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                         Depot Repair

         Full Spectrum Functionality

Tom Greene
Sr Solution Consultant
Depot Repair At-a-Glance

       Issue                     Repair                      Repair
   Identification              Processing                  Resolution

   • Capture Inquiries   • Receive and Diagnose        • Provide Customer
     and Complaints        Product; Prepare Estimate     Exchanges and
   • Submit Repair       • Teardown / Inspect            Loaners
     Request Creation    • Manage Materials and        • Replace Defective
   • Initiate Returns      Resources                     Products
                         • Approve Repair Plan and     • Ship Repaired
                           Execute Repair                Product & Invoice
 Business Pressures
       Repair Effectiveness                                   Customer Demands
      • How do I ensure repair                                • What entitlements does this
        quality and standards?                                  customer have?
      • How do I find the right                               • How do I efficiently capture
        repair information?                                     and retrieve repair history?

                              Issue          Repair       Repair
                          Identification   Processing   Resolution

Repair Efficiency
• How do I provide visibility
  into repair status and
                                                           Margin Erosion
  logistics tracking?                                      • How do I offset the effect
                                                             of increased competition
• How do I ensure the right                                  on my margins?
  resources are assigned to
  the job?                                                 • How do I control rising
                                                             repair costs?
Operational Challenges

               Is this an existing   How do I prioritize    Should I repair this       Who do I
              customer…is this a     the repair…what is      item…how do I           charge…how
              recurring problem?      the repair status?       repair this?             much?

                     Help Desk                     Depot                 Service              Billing
                       Agent                      Manager               Technician            Clerk


           Fragmented Customer and Repair Data, Manual Processes
A Need for Change
Leading Business Trends

 • Repeatable, Efficient Repair Processes

 • Feedback Loop for Product Quality Improvements

 • Single, Integrated View of Customers and Products

 • Transformation from Cost Center to Profit Center

 • Resources and Inventory Forecasting
How Oracle
 Oracle: Complete E-Business Suite
                Develop                       Automate Key
                                               Internal Business
    Contracts                 Market
 Projects                         Sell        Extend
                                               Automation to
    HR          Customers,           Order
                                               and Collaborate
                                               with Your
Finance         Products, …          Plan
                                               Trading Partners

 Maintain                         Procure     Drive Continuous
      Service                 Make             with Real-Time
                  Fulfill                      Intelligence
   Oracle Depot Repair Solution
   An Integrated Component of the Service Family
                    Customer/Prod Info,        Secure
                      Knowledge Base           Access

              Rapid                              Proactive Service
Channels    Resolution                                                                                      Users

                                     Self-Service                                  Field Service
 Self-                              Agent Assisted                                 Depot Repair
                                                         Service Parts Logistics                            CSRs

 Email               Identify                             Plan & Repair /                      Close      Analysts
                                Analyze Prioritize                                 Debrief
                     & Verify                            Schedule Resolve                      & Bill
                           Workflow Automation

 Phone                               Contract Entitlements / Warranties                                   Customers

In Person         Shipping /        Orders &            Marketing                            Invoices &    Mobile
                  Receiving          Cases               Offers                               Payments
Oracle Depot Repair Solution
Manage In-House Repairs
 Service Channels

                    Receive   Estimate  Plan                    Repair       Ship
                      and       and     and            Assign    and         and
                    Inspect   Approve Schedule                  Debrief      Bill

   Agent Assisted       Manage Resources

                                           & Product

    Field Service       Installed       Common Data                Reports
                          Base           Repository

   Depot Walk-In
Oracle Depot Repair Solution
Enables You To…

    Improve Customer Interactions

    Support Multiple Repair Flows

    Execute Efficient and Quality Repairs

    Streamline Repair Logistics and Invoicing
Maintain Global Data Repository
Capture All Customer Information in Single Location

            Service             Customer

                                                         Eliminate Data
                                            Installed     Fragmentation
                                                         Provide Access to All
                                                          Required Functions
& Billing                                                Enable Tracking of All

          Shipping &             Human
          Receiving             Resources
Leverage Complete Customer View
Resolve Issues with Accurate, Real-Time Information

    Depot                     • Customer Information
                              • Contract Entitlements
                              • Installed Base (Product
   Repair         Common        History, Configuration)
Technician          Data
                 Repository   • Service Request and
                                Repair Order Status
                              • Returns / Shipments
  Handler                     • Contact Information
Verify Entitlements
Accelerate Response via Seamless Contract Integration

                                                         • Coverage
                               Instant      Repository   • Response Time
                             Verification                  Commitments

   Customer          Depot                               • Discounts

 Reduce Entitlement Violations and Prevent Contract Leakage
Search for Solutions
Leverage Shared Repair Knowledge

