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					                                                                             DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                      CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

                          Invitation for Bid (BID) Interest Form
                                       BID Form #1
Instructions: If your firm/company is interested in responding to this BID, then BID Form
#1 MUST be submitted to the Procurement Dept. immediately following download. This
form is crucial in providing pertinent company information for bidder’s list tracking and
distribution of any potential addendum.

      Awarding Authority:                           City of Brockton/Dept. of Public
      Project No.:                                  BID# DPW 10-99
      Project Name:                                 CATCH BASIN CLEANING

        Mail or Fax this BID Interest #1 Form to:

                                  City of Brockton/Procurement Dept.
                                  Basement Level, Room B2
                                  45 School Street, Brockton, MA. 02301
                                  Fax: 508-941-0204

By submitting this BID Interest Form the below identified firm is expressing its interest in the
above-referenced public bidding project and is requesting that it be added to the list of firms that
will receive any addenda to the BID that might occur. The Awarding Authority assumes no
responsibility for a firm’s failure to receive any addenda or other correspondence related
to this BID due to the firm’s failure to submit a BID Interest Form as directed above or for
any other reason.

      Company Name:

      Company Address:

      City/Town, State & Zip:

      Company Telephone #:

      Company Fax #:

      Company Contact Person/Title:

      Date Submitted:

By:              _______________________________________
                 (Signature of Authorized Representative)
                                                                                     DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                              CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

                                 DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS
                                    DPW OPERATIONS DIVISION
                               CITY OF BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS
                                        INVITATION TO BID

Six (6) sets of sealed bids for the purchase of CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES will be received
by the Chief Procurement Officer in the Mayor’s Office, City Hall, 45 School Street, Brockton,
Massachusetts, until 10:00AM (EDST) on Monday, August 3, 2009 and will be publicly opened and read
aloud in the DPW Conference Room, 3rd Floor at City Hall at 10:10AM.

All procedures shall be in strict accordance with Chapter 149 of the Massachusetts General Laws, sections1
through 25, inclusive, and/or Chapter 40, Section 4B and/or Chapter 30 section 39M and Chapter 30B.

The awarding authority reserves the right to reject any/or all bids and to waive any informalities in the
bidding if it be in the public interest to do so, provided such rejection or waiver be in conformance with
Section 1 to 25 inclusive of Chapter 30B of the Massachusetts General Laws and all other chapters and
sections pertaining to public bidding as adopted.

Applicants may obtain one (1) set of specifications on or after Monday, July 20, 2009. Specifications,
information for bidders, and bid forms may be obtained at the Office of the Chief Procurement Officer,
Mayor’s Office, City Hall, 45 School Street, Brockton, Massachusetts, 02301.


1.   Specifications are available on or after Monday, July 20, 2009

2.   Forms are available at the Office of the Chief Procurement Officer, Mayor’s Office, 45 School Street,
     Brockton, Massachusetts. Telephone No. (508) 580-7191.

3.   Any bids received after 10:00AM (EDST) on Monday, August 3, 2009 will be rejected.

4.   Bids will be publicly opened and read in the DPW Conference Room, 3rd Floor, City Hall, Brockton,
     Massachusetts on 10:10AM (EDST) on Monday, August 3, 2009

5.   All bids and/or proposals shall be submitted in sealed envelopes, with one (1) original and five (5)
     copies, including original signatures on each set, bearing on the outside the name of applicant, their
     address, and the name and the contract number (if any) of the bid or proposal for which the bid or
     proposal is submitted.

6.   All successful bidders of corporations, which are located outside the confines of the Commonwealth of
     Massachusetts, should be registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a Foreign
     Corporation prior to the awarding of the bid. If not registered in Massachusetts, an affidavit of
     incorporation in another state and the date of incorporation must accompany the contract. Additionally,
     all out of state applicants, unless otherwise notified must have an identified resident agent as stated in
     Appendix “I”.

7.   Double check all prices submitted. Awards that are based on unit prices that are submitted by a vendor
     in error will be considered as a firm bid by the City of Brockton, “adjustments” may not be made after
     the bid opening to correct such errors. Failure to honor bid prices - even the error - may place the
     bidder in jeopardy for future bids.

