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Wellington Combined Taxis Ltd (WCT) is a shareholder owned and operated company which
was formed in 1993 with the amalgamation of the then two separately operated taxi
companies -Wellington Taxis Coop Society and Black White & Grey Taxis.

Prior to this amalgamation both companies had been individually servicing the Greater
Wellington Region for 63 years and have continued to service the Greater Wellington Area
collectively for the last 15 years as Wellington Combined Taxis Ltd.

At WCT we pride ourselves on being a multicultural organisation with both male and female
drivers which reflects the growing diversity of New Zealand.
Many of our drivers have been with the Company for more than 25 years.

WCT currently operates 442 Business Class vehicles combined with 600 uniformed drivers.

WCT is able to offer a seamless nationwide taxi services through its 21 TaxiCharge partners.
Managing your taxi travel and spend has never been easier.

In July 2006 WCT undertook a massive project to re-brand the entire fleet from the heavily
over used “Yellow and Black” to the all new “Blue, Green and White” livery.
This eliminated a significant amount of customer confusion caused by the many look-a-like
taxis operating in Wellington.
Since the re-brand, customer complaints have been drastically reduced – largely due to
customers not necessarily recognising which taxi company they were travelling with, but with
the sure knowledge that it was not one of ours!

Customer compliments about our “new, clean, smart” look continue to be received daily.

The company has a shareholder elected Board of Governors of 6 directors.

The Board is supported by the following:

General Manager                                     Receptionist
Operations Manager                                  Complaints administrator
Fleet Manager                                       Operations Room Staff (40)
Marketing Manager                                   Combined Finance Ltd (10)
Accounts Manager                                    Quality Assurance Officer (Call Centre)
Call Centre Manager

Wellington Combined Taxis supplies a safe, clean, quick and efficient service to Wellingtonians.

WCT also has a dedicated rank at the Wellington International Airport, which is easily located.

WCT successfully services over 4,800 business accounts and has done so for many years.

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It is the economies of scope and scale gained with our fleet size, and use of technology in
the Wellington region that enables us to deliver on-time service and maintain our position as
the preferred cab company of choice

WCT taxis accept all major credit cards, vouchers, TaxiCharge cards and Total Mobility cards
and have POS terminals installed to facilitate speedy and secure processing.

WCT is one of three A-Class shareholders in TaxiCharge, a company that holds the largest
number of business accounts for taxi services in New Zealand, with over 13,000 business

WCT has continued to add to its network of exclusive ranks throughout the city. This
coverage, together with our large fleet size, gives us critical mass in the Central Business
District and at the Airport – and allows us to successfully service our extensive customer base
without relying on the public ranks set aside by the Wellington City Council.

Wellington Combined Taxis has recently purchased Co-op Shuttles as part of our strategy to
be Wellingtons “Total Transport Solution”.

Combined Finance Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wellington Combined Taxis Ltd.

Some Interesting Facts about WCT
Since amalgamation in 1993, WCT has continued to grow and today it is the largest taxi
organisation in the lower North and South Islands. WCT has 260 shareholders who manage a
total of 442 shares and provides services to 442 taxis and 600 drivers.

The WCT fleet carries around 3,000,000 passengers and travels around
45,000 kilometres each year
On average our Call Centre dispatches 1,800,000 jobs each year
Our average taxi response time from dispatch is less 4 minutes

