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                          UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI

         Phone & Fax # 92(21) 9261358   92(21) 9261300-7 / Ext 2269 Fax # 92(21) 9261340
         E-mail: overseasexam@yahoo.com                        Website: www.uok.edu.pk

   Programme of B.Com. Part I / II / Both Parts Annual Examination 2007 For Overseas
   Pakistani External Candidates.

                                    Being Held in May, 2008

                     Timings: 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 (Except Fridays)
                              2:30 P.M. to 5:30 (On Fridays Only)

          Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha, Jeddah, Kuwait, Muscat, Riyadh.

DAY & DATE          FIRST YEAR (PAPERS)                        SECOND YEAR (PAPERS)
   Friday                    Paper-I
 02-05-2008     Islamic Studies (2 Hours)
                Ethics/Moral Philosophy
                (For non Muslim)
  Saturday                                                                Paper-I
 03-05-2008                                                       Business Communication
  Monday                   Paper-II
 05-05-2008          Functional English
  Tuesday                                                                  Paper-II
 06-05-2008                                                       Principles of Management
 Wednesday                  Paper-III
 07-05-2008         Introduction to Business
  Thursday                                                             Paper-III
 08-05-2008                                               Economics Development of Pakistan
                                                                     (New Syllabus)
   Friday                    Paper-IV
 09-05-2008         Principles of Accounting
  Saturday                                                             Paper-IV
 10-05-2008                                             Advanced Accounting & Cost Accounting
                                                                     (New Syllabus)
  Monday                   Paper-V
 12-05-2008     Business Mathematics & Statistics
  Tuesday                                                                 Paper-V
 13-05-2008                                                      Business & Industrial Law
 Wednesday                 Paper-VI
 14-05-2008       Economics Analysis & Policy
  Thursday                                                               Paper-VI
 15-05-2008                                                Optional (Select any One Paper)
                                                          a) Auditing & Income Tax Law
                                                          b) Introduction to Computer Application
                                                             in Business
                                                          c) Principles of Marketing
                                                          d) Principles of Insurance
                                                          e) Banking & Finance (New Syllabus)
   Friday                   Paper-I
 16-05-2008       Pakistan Studies (1 ½ Hours)

DAY & DATE         FIRST YEAR (PAPERS)                      SECOND YEAR (PAPERS)
  Saturday                                                           Paper-VII
 17-05-2008                                           Urdu M.T./ Humanities & Social Science
                                                             (For Failure Candidates only)
  Monday                   Paper-VII
 19-05-2008            Banking & Finance
                 (For Failure Candidates only)
  Tuesday                                                               Paper-V
 20-05-2008                                                         Cost Accounting
                                                              (For Failure Candidates only)
 Wednesday                                                       Economic of Pakistan
 21-05-2008                                                   (For Failure Candidates only)
  Thursday                                                       Advanced Accounting
 22-05-2008                                                   (For Failure Candidates only)

                              IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS

   1.    Those students who have been enrolled in 2005 will appear in Examination according to
         the New Syllabus and are not required to appear in Paper-VII (Banking & Finance) of
         B.Com Part-I.

   2.    The order of question paper is not guaranteed.

   3.    Candidates must bring their Admit Card, Registration Card and National Identity
         Card to the Examination Hall to be produced on demand.

   4.    Resorting to unfair means, indiscipline and disturbance are serious offence which
         leads to disqualification for a maximum period of 4 years.

   5.     All students of Old Course i.e. registered before 2000 or earlier are advised to
         appear in failure course with respect to the title of the paper and not according to
          paper number.

   6.    Those students who were registered in 2001-2004 will appear in all the papers
         mentioned in the above programme.

   7.    Any Communication device is not allowed in the Examination Hall in any circumstances.

                                                      (Prof. Dr. Junaid Saghir Siddiqi)

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