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      Bid #08-205-071-RFP/Computers, Personal, Windows Platform
From: Mellow, Karin []
Sent: Friday, February 29, 2008 10:51 AM
To: Lindemann Mark
Cc: Sanchez, Juan (PSG FL Education); Rowley, Kristian (Kristian A. Rowley)
Subject: Questions for 08-205-071-RFP/Computers, Personal, Windows(tm) Platform

Dear Mr. Lindemann,

HP has the following questions for the School Board of Pinellas County:

1. What would be the expected server and storage expenditures? What percentage of that
expenditure is purchased through E-Rate funding?

2. Is the School Board of Pinellas County considering an extension to this RFP deadline?

Thank you

Karin Mellow
Proposal Manager
678.546.8455 Direct
770.617.9337 Cell
Engage SPC:

    Ms. Mellow,

    1. Expenditures for servers and storage products would average $175,000 per year with
       $140,000 of that total being E-rate eligible.
    2. The district will not entertain extending the deadline for the RFP

Mark C. Lindemann
Director, Purchasing
                         Questions & Answers
      Bid #08-205-071-RFP/Computers, Personal, Windows Platform
From: Mellow, Karin []
Sent: Monday, March 03, 2008 6:23 PM
To: Lindemann Mark
Cc: Sanchez, Juan (PSG FL Education); Rowley, Kristian (Kristian A. Rowley)
Subject: Additional Questions from HP/08-205-071-RFP/Computers, Personal, Windows(tm)

Dear Mr. Lindemann,

The attached contains additional questions for the School Board of Pinellas County. Thank you in
advance for your time.

Karin Mellow
Proposal Manager
678.546.8455 Direct
770.617.9337 Cell
Engage SPC:

Questions: 08-205-071-RFP/ Computers, Personal, Windows™ Platform:
Request for Proposal
For all models
1) Resource CD w/diagnostics, drivers & image - please confirm what is meant by
“image”. (i.e. should the CD include a restore of the Pinellas custom image, or the OEM
Answer: A restore of the Pinellas Custom Image
2) Will Pinellas require a CD shipped with each system? Or will offering each Pinellas
location with a disk that can be used to restore systems suffice?
Answer: A CD should be shipped with each system.
3) Later, in Submittal D: Cost Proposal, Pinellas asks for "factory install with DVD &
server-based restore." Can Pinellas elaborate on this requirement - is this an overlap of
the above Resource CD requirement, or a separate requirement?
Answer: Yes it is somewhat of an overlap.

Regarding the S1 – Student Desktop
1) For the S1, S2, T2 desktop configurations, do you require a Direct X 10 video card?
Answer: We will except an equal substitute but be sure to call that out as a
deviation on the Cost Proposal Form when completing pages 32 & 33.
2) Since Pinellas will be providing your Custom image, will you also be providing the MS
Office 2007 software already loaded in the image?
Answer: Yes, Office 2007 will be part of the custom image Pinellas provides.
                        Questions & Answers
     Bid #08-205-071-RFP/Computers, Personal, Windows Platform
3) How many different images will there be? One for each platform? One for students
and one for teachers that should work across platforms? How often, on average, does
Pinellas County update images?
Answer: Pinellas would prefer one standard image for all configurations but
understanding that the image can be somewhat driven by the vendor’s hardware it
could vary between configurations resulting in more than one image.

Regarding the S3 – All-in-one desktop
   1) Will Pinellas accept an integrated design with 2 power cords?
   Answer: Yes
Regarding the S4 – Student laptop
   1) Battery Life – with the extensive R&D on energy efficiency performed by our
      laptop division, we design our mobile devices and batteries together for
      maximum efficiency. Since cells within different battery vendors have their own
      unique characteristics and power available, we request that the school district
      suggest a minimum battery life for each laptop in the RFP, instead of requesting
      a desired number of cells per battery. This would allow for a more competitive
      situation and allow for best energy efficiency to the district.
   Answer: This will require further consideration beyond the timeframe of this
   RFP. For the purposes of this RFP please bid the specified battery types listed.
   If awarded the contract this issue could be negotiated at a later time.

Regarding the T1 – Teacher desktop
1) Please confirm the processor requirements for this configuration.
Answer: The processor listed was thought to be the most current at the time the
RFP was issued. If this processor is no longer available, please provide the most
current one but be sure to call that out as a deviation on the Cost Proposal Form
when completing pages 32 & 33.

