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									                                                             Baby Bathing Needs and
Baby Bedding Needs   QTY Remarks                   Checked   Toiletries

Baby Cots             1   Buy 4 in 1                         Baby Bathtub
                          Should fit cot exactly
Mattress              1   for baby safety                    Bathmat

                          Protect baby fom
Bumper Pad            1   bumps against cots                 Towel

Crib Sheets           4                                      Wash Cloth

Waterproof Sheets     3                                      Baby Bathtub
Blanket               2                                      Baby Shampoo

Cot Mobile            1                                      Baby Oil

Baby Monitor          1                                      Baby Lotion

Bean Sprout Pillow    1   To be Made                         Baby Powder
                                                             Nappy Rash Cream

                                                             Powder Puff Container
QTY Remarks                Checked                 Baby's Sundries     QTY

 1                         Using Wedding Red Tub   Disposable Diaper   2 Pkts

 1   Non Slip                                      Cloth Diaper        2 Pkts

 2   Soft and absorbent                            Nappy Liner         1 box

 2   For bathing baby                              Nappy Pin           1 Pkt

 1                                                 Diaper Stacker        1
 1                                                 Nappy Detergent     1 Box

 1                                                 Wet Tissue          1 box

 1                                                 Cotton Wool/Ball    1 Pkt

 1                                                 Cotton Buds         1 Box
 1   Drapolene / Desitin                           Changing Mat          1

 1                                                 Nail Scissors         1

                                                   Hairbrush             1
                                                   Thermometer           1

                                                   Pacifier              2
                                                   Nasal Aspirator       1
                                                   Diaper Bag            1
                                 Baby Clothes and
Remarks                Checked   Accessories          QTY Remarks

                                 Short Sleeved Vest    6

                                 Long Sleeved Vest     6

                                 Sleeveless Vest       6
                                                              Worn over diaper to
                                 Briefs                6      hold it in place

                                                              Worn over diaper to
                                 Long Pants            6      hold it in place
Kodomo                           Bodysuits             6      Front button
Pigeon Brand
Recommended                      Cardigan              2
                                 Mittens              pairs
                                 Booties              pairs
                                 Bonnet / Hat          2

                                 Receiving Blanket     2      Swaddling of Baby

Soothes crying baby
Clean's baby's mucus
Checked    Baby Nursing Needs        QTY Remarks                    Checked

Bought 4   Bottle 4ox/125ml           2   For Milk Water or Juice

Bought 2   Bottle-8oz/250ml           6    For full feeds of milk
                                           Different shapes and
                                           rates of flow; NUK or
           Teats                       6 Avent
                                           Store Milk Powder for
           Milk Powder Container       2 Outings
                                           Warms milk bottle and
                                           food to required
                                       1 temperature
           Electric Baby Food and Bottle Warmer
           Bottle Insulator            1 For Outings
                                           Waterproof Backing
           Baby Bibs                   2 Preferred

           Nursery Bag                1
                                          For modifying teat
           Teat Punch                 1   holes
           Sterilization Set          1
                                          For sterlization of
           Sterlization Tablets           nursing equipment

                                          Easy, hygenic handing
           Tongs                      1   of nursing equipment
           Bottle Brush               1   Cleaning of bottles
                                          Clears milk deposits
           Teat Brush                 1   from inside teats
           Baby Bottle Detergent      1   Washing of bottle
           Burp Cloth                 3   Muslin
Maternity Needs         QTY Remarks                Checked

Nursing Bra              4

Disposable Breast Pads 2 Pkts

Maternity Pads           2      Kotex adhesive

Nipple Sheilds

Breast Pump
Nipple Cream                    Medela's Purelan

Disposable Underwear
Labour Bag                              Checked   Hospital Bag
Moisturiser                                       Pyjamas

Body Lotion (For Papa to massage)                 Nursing Bra

Watch/ Clock to time for contractions             Nursing Pad
Ipod                                              Disposable Panties
Camera / Video Camera                             Slippers
Snacks                                            Toiletries
List of people to call when baby
arrives                                           Loose Fitting Clothes for going Home
Sweater for Papa                                  Socks
Hospital File                                     Sanitary Pad
Glasses / Contact Lense                           Baby Swaddle
Hair Tie                                          1 set Baby Clothes
Parents IC for birth registration                 Baby Mittens
Phone Charger                                     Baby Booties
Marriage Certificate                              Baby Hat
Birth Plan                                        Change of Clothes of Papa
                                                  Caridgan for Mummy

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