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					                          2010 -
Hull & Goole Port Health Authority
           Service Plan

                       Laurence H Dettman, MCIEH
                        Chief Port Health Inspector
Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                       2010 - 2011
Service Plan


       1.     Background & Introduction

       2.     Staff Structure

       3.     2007 – 2008 – 2009 Statistical Data

       4.     Service Objectives

       5.     Key Achievements in 2009 – 2010

       6.     Strategic Objectives for 2010 – 2011

       7.     Food Service Plan 2010 – 2011


              The Hull & Goole Port Sanitary Authority was originally constituted in 1887 by
              Statutory Instrument (Port Order) and started work in 1888. The Authority is a body
              corporate and was renamed the Hull & Goole Port Health Authority in 1937.

              The latest Port Order came into force in 1982 (Statutory Instrument No. 1854) and
              was amended by the Local Government Changes for England (Miscellaneous
              Provision) Order 1996 on the demise of Humberside County Council. The Order

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                             2010 - 2011
Service Plan

              defines the Port Health District and the proportion of the financial precept to be paid
              by the constituent riparian authorities and the proportional representation on the
              joint board.

              The Chair is elected annually by members of the board.

              The riparian authorities are required to pay their share of the precept by means of
              an annual levy payable in 2 equal instalments. The levies are usually set in December
              for the following financial year.

              For the financial year 2009 – 2010 the levy percentages were amended within the
              terms of the current Port Order by unanimous agreement of the board. The same
              percentages have been agreed for the year 2010 – 2011 as follows:-

              Kingston upon Hull City Council - £240,500 – 65% of total precept
              East Riding of Yorkshire Council - £47.175 – 12.75% of total precept
              North Lincolnshire Council           - £82.325 – 22.25% of total precept
              Selby District Council - £0 to reflect the minimal level of service provision at Selby

              The Board agreed to seek a new Port Order to reflect the changes to the levies and
              the representation by elected Members of the constituent riparian authorities. It is
              hoped that the new Port Order will be completed in 2010 - 2011.

              The level of precept is offset by income (and charges) generated in relation to
              several aspects of the Authority’s work such as the issue of Ship Sanitation
              Certificates, pollution control permits, external food safety audit work and the EU
              Border Inspection Post at Hull.

              The Authority’s Standing Orders dictate the working practices of the Authority and
              were last reviewed and adopted by the joint board in June 2005. The central theme
              is a requirement for the Authority to operate to best value criteria at all times. A
              further review should be completed in 2010 – 2011.

              The Authority was the subject of a comprehensive Governance Review in 2005 and
              the resultant Report submitted and approved by the joint board in June 2005.

              An in-depth Best Value Review also took place between 2005 and 2008.

              The Authority staff structure and operational needs was the subject of further
              review by the Chief Port Health Inspector in 2009. The agreed measures provided for
              significant ongoing service cost reductions and the streamlining of our staffing
              arrangements. The revised staff structure is reproduced on the opposite page:-

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                               2010 - 2011
Service Plan

                                     Chief Port Health
                                             1.0 FTE

                                            Deputy Chief
                                            Port Health

                                             1.0 FTE

           Port Health        Port Health              Port Health      Chief
            Inspector          Inspector                Inspector    Administrative
              (EHO)              (EHO)                   (EHO)         Assistant
             1.0 FTE            1.0 FTE                  0.5 FTE       1.0 FTE
             1.0 FTE

                                             Technical                          istrative
                                             Assistant                          Assistant
                                              1.0 FTE                            1.0FTE

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                     2010 - 2011
Service Plan

       3.      2007, 2008 & 2009 STATISTICAL DATA
                                                               2007         2008          2009
        Total Arrivals                                          8573        8192
        Inspections                                              806          743          683
        %                                                      9.40%        9.07%
        P&O Passengers                                        947,646      970,125       936,394
        Ship Sanitation Certificates Issued                      178          297          208
        Income Derived                                       £21,204.00   £43,250.00    £31,050.00
        Defects - Infestations                                    9            6            29
                  - Food Storage                                 906         1296          591
                  - Dirty Equipment/Food Preparation Areas       136          205          167
                  - Faulty Equipment/Fittings                    149          202           56

        Permits – Total                                          22          23*           21*
        Permits – Issued                                          -           1              -
        Income Derived                                       £19,831.25   £18,431.00    £15,035.75
        Inspections                                              69           49
        Statutory Nuisance Investigations:-
        Dust                                                    29           36            18
        Smell                                                    -           1             3
        Noise                                                   2            3             1
        Paint Spraying                                           -            -             -
        Smoke                                                   1            11             -
        Spillage                                                1             -             -
        Insect/Rodents Infestation                              1            4             4

