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									About Frost & Sullivan’s Automotive &
       Transportation Practice
About Frost & Sullivan

                         Over 47 years of experience providing clients with in-depth research and analysis
47 years of Experience
                         from which to make critical business decisions

                         1,500+ industry analysts, growth consultants, and staff in 36 offices around the
 36 Offices Around the
                         world, ensuring that our clients have in-depth regional and global perspectives of
                         their markets

 10 Industries and 32
                         Cover broad spectrum of 10 industries and 32 markets

   10,000+ Clients       Partner with 10,000+ clients worldwide, including emerging companies, the global
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                         Offer the exclusive 3-tiered Growth System, including: Growth Partnership
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  TEAM Methodology       Developers of TEAM Methodology, a proprietary approach to ensure that clients
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Comprehensive Market Coverage
Eight Business Units Producing Comprehensive, Global Market Information focussed on Growth

                                            Automotive &                      Information &
     Industrial Automation                  Transportation                 Communication Tech.
         & Electronics
                                            Transportation                      IT Security,
      Power Transmission             Systems, E-Vehicles, Safety,           Enterprise Software,
      Test & Measurement,            Powertrain, Steering, Railway            Network Security,
      Sensors, Smartcards                 Systems, Chassis                Telecom Service, Mobile,

            Healthcare                                                       Environment &
                                          Technical Insights              Building Technologies
        Medical Systems,
         Medical Devices,
                                        Emerging Technology                Water & Wastewater,
         Drug Discovery,
                                             Research,                     Waste, Air Treatment
      Diagnostic Technology,
                                          Cross Industries               Building Mgt Technologies

      Aerospace & Defense                Chemicals, Materials                      Energy
                                             and Food
      Battlespace IT, C4ISR,                Agrochemicals,                 Power Generation, T&D
         Satellites &Space               Specialty Chemicals,              Decentralized Energy,
        Military Aerospace,                Fine Chemicals,                    Power supplies,
       Training & Simulation             Performance Materials              Batteries, Renewable

Interactivity With our Global Automotive Analysts: You receive support
from 75 Automotive Analysts and Consultants located within Frost & Sullivan’s 30+ Global

Automotive & Transportations Deliverables Highlights for 2009 and

                 2009 Deliverables Highlights                                     2010 Deliverables Highlights
On track to maintain a production of over 100 reports globally and      Plan to produce 110+ reports globally – over 20 Studies
over 40 plus research services in EU                                    focussed on Emerging Markets (Asia Pacific, BRIC)
Key focus in 09 was on hot topics like Electric Vehicles, Changing      Key focus in 2009-10 will be on hot topics including Electric
Dynamics on Auto Industry, Environment, driver assistance               Vehicles Market, Alternative fuel vehicles and
systems, Low Cost vehicle technologies                                  technologies, Impact of electrification, New Business
We have also be focusing more on issues like Personal Mobility and      Models, Telematics and Safety + DAS systems
global Social analysis impacting transportation                         Focus on Business Strategy and Innovation Deliverables
In 08/09 we have further developed our Emerging Markets                 – Including Periodic Industry Outlook, CEO 360 Analysis
subscription with further focus on markets like Eastern Europe and      Regional Automotive Technology Roadmap studies for
Russia, Latin America, Turkey                                           different Domains
Delivery of 40+ Market Insights, 14 Analyst Briefings to date in 2009   Focus of Strategic Dashboard solutions for Telematics,
Implemented strategic analysis tools – Scenario Analysis already        Powertrain, ADAS and Chassis domains, with periodic
standard, Financial Analysis                                            updates

Excel Database already rolled out for Electric Vehicles, Powertrain,    Delivery of 60+ Market Insights, Over 12 Movers &
Chassis & ADAS, and Telematics domains                                  Shakers with C-Level Auto Execs, and at least 24
                                                                        Analyst Briefings Globally!
Workshop on Electric Vehicles presented in Europe to team,
highlights benefits of our interactive service                          Conduct Strategic Workshop