8.   Prices not holding for the contract year shall be noted in writing in the bid.
                                                                                    DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                             CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

9.   Unit prices shall prevail. All prices must include freight costs. Shipments shall be F.O.B., Brockton,

10. The contract, or any part of it, may not be transferred or assigned to another company or individual
    without the consent of the City of Brockton,

     a.   These bids shall contain firm prices and shall not be withdrawn for a period of no less than forty-
          five (45) days, subsequent to the opening thereof, without the consent of the City.

     b.   No bids will be acceptable unless properly made out on the enclosed bid forms, where provided,
          and signed by the bidder. All bids must be legible, either typewritten or in ink. “Bid Form”
          Appendix’s must be completed and returned.

     c.   Each item bid must be clearly identified by manufacturer’s name.

11. Action on the award of bids will be taken no more than thirty (30) days after the opening of the bid.

12. Contracts will be in force until JUNE 30, 2010.

13. On request, (if applicable) samples will be required of bidders prior to the award of the bid.

14. To be considered as a responsive bid, bidders must base their bids on all functions, standards, precision
    and quantity as specified. Any and all revisions/omissions must be clearly stated on the attached
    deviation sheet, moreover, any substitutions or deviations must be enumerated and detailed with the
    amount to be deducted, if the omission substitution of deviation is approved.

15. The naming of specific manufacturer’s catalog number has been used only to define the type, quality,
    and construction details required. Products of other manufacturers or approved equal quality may be
    accepted. In all cases where equals are bid the following must be done:

     a.   The equal must be clearly identified by manufacturer’s name and number.

     b.   Catalogs describing the number listed must be submitted with the bid.

     c.   Manufacturer’s name and number must be listed on all items.

16. The following information must be marked on all shipping cartons:

     a.   Shipper’s name - if the item is shipped directly from the manufacturer, etc., the vendor’s name (the
          name appearing on the contract) must still appear on the shipping carton.

     b.   The carton containing the packing slip must be marked to indicate that the packing slip is inside.

17. The ability of the bidder(s) to supply the CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES promptly and
    professionally as required by the City of Brockton shall be heavily weighed in the review of bids. Any
    past record of failure to comply with this aspect of the business procedure will lead to rejection of the
    bidder as not responsible to the needs of the City of Brockton. A responsible bidder has the capability
    to perform the contract requirements and the integrity and reliability which assures good faith

18. The successful bidder(s), shall guarantee for a minimum of one (1) year from the date of acceptance the
    quality of supplies and materials furnished by him/her and to remedy to the satisfaction of the
    petitioning department all defects and to replace all defective supplies or materials. No substitute
                                                                                      DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                               CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

    supplies or materials which were approved bid items will be accepted without the prior approval of the
    petitioning department head.

19. The successful bidder(s) furnishing and/or installing new equipment/hardware with a minimum of
    ninety (90) day warranty, effective from the date of acceptance of said equipment/hardware shall
    replace all defective, damaged or incorrectly supplied equipment/hardware.

    unless other arrangements are agreed upon.

21. The successful bidder(s) must comply with the following billing procedures:

    a.   Invoices must contain contract number, quantity, description, catalog number, and all serial
         numbers, if any, on all items.

    b.   Invoices must correspond accurately with the contract held with the City of Brockton.

    c.   Invoices must be sent to the specific department purchasing the goods/services.

22. Questions regarding any item should be directed either to the Chief Procurement Officer, the
    department head, or their designee.

23. The City of Brockton reserves the absolute right to choose that product which best meets its needs and
    the degree of quality, workmanship, and the vendor’s proven ability to provide service and support
    after a sale, bear on that determination.


25. The City of Brockton is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity/Title IX employer.

26. Warranties on any equipment will not commence until delivery is made and the equipment is

27. Bidders may bid on individual items, where appropriate, where multi-item bids are advertised or
    otherwise solicited.

28. The contract award is subject to appropriation of the City Council.

29. The City reserves the right to issue award(s) in whole or in part if it is in the best interest of the City of
    Brockton to do so.

30. OPTION TO EXTEND: The City, shall have the option of extending or renewing this contract for
    two (2) consecutive one (1) year periods, for the same discount rate and upon the same conditions as
    are contained in the contract at the time said option is exercised; except as such conditions shall
    have been modified by mutual agreement of the parties. Said options shall deem to have been
    exercised by the City, provided the vendor has been given preliminary notice of the City’s intention to
    renew this contract. Such a preliminary notice shall not be deemed to commit the City to renewal.