        Standby calls/callouts:-
        Animals                                                930          832           754
        Illness                                                 2            1              -
        Dead Bodies                                              -           2              -
        Immigration                                              -            -             -
        Ship Sanitation Certificates                            2            2             1
        Animal Arrivals                                       18,183       46,716        11,066
        Pollution Complaint (out of hours)                       -           1              -
        Food Inspection                                          -            -            2

        Products of animal origin – BIP consignments:
        Kgs                                                  2,129,464     271,977       439,078
        Products not of animal origin:
        Kgs                                                  46,152,073   34,254,092    21,702,791
        CVEDS issued                                             99            19           9
        Income derived                                       £12,582.32    £2,102.30     £4819.43
        Fish Landing Charges (from 1/4/07)                   £ 1,373.91         -            -

        Samples submitted to:-
        a)     HPA Laboratory                                   7            12             1
        b)     Analyst                                          43           42             6
        Labelling defects                                       11           21             1

        a) Legionella                                            8            4             5

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                         2010 - 2011
Service Plan

        b)    Bacteriological                                    315             423           433
        Income derived                                        £8,325.00        £12,080      £13,025.00
        Total                                                     8              18            1
        Income Derived                                         £360.00         £810.00       £45.00

        USDA AUDIT (Cold store)
        Income derived                                        £5,227.38        £4,709.34    £5632.74

        Income derived                                         £765.00         £850.80       £775.00

        Income derived                                            -                   -         -

       * 1 Permit terminated


              The service objectives of the Authority are set out below;

                    To protect public, animal and environmental health.

                    To maintain and improve where necessary the standards of hygiene on ships
                     and within the port environment.

                    To prevent and control the incidence of infectious disease and food-borne

                    To prevent the importation of foodstuffs which present a danger to human or
                     animal health.

                    To prevent and control pollution within the port environment.

                    To protect the health and welfare of seafarers of all nations.

                    To prevent and control infestations of rodents and insects.

                    To provide an accessible service to assist and guide businesses in
                     understanding legislative requirements and achieving compliance in a fair
                     and equitable environment where trade and commerce can flourish.

                    To work with our stakeholders and partners to provide an effective, efficient
                     and modern “best value” service in every respect.

                    To seek continuous improvement towards excellence in every aspect of our
                     work and in accordance with our “Best Practice” criteria.

                    To be open and accountable in all that we do.

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                         2010 - 2011
Service Plan

                   To monitor our performance and make improvements where necessary.

                   To act in a helpful, courteous and professional manner at all times.

                   To address and investigate complaints promptly, take appropriate action and
                    respond to the complainant in accordance with our documented Policies.

                   To enforce the law in a proportionate manner in accordance with our
                    Enforcement Policies which reflect the provisions of the Statutory Code of
                    Practice for Regulators.

                   To be an “employer of choice” and provide quality jobs which are safe and

                   To provide effective and decisive leadership and communication at all levels.

                   To keep our workplace ethos friendly and mutually respectful.

                   To support our staff in their personal and continuous professional

                   To protect the public and the environment in times of emergency.

                   To engage in Health Promotion activities as an integral part of our duties.

                   To continue with the development, review and implementation of strategies,
                    policies and procedure documents relevant to our work.

                   To review and implement service level agreements, Agency Agreements and
                    Memoranda of Understanding with our partner organisations.

                   To liaise with our partners and stakeholder organisations on a regular basis in
                    furtherance of the aims of consistency of enforcement and joint initiatives.

                   To promote and support the aims and objectives of the Association of Port
                    Health Authorities and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

                   To continue to seek innovative solutions to problems.

                   To promote the Authority in a positive way at every opportunity.

                   To protect commercial confidentiality as appropriate.

                   To inform and advise the Joint Board in a timely manner and work under
                    their direction in accordance with the Standing Orders of the Authority.

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                       2010 - 2011
Service Plan

        5.    KEY ACHIEVEMENTS IN 2009 – 2010

                   Achieved continued compliance with EU Border Inspection Post Animal
                    Health audit requirements.

                   Engaged in further “Peer Review” of the Authority’s Food Control work by
                    means of the Inter-Authority Audits undertaken by members of the Humber
                    Authorities Food Liaison Group in accordance with the Framework
                    Agreement of the Food Standards Agency.

                   Carried out a further review of staffing and operational needs following the
                    retirement of key members of staff. Successfully recruited replacement staff
                    as necessary.

                   Achieved programmed aims and objectives, including all statutory functions
                    within or below budget.

                  Achieved substantial increase in income for certain chargeable services.

                   Continued our “Customer satisfaction” feedback system.

                   Upgraded in-house IT system.

                   Engaged with Association of Port Health Authorities in further development
                    of national IT system for ship inspection including the use of hand-held
                    computers for Inspectors and national ship inspection database.

                   Completed comprehensive review of Authority Policies and Procedures,
                    including our Health & Safety policies.

                   Programmed training and development of staff and annual appraisals

                   Engaged with partners and stakeholders in conformance with legal
                    requirements under Civil Contingencies Act 2004 as “Category 1 Responder”

                   Pursued active role in local meetings and exercises of the Local Resilience
                    Forum and other similar groups in relation to Emergency Planning.