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Key Achievements to date
    Exclusive rank access at Wellington International Airport
    Preferred supplier of taxi services to more than 1500 Corporations
    Preferred supplier of taxi services to most of the major Wellington Hotels
    Suppliers of services to visiting Cruise Ships – including customised tours
    Exclusive rank access at Te Papa, James Cook Hotel, Duxton Hotel, New World
    Our Edteca contract for daily transport of 100 special needs children
    Wellington Combined Taxis Ltd carries between 2.5 – 3 million customers a year
    Electronic Raywood Data dispatch system with GPS
    24/7 camera monitoring at Wellington Airport, Duxton & James Cook Hotels
    24/7 Call Centre
    Robust Quality Control programme
    In-house driver entry training programme
    A-Class TaxiCharge Partner
    Pin Number Systems
    The WCT PIN number system is an additional payment option offered by WCT.
    There are two types of PINs:
    Cash Pin:
    By quoting an allocated Pin number when making your booking through our Call
    Centre, or directly with your driver when you get into one of our taxis, our customers
    are able to prompt any special services or rates that have been loaded on their
    customer profile.
    At the end of the ride the driver is paid using any one of the following payment
         Taxi chit                                        Cash
         TaxiCharge card                                  Credit card
    Charge Pin:
    By quoting an allocated Pin number when making your booking through our Call
    Centre, or directly with your driver when you get into one of our taxis, our customers
    are able to prompt any special services or rates that have been loaded on their
    customer profile.
    When a charge Pin is used no payment is made at the end of the ride. Instead, the
    passenger uses a credit account that has been authorised at TaxiCharge.
    Charges for these rides are then billed directly to the client’s monthly invoice from
    Cardlink Systems, and include a computer-generated transaction number for each

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Key Competencies of WCT
After supplying the Wellington Region with taxis services for over 75 years, WCT has
consistently maintained its market presence in the transport arena. We have done this by
working smart as well as working hard, and are continually looking to improve our service to
our customers.

WCT key competencies in relation to taxi services are:

      Billing & Information Systems

      Technology

      Fleet Structure

      Our people, our plans, our service

      Community Involvement

      Sustainability Initiatives

                         Billing & Information Systems

WCT is the only A-class shareholder of TaxiCharge in the Greater Wellington Region which
means that WCT taxi operators can facilitate the wide range of voucher and / or innovative
card solutions, as well as billing and reporting options that TaxiCharge can provide.

WCT and TaxiCharge will continue to develop innovative card, billing and reporting solutions
for customers through their strategic partnership, as well as the growing network of
TaxiCharge partners throughout New Zealand.

As well as the traditional paper taxi voucher solution, WCT and TaxiCharge can offer “paper
less” solutions such as plastic cards, single use cards, stored value cards or the use of PIN
numbers through the WCT telephone booking systems.

TaxiCharge partners are available throughout New Zealand and WCT can make on-bookings
for our customers to any of these TaxiCharge partners.

The TaxiCharge website is

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Raywood Data Dispatch System

Raywood's sophisticated dispatch solution uses GPS satellites to track the location of our taxis
and locate the closest vehicle to our customers, and complex algorithms to dispatch jobs
efficiently over a private radio network.

This innovative solution increases call centre efficiency, customer satisfaction with reduced
waiting times and ultimately increases our service levels to our entire customer base.

Point of Sale Terminals

The point of sale terminals throughout the fleet currently process all credit cards, TaxiCharge
cards and Total Mobility cards and provide secure and efficient transaction processing.
These terminals are monitored carefully and when commercially justified will be enhanced to
be fully on-line. On-line terminals would give the ability to process EFTPOS transactions, as well
as give further opportunities for card innovations that could be unique to individual
customers’ requirements.

                                   Fleet Structure

WCT operates 2 distinct fleets - the Wellington Combined Taxi fleet with 442 vehicles, and the
Co-op Shuttle Fleet with 40 vehicles. This makes a total fleet of 482 vehicles, the largest in
Wellington by far.

With the large number of dedicated inner city ranks and business accounts, WCT has a
greater critical mass than any other taxi company in the CBD at any time to service the on-
going requirements of our customers.


Our Shuttle fleet is dedicated to airport transfers, corporate transfers, sports events, tours and
sight seeing and can work with all signage removed. Shuttles carry trailers to accommodate
large quantities of luggage, which is very helpful in moving groups together.

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                 Our People, Our Plans, Our Service

WCT uses a 3-pronged strategy to ensure we are able to consistently deliver quality transport
with our people, our plans and our service.

Our People
We have developed our decision making structures with a clear distinction between
management and governance.
WCT offers a wide range of personal and professional development for staff.
We aim to continually build on the competence of our people both employees and
contractors through training programme such as
    EMA                                              Institute of Directors, and
    Chamber of Commerce                              NZ Institute of Management

WCT drivers are required to undergo extensive initial training and on going training to ensure
they understand the culture of the company.