Regarding the T3 – Teacher laptop
1) Please confirm the processor and graphics requirements for this configuration. You
have an AMD processor with Intel graphics. Can we assume that this is an error?
Answer: Substitute the correct and comparable integrated graphics for the AMD
processor but be sure to call that out as deviation on the Cost Proposal Form
when completing pages 32 & 33.

Mark C. Lindemann
Director, Purchasing
                        Questions & Answers
     Bid #08-205-071-RFP/Computers, Personal, Windows Platform
From: Lloyd Osman []
Sent: Friday, February 29, 2008 3:15 PM
To: Lindemann Mark
Cc: Brad Danke
Subject: PCSB RFP Questions from MPC Corp / Gateway:

PCSB RFP Questions from MPC Corp / Gateway:

   1- Page 14, item 3: Please explain the Linux or Unix requirement in detail.
       Answer: Whatever hardware you provide it must be capable of supporting both

   2- Page 14, item 17: Please outline PCSB “client management software”
      requirements and if you have a preferred vendor software package.
       Answer: There is no preferred software package. You are free to propose one that
       can fulfill the requirements spelled out in Item 17, page 14.

   3- Page 15, Warranty: Is PCSB requiring that all items have a 3yr warranty,
      including laptop batteries that normally carry 1yr warranties?
       Answer: As the bid states, laptop batteries must be warranted by the successful
       bidder for the 3 year term of the lease or extended warranty on the hardware
       regardless if the battery OEM offers a shorter warranty.

   4- Student & Teacher laptops: will PCSB accept and Intel processor in place
      of the AMD Turion?
       Yes, you may provide comparable Intel processors in place of the AMD processors
       specified. AMD was only specified in an effort to reduce cost.

   5- Laptops & Tablet: does 12”-16” wide screen mean that PCSB will accept
      any size display between 12” and 16”?
       Answer: Yes, you may propose a screen size that falls anywhere within that range.
       A range was specified so as not to be restrictive.

   6- Page 25: Please outline PCSB’s “on-line” requirements, does mean you
      want a continuous active web site with the required training?
       Answer: Yes

   7- Page 9 Bid & Performance Securities, Please clarify this number:
      $2,500.000, this is the dollar amount listed; should this be $2,500.00 or
       Answer: The bid contained a typographical error. The correct amount of the bid
       security is $2,500,000.

Mark C. Lindemann
Director, Purchasing
                         Questions & Answers
      Bid #08-205-071-RFP/Computers, Personal, Windows Platform
From: []
Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2008 10:06 PM
To: Lindemann Mark; Shuman Mark
Subject: Pre-Bid Questions

1) Will the district combine the evaluated results of the oral presentation phase with the scores of
the RFP phase to determine the winning vendor...or, will the RFP scoresonly determine the top 3
vendors that move on to the oral presentation phase and the slate is wiped clean at that point ?

Answer: Once the top three ranked vendors are selected for an oral presentation, the
score you receive from the oral presentation will be combined with your preliminary score
for your proposal.

2) The RFP indicates that the Cost Proposal is worth "400" evaluation points out of 1000.
However, there are multiple cost components within the cost proposal such as discount on pre-
defined standards, bulk orders, refresh program, general discount, etc. How is the district
weighting each component of the cost proposal phase based on 400 points for the whole
category ? In other words, will discounts off pre-defined standards carry more weight than
discount off bulk orders, etc.

Answer: The evaluation of cost will be based on the cost proposal you prepare for
Submittal 2. (b) which represents a typical refresh scenario. This scenario will take into
account your highest tier discount for standard bundles which represents the vast
majority of our annual purchases. The individual lower tier discounts for each category
and for custom configurations are not evaluated because they are insignificant in relation
to the total purchases made.

3) Since the base cost and/or custom specs (from web/list prices) on "apples-to-apples"
configurations is generally different amongst nearly all technology vendors, what will be the
criteria used to determine which actually has the better value, once a "percentage" discount off
published price is applied ? Example: ABC Org has a "widget" for $10/each and is offering a
10% discount -and- XYZ Org has the same "widget" for $12/each and is offering an 11%
discount. The discount % offered by XYZ is higher, but their base price is also higher - yielding a
lower value/discount.

Answer: As stated in no. 2, it will not be considered in the evaluation. Our focus for the
evaluation is on the standard bundles at the top discount tier.