Focus on key programme areas – Powertrain, Chassis, Telematics          Customised Analyst Briefings
and Advanced Driver Assistance

    Automotive & Transportation’s Key Research by Programme Areas
    for 2009 – 2010
Business Strategy & Innovations Program                                        Powertrain Program

•   360 Degree CEO Perspective Analysis –        •   Voice-of-Customer Study: Attitude Towards Sustainability and Environment and
    2010 Edition (Production Trends, PESTLE,         Powertrain Technology Preferences
    New Business Models, Technology, Growth      •   Analysis of OEMs Strategies to offer Euro 6 Powertrain Packages
    Areas In Automotive Domains)                 •   European Downsizing Trends – Strategic Analysis of the European OEMs
•   Assessment Of OEMs Carbon Offset and         •   Implementation Roadmap of CO2 Tax Banding in Europe
    Cap and Trade Program Strategies             •   Global Emissions Regulations and Impact on Powertrain Technologies
•   NA and EU Car Sharing Programs
•   Gen Y Customer Analysis
                                                                           Electric & Hybrid Program
•   Mega City Trends Analysis and Implications
    to Vehicle and Technology Development
                                                 •   Global Market for Automotive Electronics for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
•   Vehicle Technologies Evolution Roadmaps      •   EV 360 Analysis for ASEAN Countries, Japan
    and Penetration Analysis                         Impact of Electrification on Vehicle Systems and Technologies - Chassis,
•   OEMs' Future Product Development and             Interior, Body Electronics, and Driver Assistance Technologies
    Vehicle Platform Strategy                    •   Electric Vehicle Value Chain and Business Models in North America - Revenues
                                                     and ROI for VMs, Utilities, and Infrastructure Service Providers
     Telematics & Infotainment Program           •   Electric Vehicle databases
•   Electric Vehicle Telematics
•   Strategic Analysis of European OEM Low                                  Safety & Chassis Program
    Cost Navigation Systems Market
•   Global Telematics Services Market Update     •   Analysis of Global Market for Low Cost Safety Solutions
•   European and North American Market for       •   Future Of Automotive Multiple-application Driver Assistance Camera Systems In
    Connected Navigation Systems and                 North America And Europe - LDW, Lane Keeping Support, Traffic Sign
    Associated Services                              Recognition, Driver Alertness Monitoring, NV / NV Plus
•   360 Degree CEO Perspective of the Global     •   Impact of V-V and V-X on the Global Automotive IndustryStrategic Analysis of
    Telematics and Infotainment Market               Chassis Technologies for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Electric Vehicles Research Programme

                        Global Urbanization Trends                                            Electronic Corner Module

                                                                              EV Related
                                                                                              Assessment of Hybrid Market
                        Mega City Trends
                        PESTLE ANALYSIS                                                       Assessment of Fuel Cell Market
                        Effects on personal, Urban & rural mobility                           Analysis of Green Automotive Technologies
                        EV infrastructure                                                     Industrial opportunities in EV Segment
                        Development of public transport systems

                                                                             Voice of
                                                                                              EV Fleets (Drivers / Managers) – EU+NA+APAC
                        Country / City specific legislation
                                                                                              EV Consumers – EU+NA
                        EV Attractiveness / Ranking for key EU cities
                                                                                              Consumer acceptability towards new Business Models
                        Local Incentives for electric vehicle adoption
                                                                                              Tracking Analysis

                        Market / Technology Trends & Roadmaps
                        Competitive Structure                                                 Electric Vehicles Forecasts By OEM – (Global)


                        Global Market Forecasts                                               Hybrid Electric Vehicle – (Global)
                        Pricing trends                                                        Battery Technology
                        Who supplies whom Database                                            Technical Specs of EV – (Global)
                        Technical specifications of competitors solutions                     Who Supplies Whom – (Forthcoming)