31. THE MASSACHUSETTS RIGHT-TO-KNOW LAW: Massachusetts General Laws (Chapter 111F)
    requires that all employers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts establish and maintain a central
    workplace file of complete and up-to-date Material Safety Data sheets (MSDS) for all products which
    the successful bidders supply; and which contain or may contain regulated toxic hazardous substances
    recorded on the Massachusetts Substance List (MSL). The successful bidder(s) shall place labels
    detailing MSL toxic or hazardous substances on all containers containing chemicals or chemical
                                                                                  DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                           CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

    derivatives which appear on this bid. Compliance with this law is mandatory on the part of all
    successful bidders.

32. All bid items in Appendix “A” (Unit Price and Total Cost) must be completed or bid shall be rejected.

33. A payment bond issued by the company licensed to do business in Massachusetts in the amount of 50%
    (fifty percent) of the contract price will be required for the successful bidder.

34. On all attachments of Bid Specifications, a signature is required rather than a stamp or printed name on
    all applicable lines. Failure to do so would be considered an informality in considering the merits of
    the submitted bid and/or proposal.

35. The City shall provide so far as it is convenient, and appropriate land and/or space and permit the
    contractor to use as much of same as is required for the project management and storage of materials,
    together with the rights of access of same, but beyond this, the contractor shall at its own cost and
    expense, any additional land and/or space required.

36. In the event the City is dissatisfied with the slow progress or in competency in the performance of the
    work, in accordance with the schedule for the completion of various aspects of construction, the City
    shall give the contractor written notice, in which the City shall specify in detail the cause of the
    dissatisfaction. Should the contractor fail or refuse to remedy the matters complained of within five (5)
    days after written notice is received by the contractor, the City shall have the right to have control of
    the work and either make good the deficiencies of the contractor itself, or direct the activities of the
    contractor in doing so, employing such additional help as the City deems advisable. In such event, the
    City shall be entitled to collect from the contractor any expenses in completing the work.

37. The contractor should give all notices and comply with all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations
    bearing on the conduct of the work a specified in the contract documents. If the contractor observes
    that the contract documents are at variation with any laws, ordinances, rules and regulations, the
    contractor shall notify the City in writing, and any necessary changes shall be adjusted through the use
    of contract change orders.

38. The actual performance of work and superintendence shall be performed by the contractor, but the City
    shall, at all times, have access to the premises for the purpose of inspecting the work performed by the

39. The contractor shall not execute an agreement with any subcontractor, or permit any subcontractor to
    perform any work included in the contract, until he has written approval from the City. Prior
    commencement of any work by the contractor or subcontractor, all bonds and certificates of insurance
    required per the contract shall be filed with the City.

40. The estimated quantities of the various items of work to be done and materials to be furnished under
    the contract, as included in proposals, are approximate and are only for the purpose of comparing on a
    uniform basis, the bids offered for work under the contract. The City expressly reserves the right to
    increase or decrease any class or portion of the work a deemed necessary, and the contractor shall not
    make a claim for loss of project, solely because of a difference between the quantities of the various
    items of work actually done, or materials actually delivered, and the estimated quantities stated in the
    proposal. Estimated quantities are for bid purposes only. The City may limit any and all quantities for
    any purpose including budget constraints. Work is to be awarded on the basis of unit prices only.

41. This is a prevailing wage project. Rates are included in this bid package.
                                                                                    DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                             CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

                           REST OF PAGE LEFT INTENTIONALLY BLANK

                                              SECTION 2
                                         GENERAL CONDITIONS

1.   GENERAL INTENTION – It is declared and acknowledged meaning to secure complete catch basin
     cleaning services.

2.   GENERAL DESCRIPTION – The contractor shall furnish labor, materials, and equipment (2 catch
     basin cleaners) necessary to clean and dispose of all debris removed from designated catch basins.

3.   LOCATION – The work shall be performed n various sections of the City of Brockton, MA. The
     contracting officer will indicate the exact location.

4.   EXAMINATION OF THE SITE – Before submitting proposals, bidders are expected to carefully
     inspect the sites and make a survey of the conditions to be encountered in the performance of the work.
     Failure to familiarize himself with the conditions shall not relieve the contractor of responsibility for
     full completion of the work in accordance with the provisions of this contract. The City of Brockton
     will assume no responsibility for any understanding or representation concerning conditions made by
     any of its employees or agents prior to the execution of the contract, unless included in the invitation to
     bid specification or related documents.

5.   IDENTIFICATION – Employees of the contractor, while working in or on City premises, shall display
     on their outer garment identification indicating the contractor name. Identification shall be furnished
     by the contractor at no additional charge to the City.

