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									 Japan &
  Travel from Hong Kong

Northeast Asia is just a step away from Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific
Airways and Dragonair offer frequent and direct flights to every
key destination in Japan and South Korea. There are plenty of
reasons to holiday in these diverse countries.
Rejuvenate in a traditional onsen after a hard day on the slopes,
dine out in some of the region’s exceptional restaurants, sample
the local culture or simply hit the shops!

  In any one of Japan’s many exciting cities, visitors can experience a modern,
  vibrant and convenient destination for all of the family as well. There’s always
  plenty to do and see, and the dining and never-ending shopping opportunities
  are out of this world.

                                          Keep on the move with an Optional
                                          Rent-A-Car holiday to Fukuoka.
                                          Experience the beauty and serenity
                                          of the surrounding Kyushu region.

                                          Hotel choices:
                                          Hyatt Regency Fukuoka,
                                          Grand Hyatt Fukuoka and more.
    Depart From                             Family choice:*
    Hong Kong                             Hyatt Regency Fukuoka,
                                          Grand Hyatt Fukuoka.
    3D/2N packages include:               Optional Rent-A-Car is available
    •	 air	ticket	                        You can choose to rent a car for one day
    •	 hotel	accommodation	with	          or	longer.	Self-drive	options	for	two	to	
       daily breakfast                    five	people	include	Toyota	vehicles	with	
    •	 travel	insurance                   Japanese	car	navigation	systems.
    •	 optional	transfers

                                                                                          With direct flights from Hong Kong,
                                                                                          it’s easy to sample traditional
                                                                                          Japanese heritage and indulge in
                                                                                          a relaxing onsen.

                                                                                          Hotel Choices:
                                                                                          Nagoya	Sakae	Tokyo	Inn,	
                                                                                          Hilton Nagoya and more.
                                                                                            Family choice:*
                                                                                          Nagoya	Tokyu	Hotel,	
                                                                                          Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel.

                                                                                      *     Suitable for 2 adults & 1 child
                                                                                            staying in one room.
                                                                      JAPAN         81

Stay in the heart of one of the
                                            Sample city life in Osaka and then
world’s most exciting cities. We offer      retreat to nearby cultural Kyoto
accommodation at the latest hotels          which seen in cherry blossom
including E-Hotel Higashi Shinjuku as       season is simply magical.
well as most luxurious new property
on the market, The Peninsula.

                                            Hotel choices:
                                            Hotel Sunroute Umeda, Ramada Osaka,
                                            Hilton	Osaka,	The	Ritz-Carlton	Osaka	
Hotel choices:
                                            and more
E-Hotel	Higashi	Shinjuku,	Hilton	Tokyo,	
Park	Hyatt	Tokyo	and	more.                      Family choice:*
                                            Hyatt Regency Osaka
  Family choice:*
                                            (close	to	Universal	Studio).
Hotel	Century	Southern	Tower,	Hyatt	
Regency	Tokyo,	Sunshine	City	Prince	Hotel

                                   The beautiful island of Hokkaido is a
                                   destination for every season. No matter
                                   which time of year, visitors can touch
                                   down in Sapporo and experience one
                                   of many different kinds holiday. For
                                   example, in the summer there are
                                   the beautiful flowers to admire with
                                   autumn and spring perfect for golfing.
                                   Then in winter, there’s the world-
                                   famous skiing to try.
                                   Driving is the key for the whole family
                                   to enjoy the island’s natural beauty and
                                   sightseeing spots. Many outdoor activi-
                                   ties, including canoeing and a chance
                                   to see polar bears, are on offer and are
                                   guaranteed to please the kids.

                                   4D/3N package includes:
                                   •	 air	ticket	
                                   •	 hotel	accommodation	with	daily	breakfast
                                   •	 travel	insurance
                                   •	 optional	tranfers
                                   Hotel Choices:
                                   New	Furano	Prince	Hotel
                                   Heiseikan	Hanatsuki,	Loisir	Hotel	Hakodate,	
                                   Yunokawa	Prince	Hotel	Nagisatei
                                   Jozankei	Manseikaku	Hotel	Millione,		
                                   Jozankei	View	Hotel
                                   Hilton	Niseko	Village,	Niseko	Northern	Resort	
                                   Daiichi	Takimotokan	Noboribetsu
                                   Grand	Park	Otaru,	Otaru	Ryotei	Kuramure
                                   Rusutsu	Resort	Hotel	&	Convention
                                   Sahoro	Resort	Hotel
                                   Sapporo	Tokyu	Inn,	Sheraton	Sapporo	Hotel,		
                                   JR	Tower	Hotel	Nikko	Sapporo	and	more.
                                   The	Windsor	Hotel	TOYA	Resort	&	Spa
                                   Optional Rent-A-Car with GPS is available
                                   Toyota	vehicles	are	available
                                         JAPAN & SOUTH KOREA                         83

Seoul is also the perfect place
for a shopping spree. By sticking
to the stops along the main local      Depart From Hong Kong
train route, even newcomers to the
                                       3D/2N packages include:
city will find it easy. The city has   •	 air	ticket
many large shopping malls as well      •	 hotel	accommodation	with	daily	breakfast
as street markets. There are also      •	 travel	insurance
plenty of museums and cultural         •	 optional	transfers
attractions to consider.
In addition to hotel packages to
the capital Seoul, we also provide
deals in South Korea’s second
city Busan.                            Hotel choices:
                                       Busan :
                                       Hotel Kukje Paradise Hotel & Casino Busan,
                                       The	Westin	Chosan	Hotel	Busan	Lotte	Hotel
                                       Seoul :
                                       Ramada Seoul, Millennium Seoul Hilton,
                                       Park Hyatt Seoul