                   Provided full compliance with pollution site visits, complaint responses and
                    permit reviews as detailed in the programme and within agreed timescales.
                    All necessary risk-assessments of Permitted Installations carried out.

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                       2010 - 2011
Service Plan

                   Provided Work Experience placement training for Year 10 students from Hull
                    and East Riding schools.

                   Provided training opportunities for visiting undergraduate student EHPs and
                    graduate medical staff.

                   Engaged as members of the Joint Health Partnership Boards on both banks of
                    the Humber.

                   Engaged with the Port Medical Officer and other stakeholders in a
                    comprehensive review of local port health medical arrangements and
                    provision of core capacities as required at ports by the International Health
                    Regulations 2005. A Local Partnership Agreement was drafted.

                   Carried out cold store, fishery products premises and fishing vessel approval
                    inspections, including inspection visits abroad (See Food Service Plan).

                   All service requests fulfilled within agreed timescales.

                   Achieved full compliance in submitting all statutory returns on pollution
                    control and food control work to the relevant agencies.

                   Continued active membership of the Association of Port Health Authorities
                    (APHA). The Chief Port Health Inspector being elected to the position of Joint
                    Honorary Under Secretary and serving on the Overview & Scrutiny
                    Committee and attending meetings of the Environmental Health & Hygiene
                    Committee, BIP Liaison Committee and the Imported Food Committee.

                   Attended regular meetings of the Port Welfare Committee, the Pest Control
                    Liaison Committee, Humber Authorities Chief Officer Group, the Humber
                    Authorities Food Liaison Group, the Humberside Occupational Health &
                    Safety Group, the Humber Authorities Pollution Liaison Group and the
                    Immingham Environmental Forum.

                   Engaged in further strategic liaison with EU food enforcement agencies in
                    other EU Member States to achieve consistency of enforcement and
                    exchange of information in relation to ship inspections.

                   Full compliance achieved with EU/DEFRA computer data input system

                   Reviewed Service Level Agreements with the Port Analyst and the HPA
                    Bacteriological Laboratory.

                   Successfully engaged with local port operators in securing EU Designated
                    Point of Entry status to enable high-risk food and feed to enter through the

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                        2010 - 2011
Service Plan

       6.     STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES FOR 2010 – 2011

                   To undertake all statutory obligations in line with Government, EU and
                    International requirements and in conformity with Hull & Goole Port Health
                    Authority’s Standing Orders, Policies and Procedures.

                   To monitor all relevant legislative changes which involve changes to our
                    duties and enforcement roles and to provide the means and resources to
                    implement them.

                   To finalise the review of the Port Order.

                  To maintain prudent budget control in line with a “best value” principles.

                   To seek to identify and maximise the income generation opportunities in
                    relation to the Authority’s work.

                   To review all Authority Policies and Procedures in accordance with the
                    Authority’s Internal Monitoring Policy.

                  To ensure that all statutory returns are prepared and submitted to relevant
                  agencies accurately and on time.

                  To improve the performance of the service by:

                   i) Prioritising risk-assessed workload to ensure compliance with targets and
                         statutory duties.

                   ii) Ensuring all documents and databases are reviewed, kept up to date and
                         correctly filed in accordance with the Authority’s Document Control and
                         Internal Monitoring Policies.

                   iii) Continue with the development of the in-house IT facility and website.

                   iv) Continue and enhance the use of hand-held computers for ship
                         inspections to enable consistency of enforcement and more robust risk-
                         assessment methods by reference to the new national ship inspection
                         database and seek links to other similar international databases.

                   v) To undertake a review and upgrade of the Authority’s telephone
                        communications system.

                   vi) Consultation and liaison with stakeholders and customers to ensure that
                         the service is achieving its objectives in the declared timescale.

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                               2010 - 2011
Service Plan

                   vii) Engage further in “Peer Reviews” with partner authorities and other port
                          health authorities.

                   viii) Consolidate the Authority’s compliance with the published Syniad/APHA
                           Good Practice Guide for Port Health and seek improvement where

                   ix) To maintain full compliance with audit requirements of external agencies
                         such as Defra, Animal Health and the Food Standards Agency and to
                         produce Action Plans as necessary.

                   x) To establish closer and more robust working arrangements the local HPA
                        Health Protection Unit and other stakeholders in relation to port health
                        medical arrangements and compliance with the International Health
                        Regulations Core Capacities at ports. To finalise the Local Partnership

                   xi) To maintain full compliance with Internal Audit requirements and produce
                         Action Plans as necessary.