6.   SPACE FURNISHED BY THE CITY – The City agrees to furnish to the contractor the following
     space to assist in the prosecution of the services herein after described:
         a. Outside storage space at the DPW Operation’s Division for two (2) pieces of equipment.
         b. The City does not assume responsibility for fire, theft, accident or any cause resulting in
              damage or loss of stored contractor’s materials, equipment or personal property of his

7.   ORDER OF WORK AND SCHEDULING OF SERVICES – The contractor shall arrange his work so
     as not to cause interference with normal vehicular or pedestrian traffic in the various work areas. Work
     shall be performed on City work days, Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30AM and

8.   CITY INSPECTION – Each phase of the work, during the contractor’s operations and after
     completion, is subject to inspection by the contracting officer. All work found incomplete as a result of
     these inspections, shall be performed by the contractor at no increase in contract price.

9.   WORK LIMITATION – No work shall be performed on weekends unless prior approval has been
     obtained from the contracting officer. Any work performed on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays shall be
     at the expense of the contractor.

10. QUALITY OF WORK – For the protection of City property and facilitation of the business conducted
    in work areas, first quality catch basin cleaning services are required. Hasty and careless performance
    of the work will not be tolerated. Evidence is given of such practices, as basin covers not properly
    replaced, basins not completely cleaned, work site not cleaned, and work that is otherwise sloppy and
    unsatisfactory will be called to the attention of the contractor who shall be required to initiate
                                                                                    DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                             CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

    immediate action to improve the work and insure satisfactory results. All services must be completed
    to the satisfaction of the contracting officer.

11. SIGNS FOR THE WORK AREAS – The contractor guarantees that this operation will not be offensive
    to the area residents and will not damage sidewalks or roadways. Where the contractor conducts catch
    basin cleaning operations, standing signs shall be provided and placed so as to call motorists’ and
    pedestrians’ attention to the fact that work is being performed in the area.

12. PERFORMANCE BY THE CONTRACTOR – The contractor shall not sub-contract any of the work
    encompassed by this contract unless the approval of the contracting officer is obtained in writing. In
    the absence of such written approval, the contractor shall perform all work with his own personnel.
    Any work ordered hereunder this contract, may be sub-contracted by the contractor shall not be
    charged to the City at a labor rate per hour exceeding the prime contractor’s labor rate.

13. DEFINITIONS – Where “as directed”, “as permitted”, “acceptance”, or other words of similar import
    are used it shall be understand that the direction requirement, permission, approval, or acceptance of
    the contracting officer is intended unless stated otherwise. Where “contracting officer” is used, it shall
    be understood to mean, “contracting officer or his authorized representative”. As used herein, cleaning
    of a catch basin shall be considered to mean “all debris, sand, and other foreign matter completely
    removed from the basin and inlet and /or outlet pipes, so that it may be utilized for its intended purpose.

14. COMMENCEMENT AND PROSECUTION OF WORK – The contractor shall commence work under
    this contract within ten (10) calendar days, after receipt of the Notice of Award. He shall prosecute
    work diligently, including complete catch basin cleaning as directed by contracting officer.

15. INSPECTIONS OF SERVICES – All services (which term throughout this clause includes catch basin
    cleaning, services performed, disposal of debris removed by delivery and workmanship) shall be
    subject to inspection by the City, to the extent practicable at all times and places during the term of the
    contract. All inspections by the City shall be made in such a manner as not to unduly delay the work.

16. DISPOSAL OF DEBRIS – Disposal shall be made by the contractor to a legal disposal site. This
    disposal site will be subject to the confirmation of the City.

                                               END OF SECTION
                                                                                     DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                              CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

                                          SECTION 3
                              PERSONNEL, MATERIAL AND EQUIPMENT

1.   GENERAL DESCRIPTIONS - The contractor shall provide at the various sites, sufficient personnel,
     equipment, and material to accomplish to the satisfaction of the contracting officer, all work under this

2.   PERSONNEL - The contractor shall furnish for the catch basin cleaning services rendered under this
     contract, supervisory, and working personnel. Such personnel shall consist of the number and
     classification as may at any time is necessary to accomplish expeditiously all work under this contract.

3.   COMPETENCY OF PERSONNEL - All contractors’ employees shall be well qualified and
     experienced in their respective classifications. All employees shall be physically able to perform their
     assigned work and shall be free from any communicable disease. The contracting officer may require
     the contractor to remove from the site, any employee, if such action is deemed to be in the best interest
     of the City.