Our “Open Door” policy encourages staff to approach with any ideas or suggestions that
may enhance the Company's development.

We encourage our staff and Drivers to participate in the many team building programmes
we facilitate including BBQs, private movie screenings, breakfasts, golf days and social

WCT expects its drivers to maintain exceptional personal hygiene standards and to operate a
high standard vehicle that is regularly service.

Being a member of Wellington Combined Taxis has shown to be not just a job but more so a
profession and a lifestyle choice.
The experience within the fleet ranges from one week to 50 years.

Our Call Centre

Both the taxi call centre and the shuttle control room are situated in the Company’s Head
quarters in Adelaide Road Newtown. Both centres make use of modern technologies aiming
to service the needs and wishes of our customer.

We take around 6,000 calls a day with 24 hour, 7 day a week cover. We always have 3 staff
on duty in the taxi call centre and 1 in the shuttle call centre.

Staff development is a priority for the Company’s Manager.

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Our Plans
Constantly moving forward
At WCT we use some of the latest data dispatch systems incorporating global positioning (GPS)
technology. We also have a wireless monitoring service for some of our dedicated taxi stands
which is monitored 24 hours 7 days a week.

We are constantly reviewing technology applications that will enable us to deliver smarter
service to our customers. Some of this research includes –

BookSmart - The Automated Pin Number System
Designed to enhance our existing WCT PIN SYSTEM, this feature adds yet another alternative
to the use of paper taxi vouchers that is secure, fast and efficient, and is called “BookSmart”.
BookSmart transactions would still be processed through the customer’s account, so no
accounting information would be foregone, in fact these electronic transactions would be
processed much faster than the paper ones.

Customers can call on our Booksmart number to facilitate our BookSmart system.
This system invites you to enter your a PIN number via the telephone keypad.
This unique PIN number will have been pre-determined and will generate a job to be
dispatched with all the required pre-determined details as to location for the pick up, the
destination, the fare to be charged, the cost centre to be charged, the account number to
be charged and any other details required.
This system is most useful for regular trips and will enable a taxi to be ordered in approximately
10 seconds.
As the customers account number would be charged, there would be no necessity to use a
paper voucher and no security issues with the loss or fraudulent use of vouchers.

Our Service

Improve our existing management systems and building on our existing risk assessments and

Quality Control/Compliance programmes is assisted by –
      NZQA qualified workplace assessors accreditation

      Regular internal audits to maintain legislative compliance

      Continually reviewing of best-fit Key Perfomance Indicators based on customer and
       driver feedback and Quarterly Review meetings with Key Account customers

      Continually building on our existing on-going contracts with business customers and

       Industry partners by using best practice organisation techniques
      Using enhanced safety and security measures

Our electronic data capabilities include:

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   Raywood Data Dispatch System

   POS Terminals in every car for secure transactions

   On-line bookings facilities
   Customer recognition database (with protocols around the security of customer


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                                Community Involvement

    Mail Runs
    Our fleet often work in conjunction with NZ Post postal delivery staff delivering over flow mail
    This is a vital link in insuring that the general public’s mail is delivered on time every day.

    Blood deliveries
    WCT plays an important part in maintaining the integrity of the NZ Blood Services blood supply.
    The Company and its Drivers take on the responsibility of transporting on a daily basis, blood
    products between the various Hospitals within the Wellington region as well as further a field. This
    insures that blood products are available to the public in life or death situations.

    School runs
    On a daily basis, WCT transports more than 200 children to and from school. Some of these
    children have highly complex special needs and the Drivers are trained how to cope with them
    in different situations. A high level of trust and responsibility is placed on the Drivers that are
    undertaking this work and all persons involved take these responsibilities very seriously.

    Total mobility
    WCT has a fleet of specially equipped taxi vans. These are utilised in the transport of wheel chair
    bound people and others who have specific transport requirements. Many of our other taxis in
    the fleet are also involved in transporting people with special needs.
    Our taxi drivers are often known to go out of their way to support and assist those who have
    difficulty in supporting themselves in their day to day activities.

    Ongoing environmental consideration
    WCT is very aware of its carbon footprints through the use of combustion engines and is now NZ’s
    1st carboNZero   certified taxi service!
                   Cert TM

    The majority of the Company’s current and future vehicles are evaluated against rigid fuel
    efficiency guidelines.

