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					                The Baby Beebee Bird
                          By Diane Redfield Massie

                          Pictures By Steven Kellogg

                                A WebQuest for K-1
                                 Math- Telling Time
Welcome to the zoo!         Designed by – Melanie Schaffer
Your Mission
Things You Will Need
                           EDTL 680 – Information Literacy
What You Need To Do           for Teaching and Learning –
How did you do?                     Summer 2007
What a great zookeeper!
                               Based on a template from The
Standards                              WebQuest Page
Teacher Notes
 You are the new
  zookeeper. The
  Baby Beebee Bird
  just came to your
  zoo. All of the
  other animals at
  the zoo can’t
  sleep because the
  Baby Beebee bird
  is too noisy at
  night time.
 As the new
  zookeeper, you will
  learn about the
  sleeping habits of
  different animals.
  You will also practice
  telling time, so you
  can help the Baby
  Beebee Bird learn
  about day and night.
 The Baby
  Beebee Bird
  children’s book

 A computer with

 Plastic clocks
1. Should zookeepers know facts about animals?
     Follow the directions on the link below to find out what “nocturnal” means.
     SIRS Learning Activity
2. What is a.m. and p.m.? Tell the teacher 3 things you do in the a.m.
                                            and 3 things you do in the p.m.
3. What time is it?               Click on the links below to practice telling time so you
                                 can teach the Baby Beebee bird what you learned.

(Tell time to the nearest hour)
(Tell time to the nearest half hour)
(Tell time to the nearest five minutes)

4. What time should the Baby Beebee Bird go to
sleep? Use a plastic clock from your classroom to show the teacher what time you
think the Baby Beebee Bird should go to sleep. Make sure you say a.m. or p.m. when
you say the time out loud.

                           Click on          when you are done with all four questions.
   Search Steps:
         1.    Go to the INFOhio page at
         2.    If a password is requested, see the media specialist
          for this information.
         3.    Choose the Resources for Grades K-5 button.
         4.    Choose the SIRS Discover button.
         5.    Type the words nocturnal animals in the search box.
         6.    Select “Search.”
         7.    Scroll down the article results.
         8.    Click on the article named Night Shift.
         9.    Follow along and view several pictures of nocturnal
          animals as your teacher reads Night Shift aloud.
         10. Answer the essential question based on the
          information from the article and the pictures.
 Do you know the meaning
  of a.m. and p.m.?

 Do you know what
  “nocturnal” means?

 Do you know how to tell
  time to the nearest hour?

 Do you know what time the
  Baby Beebee Bird should
  go to sleep?
You did a super job
teaching the Baby
Beebee Bird about
telling time. Now all of
the animals will be able
to get some rest!
Ohio Academic Content Standards
Mathematics-Grade 1: Measurement #
   Tell Time to the hour on digital and analog (dial) timepieces.
Science-Kindergarten: Life Science #
   Investigate observable features of plants and animals that help them live in different
   kinds of places.
Ohio Academic Content Standards for Technology
Grade 1- Technology and Information Literacy/Internet Concepts #2
   Use teacher or librarian selected Web site to find information or learn new things.
Grade 1-Technology and Information Literacy/Internet Concepts #3:
   Use browser tools and buttons: a. Forward and back button; b. Home button; c.
        Choose a link from the bookmarks or favorites list.
Guidelines for Effective School Library Media Programs in Ohio
Grade 1-Information Literacy/Library Awareness #3:
   Understand that the library media center has materials that everyone may use.
Grade 1- Information Literacy/Benchmark D #3:
   Participate in literacy-enrichment activities.
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 Prior to completing this
  WebQuest, all students need to
  read or listen to the children’s
  book The Baby Beebee Bird.
 The Baby Beebee Bird WebQuest
  would produce the best results if
  completed with teacher guidance.
 Any part of the WebQuest that
  asks students to orally state
  their answers could easily be
  changed to written responses
  based on ability level.

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