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					May 16, 2007


All Branch Manager and Sub-Brokers

This is to inform all our valuable clients that we have facilitated an interface to our Backoffice
(Steelpack) through our web site ( to view your transactions on a daily
basis. This is to enhance our services at your convenience to access our Back-office. Presently we
are providing information on Stock and Commodity Trading, Accounts and DP. We are also putting
our efforts to provide more details/information regarding our Back-office in all support very soon.

We also need your valuable feedback on the above to refine further and serve your needs more

Please fill-up the log-in form available in our Website/FTP/FORMATS to get access to online Back-
office through your internet account. Once we receive hard copy (log-in form) of your request, we
will be sending the password to your email address maximum of two working days.

Assuring you the best of our services at all times.

Thanking you,


General Manager – IT
                                     Online Back-office Client Log-in form
User Id                          :                                                          (Existing User Id)

Trading A/c No                   :
                                                             NSDL/CDSL (DP Client ID)
DP Details (SCSL)                :
Email Address                    :
                       Agreement between the Participant and the Client for providing the
                                   Transaction Statement through Internet
  This agreement made and entered into this __________________ day of           iv.      In case the Client opts for transaction statement through
                                                                                         email, it shall immediately inform the Participant about
  ___________20_____ betweenMr./Mrs/ Ms____ __________________                           change in email address, if any. The Participant shall
                                                                                         verify and confirm with the Client about the change.
  __________________situated at _______________________________                          Further, the Participant shall confirm with the Client
                                                                                         about validity of the email address atleast once in a year.
  ___________________________________________ (hereinafter called               v.       The Client agrees not to receive Transaction Statement in
  “the Client”) and M/s Steel City Securities Ltd, Registered office at 49-              paper form from the Participant. Provided however that,
  52-5/4,Shanthipuram, Visakhapatnam-530016 (hereinafter called “the                     in case when the Participant is not able to provide
  Participant”).                                                                         Transaction Statement to its Clients through internet
                                Witnesseth                                               (web-based / email) due to any unforeseen problems, the
                                                                                         Participant should ensure that the Transaction Statement
  WHEREAS the Client has permitted the Participant to provide the                        reaches to the Client in physical form as per the time
  transaction statement through internet (web-based and/or email).                       schedule stipulated in the Bye Laws & Business Rules of
  NOW THEREFORE in consideration of the Participant having agreed                        NSDL.
  to provide the transaction statement through internet (web-based and/or       vi.     The Participant and the Client shall have the right to
  email), both the parties to the agreement hereby covenant and agree as                terminate this agreement after giving a notice of atleast
  follows :                                                                             10 days to the other party.
  i.          The Participant shall install adequate systems to restrict the    vii.   The above terms and conditions are in addition to and not
              access of the transaction statement only to the Client.                  in contravention of the terms and conditions forming a part
  ii.         The Client shall take all the necessary steps to ensure                  of the “AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE PARTICIPANT
              confidentiality and secrecy of the login name and password.              AND THE PERSON SEEKING TO OPEN AN
  iii.        The Client is aware that the transaction statement may be                ACCOUNT WITH THE PARTICIPANT” signed by the
             accessed by other entities in case the confidentiality / secrecy          Client at the time of opening the account with the
             of the login name and password is compromised.                            Depository.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Participant and the Client has caused these presents to be executed as of the day and year first above written.

_______________________________                                                        ____________________________
(Signature of the Client)                                                                    (Witness)

__________________________                                                             __________________________
(for and on behalf of)                                                                              (Witness)
Note : The User Id and auto-generated password will be communicated through your email id within 2 working days from the date of your
application received at Head office. We are not responsible for misuse of your password without your knowledge.

For Official Use Only
Branch                                                  :
Signature Verified By                                   :
Trading A/c No(s) Verified by                           :
Demat A/c No(s) Verified by                             :
Password generated on                                   :
Open the SCSL Web site :

Click on <Client Login> Link on the home page – See below.
The Application Login Screen will be popped up where you will enter the Customer Id and the
password provided (through your email as specified in the application).

                                     Input the User Name
                                     & Password in this
                                                                             & Logout

                                                  Select Module (Net
                                                  positions, Ledger,
                                                  Holdings, etc…)

                                     Select Dates and Options
                                     and Click on GO…….
In the application main window, you will see the

Main menu along with Change Password & Logout links.

The Main menu has two links – Capital market and Commodities Mkt Under which you will see
the Links to “Confirmation”, “Net Positions”, “Ledger” & “Holdings” as seen in the above screen

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