                        Charging Station Roadmap                                              360°Market Overview

                                                                              Electric - 2
                        Technical Specs by Type & Mode of charging                            Market Size and Forecast

                        Evolution of Charging Stations                                        Infrastructure and Legislative Trends
                        Forecasts for installation by Cities                                  Technology Analysis
                        Pricing Analysis                                                      Business Model Assessment
                        Energy Infrastructure and Role of Utilities                           Cost of Ownership
                        ROI for charging station and Utility business                         Consumer Adoption Trends

                        Cash flows and ROI for integrators                   EV Commercial
                        Business Model assessment for OEMs                   Vehicle Market

                        Cost of Ownership Assessment                                          Hybrid & Electric Commercial Vehicle – Global
                        ROI for Charging Station Manufacturers                                Customer and Market Analysis of Fleets -Global
                        ROI for Utilities                                                     Light CVs
                        ROI for Battery Swapping Business                                     Medium and HCVs (Hybrids and Electric)
                        Analysis of Key Potential Industries

Business Strategy & Innovation Group Research Programme

                       • Global Automotive Industry Outlook                           • CO2 based taxation, Incentives for low-

                                                                  Environment &
                                                                                        carbon vehicles

                       • Light Vehicle Production and Sales
                                                                                      • Sustainable mobility solutions (Car
                       • Supplier and OEM Performance

                                                                                        sharing, car pooling, inter-modality)
                       • Economy, Industry & Company (EIC)
                                                                                      • Carbon Offset and Cap and Trade
                       • Customer retention & Brand Loyalty
                                                                                      • Consumer Attitudes towards
                       • Trends in Global Fleet Market                                  Environment & Personal Mobility Needs

                                                                  Sourcing & supply
Macro economy &
  pestle trends

                       • Global Megacities of 2020
                       • Top 10 Attractive Countries and Cities                       • Component Sourcing Destination

                         for Electric Vehicles                                        • Benchmarking Sourcing Strategy of VMs
                       • PESTLE Analysis and Impact on
                         Automotive Industry
    Emerging markets

                                                                  Technology &
                                                                                      • Vehicle Technology Evolution Roadmap
                       • Low-cost Car Market and Strategy
                                                                                      • Technologies and OEM Strategy for
                       • Low-cost Engineering – Low-cost
                                                                                        Vehicle Weight Reduction
                         Chassis, Safety and Telematics
                                                                                      • R&D and Product Development Trends

Telematics and Infotainment Research Programme

                                                                                                    Emergence of Apple App Store Type
                     Connected Navigation Market Trends – Global

                     Connected Navigation Market Potential –                                        Concepts in Automotive World
                     Global                                                                         Mapping Google Android Market,
                                                                                                    Continental AutolinQ, Intel Atom
                     Enabling Connectivity Technologies – Global                                    Application Store, BMW Connected Drive
                     Connected Ecosystem Analysis - Global                                          Application Store
                                                                                                    New Business Models Emerging

                     eCall Voluntary Agreement Update & Market                                      Connected Navigation and LBS – Perceptions

                     Forecasts                                                                      and Willingness to Pay Europe

                                                                      Voice of
                     Mileage Based Road Taxation Model Analysis
                                                                                                    Connected Navigation and LBS – Perceptions
                     PAYD Market Analysis and Regulations –
                     North America                                                                  and Willingness to Pay Russia
                                                                                                    VOC Study – Fleet Managers Willingness to pay
                                                                                                    for Telematics – North America
    Telematics for

                     Service Evolution & Roadmaps                                                   Navigation Systems – (Global)

                     OEM Strategies & Roadmaps                                                      Telematics Services – (Global)
                     Regional Differences and Market Uptake                                         CV Telematics – (Global)

                     Value Chain and Business Models
                     Pricing Structure Analysis
                     Opportunity Analysis

                                                                                                    Upcoming Standardization Efforts
                     eCall Market Analysis – Global