                  To improve the robustness of the service by:

                    i)     Retaining suitably qualified and high calibre members of staff at all

                    ii)    Conducting regular assessments of staff training and development
                           needs in accordance with the Authority’s Policy and providing the
                           means to achieve set goals.

                    iii)   Monitoring of staff performance by regular appraisals and guidance in
                           conformity with the Authority’s Training & Development Policy.

                    iv)    Compliance with the Food Standards Agency Framework Agreement in
                           relation to food control enforcement (See Food Service Plan).

                   To improve the management and governance of the Authority by:

                    i)     Improving service accessibility and flexibility of staff resources.

                    ii)    Further management training for senior officers.

                    iii)   Enhanced performance management.

                    iv)    Engaging in regular, timely and effective communication with joint
                           board Members, including Member awareness training provision by
                           staff members and APHA.

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                         2010 - 2011
Service Plan

                      v)     Regular review of all Agency Agreements, Service Level Agreements and
                             Memoranda of Understanding with external agencies and partners.

                      vi)    To identify and monitor areas of “business risk” and implement
                             effective preventative measures in accordance with the Authority’s Risk
                             Management Strategy.

                      vii)   To enhance and maintain and the “Business Continuity Plan” to address
                             any possible disruption to our services.

                      viii) To provide for more effective mobile working including remote access
                            to the Authority’s IT server.

                      ix)    Close adherence to “best value” principles.

                      x)     Maintain the enhancement of the Authority’s profile and reputation at
                             every opportunity.

          7. FOOD SERVICE PLAN 2010 - 2011

              1.      Service Aims and Objectives

              2.      Background

              3.      Service Delivery

              4.      Resources

              5.      Quality Assessment

              6.      Review of Services

              7.      Document Review

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority        2010 - 2011
Service Plan

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                         2010 - 2011
Service Plan


              1.1   Aims

                    The principal aim of this Authority is to work with businesses, consumers,
                    stakeholders and partners to protect the health of the public by promoting,
                    securing and enforcing high standards of hygiene and food safety in all
                    relevant food premises (including ships) and imported food in the Authority's
                    area. We also aim to play our part in the protection of animal health.

              1.2   Objectives

                    a)     To monitor and control in relation to composition, both chemical and
                           bacteriological, and labelling of imported food.
                    b)     The detection of 100% of imported foods so declared on vessel
                    c)     The detection of imported foods not so declared on vessel manifests.
                    d)     The detection of EU foods subject to food hazard warnings.
                    e)     By sampling imported food by means of a structured sampling
                    f)     To ensure that no unfit, unwholesome or non-compliant food enters
                           the UK or EU through the ports within the Authority’s area.
                    g)     To participate in national and local food sampling programmes when
                    h)     To provide an effective, planned risk-based inspection programme for
                           all food premises in the district, to include all land based premises and
                           a proportion of vessels coming into the Authority's area.
                    i)     To investigate promptly and thoroughly all food complaints
                           made to the Authority.
                    j)     To investigate all cases of suspected food poisoning made
                           known to the Authority.
                    k)     To advise and assist all persons handling food of relevant Food
                           Legislation pertinent to the establishment or consignment.
                    l)     To ensure all food premises and vessels have an adequate and
                           wholesome supply of potable water.
                    m)     To liaise with other Port Health Authorities, The Association of Port
                           Health Authorities, The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health,
                           Central Government Departments, Auditors, stakeholders and visiting
                           members of the EU Commission to ensure compliance.
                    n)     To deliver a quality service in line with corporate and professional

              1.3   Links to Corporate Objectives and Plans

                    This Authority's function is to provide a port health service to the ports of
                    Hull and Goole and to all premises, vessels, wharfs, jetties and quaysides
                    within the defined Port Health District. The objectives include services to

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                        2010 - 2011
Service Plan

                    shipping, environmental protection, infectious disease control, the safe
                    production of food and the safe importation of food and products of animal
                    origin from countries outside the EU. Therefore the holistic approach of the
                    Authority means that the food functions of the Authority are inevitably linked
                    to most of the other functions carried out. This Food Service Plan should be
                    read in conjunction with the Authority’s Service Plan 2010 – 2011.

              1.4   The Authority’s food service is overseen and subject to audit by the Food
                    Standards Agency (FSA) in furtherance of the national Framework
                    Agreement. The Authority received a comprehensive Imported Food Control
                    audit by the FSA in December 2003. Full compliance was achieved. The EU
                    Field Veterinary Office (FVO) is responsible for the audit of the EU Border
                    Inspection Post (BIP) in Hull to check compliance with rigorous EU standards.
                    This Authority is responsible for the checking of Third Country imports of
                    products of animal origin at the Hull BIP. The last such full audit was carried
                    out in October 2001 and full compliance was demonstrated.

              1.5   DEFRA are the UK Central Competent Authority, and the Animal Health
                    service carry out regular compliance audits of the EU BIP at Hull. There are
                    currently no outstanding matters requiring attention and the BIP operates in
                    full compliance to EU standards.

