Place in Teens’ Lives
 It is not appropriate for us to place
  ourselves or to be placed in the parental
  role of a teenager’s spiritual life.
 We see our role as the following:
       Here to help in the spiritual and life development of teenagers.
       Here to provide shared experiences to help teenagers put the
        purposes of God in action.
       Here to help teenagers without Christian parents/guardians
        become reconciled back into relationship with Jesus.
       Here to aid Parents/Guardians of teenagers.
Student Ministry Leadership
 John       1:14 is our Goal
       “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We
        have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came
        from the Father, full of grace and truth.”
   Our Mission
       To function through Authentic Relationships and
        Purposed Programs to lead students to become fully
        devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
   Our Purpose
       We exist to pursue authentic relationships with
        teenagers in order to RECONCILE them with God,
        CONNECT them with other followers of Jesus, help them
        GROW in their faith, challenge the growing to DISCOVER
        their ministry, and HONOR God with their life.
Passionate Pursuit of Authentic
   John 1:14
       We want to enter into youth culture, to meet
        students where they are.
   Intentionality
       Seek strategic opportunity through a Spiritual
        Formation Process and Contact Work.
   God type passion for connection
       Michelangelo's painting “Creation of Man”.
Purposed Programs
   We feel that a healthy Christian lifestyle is
    one that is functioning in the 5 purposes.
    This is why we focus each of our programs
    with a laser sharp focus on one of the
    following purposes:
       Evangelism - Reconcile
       Fellowship - Connect
       Discipleship - Grow
       Worship - Honor
       Ministry - Discover
Evangelism - Reconcile
   “Go-ing Attitude”
       Contact Work
          John 1:14 Relationships and Intentionality

          Involvement and Integration in Area Public Schools

   Missional
       Acts 1:8
       Students of and Relevant to the culture of teenagers in this
       Concerned with local, regional and international opportunities
   Testimonial
       We feel that a personal testimony spoken through relationship
        is the most powerful tool for evangelism.
   Relevant
       We believe that irrelevance is irreverence.
       We strive to communicate the gospel effectively to teenagers
        where they are at in their lives.
Fellowship - Connect
   Accountability
       Proverbs 27:17
   Safe Place
       Teenagers need safe places to process their lives with wise
   Nurturing
       We strive to develop a community of encouragement and
        support for teenagers.
   Unity
       We strongly believe in helping teenagers to understand and
        experience unity as fellow believers.
   Sense of Belonging
       One thing we all strive for, and what many teenagers are
        desperate for, is a place where we belong, where we are
Discipleship - Grow
   Teaching
       Foundation of Knowledge and Faith from God’s Word
       Relevant Topics presented in modern ways.
   Set Example
       Adult Mentorship and Shared Experiences
   Life Stage Preparation
       We strive to prepare teenagers for the next stage of
        their lives and the spiritual tests and/or questions they
        will face.
   Life Application
       In all that we teach, we want to give teenagers easy and
        obvious applications of God’s Word in their lives. We
        want to help them see the steps necessary to be a
        follower of Jesus.
Worship - Honor
   Surrender
       Romans 12:1-2
   Reverence
       Fear of God - Obedience
   Celebration
       Rejoice and take Joy in our King!
   Praise
       Giving Thanks, and recognizing his Power and Majesty
   Ongoing Lifestyle
       More than singing, but a daily walk. Seeking to honor
        him as a living sacrifice.
Ministry - Discover
   S.H.A.P.E.
       Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, Life
   Leadership
       Help teens to be proactive as they learn to function in
        the body of Christ.
   Service
       Teach teens to be servants.
   Team Work
       Teach the concept of the Body of Christ with many parts
        working together.
   Social Awareness
       Help teens to have a worldview of service and love that
        is bigger than their church, but sees the needs of the
        world around them.
How Does Someone Become a Leader?
 Sponsor vs. Leader
 Apply
       Leadership Requirements
       Application
       Code of Conduct
       Back Ground Check
       Interview
       Placement
What programs can we expect?
   Crave (Grow)
       Sunday Mornings at 9:30am
   Elevate (Honor)
       Sunday Nights at 7:00pm
   Small Groups (Connect)
       Meet in Group Leaders Homes - weekly
   Flex (Discover)
       Every-other-month service opportunities & a Mission
   Outreach Events (Evangelism)
       Opposite of Flex, events outside the church for fun and
        relationship opportunities.
Coming your way…
 Youth Room Remodeling Donations
 We always need Leaders and Sponsors!
 Contact info sheets
       Need them filled out
 Yearly health forms
 Permission slips
 New WCSM website, up in a month!
Thanks For Coming!
 The 2005-2006 School Year
   Informational Meeting

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