                                                                                                    Genivi, QNX Car, NGTP, Microsoft Standards

                     Stolen Vehicle Tracking Market Analysis –
                                                                                                    Impact on Next Generation Infotainment
                     PAYD Insurance Market Analysis – Global
                                                                                                    OEM and Tier 1 Suppliers Efforts
                     Remote Vehicle Diagnostics Market Analysis -
                                                                                                    New Business Models Emerging
                                                                                                    Market Potential Analysis

                                                                      Vehicle Market
                     Mobile Phone Based Navigation Market Analysis                                  HCV & MCV Telematics Market – Global
  Mobile LBS

                     - Global                                                                       LCV Telematics Market – Global

                     New Mobile In-Vehicle Connectivity Trends –                                    CV Telematics Dashboard
                     Global                                                                         Trailer Telematics Market – Global
                     Mobile In-car LBS Market Analysis – Global
                     Google Maps Free Navigation Type Threats
                     Analysis - Global

Chassis, Safety and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Research


                                                                                    Steering – EPS, Active Steering Systems
                   ADAS with Telematics – Map supported ADAS,


                   Predictive Information Assistance                                Suspension – Air, Active/Semi Active
                                                                                    Suspension & Damping Systems
                   Vehicle to Vehicle, Vehicle to Infrastructure
                   Communication                                                    Braking – Hybrid and Brake By Wire Systems
                   Integrating Chassis, Safety & ADAS                               Wheels & Tires – Alloy Wheels, Low Rolling
                                                                                    Resistance Tires

                   Safety Legislations - ABS, ESC, TPMS, Brake
  Legislation &


                                                                                    Driveability, Chassis Technologies and

                                                                    Voice of

                   Euro NCAP, J NCAP
                                                                                    Features – EU
                   Research Programs
                   - CVIS                                                           Safety ADAS Systems & Features – EU, NA
                   - PReVENT                                                        Tire Technologies & Branding Analysis of
                   - Car 2 Car                                                      Suppliers - EU
                   - SAFESPOT
  Hybrids and

                   Electronic Chassis Control Systems                               Chassis Systems and Technologies Market -

                   Active and Passive Safety Systems                                Global
                   Advanced Driver Assistance & Collision                           Safety and Advanced Driver Assistance
                   Avoidance Systems                                                Systems Market - Global

                   Chassis Systems / Components – NA

                                                                   Sensors /
                   Tires - Global                                                   Active Safety, Passive Safety, ADAS Sensors
                   Ultrasonic / Camera based Park Assist Systems
                                                                                    Sensor Fusion, Multiple Application Sensors
                   and Vehicle Security Systems - India
                   Active & Passive Safety Systems - NA                             Internal & External Advanced Lighting
                   Remanufactured Steering Pump and Rack&                           Technologies
                   Pinion - NA

                                                                   Vehicle Market
  Passive Safety


                   Active Safety – Driver Warning & Awareness,
                   Driver Assistance & Collision Avoidance, Low                     Class 6-8 Truck Safety Systems – NA
     Active &

                   Speed Driver Assistance, Vehicle Stability                       Class 4-8 Truck Ride Handling Systems – NA
                   Passive Safety – Advanced Restraint Systems,                     Driver Information and Warning Systems
                   Occupant Sensing & Protection Systems                            Active Chassis Control Systems
                   Combined Active and Passive Safety Systems

Powertrain Research Programme
 Engine Technologies

                           •   Gasoline and Diesel engine technologies                              •   Transmission technologies mix – emergence

                               roadmap                                                                  of new technologies
                           •   Exhaust after-treatment technologies                                 •   Supplier profiles – alliances and joint
                           •   OEM roadmaps, competency and strategies                                  ventures with OEMs
                               – Powertrain mix                                                     •   Business opportunities for new technologies
                           •   Joint ventures and alliances for Powertrain                              and SWOT analysis of suppliers for potential
                               technologies                                                             alliances