4.   CONTRACTOR’S OFFICE AND REPRESENTATIVE - The contractor shall furnish a responsible
     representative (or an answering service) who shall have a Brockton listed telephone and shall be
     present in his office between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., 5 days a week (Monday through Friday) to
     receive instructions from the contracting officer. The contractor may furnish a “800” number in lieu of
     a Brockton listed telephone. The contractor’s representative shall be authorized to act for the
     contractor in carrying out instructions relative to correction of deficiencies in accordance with the
     requirements of the specifications.

     a.   Instructions given by the contracting officer to the contractor’s authorized representative, foreman,
          head workman, answering service of his office secretary, shall be considered as having been given
          to the contractor.

5.   SUPERVISION - Adequate and competent supervisions shall be provided for all work done by the
     contractor’s employees to assure performance and accomplishment in strict compliance with the
     provisions contained in this specification. Supervisory tasks shall include but not be restricted to the

     a.   To provide an adequate labor force including immediate replacement for personnel dismissed for
          cause or leaving employment on their own violation.

     b.   To instruct employees to abide by safety rules and regulations for the protection of city residents,
          visitors and themselves.

     c.   To indoctrinate employees to report hazardous conditions, and/or items requiring
          immediate repair.

6.   CATCH BASIN CLEANING EQUIPMENT - The contractor shall furnish all material and equipment
     (2 catch basin cleaners) necessary for cleaning approximately 5,000 catch basins in the City of
     Brockton. The contractor shall provide sufficient equipment and maintain this equipment in good
     operating condition throughout the term of the contract in order to adequately perform the work. No
     payment will be made for either catch basin cleaner whenever the price of equipment is broken down or
     when maintenance and /or repair services are being performed. The use of City owned equipment,
                                                                                DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                         CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

     tools or materials is forbidden. Inadequate equipment shall be replaced with approved equipment upon
     the request of the contracting officer.

7.   BASIN CLEANERS - are to be the orange peal type or equal, capable of cleaning basins to within 4”
     of the bottom. Basin cleaners shall be capable of transporting debris to a legal disposal site.

8.   PERSONNEL ATTIRE - Consideration will be expected in the attire of the contractor’s personnel
     performing their duties in the said attire shall be as neat and clean as it is practical for the
     accomplishment of their duties. Removal of shirts or sweaters is permissible provided that an
     undershirt is worn.

9.   REPORTS - The contractor shall report the location of any substandard catch basin and wherever
     possible, shall indicate the corrective action required.

10. PAYMENT - will be made at the end of each month for the catch basin cleaning services performed
    during the preceding month and based on the unit rate furnished by the successful bidder in Appendix
    “A”. Individual invoices in triplicate shall be submitted for certification to the DPW Operations
    Superintendent, 301 Oak Hill Way, Brockton, MA 02301, no later than the first of each month.

                                               END OF SECTION
                                                                                    DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                             CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

                                        APPENDIX “A”
                             BID QUOTATION AND COST BREAKDOWN

The bidder shall state the unit price for cleaning each catch basin. This rate shall include complete catch
basin service cleaning and removal of all debris to a legal disposal site as set forth in the specifications.


a. Insert in column 2 the unit price per catch basin cleaning. *The estimated total number of catch basins
   to be cleaned is 5000 (2500 for each catch basin cleaner).
b. Multiply each unit price by the estimated number of catch basins as set forth in column 3 and insert in
   total price in column 4.
c. Insert the total cost in column 4 in grand total cost bid item no. 1.

                                                                COLUMN 3
                         COLUMN 1        COLUMN 2              *EST. NO. OF                   COLUMN 4
DESCRIPTION               UNIT           UNIT PRICE           CATCH BASINS                    TOTAL PRICE

CLEANING                    EACH          $___________               5000                    $____________

                                               GRAND TOTAL BID ITEM NO. 1 $__________________

* Estimated number of units is used only to provide the approximate scope of the contract and does not
  guarantee any minimum number of units. Payment will be based on the actual number of units
  required during the contract period. Daily rate shall be firm for the entire contract period regardless
  of any decrease or increase in the amount of work ordered.



                                                                                     DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                              CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

                                     CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE
                                        (Service Contracts Only)
                                            APPENDIX “B”

As successful bidder of the CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES contract you must supply the City
of Brockton with a properly endorsed Certificate of Insurance. Both the City of Brockton and the vendor
shall be named as co-insured and the City shall be named as owner, and certificates of insurance shall be
furnished to both parties. Reporting of accidents and claims shall be done by the vendor. This Certificate of
Insurance must accompany the contract.


