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									                           INSTRUCTIONS FOR PROVISIONAL NAME REQUESTS:

Familiarize youself with the rules below. When ready to enter data →    Go to the Template and put the data there.
When you are all done, save this file first in Excel format (for backup) and then save another version in
the format: "Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt)" for submission (You must be viewing you data, not these
instructions, before saving the text file!!).
Email the completed .txt file as an attachment to the MetBull Editor <>

READ THIS!!! Here are a few guidelines to ensure proper transmission of data:
 1) Do not delete any fields or change the column headings. You are allowed to change column order as long as "Submitte
 2) Avoid special characters when possible. Here are some common special characters that are OK; copy and use them if y
    Greek letters can be entered as "html entities", e.g. "&mu;" will produce lowercase μ and "&Sigma;" will produce uppercase
    Some common terms will be automatically translated for you: enter d17O, d18O, and D17O to get δ17O, δ18O, and Δ17O, um
    If you can't figure out how to represent a symbol, just describe it, e.g.: "Lowicz [with a slash through the L]"
 3) Avoid curly quotes (which Microsoft programs like to insert); instead, use the simple straight ones, e.g. ' ", especially in co
 4) Pay attention to your degree symbols. This is a degree symbol: °             Don't use the masculine ordinal symbol, which look
 5) Don't put hard carriage-returns in your Excel file. These may not export properly in Tab-delimited format. Cells can be lo
 6) Avoid numeric date formats like 2/3/2009 because Americans and Europeans do this differently. Spell out the month (e.g
    In Excel, a good date format can be achieved using Formal Cells > Custom and entering "yyyy mmm dd". Never use 2-digi

Proposed name          The name or abbreviation of the collection area where the meteorite was found, e.g., NWA, Rooseve
Fieldname              A unique identifier that submitters can use to identify their samples. It can be anything.
Origin                 The place where the meteorite was found
Purchased              The place where the meteorite was purchased (only use if Origin is unknown)
Date                   The date of find or purchase
Latitude               The latitude of the find (not the place of purchase!)
Longitude              The longitude of the find (not the place of purchase!)
Mass                   The total mass of the meteorite
Pieces                 The number of pieces of the meteorite
Specimens              Location and mass of significant or type specimens
Description            A general description of the meteorite, including classification if known
Info                   Any other information about the specimen, or contact information about the submitter
Assigned to            Your name
Assigned by            Enter the word "Automatic"
"Assignedby" must be the last field and must be filled
 put the data there.

n order as long as "Submitter" stays at the end.
 OK; copy and use them if you like: ° ± ‰.
ma;" will produce uppercase Σ.
 et δ17O, δ18O, and Δ17O, um to get μm, and log X to get log χ.

nes, e.g. ' ", especially in coordinates.
e ordinal symbol, which looks like this: º or º
ited format. Cells can be long. Don't worry about the length.
tly. Spell out the month (e.g., 2009 Feb 3)
mmm dd". Never use 2-digit years!

found, e.g., NWA, Roosevelt County, Dhofar, HaH
n be anything.
Proposed name   Fieldname   Origin   Purchased   Date
Latitude   Longitude   Mass   Pieces   Specimens
Description   Info   Assigned to   Assigned by

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