                                                                                                    •   Powertrain Sustainability – VoC analysis on
 Drivetrain Technologies

                                                                              Voice of
                           •   AWD / 4WD technologies / trends and OEM                                  end consumer perceptions of powertrain
                               roadmaps                                                                 technologies – engines, transmissions, EVs,
                           •   Powertrain components – who supplies to                                  hybrids, alternative fuels and willingness to
                               whom, competitive analysis and                                           spend
                               benchmarking, SWOT analysis

                           •   Drivetrain trends – lightweight trends, NVH
                                                                                                    •   Database of all Powertrain technologies
                               optimisation, hybridisation
                                                                                                        forecast towards 2015
 Emission Legislations

                                                                                                    •   LPG and CNG technologies – roadmap of

                                                                                Alternative Fuels
                           •   EURO 5 and EURO 6 legislations and
                                                                                                        OEMs towards implementation
                               impact on powertrain mix of OEMs
                                                                                                    •   Bio-fuels situation – OEM interests, Bio-
                           •   ACEA Agreement on CO2 emissions
                                                                                                        Diesel and Bio-ethanol production and
                               reduction and technologies implementation
                                                                                                        attractiveness among OEMs and consumers
                           •   Cost Benefit Analysis of potential
                                                                                                    •   Economic attractiveness of Bio-fuels and
                               technologies towards emissions compliance
                                                                                                        costs associated with refining

Commercial Vehicle Research Programme

                                                                                                   North American Class 4-8 Truck
                              Global De-urbanization trends                                        Aftermarket, Braking Systems Aftermarket,
                              PESTLE ANALYSIS                                                      HVAC Aftermarket, Exhaust and
                              Development of Mega Cities                                           Aftertreatment Aftermarket, Repair
                              Effects on commercial vehicle mobility                               Industry Overview, Aftermarket Trends,
                              Inter-modal Freight Movement                                         Challenges and Opportunities
                              Development of public transport systems

                                                                                                   North American Fleet Managers Desirability

                              Emission- EPA, Euro, Global Harmonization

                                                                                 Voice of
                                                                                                   and Willingness to Pay for Advanced
                              Safety- ABS, Truck, Advanced Safety
                              Stimulus                                                             Technologies- Powertrain, Safety,
                              Fuel Tax                                                             Telematics, Regulation Compliance
                              Hours of Service                                                     Technologies, Concept Product Demand
                              Global Regulatory Environment                                        Estimation, Purchase Intentions,

                              NA, EU, Asia, South America
    Global CV

                              2020 Vision of Global CV Industry                                    Global CV Production Forecast

                              Global Platforms and Sourcing Strategies                             Electric Vehicles – (Global)
                              Key Performance Indicators                                           Hybrid Electric Vehicle – (Global)
                              Growth Opportunities in a Flat World                                 Battery Technology
                              Lay of the Land and Partnership Opportunities                        Technical Specs of EV – (Global)
                              Global Market Penetration Support                                    Who Supplies Whom – (Forthcoming)

                                                                                 ITS, Logistics,
                              Hybrid and Electric Truck Market Analysis- NA


                              and EU, Energy Storage Systems, Power and

                                                                                                   Electronic Toll, Traffic management, Sensing,
                              Control Electronics, Traction Motors, Hydraulic
                                                                                                   Traffic Information, Green Logistics, reverse
                              Hybrid Technologies, Key Trends, Revenue,
                              Price, and Unit Shipment Forecasts,                                  Logistics, Global Logistics, 3 PL and 4PL, Inter-
                              Roadmaps, Supply Chain                                               modal, Light Rail, High-speed Rail

                                                                                                   Engines, Turbocharger, Cooling System,
                                                                                 and Chassis
  Safety and