    Sponsorship and Supporting local events
    WCT is the preferred supplier of The NZI 7s, WOW, Cuba St Carnival, Wellington Phoenix, NZSO,
    Film Festivals, School Festivals and Art Festivals.

    WCT sponsors a wide range of local organisations including
       Westpac Trust Flight for Life                      Miramar, Seatoun, Hataitai, The Park
       Mary Potter Hospice                                  and Island Bay Bowling clubs
       Ronald MacDonald House                             Wellington Soccer Club
       Child Safety Awareness Academy
       Silverstream School Mini Galas

We have a great sense of pride in being able to be a part of these organisations and help give back
where ever we can.

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                  Co-op Shuttles Company Profile

Wellington Combined Taxis has recently purchased Co-op Shuttles Wellington Limited. This
purchase fits into our “Total Transport Provider” stratagy for the Wellington area.

Co-operative Shuttles was established in 1989 to provide an alternative form of transportation
following the Government decision to de-regulate the passenger transport industry as it affected
the taxi industry.

Based on the concept established in the USA in the 1980’s, approval was given to provide
transport for individuals or groups based on the principle of using specially outfitted 10 seater
mini-coaches. Government approval to establish this service was granted in 1987 to operate
to/from major transport hubs, being airports, bus terminals, railway stations – ferry terminals
and major accomodation providers. This service is based on either a shared ride principle or
exclusive use of the vehicle and enables organisations to provide a cost effective service to
groups both large and small.

Since its inception Co-op Shuttles has developed an extensive array of services to suit the varying
requirements of clientelle and we currently offer the following services:

   A locating service at Airports/Railway Stations/Ferry Terminals for incoming clients
   A transport co-ordination service whereby Co-Op Shuttles undertakes the role as the
    organisations representative, to ensure all passengers are located and assembled to enable
    cost effectiveness on behalf of the organisation. This also includes the organisation of
    transfers within the city while groups are in residence for various events or activities.
   A twenty four hour staffed operation to ensure immediate action for clients requirements.
   An accounting system whereby Co-op Shuttles will provide monthly billing, including any
    requirements of order numbers or cost centres as requested by the client.
   Individual numbered voucher books with the Clients code pre-stamped provided to clients
    which are only available for use on Co-op Shuttle vehicles. This ensures that our clients
    utilise our serbvice while travelling on account provided solely for use in a Co-op vehicle.
   Co-op Shuttles service is provided on a fixed cost basis, based on a fare schedule registered
    with LTSA and Local Regional Councils, therefore avoiding price variations due to traffic and
    road conditions. This enables accurate budgeting on behalf of clients, especially when large
    meeting groups are assembled.

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Fully owned subsideray of Wellington Combined Taxis, with up to 40 vans and the support of
over 442 taxi’s all transport requirements can be catered for.

Location: 150 Adelaide Road, Newtown WELLINGTON
Telephone: 387-8787
Fax: 387-8789

Manager: Grant Bosher

Fleet: up to 40 Luxury Mini Vans (minimum seating 10) complete with seat belts.

Some Major Organisations Currently being Serviced by Co-Op Shuttles:

   Qantas Airways Flight Crews
   Air New Zealand Flight Crews
   Freedom Air Flight Crews
   Pacific Blue Airline Crews
   Tranzrail Ferry Services
   Victoria University Overseas Student Intakes
   Williment World Travel (Rugby Sports Tours)
   Wellington Cricket, NZ Rugby and NZ Rugby Academy
   NZQA (Staff Conferences)
   Scots College/Marsden College/Queen Margrets
   Ministry of Education and other various Government Departments
   Post Primary Teachers Association
   ANZ / National Bank Staff Tranfers
   Stagecoach Staff Transfers
   Hotel Intercontinental Staff Transfers
   Capital Coast Health Dialysis Patient
   NZ Police and The Royal New Zealand Police College
   Dept of Corrections Staff Training
   Inland Revenue
   Govt3

This list keeps growing, due to our reputation as a company that offers an efficient and
courteous customer service.

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