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                             ALLAHABAD BANK
                               Zonal Office : Budh Marg,
                             Patna- Gaya Road, Patna-80001


Allahabad Bank invites pre-qualification applications from Civil Engineering Contractors
/firms of repute who are executing electrical works in building also, for construction of
Bank’s proposed office and hostel building and addition/alteration of existing building at
Budh Marg, Patna.

Estimated cost of work :-Rs.615.00 lacs (Approx)

Scope of work :-

The scope of work includes construction of Bank’s proposed Office & Hostel building
with RCC foundation, RCC structural work, general Civil, plumbing, sanitary works,
structural glazing, addition & alteration, site development, landscaping and entire
electrical work etc. All the above works are covered in a single contract on item rate basis
as per specifications & drawing provided to eligible pre qualified contractors.

Basic criteria for pre-qualification of Contractors:

Reputed Civil Engineering contractors /firms who have successfully executed similar
types of works, may apply for pre-qualification provided they satisfy the terms &
conditions as stipulated hereunder.

       1. Intending firms/contractors should have successfully completed similar type
          of works as under as on 31.07.2010 for Government/PSUs/financial
          institutions/Banks, reputed corporate etc. during last seven years.

            i)     One similar works each costing not less than Rs 492.00 Lacs.
            ii)    Two similar works each costing not less than Rs 308.00 Lacs.
            iii)   Three similar works each costing not less than Rs 246.00 Lacs.

            Similar works means RCC basement, RCC foundation, RCC structural work,
            general Civil, plumbing, sanitary , site development and Electrical work of
            office/residential buildings for Government/PSUs/financial institutions/
            Banks, reputed corporate etc.

          2. Intending contractors/firms should be aware of rules & regulations regarding
             execution of similar type of construction work in Patna and successfully
             completed at least one similar type of job in Patna or nearby area. Completion
             certificate of the work executed in Patna or nearby area should be attached
             with the application form.

          3. Intending firms/contractors must have sufficient experienced personal,
             Engineers both civil and electrical Engineering, technical know how,
             establishment, plants/equipment to complete the project well in time.
          4. Intending firms/contractors should have average annual turn over during
             the last three years ending as on 31.08.2010 for construction works should
             be at least Rs 185.00 lacs.
          5. Intending contractors/firms should be financially capable & should submit
             latest solvency certificate for an amount of Rs 185.00 Lacs from any
             scheduled Bank.

2. The interested Firms may apply in the prescribed format (as per Annexure I)

The eligible contractors / firms may obtain prescribed format from :-

     a)      Bank’s Zonal Office, Patna, Property Department at the above address during
             working hours (from 10.30 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday and 10.30
             AM to 2 PM on Saturday)

     b)      May be downloaded from the WEBSITE       or

     The complete applications on duly filled prescribed format along with all necessary
     particulars as stated in the prescribed format like attested copies of completion
     certificate / credentials for all the works mentioned in the applications, certificate
     from Charted Accountant for average annual turnover along with copies of last three
     years balance sheets and bank’s solvency certificate should be submitted in a sealed
     cover superscribing “Prequalification of Contractors/Firms for construction of
     bank‟s Building at Budh Marg, Patna” at the following address on or before 3.00
     PM, 30/10/2010. Applications will be opened at 4.00 PM at the address given below.
     The interested firms may depute their representative in bid opening process.

                                     The Dy. General Manager,
                                     Allahabad Bank,
                                     Zonal Office,
                                      Budh Marg, Patna-Gaya Road

1.        Selection will be made based on particulars and documents furnished by the
          applicant as required and satisfactory verification carried out by the Bank through
          past employers. Incomplete information in the application will lead to summarily
          rejection of application. If any information furnished by the applicant is found
          incorrect at a later stage, the firm shall be liable to be debarred from tendering /
          taking up the work.
2.    Issue of tender documents to the contractors/firms for the project will be restricted
      to those considered eligible from the applicants of this process and no further
      press notice will be issued.

3.    For any other clarification, intending agencies may contact at the above
      mentioned address before the last date of submission during working hours as
      mentioned above.

4.    Incomplete applications and applications not filled properly with requisite details
      are liable for rejection and Bank will not entertain any further communication in
      such cases.

5.    The Bank reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications with out
      assigning any reasons whatsoever

                                                            Dy.General Manager.
                                                            Zonal Office, Patna

# Please put date which will be at least three weeks from the date of publication
of ‘AD’ in the News papers.



1) Name of the Organisation

2) Address & Tel./Mobile no.