                              North American and EU Markets for Truck            Powertrain
                              Safety and Telematics Technologies, Market                           Aftertreatment, Suspension, Axles,
                              and Technology Analysis and Forecasts,                               Driveline components, Steering systems,
                                                                                                   Brakes- Unit Shipment, revenue, P:rice
                              Technology and Market Trends, Growth
                                                                                                   Forecasts, Competitive Analysis, technology
                              Opportunities, Market Growth Enablers,
                              Revenue Opportunities, Advanced Technologies                         Trends and Roadmaps for Local and Global
                              and Applications                                                     Market Growth

Automotive Aftermarket Programme

                   On going market engineering analysis of                               Market size of key automotive maintenance
                   high demand replacement parts including;                              components including filters, belts, hoses,
                   brakes, suspension, wipers, exhaust,                                  gaskets, seals, tires, TPMS, and inspection
                   accessories, steering, belts & hoses,                                 services. Consumer behaviors and trends in
                   starters & alternators, and filters.                                  maintenance, benchmarking industry
                                                                                         maintenance and repair services.

                   The vehicle population size, growth trends, shifts

                                                                         Voice of

                                                                                         U.S. vehicle owner attitudes and
                   in brands, vehicle type, mileage, and powertrain
                                                                                         behaviours toward maintenance, Installers
                   impact the both the parts and service markets.
                                                                                         define key performance indicators for auto
                   Ongoing analysis tracks developments in the
                                                                                         parts distributors.
                   population and analyzes the impact on the service
                   and parts market.

                   Evaluate the size and impact of original

                   equipment service on the aftermarket. Trend                           Analysis of revenue trends by distribution

                   analysis of OES service revenues. Evaluate                            channel, role of distribution in the
                   emerging OES services. Benchmarking OES                               aftermarket, role of private label parts,
                   service across dealer brands. Evaluate dealer                         competitive benchmarking of distributors.
                   and aftermarket installed accessories.

                                                                                         Market engineering of key diagnostic

                                                                                         equipment, tools and equipment. Scanners,

                   Benchmarking repair service companies, repair
                   services. Identify and evaluate emerging repair                       Engine Analyzers, Integrated Diagnostic
                   services.                                                             Systems, System & Multifunction Testers,
                                                                                         Exhaust Gas Analyzers, Lifts, Alignment
                                                                                         Equipment, Tire Equipment

                   Analysis of the North American CV population

                                                                                         Market engineering analysis of powertrain
                                                                         and Chassis
                   and service metrics that are the basis of             Powertrain

                   aftermarket and OES service and part demand.                          replacement parts: replacement engines,
                   Market engineering analysis of high volume                            turbocharger, cooling system,
                   replacement parts including brakes, starters &                        aftertreatment, suspension, axles, driveline
                   alternators, and exhaust. Analysis of OES and                         components, steering systems, brakes.
                   truck stop service. Understanding the impact of                       Analysis includes unit shipments, revenue
                   emissions legislation.                                                and price forecast, competitive analysis,

Rail Research Programme

                           Improving efficiency of rolling stock:
                              • Coaches

                                                                          Railway interiors
          Rolling Stock

                              • Multiple units                                                 Passenger services and comfort:
                              • Metros & light rail vehicles                                     • Lightweight technology
                              • Locomotives                                                      • Products such as seating & fabrics
                              • Electric trains                                                  • Lighting
                              • Freight wagons.                                                  • Wifi and Communication Systems
                           Includes chassis and powertrain                                       • Environmental considerations
    Vehicle Services

                           Services to support efficient railway
                                                                                               Services to support smooth flow of
                           operations including:


                             • Vehicle maintenance
                                                                                                 • Fare Calculation & Ticketing
                             • Vehicle refurbishment and overhaul
                                                                                                 • Travel Planning Systems
                             • Component refurbishment
                                                                                                 • Communication and Management
                             • Material solutions (such as logistics                               of delays / engineering works

                          Developments in railway infrastructure:
 Railway Infrastructure

                            • Signalling including interlocking                               Database and forecast for new lines,