              1.6   The Authority is an active member of the Humber Authorities Food Liaison
                    Group which meets regularly to ensure consistency of enforcement and
                    sharing of information and training. The Authority benefits from involvement
                    in annual “Peer Reviews” by virtue of “Inter-Authority Audits” carried out by
                    Food Liaison Group Members. All subsequent action points have been
                    addressed and full compliance achieved.

              1.7   The Authority is a Board Member of both the North & South Humber Joint
                    Health Partnership Boards.

              1.8   The Authority is a member of the Association of Port Health Authorities
                    (APHA) which is the national representative body for sea and airport health
                    authorities in the UK. The Chief Port Health Inspector was elected as Joint
                    Honorary Under-Secretary of the Association and re-elected in 2009 to serve
                    on the APHA Overview and Scrutiny Committee. APHA has various technical
                    committees including the Border Inspection Post Committee and the
                    Imported Food Committee. These provide for best practice, the
                    dissemination of information to officers and consistency of enforcement.

             1.9    The Chief Port Health Inspector is Project Leader of an APHA group which has
                    provided a national APHA database for recording ship inspection data. This
                    has progressed well during 2009 and has extended to the inclusion of hand-
                    held computers for field officers carrying out ship inspections. The system,
                    known as SIMS (Ship Inspection Management System), enables web-based
                    mobile inspection data capture and instant transmission of data to the

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                        2010 - 2011
Service Plan

                    national database, ships, owners/agents and other stakeholders. This greatly
                    assists with compliance with the Government’s demand (under the Hampton
                    Report) for a more robust inspection risk-assessment method together with
                    vast improvements in consistency of enforcement. The long-term goal is to
                    link all UK authorities to the system followed by the possible inclusion of
                    other countries worldwide.

         2.   BACKGROUND

              2.1   Jurisdiction

                    The Port Health Authority is responsible for waters abutting upon Kingston
                    upon Hull City Council, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Selby District
                    Council, City of York Council, North Lincolnshire Council, Bassetlaw District
                    Council, West Lindsey District Council and theoretically Newark and
                    Sherwood District Council.

                    The area includes Saltend Jetties, Hull Docks, River Hull Wharfs, Hessle
                    Haven, Goole Docks and Wharfs, Selby and Barlby Wharfs, Gainsborough
                    Wharfs and Wharfs at Howdendyke, Grove, Gunness, Neap House, Burton
                    Stather, Keadby, Flixborough, Barrow Haven, New Holland and Beckingham.
                    There are also Jetties at North and South Killingholme, the Humber
                    International Terminal, Immingham and New Holland.

                    Collectively the Humber ports complex handles the largest tonnage
                    throughput in the UK. Approximately 1 million passengers use the Port of Hull
                    each year.

                    The upward trend is set to continue following the enlargement of the EU and
                    increase in trade with North Sea and Baltic countries.

              2.2   Organisational Structure

                    a)     The Authority is a Joint Board funded by agreed levies paid annually
                           by Kingston Hull City Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council and
                           North Lincolnshire Council.

                    b)     The person responsible, under delegated powers from the Joint Board,
                            for the delivery of the food service is the Chief Port Health Inspector
                            who is the designated “Lead Officer” for food safety enforcement. He
                            is assisted by the Deputy Chief Port Health Inspector, 2.5 FTE Port
                            Health Inspectors, 1 Technical Assistant and 2 Administrative

                           The Official Veterinary Surgeon is available on a part time basis as
                           required at the Hull EU Border Inspection Post.

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                         2010 - 2011
Service Plan

                    c)     The samples taken by the Authority are sent to the Health Protection
                           Agency Laboratory in Leeds in accordance with the Service Level
                           Agreement and/or the Port Analyst, (Eurofins) for microbiological
                           and/or chemical analysis (Service Level Agreement in place).

                    d)     Medical advice is obtained from the appointed Port Medical Officer
                           and other Medical Officers who are listed by the relevant Health
                           Protection Agency (HPA) Health Protection Unit. The HPA have overall
                           responsibility, under the International Health Regulations 2005 and
                           associated UK law, for port health policy in the UK.

              2.3   Scope of the Food Service

                    The Authority is a Food Authority under the Food Safety Act 1990 and has
                    responsibility for all food enforcement within the Port Health Authority's area
                    of jurisdiction (the Port Health District). These responsibilities include:-

                    a)     Food premises inspections of cafes, restaurants, passenger vessels,
                           cargo vessels, fishing vessels, cold stores, fish auction house and dock
                           landing facilities.

                    b)     Approval and inspection of food business premises, factory and
                           freezer trawlers as required under EU and UK legislation (See 2.4).

                    c)     Food safety complaint investigations.

                    d)     Food poisoning investigations.

                    e)     Food and water sampling.

                    f)     Food inspection including imported foods and all products of animal
                           origin coming from outside the EU.

