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					 Growing Ontario Culinary
Tourism One Bite at a Time

                     Ministry of   Tourism

• Overview of the Ontario
• Formation of OCTA.
• Manitoulin LaCloche

                        Ministry of   Tourism

Ontario will be the destination of choice
for travellers seeking to enrich their
understanding of diverse regions and
cultures through authentic culinary

                               Ministry of   Tourism

• Help build & sustain regional
  identities, agricultural resources.
• Present opportunities to develop new
  quality tourism products and
• Become a way in which we tell our
  story and share it with pride.

                             Ministry of   Tourism
     Culinary Tourism

Culinary tourism includes any tourism
experience in which one learns about,
appreciates and/or consumes food and
drink that reflects the local, regional, or
national cuisine, heritage, culture,
tradition or culinary techniques.

                                Ministry of   Tourism
    Research Based Strategy
• Quebec                •SAVOUR Muskoka
• South Australia       •Northern Lights Food
• Oregon                Group
• Scotland/A Taste of   •Branding Manitoulin
                        •SAVOUR Ontario
• South Africa
                        •The Niagara Culinary
• Nova Scotia/Taste
  of Nova Scotia        Alliance
• British Columbia      •Prince Edward County

                                   Ministry of   Tourism
 Key Recommendations
• Establish leadership and organization
• Develop market ready tourism products
• Invest in research & performance
• Invest in education & training
• Develop a culinary tourism marketing plan
• Build awareness of culinary tourism
• Strengthen communication among
• Increase funding mechanisms
                                 Ministry of   Tourism
    Accomplishments to Date
•   Provincial Summit.
•   Fostered collaboration with Ministry of
    Tourism & Ministry of Agriculture.
•   Website
    Committee & governance structure in
•   OCTA-Growing,membership based,
    industry lead alliance of 17 industry and
    regional organizations representing
    over 10,000 Ontario businesses.
                                    Ministry of   Tourism
    Accomplishments to Date
             OCTA Board
Ontario Restaurant Hotel Motel Association,
Ontario Farm Fresh, Ontario Fruit & Vegetable
Growers’ Association, Wine Council of Ontario,
Ontario Cattlefeeders’ Association, Ontario’s
Finest Inns, Ontario Hostelry Institute, Ryerson
University, George Brown College, Greater
Ottawa Region, Greater Toronto Region,
Niagara Region, Muskoka/Parry Sound Region,
Prince Edward County, Ontario Ministry of
Agriculture Food & Rural Affairs, Ontario
Ministry of Tourism.
                                     Ministry of   Tourism
         OCTA Members
• Ontario Fruit &            •Ontario Wine Council
  Vegetable Grower’s         •Norfolk County
                             •Ontario Cattle Feeders’
• Ontario Farm Fresh         Association
• Resorts of Ontario
                             •Ontario Hostelry Institute
• Toronto Tourism
• Savour Ottawa              •Savour Muskoka
• Taste the County           •Ontario Restaurant Hotel Motel
• Savour Ontario Dining
• Niagara Culinary Trail     •GTA AAC
• Ontario’s Finest Inns &    •Treeline Foods
       Representing over 10,000 businesses and growing…

                                               Ministry of   Tourism
Accomplishments to Date

                Circ 450,000

                Circ 150,000

                     Ministry of   Tourism
                                          For Immediate Release
                                               May 15, 2007
                           'BUY ONTARIO' FOODS THIS SUMMER
                      Campaign To Promote Good, Fresh, Homegrown Food
TORONTO - The 'Buy Ontario' message was on the menu of CITY-TV Breakfast Television today, where
Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Leona Dombrowsky prepared a number of Ontario fresh food
dishes. Just in time for the first long weekend of the season, the Minister showed viewers how easy it is to
create a great menu with Ontario food.

"If we all buy Ontario, everybody wins," said Minister Dombrowsky. "We're getting healthy fresh food from
here at home and we're supporting our farmers, our rural economy and our environment."
The Ontario government will be putting the spotlight on the fresh, high-quality foods grown and produced in
the province this summer with a new 'Buy Ontario' marketing strategy.
"Ontario's food producers grow, raise and make excellent food products, and we want people to know it,"
Dombrowsky added. "They also make a tremendous contribution to our economy and our rural
The government is contributing $12.5 million to the strategy, which includes a consumer awareness
campaign designed to increase interest and demand for local foods across the province, expands the
Foodland Ontario program to more fresh food products, and boosts the Savour Ontario program in fine and
vacation dining establishments. Of the total, $2.5 million has already been distributed to a number of agri-
food industry associations to assist them in promoting the sale of Ontario products.
"We are especially pleased to bring forward this strategy on the 30th anniversary of the highly successful
Foodland Ontario program," Dombrowsky said. "Everyone can participate in the 'Buy Ontario' campaign -
from the agri-food industry, to retailers, restaurateurs and consumers - we all have a role to play."
                                                       - 30 -

                                                                                    Ministry of   Tourism
          SAVOUR Muskoka
        Local Food Purchases



20000                        Deerhurst Resort
15000                        Delta Sherwood


        2004   2005   2006

                             Ministry of   Tourism
    Industry Website

 Ontario Culinary Tourism –
 business to business website
   launched January 2008.

 Central repository for culinary
  tourism information.

                         Ministry of   Tourism
Recipe for Success-Discussion
 Leadership                        •   Destination with good access
                                        to key origin markets
•   Market ready or near market
    ready culinary products and     •   Sufficient market intelligence
                                     Culinary tourism resources
•   An integrated strategy            that are distinct to the region

 Partnership and community         •   Destinations with multiple
  based collaboration                   culinary tourism experiences

•   Financial support and           •   An effective destination
    performance measures                marketing organization

              SOURCE: Ontario Culinary Tourism Strategy & Action Plan 2006

                                                        Ministry of   Tourism
       Contact OCTA
  Provincial Coordinator Susan Benson
             (705) 385-9198

OCTA Co-Chair Rebecca LeHeup-Bucknell
          (613) 393-2796

                                   Ministry of   Tourism

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