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									August 1, 2007

Welcome from Hubbardston Youth Soccer!

This year we will be holding our Hubbardston Youth Soccer Spree Day/Fundraiser
September 15th from 10:00am to 3:00pm at the Recreation Field on Route 68.

We believe this will be a very exciting event and opportunity for the members of HYS,
their extended families, and members of our community to come together, as well as to
thank the many sponsors and contributors for their continued support. At the same time it
will be an opportunity to raise money for the soccer league to help cover the additional
costs of equipment, field maintenance, bleachers, benches, and many other expenses we
incur during the season, including being able to keep the registration costs down for the
200 plus children that play each year.

Remember, this is for the benefit of the community, as a whole. In order to do all of the
above it will not be possible without the help of each and every individual, whether it is a
team member, team sponsor, contributor, coach (who wholeheartedly contribute MANY
hours of their own time), or you, the parents who are will be one of the most important
participants in the spree day/fundraiser.

We look forward to seeing you there and appreciate anything you can do to help. Also,
someone will be contacting families to bake for the bake sale. If you are interested in
helping in anyway please contact Patti at 928-1268 or before
September 1st.

So please, mark this date on your calendar and let your friends and family member know.

Thanking you in advance,

HYS Board of Directors


WHEN:                  SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2007
                       (Rain date Sunday, September 16th)
TIME:                  10:00AM-3:00PM

The following are some of the exciting events to be held on this day:

*Individual and team pictures – come dressed in your team uniform (your coach will
notify you of the time for your team to be there)

*Team scrimmages – each age group will play another team within the same age group
for approximately 20 minutes after your individual/team picture

*Soccer swap – bring your old, out grown good condition soccer equipment (cleats,
shorts, shin guards, etc.) and swap it for something your child could use

*Police radar gun – have the speed of your kick estimated by the Hubbardston Police


*Raffle tickets – lots of exciting things to be raffled

*Drinks – water, soda and juice will be available

*Bake Sale/cookout - hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, assorted cookies, snacks, breads, etc.

*Sweatshirt sale/pickup – sweatshirts ordered can be picked up and there will be a
limited number for sale (order form attached).

*Moonwalk – there will be a minimal fee

*Team Sponsors will also be invited to join us in the “Spirit of H.Y.S.A.”
This year, one of the fundraisers we will be holding will be the sale of gray, hooded,
pullover sweatshirts with the Hubbardston Youth Soccer logo on the front area in royal
blue print. Child sizes will be $16.00 (PRE-ORDERED) and $18.00 at Spree Day;
Adult sizes will be $20.00 (PRE-ORDERED) and $22.00 at Spree Day. Attached is an
order form to fill out and send with a check or money order to: HYS, P.O. Box 443,
Hubbardston, MA 01452. Orders must be received NO LATER than AUGUST 20,
2007 in order to receive them on September 15th at Spree Day. If you do not pre-order,
there will be child and adult sizes available for sale at Spree Day.


                                  Hubbardston Youth Soccer
                                   Sweatshirt Order Form

NAME: __________________________________ PHONE: ______________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________

Size(s) and quantity(ies) ordered:

YS___ YM___ YL___ YXL___                         AS___ AM___ AL___ AXL___ AXXL___

Amount of check or money order (made out to HYS): ________

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