                    Hull is an EU Border Inspection Post (No. 07.141.99) for the importation of
                    products of animal origin under the supervision of the Official Veterinary
                    Surgeon and the Chief Port Health Inspector. Guidance by DEFRA, the central
                    competent authority, is provided by the Animal Health service. The Official
                    Inspectors for imported fish and fishery products are the Port Health
                    Inspectors under the guidance of the Food Standards Agency.

                    The EU Border Inspection Post (BIP) has a dedicated inspection facility at 18
                    Shed, King George Dock, Hull. This is provided by Associated British Ports, as
                    the BIP operator. There is close liaison in all aspects of imported food control
                    with HM Revenue & Customs. A Memorandum of Understanding exists
                    between both parties.

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                          2010 - 2011
Service Plan

                    The ports of Hull and Goole are Designated Points of Entry (No. UK DP 07)
                    under EU legislation for the importation of non-animal high-risk food and
                    feed products. Other non-animal imported foods are generally dealt with by
                    reference to the Official Feed & Food Controls (England) Regulations 2007
                    which prohibit the importation from a third country (non EU) of food which
                    fails to comply with food safety requirements or is unsound or unwholesome.
                    Authorised officers are assisted in their judgement by referring samples of
                    imported food to the Port Analyst or the microbiological Food Examiner.

                    The Authority has the responsibility for certifying Certificates of Inspection of
                    organic food products on entry to the EU. This is a chargeable service.

                    From 1 January 2010 our Inspectors have the responsibility for checking that
                    all imported fish consignments have a valid Catch Certificate, designed to
                    prevent, deter, detect and eliminate Illegal, unreported and unregulated
                    fishing worldwide. A charge per consignment will be made for this service.

              2.4   Demands of the Food Service

                    a)     The Authority works normal office hours during the week, however
                           Inspectors are available at all times by virtue of an out of hours
                           standby rota.

                    b)     There are (at January 2010) the following registered food premises:-

                              Chilled Inspection Facility, 18 Shed, King George Dock, Hull.
                               Associated British Ports, Port House, Northern Gateway, Hull, HU9
                              ABP Connect Hull Cold Store, Corporation Road, King George Dock,
                               Hull, HU9 5NF. (Approval No XA 007)
                              AJK, Neptune Street, Hull. (Approval No XA 009)
                              Fishgate (Hull Fish Auction Ltd), William Wright Dock, Hull,
                               HU1 2 ET (Approval No XA 008)
                              AarhusKarlshamn UK Ltd, King George Dock, Hull, HU9 5PX
                              Euro Terminal, Harding Bulk Handling, Alexandra Dock, Hull, HU9
                              Frontier Agriculture, King George Dock, Hull, HU9 5PR.
                              ABP Hull, Common and Priority use Sheds on Hull Docks.
                              Hull Container Terminal, 25 Shed, King George/(QE) Docks, Hull,
                               HU9 5PB.
                              ABP Goole - Dock Sheds, Goole Docks.
                              Kerfoot, Goole Docks
                              Westway Terminals, King George Dock, Hull, HU9 5PR.
                              Tate and Lyle, King George Dock West, Hull.
                              Tate and Lyle, King George Dock East, Hull.
                              Harding Cargo Handling, Albert Dock, Hull, HU1 2DS

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                          2010 - 2011
Service Plan

                                 NW Trading (Humber) Ltd, 22 Shed, King George Dock, Hull,
                                  HU9 5PR
                                 NW Trading (Humber) Ltd, 10 Shed, Riverside Terminal, Goole
                                 NW Trading (Humber) Ltd, Dock Silos, Albert Street, Goole
                                  DN14 5SY
                                 Stantons Catering Services, Fishgate, William Wright Dock, Hull,
                                  HU1 2ET
                                 AarhusKarlshamn UK Ltd, Staff Canteen, King George Dock, Hull,
                                  HU9 5PX
                                 Eurest Catering, P&O Ferries Terminal, King George Dock, Hull,
                                  HU9 5AQ
                                 Snack Bar at rear of Global Shipping Offices, Alexandra Dock, Hull.
                                  (Mr C Hayward)
                                 Cranswick Country Foods, c/o AJK, Neptune Street, Hull
                                 William Jackson Bakery, c/o AJK, Neptune Street, Hull

                    c) Other food premises inspected by the Authority include:-

                           i)        683 vessel inspections for the year 2009.
                           ii)       3 Hull registered Freezer trawlers which are granted EU
                                     Approval by the Authority;
                                     Marbella – Approval No. XA 005
                                     Cornelis Vrolijk FZN – Approval No. XA 004
                                     Atlantic Princess – Approval No. XX 006
                           iii)      1 Hull registered Factory trawler which is granted EU Approval
                                     by the Authority;
                                     Arctic Warrior – Approval No. XA 003

                    c) Imported food has a major impact on the Authority's food service. The
                       numbers of imported items are broken down in the table listed below.