Workers’ Compensation: The Contractor, before commencing performance of the work required to be done
under the Contract, shall provide for the payment of compensation, provided by the General Laws (ter. Ed.)
Chapter 152 as amended to all persons to be employed by him in connection with said performance and
shall continue in full force throughout the period of this Contract.

Public Liability: The Contractor will indemnify and hold harmless the City of Brockton and departments,
against all suits, action claims, costs or damages to which the City to its department may be subject or put
by reason of damages to the property of anyone other than the City, arising or resulting from the fault,
negligence or wrongful omission of the Contract. Within fifteen (15) days after the award of this Contract,
the Contractor shall, at his own expense, procure and maintain any Public Liability in limits of
$500,000/1,000,000 and Property Damage Insurance of $50,000/100,000. The above policies shall contain
a provision worded as follows:

         “The Insurance Company waives any right of subjugation against the City of Brockton which
          may arise by reason of any payments under this policy”.

The policy must contain on the face a notation that it cannot be canceled without at least thirty (30) days
notice in writing to the City as owner.

The certificates of all policies shall provide for notice of cancellation of the contracting officer and the
certificates shall indicate that the above provisions have been included.
                                                                                  DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                           CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

                                              BID FORM
                                             APPENDIX “C”

A. The undersigned proposes to supply____________________________________________________.

B. The undersigned offers the following information as evidence of his/her qualifications to perform the
   work as bid upon, according to all the requirements of the specifications.

        1.   Have been in business under present business name for ______________ years.

        2.   Are you fully licensed to do business under this contract? Yes_________ No ___________

        3.   Do you comply with all ordinances and regulations mandated by M.G.L. and the community
             in which you are located? Yes____________No_____________

        4.   Ever fail to complete any work awarded? Yes____________ No_____________

        5.   Have you been involved in litigation in the past five (5) years? Yes_________ No________

        6.   List at least three (3) state, local or private companies and /or organizations which you have
             served recently of similar character as required for the above-mentioned.

                 LOCATION                                          DISCRIPTION OF WORK

        1.   ___________________________________________________________________________

        2.   ___________________________________________________________________________

        3.   ___________________________________________________________________________

C. Bidders shall indicate firm date of delivery on receipt of contract and subsequent purchase order from
   the City of Brockton.

                 Delivery Date:___________________________________________________

                 Company: ______________________________________________________

                 Typed Name: ____________________________________________________

                 Signature: _______________________________________________________

                 Title: ___________________________________________________________

D. Bidders shall note that this bid reflects all changes in addendum/amendment numbers:

                                                                   DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                            CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

                                      BID FORM
                                 REGISTRATION FORM
                                    APPENDIX “D”

DATE: _______________________________________________________________________________

TYPED NAME: _______________________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE: _________________________________________________________________________

TITLE: _______________________________________________________________________________

COMPANY: __________________________________________________________________________

BUSINESS ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________

CITY, STATE, ZIP: ___________________________________________________________________

TELEPHONE NO: ________________________________FAX: ________________________________


       1.   GIVE YOUR CORRECT CORPORATE NAME: _________________________________


       2.   STATE AND DATE OF INCORPORATION: _____________________________________




IF COMPANY, GIVE OWNER’S NAME AND TITLE: _______________________________________








                                                                                    DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                             CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

                                              BID FORM
                                         ATTESTATION CLAUSE
                                            APPENDIX “E”

Under Section 35 of Chapter 233, political subdivisions and agencies of the Commonwealth must annually
furnish to the Commissioner of Revenue a list of all persons who have provided goods, services or real
estate space in the aggregate of five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) or more.

Chapter 233 of the Acts of 1983, Sections 35 & 36 require that each provider or vendor of goods and
services to any municipal agency must attest that it/he/she is in compliance of all the laws relating to taxes.

The Attestation must occur at the time of issuing, renewing, or extending a license, contract, or agreement.

Any person/company failing to execute the Attestation Clause shall not be allowed to obtain, renew, or
extend a license, contract, or agreement.

Each successful bidder shall certify that he/she is in compliance with Chapter 233 by providing a social
security number of a federal identification number when a contract is issued.

COMPANY: _________________________________________________________________________

TYPED NAME: ______________________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE: ________________________________________________________________________

TITLE: _____________________________________________________________________________

                                               BONA FIDE BID

As per Chapter 30B, Section 10, any person submitting a bid or a proposal for the procurement of disposal
of supplies or services to any governmental body shall certify in writing, on the bid or proposal, as follows:

         The undersigned certifies under penalties of perjury that this bid or proposal has been made and
         submitted in good faith and made without collusion or fraud with any other person. As used in
         this certification, the word “person” shall mean any natural person, business, partnership,
         corporation, union, committee, club, or other organization, entity, or group of individuals.

AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE ___________________________________________________________

COMPANY __________________________________________________________________________

              Each vendor should sign both parts of this bid form and submit it with the bid.
                                                                                  DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                           CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

                                              BID FORM
                                           DEVIATION SHEET
                                             APPENDIX “F”

All deviations and/or substitutions from the original specified item (or equal) must be noted in writing and
forwarded to the BROCKTON MAYOR’S OFFICE of the City of Brockton.


COMPANY: __________________________________________________________________________

TYPED NAME: _______________________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE: ________________________________________________________________________

TITLE: ______________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                   DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                            CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

                                       NO-BID RESPONSE FORM
                                           APPENDIX “G”

It is NOT necessary for the bidders who are submitting bids on the product(s) and/or services specified
herein to return this form:

Failure of Non-bidders to complete and return this form may result in their being dropped from our bidder
list for the product(s) and/or services specified herein.

The City of Brockton is committed to programs and policies that will result in the procurement of supplies,
equipment, and services that meet the quality standards required by our individual department at the lowest
possible prices consistent with those standards.

An important aspect of achieving this goal is to promote competitive bidding among as great a number of
qualified bidders as possible.

However, the preparation and mailing of Bid Request packages is time consuming and expensive. In
instances where bidders fail to respond, or notify the Brockton Mayor’s Office of their intention, the
preparation and mailing of the Bid Request packages represents an unnecessary expense to the City of

All bidders who respond with the “No Bid” response, or choose not to bid, are requested to provide the
information requested below and return this form in time for the bid opening. Failure to return this
completed form may result in their being dropped from our bidder’s list for product(s) and/or services
specified herein.

To be reinstated on the bidder’s list, the bidder must forward a written request for consideration to the
Brockton Procurement Office, 45 School Street, Brockton, Massachusetts, 02301.

NAME OF BID: _____________________________________________________________________

REASON FOR NOT BIDDING: ________________________________________________________


NAME AND ADDRESS OF FIRM NOT BIDDING: ________________________________________


ATTENTION: _____________________________PHONE NO. ______________________________

SIGNED: _________________________________TITLE: __________________________________

DATE: ____________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                    DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                             CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

                                                BID FORM
                                           CITY OF BROCKTON
                                            TAX CERTIFICATE
                                              APPENDIX “H”

I certify under the pains and penalties of perjury, that I, to the best of my knowledge and belief, have filed
all state tax returns and paid all state taxes required under the law.

For use by Corporations only:

         Corporate Name (Mandatory if a corporation)

    by ______________________________________________________________________________
       Signature of Corporate Officer

         Federal Identification Number

For use by individuals or companies other than corporation only:

       * ______________________________________________________________________________
          Signature of Individual (Mandatory if not a corporation)

      ** _____________________________________________________________________________
         Social Security Number

* Approval of contract or other agreement will not be granted unless this certification clause is signed
  by the applicant.

** Your social security number will be furnished to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue to
   determine whether you have met tax filing or tax payment obligations. Providers who fail to correct
   their non-filing or delinquency will not have a contract or other agreement issued, renewed, or
   extended. This request is made under the authority of M.G.L. Ch. 620 s. 49A.


                                         CERTIFICATE OF VOTE
                                        (CORPORATIONS ONLY)

I, ______________________________________, Clerk/Officer of _______________________________
_________________________________________________hereby notify that a meeting of the board of
directors/officials of said corporation/company, held on ____________________________________ the
following vote was passed: Vote to authorize ____________________________________to sign in behalf
of the corporation/company with the City of Brockton for ________________________________.

                                                                                   DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                            CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

This form to be used by corporate vendors only.

                                           BID FORM
                                         APPENDIX “I”
                              (To be signed and completed by Clerk)

I, _____________________________________________________________, certify as follows:

1.  I am the Clerk of ________________________________, which is duly organized and incorporated
                  (Print exact name of corporation)
under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (or State of __________________________
and is duly registered to do business in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

2.   That the names, residential addresses and title of the officers of the above named corporation are as

     _________________________________President _____________________________Vice President

     ___________________________________Address _________________________________Address

     ________________________________Treasurer _____________________________Resident Agent

     ____________________________________Address _________________________________Address

3.   That the above-named corporation was incorporated on ____________________________________.

4.   The federal tax identification number of said corporation is ________________________________.

5.   That the above-named corporation is in good standing with the Secretary of the Commonwealth of
     Massachusetts or the State of ________________________(if incorporated under the laws of a foreign
     state) and, to my best knowledge and belief, has filed all state tax returns and paid all state taxes
     required by law. This request is made under the authority of M.G.L. Ch. 62C, section 49A.