                                                                       maintenance and
                                                                       Track expansion,
                              systems, wayside equipment, train

                                                                                              extensions, maintenance and
                              detection, train control systems,                               refurbishments for:
                                                                                                 • High Speed
                            • Electrification networks including
                                                                                                 • Mainlines
                              overhead catenary systems and
                              power supply                                                       • Light Rail
                            • Stations                                                           • Underground
                            • Safety                                                             • Freight
                            • Vehicle to infrastructure

Intelligent Transportation Systems Research Programme

                         Improving road and traffic network                             Utilisation of public transportation in a
                         management including road pricing                              seamless manner to improve urban,


                                                                                        interurban and rural mobility.

                            • UTMC

                                                                                           • Advanced payment and ticketing
                            • ATMS                                                           systems
                            • Road User Charging (including                                • New transportation modes such as
                              tolling and Congestion charging)                               PRT
                            • Dynamic Message signs and                                    • Initiatives to reduce public
                              variable speed restrictions                                    transport’s carbon footprint
                            • Highway management services
                                                                                        Intelligent systems to support security,

                                                                    Security and
                            • Location based intelligent services

                                                                                        crime reduction and emergency

                         Improving road safety by reducing                              planning measures
 Road Safety and


                         collisions casualties and deaths.                                 • Vehicle Identification and

                            • Surveillance and detection                                     Enforcement systems
                              systems                                                      • CCTV and monitoring services
                            • Roadside safety equipment

                            • Clearance and recovery services                             Provision of mobile and fixed parking

                            • Emergency Services Management                               payment solutions
                                                                                             • Advanced Parking Systems
                        Providing adequate and up to date                                    • E-Parking solutions integrated into
                                                                                               other transport payment models
 Travel and Traveller

                        information for travellers to make
                        informed choices on when and how to

                                                                                          Fixed and mobile communications

                           • Pre-trip information systems                                 services which are at the heart of all
                           • En-route information                                         Intelligent transportation systems
                           • Tourism & Event Management                    Services          • DSRC
                           • Road Weather Management                                         • ANPR
                           • Traffic Management and dynamic                                  • GPS
                             routing services                                                • GNSS

Logistics Research Programme

                                                                                                             Value added services to improve logistics

                                                                              Support Services
     Contract Logistics

                          Operational Analysis of the logistics services                                     service offerings including:

                                                                                Supply chain
                          (Transport, warehousing, distribution)                                             Reverse Logistics

                          PESTLE analysis of the outsourced logistics                                        Express
                          market                                                                             Cold Supply chain
                          Competitive Benchmarking and market entry                                          Warehousing
                          strategy                                                                           Niche services like Finished vehicle
                                                                                                             logistics, aviation logistics, hotel logistics

                          Market Analysis and strategic roadmap for Air,
                          Ocean and Land

                                                                                                            Service requirements across industries:
                          Operational analysis of transportation port                                       Automotive

                          facilities                                                                        Electrical and electronics
                          Competitive benchmarking of transportation                                        Hi-Tech
                          service providers                                                                 Pharmaceutical
                          Impact of Regulations on freight Security                                         Retail and FMCG
 Transportation Support

                          Transportation Infrastructure and equipments:

                                                                               Supply Chain Technologies
                          Assessment of the current state of                                               Assessment of the Warehouse Management
                          transportation infrastructure

                                                                                                           system (WMS) market
                          Technological innovations – feasibility analysis                                 Assessment of the Transportation
                          Competitive benchmarking of infrastructure                                       Management System (TMS) market
                          availability across regions                                                      Assessment of network optimisation software
                          Regulatory, Social and Environmental factors                                     market
                          affecting transportation infrastructure                                          Assessment of the current Planning and
                          development                                                                      forecasting tools
                                                                                                           Assessment of tracking automation and growth
                                                                                                           of RFID in supply chain

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