                                                                             2008          2009
                               Weight of Food Landed                      34,523,069    22,141,869
                               Imported Fish and Fish Products              271,977       439,078
                               Number of Containers Deferred Inland            0             0
                               Formal Detentions                               1             0
                               Informal Detentions                            56            47
                               Consignments Rejected                           2             2
                               Voluntary Surrender                             2             2
                               Groupage Containers Investigated               56            30
                               Groupage Containers Containing Food             2             3

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                       2010 - 2011
Service Plan

                    e)     The Authority's offices are open 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to
                           Thursday and 8.30am to 4.30pm on Fridays. An emergency out-of-
                           hours system operates at all other times.

              2.5   Enforcement Policy

                    The Hull & Goole Port Health Authority has a documented Food Safety
                    Enforcement Policy available on request and can be downloaded from the
                    Authority’s website along with this Service Plan.

       3.     SERVICE DELIVERY

              3.1   This Authority aims to carry out all inspections of food premises and sampling
                    of food and imported food in accordance with the Food Safety Act, Food
                    Hygiene Regulations, Official Feed & Food Controls Regulations, Products of
                    Animal Origin Regulations, Contaminants in Food Regulations, other relevant
                    EU food law and the Food Law Code of Practice and guidance documents.

              2.2   The profile of the Authority's food premises is as follows:-

                           Chilled inspection facility           1
                           Cold store                            4
                           Fish Auction House                    1
                           Dock sheds and Storage Tanks         13
                           Restaurants/Canteens/Cafes            2
                           Snack Bar                             2
                           Factory                               1

              3.3   This Authority does not act as "home authority" for any land-based food

              3.4   Whilst the Authority strives to provide relevant advice to food businesses on
                    request it should be stressed that all such advice is given in good faith and
                    should be qualified by reference to independent legal advice.

              3.5   In 2009 no food complaints were received.

              3.6   In 2009 the Authority submitted 1 bacteriological and 7 analytical food
                    samples of imported food products.

              3.7   In 2009 the Authority submitted 433 bacteriological samples of potable water
                    from vessels and hydrants supplying such water.

              3.8   This Authority investigates all suspected and laboratory confirmed cases of
                    food poisoning and all other cases of food borne illness in consultation with
                    the Port Medical Officer of Health.

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                         2010 - 2011
Service Plan

              3.9     Food safety incidents. All food hazard warnings and rapid alerts received by
                      the Authority are actioned and dealt with under the requirements of the
                      Authority's Food Hazard Warnings Procedure and Code of Practice. Many of
                      the warnings given relate to food products not retailed in our area; however
                      each must be assessed to ascertain their relevance to this Authority.
                      Imported food products also have their own electronic rapid alert warning
                      system and these must also be similarly assessed for their relevance to this
                      Authority. Any action taken is recorded.

              3.10    This Authority has representatives on the following bodies and committees
                      relevant to the food service:-

                      Association of Port Health Authorities (APHA):
                      A.P.H.A.       Overview & Scrutiny Committee
                      A.P.H.A.       Imported Food Committee
                      A.P.H.A.       Environmental Health and Hygiene Committee
                      A.P.H.A.       Border Inspection Post Committee
                      C.I.E.H.       Port Health Special Interest Group

                      Humber Ports Welfare Committee
                      Humberside Area Liaison Committee for Pest Control
                      Humberside Zoonoses Liaison Committee
                      Humber Authorities Food Liaison Group
                      North Humber Health Protection Partnership Board
                      South Humber Health Protection Partnership Board
                      Humberside Occupational Health & Safety Group
                      Humber Region Chief Environmental Health Officers Group

              3.11    The Authority has limited funds to pursue food safety promotions, however
                      attention is paid to the fact that annually approximately one million
                      passengers pass though the Hull P&O passenger terminals. In 2009-2010 we
                      engaged with local stakeholders in the very successful “ Give Soap a Chance”
                      campaign aimed at highlighting the importance of regular and effective hand

              3.12     The training needs of the staff are monitored by the Chief Port Health
                      Inspector in accordance with the Training Policy & Procedure in order that
                      annual training needs and CPD requirements are fulfilled. A documented
                      individual training record is maintained.


              4.1     All duties undertaken by the Authority are reviewed at least annually with the
                     aim of best practice, continuous improvement and “Best Value”.

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                       2010 - 2011
Service Plan

              4.2   A computer system is installed and databases of the Authority's work have
                    been produced in-house. The central computer holding the databases allows
                    interrogation by different computers throughout the office. The restriction of
                    users, in line with the Authority's procedure to minimise the corruption of
                    information kept on computers is in place.

              4.3   The quality and accuracy of work undertaken by all staff is subject to review
                    by the Chief Port Health Inspector and Peer Review in accordance with the
                    Internal Monitoring Procedure.
                    A programme of annual Inter Authority Audits has been in existence since
                    2003 under the guidance of Humber Authorities Food Liaison Group and with
                    reference to the Chief Officers Group.