Mark C. Lindemann
Director, Purchasing
                         Questions & Answers
      Bid #08-205-071-RFP/Computers, Personal, Windows Platform
From: []
Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2008 11:46 AM
To: Lindemann Mark
Subject: Pinellas SEALED BID NO.: 08-205-071-RFP - Dell Marketing L.P. Question
    1. Is a fully executed insurance certificate with the requirements listed in the bid, required 
       for the proposal response or required before any eventual contract?  We can provide 
       proof of our insurance broker and a surety bond with response but is an actual executed 
       insurance certificate required for the proposal submission? 

Answer: An insurance certificate is only required of the successful bidder. We request a
copy along with your proposal but it is not required and would not be cause for rejection
of your proposal if it is not included.
    2. Is any aspect of the Insurance provisions negotiable? 

Answer: With the exception of “Independent Contractor’s Protective” no, these
requirements are not negotiable.

Mark C. Lindemann
Director, Purchasing

From: Kirk Wigfall []
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 5:36 PM
To: Lindemann Mark
Cc: Steven Charlton
Subject: Pinellas County School Board Questions
Importance: High

A). Can Pinellas County expand on the training requirements? what are your
expectations for training? particularly regarding the following:
page 15 of the RFP.
10. The vendor shall provide education on the use and operation of hardware and
software purchased.
(is this end user orientation?) Who will be the target audience? When will this training
take place?

Answer: This training is intended to be provided as on demand, on-line, self-study courses
for end users as well as technical support providers.

11. The vendor will provide training and certification course offerings for any self-
maintainer programs for at least 10
district staff and at least one person per school.
                         Questions & Answers
      Bid #08-205-071-RFP/Computers, Personal, Windows Platform
Is Pinellas County a self maintainer? Does Pinellas County want to be a self maintainer?
When will this training take place?

Answer: We are a self maintainer under several manufacturer warranty programs and plan
to continue. Training can occur once or twice a year or on-demand, however the vendor
would choose to provide it. The preference is that the training and testing would be on-
line, on demand. We require the option of our ordering warranty parts for “self”
installation or vendor installation. We expect the vendor to reimburse us for labor at
standard rates, if “self” installed.

12. The vendor shall provide a minimum of 10 on-site training sessions each year for
district staff. Topics will be decided by mutual agreement with the vendor and the
District based upon needs.

Are these classes for professional staff training and development? When will this training
take place?

Answer: These training sessions are intended to introduce new hardware or software to
district personnel and occurs monthly. Several times a year this training is provided to
representatives from all the schools at district meetings. We prefer the vendor to provide
content experts for this training.

B). Please clarify the 'installation time'. Will all purchases and installation be completed
this year before school starts or will additional purchases occur through out the year. Will
this time frame repeat each year?

Answer: The Refresh project occurs once a year and accounts for the majority of the
equipment that is ordered. However, relatively smaller orders are placed all during the
year. The refresh process starts with planning from March to May, with orders typically
placed by June, for delivery and installation during July, August, and September. Schools
will request approximate delivery and installation dates when orders are placed.

Mark C. Lindemann
Director, Purchasing

From: []
Sent: Friday, March 14, 2008 4:59 PM
To: Lindemann Mark
Subject: RE: RFP Addendum Question

On the 60% of the award that pricing will be a factor on, how will that be scored? In other words -
out of the 600 points or 60% of the total award allocated, how does it break down by price points,
Lowest, second lowest, third lowest, overall dollar value, individual configs? etc?

* Is the pricing award based on the sum of all of the configurations as a group or will you look at
any individual price to determine their winner for this category? Will quantities per category be
factored in when answering the question that was previously posed?
                         Questions & Answers
      Bid #08-205-071-RFP/Computers, Personal, Windows Platform
* If Dell comes in $5 per box higher than another vendor, will that change the award total vs.
coming in $50 or $100 a box higher - so is this an all or nothing award or a graduated scale point
award.... does the lowest vendor get 600 pts, second lowest get 400 and the third get 200 for
example. And would this change whether we are $1 higher or $1000 higher per box?

ANSWER: There are only 400 points (40%) of the total allocated to cost and we will be
evaluating cost based on the total cost of the refresh scenario and not based on each
bundle individually. Points will be allocated based on the % spread between total bids and
not on a fixed score for first, second, third bid etc.

Mark C. Lindemann
Director, Purchasing

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