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					                                                                            BUSINESS BUZZ

                                                                  A Small Business Success Story
                                                                               Contributed by Jeff Lambert
                                                                Business Services Manager for the Riverside Public Library

                              Startup and established small businesses alike can now                 If you were interested in starting a bakery, (business
                              find all the answers they are looking for around the clock.            type), the results page would provide you with valuable
                              While the Riverside Public Library is not open 24/7, they
                                                                                                     information including sample bakery business plans, full-
                              now have exciting new resource which the local business
                                                                                                     text articles, overviews, directories and Web sites.
                              community can access 24/7. The Small Business Resource
                              Center (SBRC) is a free comprehensive database
                              offering content that covers all major areas of starting               The SBRC is home to many excellent small business
                              and operating a business, including accounting, finance,               print resources, including the Encyclopedia of Business
                              human resources, management, marketing, tax and more.                  Information, and the Encyclopedia of Small Business
                              Most important, you can access this resource remotely!
                                                                                                     Management, as well as dozens of the best known “For
                              All you need is a library card.
                                                                                                     Dummies” series. It also includes nearly 200 business
                                                                                                     journals – both specialty and general business, including
                              The SBRC has an easy to use interface that includes a                  Black Enterprise, Financial Management, and the Tax
                              “How To” menu that tackles the most frequently asked new               Advisor.
                              business questions:
                                                                                                     All of the material available on this incredible resource,
                                                                                                     (articles, business plans, websites, etc) can be translated
                                  •   How to write a business plan?
                                  •   How to finance your business?                                  to Spanish, French,
                                  •   How to locate and expand your business?                        Italian, Japanese, Chinese, German, and Korean.
                                  •   How to start your small business?
                                                                                                     From conducting industry research to financial planning,
                              Other search menus include 1) Business Topics
                                                                                                     to marketing a product and franchising a business, the
                              (Accounting-Women-Owned Business), 2) Business Types
                                                                                                     Small Business Resource Center provides users with all
                              (Advertising Agencies –Video stores), and 3) over 300
                              sample business plans created by real life-entrepreneurs.              the information they need to succeed.

                                                Upcoming business programs in the Riverside Public Library. Please call (951) 826-5212
                                                        or email for questions and reservations.

                               • October 2 - Balancing Life & Career
                               • October 10 - How to Start Your Small Business (including home-based business)
                               • October 17 - Introduction to Small Business Resources
                               • October 19 - Health & Wellness in the Workplace
                               • October 24 - Choose a Franchise That’s Right for You
                               • November 7 - Real Estate: Home Buying & Property Management
                               • November 14 - Incorporating Your Small Business
                               • November 28 - Marketing Your Small Business
                               • January 12 - Clutterology: How to Eliminate Clutter in Your Life and Get Organized
                               • January 15 - Brands and Branding
                               • January 23 - Networking:Schmooze or Lose
Page  • Volume 8, Issue 10

                               • January 30 - Interviewing Skills

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