              5.1   During the year 2009 this Authority carried out 100% of its programmed food
                    premises inspections.

              5.2   In 2009 100% of food complaints made to the Authority and 100% of alleged
                    incidents of food poisoning were investigated.

              5.3   The Authority has its own web-site. The development of this is on-going and
                    the content includes pages dedicated to Imported Food Control and Food
                    Hygiene with downloadable service documents, including this Service Plan.

              5.4   The Chief Port Health Inspector reviewed our Service Level with the Port
                    Analyst (Eurofins).

              5.5   As an EU Border Inspection Post (BIP), the Authority is required to appoint
                    and secure the services of an Official Veterinary Surgeon (OVS) to carry out
                    inspections of products of animal origin, excluding Fishery Products, at the
                    Hull BIP. Our OVS is employed on an “as required” basis.
                    The “Food Examiner” for the Authority is based at the HPA UKAS accredited
                    laboratory in Leeds.

              5.6   The Authority provides a service for ships water samples taken at the request
                    of the ship. We issue a sample report/certificate.

                     Imported food samples of animal origin are the subject of cost recovery
                    through the BIP charges levied on importers by the Authority. Such charges
                    are based on harmonised EU scales which are the subject of annual review.

              5.7   The EU regulations include the provision for a charging mechanism to be
                    applied to certain high-risk imported food consignments arriving in the
                    Designated Points of Entry at Hull and Goole.

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                         2010 - 2011
Service Plan

              5.8    The Products of Animal Origin (Third Country Imports) Regulations 2006 (as
                     amended 2008) provide the legislative framework for the enforcement of
                     controls at the Hull EU Border Inspection Post. This includes legal
                     responsibility for the control of international catering waste from ships,
                     especially important in the control of animal diseases such as foot & mouth
                     disease throughout our large area.

                     The EU computer system for Veterinary Checks at BIPs (TRACES) continues its
                     development and all Common Veterinary Entry Documents (CVEDs) relating
                     to consignments presented to the BIP must be completed and submitted to
                     the Authority via the TRACES system. We have and will continue to assist
                     importers in this objective.

              5.9    The Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 provide a greater level of harmonisation
                     across the EU, being based on EU Regulations. The aim is to provide a “Farm
                     to Fork” approach to food safety and these regulations are supported by the
                     Official Feed & Food Regulations. The Authority has responsibility for the
                     approval of certain specified establishments such as cold stores and fishery
                     products establishments, including factory and freezer trawlers within our
                     area. (See para 2.4). The legislation is also supported by the revised FSA Food
                     Law Code of Practice.

                     It should be remembered that ships are defined in legislation as “food
                     premises” and as such are within the scope of our inspection programme
                     under the Food Hygiene Regulations and the International Health
                     Regulations, ratified by the World Health Organization in 2005. Throughout
                     2009 APHA has been involved with providing a standard UK ship inspection
                     format. This inspection format also supports the issue of Ship Sanitation
                     Certificates in line with international and UK law. The templates for these
                     inspection forms are used in the SIMS IT system referred to above.

                     The local HPA Health Protection Unit produced a Community
                     Outbreak/Incident Plan in 2005 as a guide to all local authorities and port
                     health authorities. This includes food related outbreaks/incidents and is a
                     valuable aid in achieving a consistent and measured approach. The Joint HPU
                     & Local Authorities Policy on Controlling Gastro-Intestinal Infection was
                     updated in February 2006.

              5.10   In 2009 our officers responded promptly to 2 cases of alleged food poisoning
                     reported to the Authority. A thorough investigation took place and there was
                     no evidence to link the alleged incident to food served on board ships or
                     other premises in our area.

              5.11   Following Board approval our officers commenced in October 2006 with a
                     programme of monthly audits of a cold-store based on King George Dock,
                     Hull. This chargeable service is carried out as a service request to enable the
                     premises to maintain its licence to export meat to the USA.

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority                                                      2010 - 2011
Service Plan

       6.     DOCUMENT REVIEW

              6.1    This Service Plan shall be the subject of a review by the Chief Port Health
                     Inspector, at least annually or as necessary, to meet any new legislation
                     and/or guidance issued by the Food Standards Agency or other recognised
                     Government body and in compliance with the Authority’s Document Control
                     Policy (DC/1) and the Internal Monitoring Policy (IMP/1).


                                   Head Office:
                                 257 Hessle Road,
                                Kingston upon Hull,
                                     HU3 4BE
                              (above Barclays Bank)
                    (08:30 – 5:00 Mon-Thurs., 08:30 – 4:30 Fri)

                             Chief Port Health Inspector,
                            Laurence H Dettman, MCIEH

                              Tel: 01482 324776
                              Fax: 01482 219275

                             Emergency out of hours: -
                          Tel: 0870 2385231 – Pager 767056

Hull & Goole Port Health Authority        2010 - 2011
Service Plan


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