  Even after centuries, onsen remain a time-      1             2   3
  honoured favourite for travellers seeking
  unique cultural insight and the medicinal
  benefits of the special hot-spring water.
  Using ex tensive connections across
  Japan, we offer more than 10 famous onsen
  regions including Beppu, Arima, Gero and
  Hakone − all offering different styles and
  budgetary requirement.
                                                  4             5   6
  We are well known for offering packages
  with the biggest range of both traditional
  ryokan (Japanese inns) with onsen (hot-
  springs bathing facilities) as well as more
  modern onsen resorts with state-of-the-art
  facilities. Optional onsen packages are
  available for onsen lovers to visit more than
  one in a trip.
                                                  7             8

  For more information
  please check our Wellness section


                                                                            7 GERO

                                                                        9 ARIMA

   :                      A
                                                      A BEPPU
                                                                                                                            JAPAN          85

                                                                                         3D/2N or 4D/3N package includes:
                                                                                         •	 air	ticket	
                              1 OTARU                                                    •	 hotel	accommodation	with	daily	breakfast		
                                                                                         •	 travel	insurance	
                                2 JOZANKEI
                                                                                         •	 optional	transfers
                                  3 NOBORIBETSU

                         4 HAKODATE
                                                                                         Japan Onsen Kong
                                                                                         Depart From Hong

                                                                                         Why not combine a shopping trip with
                                                                                         a relaxing stay at an onsen or ryokan?
                                                                                         By making use of our City Chic packages
                                                                                         with an optional onsen resort stay, visitors
                                                                                         can get the most from a Japan holiday.
                                                                                         Optional ryokan and onsen packages are
                                                                                         inclusive of meals and accommodation and
                                                                                         are designed with maximum flexibility in
                                                                                         mind. A stay there can either fall at the end
                                                                                         or the beginning of the trip.

                                                                                         Destination – Onsen choices:
                                                                                         Via Fukuoka
                                                                                         Beppu: Suginoi Hotel
          5 MATSUSHIMA
                                                                                         Via Nagoya

                                        Traditional                                      Gero:	Yunoshimakan	Ryokan,	Kawakamiya	
                                                                                         Kasuitei, Suimeikan

                                        Ryokan                                           Via Osaka
                                                                                         Arima: Hana Ko Yado Ryokan, Yugetsusanso
                                                                                         Ryokan, Goshobo Ryokan, Korokan Ryokan
                                        Often the inn’s architecture, customs
        6 KARUIZAWA                     and cuisine point back to a bygone era.          Via Sapporo
                                        A traditional ryokan offers the perfect way to   Hakodate: Heiseikan Shiosaitei,
                                        truly experience ancient Japanese culture.       Yunokawa	Prince	Hotel	Nagisatei	
                                                                                         Jozankei: Jozankei	Manseikaku	Hotel	Milione,	
            8 HAKONE                                                                     Jozankei	View	Hotel

                                        Modern                                           Noboribetsu: Daiichi	Takimotokan	Noboribetsu
                                                                                         Otaru: Otaru Ryotei Kuramure

                                                                                         Via Sendai
                                                                                         Matsushima:	Ichinobo,	Hotel	Sokan
                                        In these new resorts, in-room onsen baths        Via Tokyo
                                        and flexible meal schedule are available,        Hakone:	Hyatt	Regency	Hakone	Resort	&	Spa	
                                        giving guests more privacy and flexibility.      Hakone,	Yoshiike	Ryokan,	Nanpuso-Kaze	no	Lore,	
                                                                                         Yumoto Hatsuhana, Gora Kaden,
                                                                                         Heiseikan Hanatsuki
                                                                                         Izu: Arcana	Izu
                                                                                         Karuizawa: Hoshinoya-Karuizawa

                                                                                         SUGGESTED TRAVEL PERIOD
                                                                                         TO ENJOY ONSEN
                                                                                         September	to	April

  Anyone who loves skiing will love Japan for its powder snow,
  magnificent scenery and friendly hospitality. Ski resorts have
  excellent facilities and are increasingly traveller-friendly.
  Nowadays, English-speaking coaches are readily available.        4D/3N package includes:
  Cathay Pacific Holidays offers hassle-free Ski Frenzy Holidays   •	 air	ticket
      for ski lovers to enjoy every moment on the slopes. Our      •	 hotel	accommodation	with	daily	breakfast
                                                                   •	 travel	insurance
          frequent direct flights from Hong Kong and inclusive
                                                                   •	 optional	transfers
            transfers also make a ski trip to Japan hugely con-
             venient. Furthermore, our flexible ski passes suit    Hotel Choices:
               perfectly for travellers who want to spend more     Via Tokyo
                                                                   Karuizawa	Prince	Hotel,	Naeba	Prince	Hotel
                off-piste time on other activities.
                                                                   Via Sapporo
                                                                   Furano Prince Hotel, Hilton Niesko,
                                                                   Kiroro Hotel Piano, Rusutsu Resort, Sahoro Resort
                                                                   and more

                                                                   You	can	design	your	own	Sapporo	ski	holidays	
                                                                   with	our	flexi-packages.	
                                                                   Suggested travel period for skiing
                                                                   December to March

                                                                   For more information
                                                                   please visit

                                                  JAPAN & SOUTH KOREA                       87

                South Korea represents another great and affordable ski destination.
                Families in particular can make big savings with our Ski Frenzy
                Holidays. The packages include a short flight from Hong Kong and are
                perfect for a vacation for friends or groups.
                Many of the slopes, not far from the capital Seoul, are especially suited
                to beginners and the many five-star resorts are perfect to cater for
                family fun in the mountains.

                                                    Depart From Hong Kong
                                                    4D/3N packages at Yong Pyong or
                                                    Phoenix Park and more are available.

Hilton Niesko

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