3) Year of Establishment

4) Status of the firm
(Whether Company/Firm/Proprietary)

5) Name of Directors/ Partners/Proprietor.




6) Whether registered with the Registrar of Companies/
   Registrar of Firms. If so, mention number and date.

7) a) Name and address of Bankers.

          i)                         ii)

          ii)                        iv)

   b) Enclose latest Solvency Certificate from the Bankers.

8) Whether registered for sales tax purposes. If so, mention number and date.
   Furnish also copies of sales tax clearance certificate.

9) Whether an assessee of Income Tax. If so, mention permanent account number.
   Furnish copies of Income Tax clearance Certificate.

10) Furnish copies of audited Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account (Audited) for
    the last three years.
    11) Average annual financial turn over of the firm during last three years , ending as
        on 31.03.09 for construction work.              Rs

    12) If you are registered in the panel of other Organizations/ Statutory Bodies, such as
        CPWD, PWD. MES, Banks etc., furnish their names, category and date of
        registration in Performa 1.

    13) What are your fields of activities? Mention the fields on preference basis.

              i)                          ii)
              ii)                         iv)

    14) Detailed description and value of works done in last seven years as on
       28.02.2010.Please attach copies of completion certificate of each work
       mention in the preformed.

       (As per Performa –2 in a separate sheet)

    15) Specify the maximum value of work executed in a year.

    16) Are you aware of rules & regulations regarding execution of similar type of
        construction work in Mumbai & successfully completed at least one similar type
        of job in Mumbai or nearby area under Municipal corporation of greater Mumbai
        (MCGM) ? Completion certificate of the work executed in Mumbai or nearby
        area should be attach.
                                                                       YES / NO

    17) Furnish the names with address of three responsible persons who will be in a
        position to certify about the quality as well as past performance of your

       i)                                               ii)


    18) Other relevant information (As per performa –3&4)

Note: Where copies are required to be furnished these are to be certified copies
preferably by the concerned agencies or a Government Officer.

Place ____________

                                                     Name & Signature with seal
Date _____________

                                                           Enclosure to Annexure „A‟

                                PROFORMA – 1

                              Details of Registration

Sn.     Name of the        Category         Date of        Brief details of     Remarks
      Organization and    under which     Registration     works handled for
          address          registered     and validity     the organization
1            2                 3               4                    5                  6

                                   S i g n a t u r e with seal

Note: - Relevant documentary evidence to be enclosed.

                                                             Enclosure to Annexure „A‟

                            PROFORMA –2

SN Name      of   Short         Name      Value of work       Stipulated time   Actual time   Name of
   work/Project   Description   &         Executed      in    of Completion     of            Architect/
   with           of    work    Address   last seven years    With date of      Completion    Consulting
   Address        Executed      of        (more than the      commencement      with date     Engineer.
                                Owner     value                                 of
                                          mentioned in                          completion
                                          criteria      of
                                          work only)
1        2            3           4                5                6               7             8

                                                      Name and Signature with Seal

                                                  Enclosure to Annexure „A‟



SN   Name           Designation Qualification Experience Years    Any
                                                         with the other
1           2            3           4            5          6        7

                                               Name and Signature with Seal

                                                           Enclosure to Annexure „A‟


                       OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION

SL.No.         Particulars

   i)     WORK FORCE

   Permanently Employed         No.        Any other             Years with the firm.

          a)   Masons.
          b)   Carpenters.
          c)   Mechanics
          d)   Electricians
          e)   Mate/Helpers
          f)   Others.


   Location Land Area         Type of Structure   Type of Facilities.



   iii)   List of major constructional equipment
          in possession of the firm.

   iv)    List type and quantity of shuttering material in possession of the firm

                                                       Name and Signature with Seal

ALLAHABAD BANK                                                                                   Zonal Office,
 (A GOVERNMENT OF INDIA UNDERTAKING)                                                       Budh Marg, Patna-Gaya Road
H.O. 2,N.S.Road, KOLKATA- 700 001                                                                 PATNA - 800001
                                                   A Tradition of Trust                              Phone – 2234502

ZO/PAT/PROP/185                                                                    Date: 07.10.2010

The Chief Manager,
Department of Information Technology,
Head Office.

Dear Sir,

      Publication of Notice for Pre-Qualification of Contractors /Firms

         We enclose the hard & soft copies of notice for pre-qualification of

contractors/Firms for construction of Bank’s proposed building at Patna Branch .

You are requested to kindly make arrangements to publish the same on the

Bank’s Website.

                                                                                              Yours faithfully,

                                                                                                Chief Manager

CC: The Chief Manager,
     Core Group Department,
     Head Office.


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