   Customer       • Interact with customer via numerous service channels
   & Problem      • Collect information about customer
                  • Understand customer problem including symptoms

                  • Search knowledge repository for solutions
  Knowledge       • Improve quality using proven steps and processes
                  • Contribute new solutions to repository

    Depot         • Determine repair requirements
   Planning       • Assign resources to repair effort
Self-Service Access
Document and Monitor Service Issue

                  Enable 24x7 access to information
                  Initiate service request remotely
                   through web
                  Decrease errors by capturing
                   information at the source
                  Track service request status and
                   updates without agent involvement
Oracle Depot Repair Solution
Enables You To…

    Improve Customer Interactions

    Support Multiple Repair Flows

    Execute Efficient and Quality Repairs

    Streamline Repair Logistics and Invoicing
Support Multiple Repair Flows
Address Virtually Any Customer Repair Request

                                                           Long         Short
                         Customer    No      Internal
                                                         Customer     Customer
                          Repair    Repair    Repair
                                                        Repair Cycle Repair Cycle

     Repair and Return                                                  
                                                          
      Loaner, Repair
       and Return

                                             
Example: Loaner, Repair and Return
Minimize Customer Downtime

                 Track Promise Date, Manage Issues

  Ship                        Inspect &        Ship           Receive
 Loaner                         Repair        Product         Loaner

     Key Benefits:
      Quality Repairs Using Predefined Processes
      Maintain Customer Productivity
      Track All Product Activities Within a Single Repair Order
Example: Advanced Exchange
Resolve Customer Product Issue

 Customer Involvement              Depot Internal Processing

  Ship                      Bulk                          Return to
              Defective                   Refurbish
Exchange                  Process                         Inventory

                                              Key Benefits:
                                               Resolve Customer
                                                Issues Quickly
                           Scrap               Process Defects in
                                                Bulk for Scrap or
Oracle Depot Repair Solution
Enables You To…

    Improve Customer Interactions

    Support Multiple Repair Flows

    Execute Efficient and Quality Repairs

    Streamline Repair Logistics and Invoicing
Estimate and Approve Work
Ensure Agreement Between Customer and Depot

    Initial     • Provide an estimate to customer before receiving product
   Estimate     • Leverage historical repair information

  Receive and   • Receive customer product
    Product     • Perform visual inspection

    Revise      • Provide an updated estimate to customer after receiving product
   Estimate     • Obtain customer approval before starting repair work

                • Repair using predefined procedures

   Compare      • Compare estimate to actual charges
   Charges      • Notify customer of concerns
Execute Repair Steps and Procedures
Use Proven Processes to Ensure Quality

  • Create repair job leveraging proven repair procedures
     - List sequence of steps to be performed
     - Identify associated material and labor hours
     - Assign resources (personnel and equipment)
  • Refer to technical reference documents for assistance
  • Update inventory for accurate product tracking
     Depot Workbench
     Perform All Functions through Single Workbench

                                       service request
                     logistics lines
                        based on
View repair            repair type

                                                    Support multiple
                                                    repair orders per
                                                     service request
Oracle Depot Repair Solution
Enables You To…

    Improve Customer Interactions

    Support Multiple Repair Flows

    Execute Efficient and Quality Repairs

    Streamline Repair Logistics and Invoicing
Manage Logistics
Execute and Monitor Product Movement Efficiently

               • Monitor product status (returns,
                 exchanges, loaners, and replacements)
               • Auto-create RMA (Return Material
                 Authorization) and ship lines using
                 repair types
               • Track serialized products to prevent
                 product mix-up
               • Process RMA and ship lines
               • Automatically update installed base
                 upon shipping and receiving
Depot Logistics Tab
Track Product Movement and Status

            View latest                  Enable cradle-to-grave
          product status             tracking using serial numbers
                                           and installed base

        Auto-create RMA and ship
        lines based on repair type
                                                               Receive and ship
                                                              products seamlessly
Invoice Customer
Process Charges Quickly and Accurately

Understand Repair Effort                  Verify Contract Effectivity
• Leverage knowledge base for             • Apply appropriate discounts
  historical information                  • Update warranties
• Ensure agreement between
  customer and depot

          Estimate                                   Process               Invoice
          Charges                                  Entitlements           Customer

                     Record Repair Charges                        Timely Billing
                     • Debrief material, labor, & expenses        • Review charges
                     • Compare actuals to estimate                • Submit charges
                     • Notify customer of discrepancies             for invoicing

     Update Repository
     • Update repair steps based on new data
     • Modify resource requirements
Oracle Depot Repair Solution

  Single customer view, integrated     Improve Customer
  knowledge repository                    Interactions

  Repair flow management, repair        Support Multiple
  order updates and status tracking      Repair Flows

  Robust estimating process, proven    Execute Efficient
  steps and procedures, resource
                                      and Quality Repairs
  assignment and scheduling