6.    ________________________________________________is authorized to sign contracts/agreements
     (Print full name and position in corporation)

     on behalf of ____________________________________________pursuant to a vote of the Board of

     Directors/Officers on _____________________________.

7.   I, on behalf of the within corporation do hereby acknowledge that by this contract, this corporation is
     transacting business within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as defined by M.G.L. Chapter 223A,
     Section 1, et seg. and is subject to the jurisdiction of its court.

Signed under the pains and penalties of perjury this ________day of ______________________, 20___.

                                                                                     DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                              CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

                                    Signature of Clerk
                                         BID FORM
                                       APPENDIX “J”

The undersigned certifies that it does not subject employees or applicants for employment by this firm to
discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, handicap, age, or sex in any of the following

1.   Recruitment, hiring, upgrading, promotion, whether for full-time or part-time employment,
     consideration for demotion, transfer, layoff, or rehiring.

2.   Rates of pay or any other form of compensation and changes in compensation.

3.   Job assignments and seniority status.

4.   Granting and returning from leave of absence, leave for pregnancy, or any other leave.

5.   Fringe benefits available by virtue of employment, whether or not administered by the recipient.

6.   Selection and financial support for training, including apprenticeship, professional meetings,
     conferences, and other related activities, selection for tuition assistance, and selection for sabbaticals
     and leaves of absence to pursue training.

7.   Employer-sponsored activities, including social or recreational programs.

8.   Any other term, condition, or privilege or employment.

NAME OF BIDDER ____________________________________________________________________

BY __________________________________________________________________________________

TITLE _______________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________________________

TELEPHONE ____________________________________FAX_________________________________

DATE _______________________________________________________________________________

If corporation, must be signed and sealed by duly authorized officer; if partnership, so state and give names
of all partners; or if any individual, so state and sign.


1.   Our firm is principally (more than 50%) minority owned.           YES___________ NO___________
2.   Our firm is principally (more than 50%) woman owned.              YES___________ NO___________
3.   Our firm is registered with S.O.M.B.A.
           (State Office of Minority and Business Assistance)          YES___________NO____________

SOMWBA CERTIFICATION CATEGORY: _______________________________________________

MBE ________________________________ WBE _________________________________________
                                                                                   DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                            CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

                                        BID FORM
                                      APPENDIX “K”

The recipient shall indemnify and hold the City of Brockton harmless from any and all acts and omissions
arising out of this contract…

Further, the recipient shall indemnify and hold harmless the City of Brockton against any/all suits, claims,
actions, costs or damages, to which the City may be subject to by reason of damages to the property or
person of anyone, arising or resulting from fault, negligence, or wrongful omissions by the recipient…..

The recipient, their agent(s), representatives or employees shall release and hold the City of Brockton
harmless for any injury to themselves, corporate officers, agents, representatives, or employees in
connection with the performance of this agreement or any related sub-contract thereof….

Authorized Signature
                                                                                  DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                           CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

                                           BID FORM
                                 CERTIFICATE OF NON-COLLUSION
                                         APPENDIX “L”

The undersigned certifies under the penalty of perjury that this bid or proposal has been made and

submitted in good faith and without collusion or fraud with any other person. As used in this

certification, the word “person” shall mean any natural person, business partnership, corporation, union,

committee, club, other organization entity, or group of individuals.

                                              Authorized Signature

                                              Name of business
                                                                                  DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99
                                                                           CATCH BASIN CLEANING SERVICES

                                          FORM FOR BID
                                       CITY OF BROCKTON
                                 DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS
                               CERTIFICATE OF DUMPING FACILITIES
                                          APPENDIX “M”

I, _____________________________________________________________________

certify that I have dumping facilities available at ________________________________


I, _____________________________________________________________________

further certify that the above-listed is an approved dumping facility in accordance with

all Federal, State and Local regulations regarding dumping facilities.

Signature of Authorized Representative of Bidder

Name of Bidder

Address of Bidder
       DPW CONTRACT NO. 10-99

Description: Cleaning Services Invoices document sample