  Product movement execution           Streamline Repair
  and tracking, customer invoices     Logistics & Invoicing
Oracle Service Products
                         Contracts                 Market

                       Projects                       Sell
                         HR          Customers,           Order
     iSupport                        Suppliers,
                      Finance        Products, …          Plan
 Service Contracts     Maintain                       Procure

   Depot Repair            Service                 Make
   Field Service
Advanced Scheduler
  Mobile Field Svc
   Spares Mgmt
 Interaction Center
                 Evolution of Oracle Depot Repair

Existing Differentiators…    …Released with 11i.9…          …New in 11i.10
•   Perform all functions    •   Third-party install base   •   Depot agent cost and
    through a single             item repair                    charge analysis
    workbench                •   Link call center RMA to    •   Work definition and
•   Estimate based on a          depot repair order             enhanced knowledge
    knowledge repository     •   Workflow-based                 management integration
•   Support for numerous         messaging                  •   Enhanced estimate,
    in-house repair flows    •   Enhanced WIP job               debrief and actuals
•   Resource assignment          repair management              processes
    and scheduling                                          •   Field service to depot
                                                                refurbishment flow
•   Automated entitlements
    processing                                              •   Inspection and repair
                                                                order splitting
•   Service history for
    install base items                                      •   Self-service repair order
•   Logistics processing
    and invoicing
Support Global Operations
Think Globally, Act Locally

 30 Languages

 Multiple Currencies

 Customers in 100+ Countries

 All Languages Installable in Same Unicode Instance

 Support for Statutory and Customary Local Requirements
Modular Architecture
Implement Based on Your Business Priorities

              Implement by Business Flow
                – Start with one flow, demonstrate initial success
                – Add more flows to expand business coverage
                – Support changing business needs

              Flows are Seamlessly Integrated
                – Replace disparate systems
                – Eliminate data synchronization
                – Decrease time and cost to implement
Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Run on a Single Global Instance                          E-Business On Demand

                                                                                   You            Oracle
                                                Roles:                 Needs:     Manage:        Manages:

                                                App Admin                                     50% Lower Cost
                                              DB/AS Admin                                     50% Better Svc
                                                Sys Admin                                     Core Competence
       Consolidate Data Centers                                   Change
                                                HW Admin                                      Predictable Cost
           and Databases                                          Problems

   Low Cost Linux Hardware                    Standardized Open Integration Platform
        3x Faster, 5x Cheaper
        Easy to Automate en Mass                                                • Business Events Infrastructure
        Highly Reliable                                                         • Industry Standard Protocols
                                                                                 • Centralized Integration Repository
     Oracle’s Experience with Linux                      Customers,

  Production Midtiers    100% Linux                      Products, …

  Production DB          RAC Cluster (Unix)                                       Simplify B2B Integration,
  Demo Environments      100% Linux                                               Application Connectivity,
  Development            90% Linux                                               and Process Management
  Outsourced Customers   70% Linux
A Few Depot Repair Customers…

             BAE SYSTEMS
• $345M leader in high-performance enterprise Storage Area
  Network systems
   –   950 employees across the U.S., Europe and Asia
   –   Manufactures and markets high-performance switching equipment
       and heterogeneous network mgmt software
   –   Replaced Siebel and SAP with Oracle

• Live on Service
   –   Depot Repair, TeleService, Service Contracts
   –   Plans to implement Service Online, Mobile Field Service, and iSupport
   –   Also live on Discrete Manufacturing, WIP, Inventory, Order
       Management, Purchasing, Configurator, Quality, Financials

        Reduced service operations cost structure by 50%
        Improved response time for customer queries
                           BAE SYSTEMS

• Fourth largest defense and aerospace firm; based in Europe
   –   Over 100,000 employees in 7 business units
   –   Customers in 129 countries

• Chose Oracle over SAP
• Oracle Implementation
   –   Consolidated 15 systems into single, unified e-Business system
   –   Zero customizations

• Live on Depot Repair
   –   Other Oracle products include: Manufacturing, Project Contracts,
       Financials, Project Costing & Billing, Purchasing, Order Mgmt, EDI
       Gateway, Tutor, Balanced Scorecard

       “Using the Oracle E-Business Suite, we've reduced
       costs throughout the organization…”
               - Patrick Shannon, Dir of Business Transformation
Oracle Depot Repair Solution

        Improve Customer Interactions

        Support Multiple Repair Flows

     Execute Efficient and Quality Repairs

   Streamline Repair Logistics and Invoicing
Oracle Depot Repair Solution

        Improve Customer Interactions

        Support Multiple Repair Flows

     Execute Efficient and Quality Repairs

   Streamline Repair Logistics and Invoicing
Know More. Do More. Spend Less.

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